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New GF5 kits (and “older” GF5 kit discounted).


Yesterday Panasonic also announced two new GF5 kits (Source: One with the new 14-42mm lens only and one dual lens kit with the new zoom and the 45-150mm lens. Current GF5 kits (but also GX1 kits) are now discounted and here is a short roundup of the lowest prices in USA for the new GF5 and GX1:

Panasonic GF5 with 14-42mm (non X) lens for $399 at Amazon (Click here). Red kit for $399 at Adorama (Click here).
Red GF5 with X lens for $399 at eBay US (Click here). To get notified on X kit deals save this search on Slidoo eBay.

Body with 14-42mm (non X) lens for $449 at Amazon (Click here).
GX1 with 14-42mm X(!) lens for $499 at eBay US (Click here). To get notified on X kit deals save this search on Slidoo eBay.

  • Anonymous

    Not 45-100. Either 35-100 or 45-150. I’m betting the latter, obviously!

  • Bite Me

    MUST. SELL. JUNK. TO PUBLIC. — Panasonic CEO

    • neon123

      Yeah how dare they improve on the lens 75% of customers will never change after buying a new camera.

  • Jeff

    This is more like it. These superior cameras need to be discontinued to be fair to my overpriced, limited and huge system.

  • bunfoolio


    Any news on an update of 14-42 x lens. Considering buying a GX1 with it but might wait if there is a new version

  • I’m guessing the new 14-42 is a sign the X version is too expensive for kits… and those who want to pay a premium are looking for better quality (and faster) more than compact?

  • Ron

    These 4/3 are great but it is evident that they fall at times in a weird segment to buyers. I bought the GF5K because I found some great fixed lenses that would make the camera available to put in a pocket easily. I bought it instead of purchasing a camcorder because it can record pretty well (wish it had more of a film look @ 24fps at times, but otherwise looks great) and in my estimation, it could do more than a camcorder. But now I am wishing I had the X lens so I wouldn’t need other lenses for my needs. I am left debating taking back the body with the bulkier lens, taking back the two fixed lenses and just buying the X kit when it drops in price. But then I think: “If I am spending more money, perhaps I should just get a full DSLR.” Again, these cameras fall right between categories for me and it makes decisions hard. This is likely why companies are having to play so much with the offerings. I do think however, that 4/3 is a ton of fun and it got my wife interested because it looks more accessible than a big DSLR.

    • @Ron

      A ‘full’ DSLR, what are you having in mind when saying that? Something APS-C alike? Financially that may be an option, but, if video is really your primary objective, then something without a mirror is really desirable, as it allows using all those wonderful cheap legacy lenses. What an aps-c DSLR will get you is better continuous AF for still images, and a cheaper selection of fast zoom lenses, but typically lacking most of the nice prime lens options.

      If you are talking ‘full frame’, then keep in mind that the cheapest new full-frame camera will cost as much as that GF5 + the 35-100/2.8 zoom… you’ll not have any lenses yet in that case. Also it is worth noting that many people who shoot ‘full frame’ for stills and do video seriously will have cameras like a GH2/3 specifically for that purpose, as the ‘mirror is in the way’ issue is still there.

      Review sites love to talk in categories, and so do certain consumers, as it gives the perception of ‘easy choices’, but in reality those categories don’t really exist and don’t make choices easier at all. There is a continuum of models and features coming in different sizes, price ranges etc. All of them are different compromises, and the best way to pick the right camera for yourself is to very very clearly determine your needs, and only then go look at the compromises that exist and find one that best matches your needs. Doing it the other way around will just result in spending a lot more money on buying things that you find you don’t need or that don’t really work well for your applications.

      Since you have that GF5, consider this. You can turn that into a pocketable camera by attaching a small prime, you can also attach that x zoom for convenience if that is more appropriate (say, you have a bag with you anyway in which it will fit). That level of choice you’ll get from most mirrorless systems, but there is no DSLR that can give you that choice.

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