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New Fuji “OMD” alike camera challenges the E-M1.


Source: CameraSize.

With the Fuji X-T1 announced today (specs here at Amazon) Fuji is going clearly after the Olympus E-M1. The size is about the same, they both have tilting LCD, both have a great EVF, both have about the same level of weather sealing. The major difference is that the Fuji has a larger APS-C X Trans sensor while the Olympus has the superb 5 axis stabilization and 1/8000 shutter. I guess the E-M1 finally got his first real competition. Let’s hope this will force Olympus to lower price and work on an even greater successor ;)

P.S.: The X-T1 viewfinder is quite big and is also “flat” just like the E-M10 that will be announced tomorrow (see image below)

X-Ti vs E-M10

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