New GF6 shipping in Japan. European preorders.


What you see here on top is the first GF6 unboxing video. Yes, the camera is now shipping in Japan at And also first European proerders are availabe in Germany at Technikdirekt and in US at Wexphotographic.


Full new MFT stuff preorder list:/strong>

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema at Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Panasonic GF6 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Technikdirekt, Wex UK,
Panasonic G6 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).
Panasonic 14-140mm lens at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).
Panasonic LF1 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here)Adorama (Click here) and at WexUK (Click here).

  • William

    The GF series is really underwhelming. Where’s the G6?

  • EnPassant

    Black, white and silver. Where did all the colourful G and GF body options disappear? Is it a sign of the bad times or what?

    • Uberzone

      It’s a sign that they finally realized nobody wants those crazy ass colors. You can’t even give a red GF away on eBay.

      • dau

        and yet the white nikons are very popular…

        • lyrical

          panasonic isn’t nikon.

          • Uberzone

            To be fair I always liked the white and tan combo from Olympus. I would never actually buy one though.

            • ssgreenley

              I own a white and tan EPL2 from Olympus, bought mainly to impress the hipster chick I was dating at the time. Mission accomplished.

              Also, I think it looks great with the silver primes.

  • Anonymous

    Let the sale competition begin,.between Oly E-P5 >>VS<< Lumix GF6 & G6,.

    I choose E-P5 over Both Lumix camera,.

    • true homer

      Wonder what would the actual consumer choose?…


        Just check amazon. Panasonic cameras always sell better than Olympus ones, full price, or at a discount.

        Panasonic lens sell just as well.

    • dau

      i would choose g6 for built in evf and flash, fully articulated lcd ,and ergonomics.
      EP-5 for better sensor and ibis.
      lets hope the omd-pro has all these features in one package, because, so far, neither company has delivered yet imo.

  • true homer

    What? Its shipping now and not months of no stock? But that’s not what the trolls said! Oh wait…

    • caver3d

      Wow! Pany must have finally hired a professional to run the Distribution and Sales division.

      • true homer

        ooooooooorrr they never had trouble shipping Gs and GFs EVER and people her generalize just to hate

  • Andrea

    Does the new Pana 14-140 casts shadow at 14mm on the G6 using the built-in flash ?

    • true homer


  • Yip

    Whats the prupose of these “unboxing” videos …only thing I can think of is for people who are more into looks and consider the packinging in their camer purchase and those who can’t read the side of the box to see what is supposed to be in the box itself. Nothing against 43rumors, it’s good to post, but these are pathetic.

    • “Whats the prupose of these “unboxing” videos…”

      To me personally, the purpose is to see the box content and the camera dimensions, being held in the hands. Proper in-depth reviews always take time – but the unboxing videos, hands-on and first impression articles can be made within an few hours after release.

  • asi

    Why the date of release is so mysterious for the other countries than Japan?

  • safaridon

    The recent GF series have always been the most popular Pany m4/3 products in Japan and especially the white or pearl versions so not surprising they would concentrate delivery to Japan first. There appears to have been a scarcity of Pany products available in Japan on recent months so this should improve their sales. It will be interesting to see the reaction as appears to be replacing both GF5 and GX1? Maybe the hi-fi and NEC connections will be a big hit? It will be interesting to see what improvements the new processing brings to the tweaked GX1 sensor?

    • JBL

      Unboxing, Where is real test for GF6? Firmware Version,
      and it better than GX1 on IQ?

  • GF would have been much much much more interesting with the new Sony sensor. But as such, as previous GFs, it would remains soon forgotten, being an unremarkable camera in the rather crowded market.

  • Garypen

    The popularity of “unboxing” videos is the oddest trend I’ve seen in a long time.

    Why does anybody need to see someone taking shit out of a box, while describing the packaging and the process of opening it? Ridiculous.

    Start with the product already out of the box, and show it to us in action.

  • Rabbit

    Ordered GF6 like 2 weeks ago viz panasonic website! but it is still back ordered! So sad it takes such a long time to ship to USA.

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