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New GH3 videos and reviews!


Beautiful Decay [Panasonic Lumix GH3] from Martin Wallgren on Vimeo.

There are plenty of GH3 reviews and videos to watch! On top you can watch the nice GH3 video sent to me by Martin Wallgren. Than we have Trustedreviews that posted the full GH3 test: “we don’t have any hesitation in saying the GH3 is one of the most intuitive CSCs we’ve used.“. And our friends over at Discovermirrorless posted two new GH3 videos: GH3 Camera Menu Peek and WiFi System on GH3.

Now let’s be confident that this time Panasonic will deliver us the camera next week. Check price and delivery dates at Amazon , Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic USSamys and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.

  • Cellar

    The wifi functions are really all I was hoping for. Sending to pc while shooting, pure awesomeness for studio work :-)
    Hoping the auto-reconnect function gets added though.
    Let´s see how the smartphone apps perform in terms of speed with the final firmware. In the old photkina preview video was still some noticeable delay.

  • werner

    that video was boring as hell… I was so bored, I couldn´t even tell if the picture quality was fine… help me out

    • Classic music and action video, maybe good idea? :-P

    • That video is practically an attempt to euthanize the viewer.

      • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

        I thought that was the essence of videography in the first place?

        • So, you are saying this video is successful. :-)

          If people thought looking at their friends’s boring slideshows was annoying, what will they think of having to watch hours of amateur video?

    • MJr

      Before anyone comments on that: Sharpness was set to its lowest.

  • Charles

    Unfortunately it is still very muddy in the shadows. The grain is a bit rude. What is then in intra 72mbs? There is no visible difference between the GH2 with original firmware and what we see here the GH3. The same defects are obvious. Yet it happened 2 years! Huge disappointment. The 1.0 firmware is ready, aim not dream, he can not correct these defects visible.

  • monkeyboo

    GH3 is overpriced i UK and the results are less than stellar.
    I will skip it until Panasonic drop it to a more realistic price.

  • Anonymous

    The GH3 is disappointing. What it gains (great ergonomics/controls/solidity) it loses elsewhere – loss of multi aspect, increased weight, cost. I have a GH1 and GF3 but Olympus is looking much more tempting now and in the future rumours. It’s not just TVs where Panasonic has problems…

    PS I agree the video was naff. Spare me more overused shallow DOF effects. Even the name didn’t work “decay”- yet the building seemed in good (albeit old) state.

    • Anonymous

      This is going to be a nice tool for us working pro’s. For you uncle Bob’s out there, please do not come up to us asking about the camera when we are working.

      • Amen. I cover up all the logos. People look, don’t know what to ask, so they don’t.

  • Adventsam

    I love the GH3.

  • Heat Legend

    I also thought this video was dull.. However that last vid admin posted on here was excellent.. For me the GH3 is reasonably priced but my interest is the video not stills.. Even if it produces the same quality as a hacked GH2 the fact that it can also do it at 1080P 60p 50mb/s, weather sealed and better ISO performance is worth it over the GH2 for me. Canons for me are underwhelming and not worth the price at all when there are options like BMCC on the market.. For me right now the GH3 is the perfect option as the BMCC while it gives excellent results seems to have some annoying flaws that I just wouldn’t want to put up with. I figure GH3 now and by the next version of BMC I’ll have a nice upgrade path. Who knows maybe Panasonic will even have something decent out to compete with it in the next 2 years.

    There’s also a really excellent post on EOSHD right now that compares the BMCC with the 5D3 GH3 (pre-prod) GH2 (hacked) FS-100 and the VG-900.. Obviously the BMCC is the standout performer but IMO the pre-prod GH3 still outdone the hacked GH2 and gave one of the nicest images overall (IMO equal with FS-100) – the VG-900 was clearly the worst performer and it costs almost 3x that of the GH3.

  • EspenB

    So when can we expect the first firmware 1.0 impressions?

  • I liked Mr. Wallgren’s video. They’re cinematic scenes for feature films. He had long clips so we can all see the details. Conversely, EOSHD shootout between the GH2, GH3, BMCC, et al, also showed the potential of the GH3, but of course no match to BMCC’s 2.5K RAW.

    I’m on the fence between the GH3 and BMCC m43 version, although I think 2.5K is kind of an oddball size, with 1080 and 4k more common. But for the price the BMCC is stellar. I wish there was a way to mix 1080 and 2.5K on an NLE timeline sans letterbox, and there’s probably a solution for that, because it would be nice to have the GH3 and BMCC.

    Looking into the future, if I start shooting a full-length film now that takes 2-5 years for completion, do I stay with 1080 (GH3) or shoot 2.5K (BMCC) from the onset?

    • Heat Legend

      Have you seen Philip Booms review on the BMCC? I was also on the fence between the 2.. I have a GH3 on pre-order now though. PB seems to think that you will also need to spend quite a bit of extra cash on the BMCC if you intent to shoot 2.5k on it.

      It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

    • Anonymous

      You have two options upscale 1080p to 2,7k resolution or downscale the 2,7K format to 1080p. This falls between chairs as far as established formats is concerned, which is either 1080p og 4K Ultra HD.

    • jb

      BMCC is absolutely superior to any DSLR out there. You simply can’t compare GH3 with BMCC, it’s a totally different league altogether.
      What’s the problem with 2,5K? Ever heard of downscaling?;) Plus you get lots of room for framing adjustments and stabilizing in post. For those two reasons alone 2.5K is heaven-sent to me:)
      BTW you can shoot in HD out of the box if you choose Prores/Dnxhd.

  • Steve

    Shipping from the UK tomorrow. Better than I would have expected.

    • Heat Legend

      Wow, I’v ordered mine from the US I would love if it got here early.

    • jw

      john brawley? (jb).. lol.. for some reason, i’ll definitely take your word for it:)

  • ABirdOfParadise

    Whoa, okay I did not know the WiFi could transfer video to devices. It goes from a gimmick to a possible tool now. In theory that should save people from bringing along a computer to dump their SD cards onto a hard drive.

    Just bring along a portable WiFi hard drive and you have 500gigs of space to play with. I don’t know if this, in practice, would be easier than switching out a bunch of SD cards in the field, but it sounds nifty.

    • Steve

      Just remeber to bring extra batteries as they will die quickly tranferring that much data through wireless. I think it was more intended to send images to your cell phone to share with others.

  • Newbie Here

    It says “Firmware V 0.4” guys. Take a chill pill and wait for “Firmware V 1.0”. Jeez.

  • Anonymous

    Check out this video, the GH2 14-140 is much better than the dive

  • Esrhan

    Ouch. All that very expensive gear and the actual good stuff got buried under all that very mundane footage. It would have made all the difference, had he just killed his darlings and keep only the very best shots in there.

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