New E-PM2 wrap up. Gets DxOmarked, reviews and a new TvAD!


New E-PM2 ad from Olympus.

The cheapest of all new Olympus MFT cameras got DxOmarked and unsurprisingly scored the same result as the E-PL5 and E-PM5. Neocamera also tested (and liked) the E-PM2: “Given it outclasses its predecessor in terms of image quality and speed, it presents a worthy upgrade for those not ready to move to a more expensive model.” For the size and price this little camera may turn out to have the best price-image quality ratio of any MFT camera! Now Panasonic really has to come out with a new GX model to compete against Olympus…what are you waiting for?

E-PM2 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France. And the Gariz case for the camera in Black (Click here) and Brown (Click here).

  • Why do you make your news so confusing? Is it time restraints?

    “unsurprisingly scored the same result as the E-PL5” well, yeah. It’s mainly functionality that you pay for with the E-PL5, compared to the E-PM1.

    “and E-PM5”???? There isn’t even and E-PM5… You mean E-M5? OM-D? Big deal. Same sensor and very similar firmware/process engine.

    AND you link it to a E-PM2 vs E-PM1 on DxOmark, where you don’t even mention E-PM1 in your writing…

    What are you trying to say???

    • Anonymous

      why do you even bother writing anything? You provide nothing, he’s providing us news, rumors and deals and doing quite a good job at it. What do you provide? He’s doing a favor for the m43 community, yet you take your time detailing out all the mistakes he’s made.

      • Anonymous

        forgot to thank you for the video, i didn’t even know the e-pm2 had a touch screen! thanks!!

      • “What do you provide?”


        I’m just interested that if they’re are trying to hint at something, for example that the OM-D is a waste or money now that a camera half the price performs just as good, then just say it. Don’t be confusing about it.

        BTW, I rarely ever post and even more rarely point things out.

        • Ronan

          I don’t see how the E-PL5 and E-PM2 is competition to the OM-D EM-5… 2 VERY different camera’s. One has a retro look + EVF + tilt touch led screen + better ergonomic + vertical grip (with batteries/buttons), while the other is a VERY dumb down version (E-PM2) and a basic version (E-PL5).

          This is like Comparing Nikon D600 to D3200…

          • M

            Not really, D600 and D3200 doesn’t share the same sensor.
            E-PM2 and EM-5 is very different in handling, but they are capable of delivering the same IQ.

            • Ronan

              So the sensor is different, so what? Both produce excellent IQ, same a the OM-D and the E-PM2.

              Fine, D700 vs D3. Same sensor, different body. Both don’t compete against each other, both have advantages (price included).

          • And that’s exactly my point. Using the word “unsurprisingly” makes it sound like he already knew what the results would be, but that there’s something more to it which is what I want to find out.

            It’s as if he has previously copped a bit from users in the past for being an Olyfanboi so he’s trying to to against the grain. I don’t care if he is, I don’t care if he isn’t. I care that I’m not confused when reading his news.

            And I agree, the naming convention is in itself confusing.

    • Maybe one thing so unsurprisingly me by E-PM2, and this is best hight ISO score.

  • Yun

    I agree , Pana got a lot of works to do it they still want to remain in the race .
    The most important is sensor department , really need to shine in this one .
    GX2 should born to compete against EP5 or OMD .

    • QBNY

      It’s not that serious. That’s like saying the GX1 is like a point & shoot to these cameras from Olympus.

      It’s Not. In fact, it’s just as capable of great stills.

      Besides, the GF3 is the Best MFT camera right now, Olympus is in the hot seat.

      • You mean GH3.

        • QBNY

          You sir, are correct. Thanks for calling that out, my fault.

    • joe

      yeah,see GX2 on Spring 2013,
      but gf6/g6 will release on March 2013

  • Ruhayat

    I still think the EP-M2* veers away from what the Pen Mini concept should be: small, light and fun to use. This thing looks bigger and fussier than the EP-M1.

    *screw the idiotic Olympus naming conventions

    • Yes i think E-PM2 is better naming convention. ;-)

  • QBNY

    Looks like it’s aimed at Soccer Moms…

    • jimbo

      bingo.. it is made for soccer moms, but i wouldn’t be embarassed to use it.

  • I didn’t realise it was touch screen. I think I might get this for my wife (or maybe the EPL5) so I can teach her a bit of photography with and swap lenses.

  • Ren Kockwell

    New E-PM2 wrap up. Gets DxOmarked, reviews and a new TvAD! Great!!

    and now that all the buzz regarding the above and the new Olympus 17mm is said and done…

    Let’s move on to the new Olympus 40-150 f2.8 zoom!!!

    please? pretty please?

    • admin


      • Ren Kockwell

        Thank you admin. I really do appreciate your efforts and I know you’re doing your best. Just can’t help the anxiety sometimes. :)

  • I like to pack a camera everywhere I go, from work commutes, to weekends outdoors, to social events–everywhere. After experimenting with the OMD for a couple weeks, I really fell in love with the quality. A beautiful camera, indeed.

    But, I found the OMD was a too large/clunky for my style of use. It was also intimidating for my wife to pick up. Not to mention, toting a $1000 camera everywhere is a bit nerve-wracking.

    Thus, I picked up the Pen Mini 2.

    What a tiny powerhouse of a camera! This is no “soccer mom” camera mind you. I’ve never used a camera of this “lower market class” that is so customizable, and feature packed. There’s hardly any internal differences from the OMD, and the image output is just as amazing. The features that have sold me are the wonderful touch screen, blazing focus speed, the stunning 16Mpx sensor, and 8fps burst!

    Furthermore, having an EVF2 allows me to stay compact when I need to, and snap on the VF for bright days. Not to mention it can swivel 90° for low angle shots.

    This camera is casual, and yet continually astounds me.

  • Horaciux

    What would I miss if I get E-PM2 instead of E-PL5?
    -Dial mode wheel
    -flipping screen.

    what else, please? are the same functions available from menu or are there any limitations?


    • Anonymous

      It is all the same.

      except (EPM2 vs EPL5):

      the screen:
      nonflip vs flip

      mode dial + 2 extra buttons on the back (EPL5)

      109.8 x 64.2 x 33.8 mm vs 110.5 x 63.7 x 38.2 mm

      269g vs 325g

      fix vs removable

  • quite impressive…

    • KL

      I too wish to know are there differences in the features and amount of customizations between epl5, epm2 and omd besides external controls

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