New GH3 video samples! E-M5 for 839 in Europe.


Panasonic GH3 Video, MOV, 25fps, 72Mbps ALL-I from photographyblog on Vimeo.

Photographyblog (Click here) posted a set of videos on his website. One of them I embedded here on top of this post.

Techradar also posted a first preview of the GH3 and writes: “With all this goodness stuffed into a weatherproofed body that’s still smaller and lighter than most pro-level SLRs, Nikon and Canon should be watching their backs, through we’re sparing our full verdict till the final review.

The GH3 preorder links at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here) and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK, Technikdirekt DE and Digit-photo FR.

For Eu readers: The E-M5 sells for 839 Euro in France. You can have it in Black (Click here) or in Silver (Click here).

  • HappyVan

    Is Techradar delusional or being funny?

    “With all this goodness stuffed into a weatherproofed body that’s still smaller and lighter than most pro-level SLRs, Nikon and Canon should be watching their backs, through we’re sparing our full verdict till the final review.”

    • Are you being confrontational or passive aggressive?

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Nope, he’s Canikonist.

      • HappyVan

        Sorry Robert. I’m not being confrontational. I just tell the truth. Unfortunately, some people take it badly and become confrontational.

        As owner of D2H and D3, I do some wildfire shooting including BIF. Don’t think that the OMD is quite ready.

        Some pro may find it useful for some assignments. Thom says that he used M43 instaed of D700 for a couple of trips. That’s fine.

        But, I just can’t see the Canikon pro ecology being threatened by OMD.

        BTW, don’t listen to the guys from DPR M43 forum. I’m the fellow who gave the heads up on the IQ of Sony sensors. I was crucified for it. But, OMD today uses Sony. Suddenly, everyone can see the superiority of Sony sensors. Go figure.

        • Bart

          The problem with the kind of argument that you make is very simple.

          You build your argument on something that (in this case) the E-M5 can’t do well, and then extrapolate that to suggest it can’t do well in general. However, the conclusion does not logically follow from the facts you present, and even the facts are doubtful.

          All you demonstrated so far is that cameras like the E-M5 aren’t yet upto every type of use. Now… here is a little surprise, no camera is, because all are compromises, different ones but compromises nonetheless.

          An artist will look at any random camera, and consider how (s)he can make creative use of it to create art. A gearhead will look at a camera and wonder what features it should also have before being considered useful (or put differently, what excuse the camera gives for not being able to create art, never realizing it is the photographer and not the camera that does this)

          • HappyVan

            If you are correct, then we will see OMD on the sidelines of football games. So, which 200-400 lens will you use?

            When pros travel, will there be a rental lens waiting for them?

            Is there a loaner from Olympus when the camera has a malfunction?

            Suggest you explore what it means to be a NPS or CPS member.

            Finally, can the oMD get a bird in flight like this?


            • Bart

              Congratulations on completely missing the point of what I said, and proving what people like Robert, T3 and Esa said.

              And with regards to ‘pro support’, good luck getting your replacement lens from NPS or CPS while halfway between base camp and the top of the mount everest. The other guy who’s kit is small enough to be able to carry some spare body and lens will do a lot better.

              It all depends on your needs, and you are really just showing you know something about a specific little niche of the market. Keep in mind that this is the same niche that until the 1990s kept claiming that 135 is an amateur format.

              • HappyVan

                I see. How many people climb mountains in remote areas? Is that a really small niche?

                In the end, the OMD is compact, but has limited functionality. There are no freebie.

                Here’s the question. Do you bring a machine that does the least exacting task well. Or, do you bring a system that does the hardest job well.

                Dave Black can use a D3200 and DX fisheye for wide shots in a sports stadium. Will he use the same D3200 for running shots?

                Sorry. Pro use the machine that meets the highest standard. That won’t fail when the going gets tough.

                The TEchradar guys are just bias amateurs. They don’t make a living as pro shooters.

                • Bart

                  Its not just climbing mountains, its just an extreme example to make a point, one that you very expertly missed again.

                  If your camera breaks during that football match, CPS nor NPS will get you a replacement body in time either, so you again need a second body at the very least, and need to carry it with you if you want to be ensured of your income.

                  If it breaks during that wedding, things get nasty as well, and again you need a spare.

                  Then you are simply too ignorant to realize that most of the money in pro photography isn’t in sports, the group of photographers that can make a living from that is a tiny tiny tiny fraction of those who make a living from things like wedding photography, so your statements really just concern a tiny niche, and one that is only getting smaller because no matter how much you want to ignore it, yes, people with D7000s with a 70-200 are taking a significant part of that market even if they are not professionals (since it is not their main source of income), and yes, they are competing with the guys with the D3s and their big lenses, why? because they can get good enough shots, and only in a relatively small number of cases newspapers etc are willing to pay the premium that someone whith much more expensive equipment has to ask.

                  What you also totally don’t get is that commercially, you should be using the most economical tool that can get you the results you need.

                  If only a D3s can do that, then that is your tool. If however a GH3 can do the job well enough, and is about 70% cheaper to run, then the GH3 is what you should be using. That is the exact reason why we aren’t all still shooting medium or large format, because better is often not relevant at all when there exists ‘more then good enough’ already.

                  And no, the m4/3 system isn’t complete enough to cover all situations a pro is likely to encounter, even when not considering sports at all, but that is merely a matter of time.

                  • HappyVan

                    “And no, the m4/3 system isn’t complete enough to cover all situations a pro is likely to encounter, even when not considering sports at all, but that is merely a matter of time.”

                    That is merely your hope. You are not a pro.

                    BTW, pro usually have a second or third body. Point is that they can get a loaner as backup when one of their cameras fail.

                    What is the value of that assurance? Priceless?

                    • Bart

                      So, where did you buy your crystal ball?

                      Just asking so I know what to avoid, since it is clearly broken.

                      If you are too ignorant to notice what has been happening for the last few years, and what has been announced for the next couple of months, and how those things are slowly but surely making m4/3 a more complete system, then your opinion on the future of said system is no more then talking through that side where the sun doesn’t shine.

                • T3

                  “The TEchradar guys are just bias amateurs. They don’t make a living as pro shooters.”

                  Nor do you and, judging from your gallery at DPReview, nor will you ever.

                  Bray on, Trollio.

                  • HappyVan

                    Sad to see this kind of name calling. I had hoped that you would have a substantial argument to debate.

                    For those that print big, more pixel is better. 16mp will do a decent 24×16 landscape. But, the competition people are doing 3 feet across and larger.

                    No doubt that OMD will get more resolution in the future. But, so will the competition.

                    The problem is one of size and technology leadership. Canikon have the size and currently Nikon has the technology leadership. M43 has a big job to do just to keep up.

                    This is reality. Wishful thinking by Techradar will not make it so.

                    Come in peace, and go in peace.

                    • Bart

                      Is more pixels helpful? Sure, provided camera stability and optics actually allow for using those pixels. Go talk to D800 users about if they can really make use of their 36mp and what it takes to do so.

                      A while ago, admin posted a link to some pictures by German photographer Frank Rückert.

                      Here is some of his work, the ‘Gorilla boss’ is one of his pictures that is on display at the zoo where it was taken, printed at a very large size (much more then 3 feet)


                      He isn’t the only person doing such things really, so it can clearly be done.

                      Oh, not to mention, viewing distance is as important as size for resolution requirements. Go look at what is required for printing a 24×32 feet billboard.

                      So, SOME pictures printed at very huge sizes would surely benefit from much higher pixel count, and some circumstances also allow for that much higher pixel count. For those circumstances, a larger sensor is really desirable. Now, there is some reason why landscape photography (where those circumstances can often be met) is often done with even larger formats then 135, mounted on tripods that really won’t fold and fit in your backpack. There is a very good justification for wanting those huge sensors with huge pixel count there, and it is actually possible to make good use of all those pixels.

                      But on your simple folding travel tripod? With a lot of patience and luck, yes. Handheld? No bloody way, even 16mp is a bit of a stretch already.

                      Anyway, I’m sure you have read all the supposed ‘must have’ and ‘must do’ Canikon sponsored articles for professional photographers, since you are very accurately repeating what such infomercials say. The world however has many shades of colors, and not just the pure black (amateur) and white (pro) that some want you to believe.

    • homer

      Happyvan You should open up a review site, clearly youre more qualified…I mean, not them that have handled hundreds of cameras to base that statement on, but you, who obviously has the omniscient power to come to a conclusion without having touched the camera at all. Heck, I doubt youve ever seen a pro body…

      • T3

        Happyvan is one of the most notorious trolls from DPreview who has a long, long history of bad mouthing all things m43 in the most comically ignorant way possible.

        Pity to see it found it’s way here.

  • BlackSpot

    Still, looks like shit. shame :/

    • come on pana

      did you downloaded the original file when you’re sayin that :O ?

      • agachart

        don’t be afraid ,sometime there are many funckin’ oly fanboy post shit
        comments because they shame about oly video quality.

        • Kyle

          You make me laugh indeed. Please be sure to differentiate between good and bad samples. Downloaded it and you will see yourself.

          What a waste!

        • Richard

          How do you know that they are oly fanboys. Noone even mentioned Oly.

          • Rep96st

            Doesn’t have to. This is 4/3 rumors after all.

            • Richard

              Hmm, the OP looks more like Canikon fanboy to me.

  • Phase

    Can you please stop adding ‘Click here’ to every link? I think most readers understand the concept of a hyperlink fairly well these days. ;-)

    • Crap

      Not most people in this forum, who fight over one crappy piece of plastic being better than another, each built by some huge cynical multinational.
      They say things like “Oly users are ashamed coz they get worse video quality so they come here and flame”. LOL.

      • Phase

        Ahhh crap, you’re probably right!

    • come on pana

      what an oly fanboy hating on 43rumors because it talks about pany ;)hahah. LOSERS

      • wdwd

        I tend to agree about Oly fanboys they have had one that’s right “one” camera that competes with APS since digital started [and it is still behind the Nikon, Sony and Pentax models using Sony sensors]. Now we have to read posts here from the same idiots in every news article, I want IBIS , Oly colours,does the GH3 use a Sony sensor blah blah blah.

        • great-uncle Hubert

          Seriously IBIS is magical…set it up on my em-5 on half shutter press.. squeeze it and time stops! And the colors!’s as though olympus invented some new ones or something. Anyway… back to the GH3…does it have a sony sensor?
          Finally blah blah blah.

        • thethirdcoast


  • Video samples say little or nothing about a camera without viewing the original file and even then it’s hard to judge without a benchmark of some kind.

    To me it looks like some girls dancing.

  • John Caballero

    It looks awfully shot.

  • Poor sample video. Hopefully more come soon.

  • uiti

    This sample is completely nothing to tell you the GH3 capability.
    You can record same quality footage by using lumix TZ – 30.

  • Siegel

    “E-M5 for 839 in Europe” sound s like “oh, what a big price drop all over Europe!” But your link just leads to a single eBay auction of a not very trustful seller. That´s not a serious way of promoting news. And definitely no good way to support our favorite brand Olympus!

  • Yvo

    I wanted to buy a GH3, but after I saw this, I think I say no thanks

    • Tropical Yeti

      > But your link just leads to a single eBay auction of a
      > not very trustful seller. That´s not a serious way of
      > promoting news

      I agree. But it is very efficient for drawing in as many as possible mouse clicks. Because – you know – money matters… ;-)

    • If anyone really would base a decision to buy or not buy any camera on a semi-lousy dance video on Vimeo would probably also not buy an ALEXA if a “test” was shot and presented under the same circumstances.

      The only thing that can be derived from this video is, that probably my great-uncle Hubert could have shot it too…. the really interesting thing here is not so much what people read out of such a clip but what they seem to want to read into it….. ;-)

      • great-uncle Hubert

        You were always my least favorite!

    • Pavlo

      Same here. Was collecting money for Ferrary, but when realised that is has no boot, desided to stuck wich my Hyundai Accent 1.4

      • But…. Hyundai Accent 1.4 has allegedly less moirising if hacked…. no?! ;-)

  • The downloaded mov file looks ok. Vimeo evidently has a snafu converting the high bitrate. But a high bitrate seems fruitless for the web.

  • Hard2Xplain

    Moire in the the grill is pretty nasty (though i’ve seen worse)

    Come to think of it, is this some kind of Sony sensor’s characteristic?

    • great-uncle Hubert

      It’s not a dimly lit room but those lights on the back wall are totally blown out so I’m guessing panny sensor. ie 10 stop Dyn. Range again :P

  • >“E-M5 for 839 in Europe” sound s like “oh, what a big price drop all >over Europe!” But your link just leads to a single eBay auction of a not >very trustful seller. That´s not a serious way of promoting news. And >definitely no good way to support our favorite brand Olympus!

    Good one,

    better I promote myself also here, lol

    I am serious, btw


    • Ulli

      I can vote for Alberto, I bought my om-d kit from him and ordered a 75mm also. Recommended!

      • thanks Ulli,

        you will enjoy that lens :-)

  • Werner

    looks like it is recorded with a standard 300€ digicam… judging by the GH3 banner in the background, some Panasonic guy thought this video was a good idea… I don´t understand anymore… how can they fuck up so badly?

  • homer

    Such idiocy here. Wow. Did anyone download the video? At 7mbits I don’t think vindicate is the best place to view it.

  • Vince

    Why does it looks so ugly on vimeo, while the downloaded versions looks so good? I know compression does it. but vimeo took the quality down alot. Why is this?

  • Rep96st

    Commenters hating the video is funny. This is the successor the the GH2, y’all are going to judge video quality of this camera from one site??


    If that’s not Panny hate, I don’t know what is.

    Back to the GH3, I’m waiting on these reviews. It’s either this or that Canon EOS 6D! That’s right, full frame!

  • Except for th AVCHD version, I’m pretty disappointed by what I see here.
    Inside, I do better with DMC-GH2. Should review these movies on Youtube that is superior in terms of quality compared to Vimeo which is a real disappointment.
    See on my site

  • Marck

    E-M5 body at € 803,00 in Italy, italian 2 year warranty:

  • Phil c

    For UK readers the EM5 body in black is available for £712.95 on simply electronics, a few pound more for the silver. Free delivery. I still can’t afford one though, so I’ll stick with my gf1! Bought stuff from there before and the service was fine.

  • Please Panasonic send me a GH3 ! :p

  • Antoine

    Sorry for him (the filmmaker), but this video is infamous. We clearly see that it was made by an amateur. The white balance is not accurate, the images are unstable, poorly framed …

    We can deduce that the camera settings are not good either. So this video has no value. A hand to talk to it.

  • Camaman

    Hmmm I don’t see anything special about that video.
    Downloaded the 1080 version and it looks to contrasty, low DR, and not very sharp.
    For all these fancy standards and high bitrate I would surely demand more.

    This almost looks no better than any other video shot with rest of consumer Digital Cameras

    Oh and 1minute 500MB hahahaha! Quality looks very bad or that, IMO

  • swester

    Why Why Why Why are people who get these pre-release cameras allowed to shoot and release such utter garbage?

    Without any exaggeration, my iPhone 4S shoots better-looking video that this sample.

  • Pei

    Indian came in blond and fair skinned brunette now? The web video is terrible but the downloaded is great.

  • I’m worried about the new sensor architecture of the GH3.
    It’s seems to loose the crazy resolution and almost no moire of the GH2.

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