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New E-P5 and new Lens+Viewfinder announced!


Specs, Price and Preorders:
Full dedicated pages to the new Oly stuff at Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 White at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 Silver at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto. In Europe at Wex UK.
E-P5 Black with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Silver with 17mm f/1.8 lens and VF-4 at Amazon, Adorama, Bhphoto.
E-P5 Black with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
E-P5 Silver with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
17mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
45mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
75mm f/1.8 Black at Adorama, Bhphoto.
VF-4 viewfinder at Adorama, Bhphoto.

Previews and Hands-on:
Preview at Dpreview, Robin Wong, ThePhoBlographer, Pekka Potka, TVSmith, Whatdigitalcamera, Torontowide, Hands-on with images by Ming Thein, E-P5 vs E-M5 at ThePhoBlographerFourThirds-User, CNET Australia, E-M5 vs E-P5 size comaprison at Photogaphyblog, Hands-on with video at Engadget, Gizmodo, DSLRmagazine (Google translation here). Hands-on photos at Photographyblog, Techradar, Quesabesde (Spanish), ePhotozine, E-P5 vs E-M5 at ePhotozine, PenAndTell (German), OpenPN (French).

Image samples:
Olympus Imaging, Ming Thein.

Presentation by Whatdigitalcamera, Key fetaures overview on youtube, Unboxing by Blunty, Official Olympus commercial on youtube, video overview by Adorama, hands-on Starintech, video of the launch in Malaysia,

Press Text:
Dpreview, DSLRmagazine (google translation here), LesNumeriques (French), Techradar, Photographyblog, (Japanese), NeoCamera, Amateur Photographer, Photoscala (German), Quesabesde (Spanish), In Japane the E-Pl6 got announced too (, Photoreview, LeMondeDeLaPhoto (French), VF-4 at OpenPN (French), SystemKameraForum (German).


What new Olympus product are you going to buy?

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  • Looks good, happy to see everything available in black. Not buying any of it, for now.

    • AARGHH! It doesn’t have a built in EVF, but I might still end up buying it if available in late June.
      It sounds like it has a better iteration of the movie teleconverter (up to 4x I think on the E-PL5):
      “The Teleconverter feature allows the user to select a part of a movie during movie recording by tapping it on the touchscreen panel and switch back and forth between the magnified movies and the wide movies without deterioration.”
      I know video features leave many readers cold, but this…this allows me to use my legacy 200/3.0 lens as a equiv 1600mm F3.0 at full HD! With 5-axis stabilisation! Got me excited anyway…..

    • Sqweezy

      Seems like it could have been the perfect camera if it added weather sealing and integrated EVF. Oh well, guess it’s best to wait for the E-M6.

    • Jack

      This camera has so overpriced it’s funny.

      Keep in mind the yen hit 100 to 1 US dollar for the first time in almost 4 years yesterday. When the OM-D body was launched at body 15 months ago, it was considered expensive and that was when the yen was near an all-time high (~78.5 to 1USD). Now you get the privilege of paying 25% more after factoring in purchasing power without the weather-sealing or EVF.

      • ffjd

        I’m seriously thinking about getting one for the “Photo Story” feature. That alone is worth $999 to me!

        • true homer

          Wow…you know there are programs that do that for far less money right?

          • ffjd

            I was kidding true homer. I think it’s an idiotic gimmick that most people will never use. Seems like something you’d see on a $49 piece of crap camera.

  • ralph

    the 17mm is still $150-200 too expensive. i think i’ll stick with the superior, and cheaper, pana 20mm for now.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not superior if you want to focus on anything that moves……

      • true homer

        Yes those sporting events hes gonna be shooting at 20mm need to be in focus!

        • Anonymous

          Oh…yeah…right…I think there is a disclaimer on the box “for still-life only…..”

        • Anonymous

          let just say your kids ;)

        • inorog


    • MJr

      You do get a free VF-4 with the 17mm kit though, so that’s $250 right there !

      • michael

        Olympus would have to pay me more than that to use that VF4 monstrosity.

    • I don’t know, I’ve now owned both the 20mm and the 17mm (I just paid $450 for it), and IMO it’s not even close. I’ll take the 17mm. The one and only advantage the 20mm has for me is that it’s thinner. Panasonic really needs to release a Mk II version of that lens, with weather sealing and improved AF.

      People like to pick on the Fuji XPro’s AF, but using that 20mm on my OMD was way slower than any lens on my XPro. It was borderline unusable IMO. The 20mm was so slow it even annoyed me when shooting landscapes.


        And a foolish one at that..

        “It was borderline unusable IMO.”


        -Most SOLD Lens of MFT?
        -Always Top of the Chart leader on Amazon for MFT lenses?
        Yeah, sure buddy.

        “The 20mm was so slow it even annoyed me when shooting landscapes.”

        Are you Crippled or something? Massive arthritis?? Are you dancing to WUB WUB music while shooting? Seriously, you can’t be Serious. Do you read what you type before you hit “Submit Comment”??

        My Gosh!

        • MJr

          So you decided to write a more sensible reply?

          • 2wheel_ted

            Whoah. Someone needs a nap or a drink. Or both.

            I sold my 20mm after I bought the Pan Leica 25mm. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say the 20mm was “unusable” with the EM-5, but it was annoyingly slow to focus; enough to make me take a hard look at the 25mm. The 25mm on the other hand, focuses quick enough and provides just-as-good, if not better, results for me. The pancake size advantage didn’t do much for me since the overall combo of my EM-5 with any of my m4/3 lenses is still much smaller and lighter than and DSLR and lens combo I’ve used.

            If the silver 17mm goes out of fashion and a price drop occurs, than I may bite. It would sit nicely between my 12 and 25.

        • Granted, “borderline unusable” was a bit of hyperbole on my part, but that doesn’t change the fact that I truly believe that the 17mm is in almost every way the superior lens…as it should be since it’s more expensive.

          The 20mm didn’t bother me so much on my Panasonic G1, but after I bought the OMD the painfully slow AF jumped out like a sore thumb. That lens makes the OMD feel like it’s stuck in mud.

          Now, go take a relaxing nap, you’re acting like I insulted your first born. Its a lens, comprised of plastic, metal, and glass. A negative opinion of it shouldn’t get you that riled up.

          • Just because it “Cost More”

            Doesn’t make it better.

            It’s not as sharp as the 20, only faster. That’s not enough being how much it cost.

  • drYes

    bloody expensive, I m glad I ve ordered a e-pl5 for half the price ;-)

  • Just watched red dot photo’s YouTube video of the EP5 and it looks amazing with time lapse , Wi-Fi and photostory really implented, the 5 axis stabilisation demo was cool too…

  • Brock

    I shoot professionally with the omd and epl5. I love love love the m43 system but my goodness what were they thinking of with this price. Cool looking camera with great specs but do yourself a favor and pick up the weather sealed, evf built in omd. Olympus will be dropping the price quickly with slumping sales.

    • Ben

      The kit price isn’t bad in terms of discount; separately the three items would be ~1780, so you’re “saving” over $300. :-)

      The EP5 bests the EM5 in some important ways (focus peaking, 1/8k shutter, lower minimum ISO, apparently better IBIS), and only gives up weather sealing & a built-in EVF–so I think the combined price of 1279 for body + VF isn’t too unreasonable considering the EM5 still goes for 999.

      If I didn’t already have the EM5 I might actually go for it. But I’m planning on convincing myself that I need the next OMD, so I have to keep quiet for now. :-)

      • true homer

        omds go new for 789$ these days
        Its hilarious how hard people are trying to justify this price.

      • Vlad

        Ben, nice way of twisting it.
        Focus peaking and slightly better IBIS are “important” and we “only” give up the EVF and weather sealing.
        And there is nothing interesting about that discount too, given that the 17mm is overpriced itself.

        • Ben

          Twisting it? Why would I do that? — I’m a potential customer, just the same as you.

          But I have a different perspective. Consider if the VF4 was built-in, and it had all that other stuff over the EM5 and only lacked weather sealing: would you say 1279 compared to the EM5’s 999 was a ripoff then?

          The 17mm is only a little overpriced. I have had it, and it’s a great lens; some of the early press set the wrong tone and the myth continues. (Plus people like to slag Olympus for their pricing strategies… which is sometimes, but not always justifiable.)

          • Vlad

            I don’t know why. But, you are minimizing the missing things by saying “only”, while calling the features that it does have “important”.

            “Consider if the VF4 was built-in, and it had all that other stuff over the EM5 and only lacked weather sealing: would you say 1279 compared to the EM5′s 999 was a ripoff then?”
            Yes, I would. And here I really don’t understand your point.

            “The 17mm is only a little overpriced.”
            Same as the 12mm. They should be outstanding at these prices, but they are merely good to very good.

            • Ben

              Don’t be obtuse. My point is that in combination with the VF-4 the EP5 has a significant number of substantial upgrades over the EM5 (and only gives up weather sealing); the question is whether these upgrades are worth the extra cash:

              – much improved VF
              – higher res rear screen
              – better IBIS
              – 1/8000 shutter
              – lower base ISO (could be an exposure comp gimmick)
              – wifi
              – built-in flash / commander

              All that for 279 more than the EM5? Doesn’t seem like an obvious ripoff to me.

              • Vlad

                You forgot focus peaking. Anyway, I do not believe there will be any noticeable improvement in IBIS and bumping the resolution of the LCD doesn’t strike me as a big deal. Otherwise, agreed, all useful features. The problem is, they do not warrant the cost.

          • true homer

            Theres no myth, the 17mm is soft in the center and softer in the corners.

  • Amateur Photographer’s Chris Cheeseman stinks of scepticism and snide as per usual for anything Olympus.
    UK body only price £899 :) and with kit £999 and there’s a VF-4 bundle offer

    • brownalesupper

      the price is ridiculous seriously I wouldn’t buy any mFT body without either an inbuilt EVF or an add on option meaning from a UK buyers perspective it would set you back £1200 .£400 more than the E-M5 body with its built in EVF, the GH3 is now under £900 it is more than the Fuji models with their excellent hybrid finders . The Pen models are not for me as I do not like their handling but other than a couple of standout features it really brings very little new to the table, the lack of fully articulating screen, limited video mode,no advance in C-AF , no better support for FT lenses is all a bit of a let down.
      I will stick with my E-M5 and wait on the “pro ” model though god knows what they will charge for it

      • @brownalesupper
        The E-M5 is 13 months old so you are not comparing like for like prices.
        The E-P5 will probably drop £100 in 5-6 weeks time and in my opinion will sell very well…
        Handling looks much improved and maybe better than the E-M5 some previews seem to think so….

        • Vlad

          >>The E-M5 is 13 months old so you are not comparing like for like prices.

          Technically speaking you are correct. But in the real world the E-M5 is not discontinued, so potential buyers will look at both of these cameras and compare prices.

      • Well, move one of these Fuji cameras sidewards and you will find out how excellent theses view finders are. *chuckles*

        • Anonymous

          use any EVF in low light and you will see how crap they all are , tears !!!!

          • true homer

            Nope. The new ones are just as good in low light.

  • andrew

    This camera will be 999-1200 EUR in Europe, just for the body.

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  • 7777

    I’m still waiting for 24p/25p in video recording…. when can u give me, olympus? Never? ok then…..

  • true homer

    heres what 1000$ geta you from olympus:

    -No interchangeable hand-grips as seen on the E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PL5. This is because Olympus had to place the wifi antenna under the hand-grip area and this meant having to remove solid metal from the structure of the camera’s shell where the hand-grip would have been screwed in.
    -Only 30 frames per second video recording, which is problematical in some circumstances where artificial lights are used in countries that use 50Hz electrical frequency.
    -No silent electronic shutter mode.
    -Still no substantial improvement to continuous AF reliability when photographing fast-moving subjects like birds in flight.
    -Screen dooes not articulate so that it can face forward (like the E-PL5) and nor is it side-hinged.
    -No environmental sealing like the OM-D E-M5.
    -Multi-touch gestures not implemented on touch screen – so no pinch-to-zoom, for example.

    • GH2 the best ever

      Nice copy and paste job homeboy. Maybe you can also copy and paste the pros/advantages list from that article too. But that would put those comments into context. And we wouldn’t want that would we. Olympus must always be seen for all its negatives and disadvantages. Consider it revenge for all the Olympus fanboyism and onesidism: something that troubles some folks’ democratic and justice loving values.

      • brownalesupper

        The problem is at the price it is coming at the competition both within mFT and from other systems is fierce , as an E-M5 user I do not see one single reason to choose this over the much cheaper E-M5 with its built in EVF , compared to the E-P5 + external EVF . We know the image quality will be all but identical to the E-M5 which is weather sealed , has better ergonomics and its price is slowly dropping, looking at Olympus camera department losses Olympus need to be selling high volumes and grabbing market share this will not do that. I am particularly disappointed about the video side and had hoped for more oh well

        • @brownalesupper
          I’m pretty sure Olympus imaging profits are now moving in the right direction….

          • Vlad

            I am pretty sure they aren’t. But they will be when the E-P5 goes down to 500US in a year.

          • brownalesupper

            I have seen your rather unique interpretation of sales numbers before lol, I work as a market analyst for Nissan based in Sunderland ( though as my ID suggests I am 100% Geordie ) . I travel to Japan 6 or 7 times a year with a decent understanding of the Japanese language and culture. There is no honest way to claim that Olympus or Panasonics respective imaging divisions are in a very poor state .Far to high a percentage of mFT sales consist of the low end often heavily discounted older models. If Olympus did not have such a long proud history of producing innovative cameras and optics . I seriously doubt that such long term continued losses woul be tolerated , with the truth eventually surfacing ( well in part anyway ) about the huge cover up of the losses starting in the FT era , continued losses throughout mFT era which have actually increased in the past year. Claiming that they have somehow turned a corner is either wildly optimistic or seriously ill informed .

            Olympus needs to take drastic action to restore and stabilise their imaging division, they could do obvious things like ending production of nearly all P&S models, problem with that is the percentage of turnover that they bring.If Olympus imaging consisted of only mFT it would be seriously diminished and I have my doubts that mFT is really a cash cow, the competition from other makers be it mobile phones, large sensor compacts or the other mirror less makers and not least the DSLR market. The price of this E-P5 with EVF ( the only way I would even consider it ) will be over £1200 to put that in perspective the D600 comes in at around £1400 , I think they are making a mistake playing this game, limited edition lenses, gimmicks, penny pinching customers with not providing hoods etc. mFT is more than good enough for me , and I am in it for the long run , I hope that both Olympus and Panasonic sort the finances out for a market that they started with at one time a 100% share they are now under 50% and neither Nikon or Canon have felt the need to take the market seriously as contrary to some wild claims the sales of DSLR cameras are going fine. If Nikon especially as they have excellent sensors decide to launch an APS or FF model mFT will suffer. Nikon have been using their CX system to catch P&S users from jumping ship. There is far too much hyperbole in your posts and even a cursory look at the numbers behind the data show you to be too optamistic, we can at least agree to live the mFT life

            • Vlad

              Nicely said.

            • @brownalesupper
              I haven’t said Olympus or Panasonic imaging divisions have to increase turnover they don’t, what I’m saying is that they have to return to profit. It’s possible to increase profit while sales fall… a good example would be WHSmiths under the helm of Katie Swann.
              Olympus are pulling out of point and shoots faster than any other camera maker. They have reduced their marketing spend (no more sponsoring Tennis in the USA and Kevin Spacey adverts etc) at the same time making it more effect, the Yen is very favourable to Olympus at the moment, mirrorless cameras are cheap to make and the market is more established with much early development costs likely re-couped. Also the financial deadwood has been largely cleared. Olympus I believe is doing the best job in selling lucrative lenses and making people upgrade cameras.
              The threat from large sensor compacts is over-rated and DSLR sales has stalled or slowing/falling in many countries.Olympus has also maintained mirrorless market share in most/all markets, the same can’t be said for the mirrorless competition.People do not use hoods in the field, most people will not miss them except for dedicated ebayers!Limited edition lenses has worked.The new EVF is for all Olympus mft cameras they are not forcing you to purchase it!
              Canikon were suppose to wipe the floor with Oly and Panny when they entered the mirrorless market because they didn’t you are saying they are not taking it seriously lol Nikon has failed absymally with their Nikon 1 sales, remember they showed Thom Hogan their sales forecasts!The Nikon 1 CX system won’t be around in 2015 and by all accounts the EOS M system from Canon has been a disappointment and due for a re-launch.
              I’m pretty sure Olympus Imaging and will return to a profit in the next come year.

              • Vlad

                Nice try of squeezing your opinion in between some facts and also omitting some of the competition.
                How is the threat of large sensor compacts overrated, when the rather excellent X100s is cheaper than the E-P5 kit? What about the RX100?
                Serious amateurs will use hoods in the field and cameras like the OM-D and E-P5 are clearly targeted at those same people.
                What about Fuji and more specifically Sony, gaining serious market share with their mirrorless offers?

                • @vlad
                  Large sensor compacts are too limiting for many consumers because you can’t change lenses, also they are expensive to develop because the lenses have to be redesigned with each new model, also there is no chance that their owners will buy additional lenses so are less profitable.Also many consumers see them as gloried and over priced point and shoots.

                  Overly serious amateurs use len hoods. The only photographers I regularly see using lens hoods are bird watchers and nature photographers, no one else does. I have a cupboard full of lens hoods…

                  I don’t believe Fuji has gained serious market share outside of SE Asia, as for Sony they started well but are stumbling at the moment, maybe in 2014 they’ll make a comeback?

                  • A small number of the people who buy cameras, DSLRs included, actually buy ‘after-market’ lenses, so a compact with a reasonable zoom lens and an as large as possible sensor does in fact make a lot of sense. The real issue is not people buying lenses, but people imagining they will buy lenses.

                    With regards to lens hoods.. about anyone who happens to use a camera in a crowded/hectic location and wants to somewhat guard the lens from bumping into stuff will actually use one, since unlike a ‘protective filter’ it doesn’t reduce optical quality, it may actually help quality a bit depending on the situation. Your statement regarding lens hoods says a lot about the people you mingle with, and very little about the usefulness and use of lens hoods.

        • Do

          The E-Px line always was about look and feel and not about a good price-value ratio like the E-PLx line, and the E-P5 continues this tradition…

      • true homer

        You want me to post the pros/advantages list from that site? I would, but there isnt one. Hahahahaha
        Or wait, are you actually referring to that em5 comparison, cause thats even sadder.

  • @true homer
    Subjects can now be tracked to edge of frame/screen and remembered for when they reenter the frame….

    • true homer

      I took it from the preview in 43user, and I think the 2 year old GH2 use to do that

  • Mode dial customisation looks good and has impressed dpreview….

  • Niels Kristian Bech Jensen

    Meanwhile the E-PL6 has been announced on Olympus Japan’s website:

    • Do

      It hasn’t built-in WiFi, and very few other improvements – low ISO and eye sensor support for the VF4 as the only substantial improvements. So it’s really a mystery why Olympus felt the need to relase it.

      • MJr

        Would have been fine if they called it e-pl5s, or if it had wifi.

  • Dimitrios

    Way to pricey (as always). I’ll consider buy after a year+

  • tomas

    prices of body only(999$) and UK kit(999p) are crazy
    …US price of kit with 17mm & VF4 (1499$)looks “better” = acceptable
    …also VF4 for 279$ is good…
    anyway …not buing/preorder new stuff with list price when the history shows better to wait for price drops
    I voted for VF4 …but only due to its resolution…not size…maybe later I buy that stuff

    • tomas

      PS…is Malaysia so significant market that Robin W. gets exclusivity to test the new stuff ???(not sure where Peka P. lives) …or does he cover whole Asia ?

      • Pekka Potka is from Finland.

        • Yes, Malaysia and Finland are the centers of world photography… ;-)

          • tomas

            :-)…nice for you !

          • well said mr. Potka!

      • Vlad

        No, Robin Wong is so significant that he gets to test new stuff.

        • Vlad

          Same for Pekka Potka, btw.

          • bonzo

            Maybe they get the stuff first because they actually “field test” the cameras instead of comparing specs and taking “lab” pics? ;)

            • Vlad

              Precisely what I meant :)

            • MJr


            • brownalesupper

              come on guys they get the stuff first because the will sing the praises of the gear , Robin bleeds OLYMPUS blue lol. All the companies have guys like this, much as I like many of his images those are the very last reviews I would count on for a critical appraisal . Honestly have you ever read serious criticism from Robin. I will not call him a shill but he is surely a fan , would you make a judgment based on a fans claims

              • Vlad

                He might not go into great technical detail, but he does provide an entertaining read and actual photos, not some snaps from the backyard or of graph paper. And he actually says that he is a fan, so it is up to the reader to take this into account.

                • true homer

                  Yeah actual photos of iso 100 easy to shoot stuff that would look good on a 1999 phone camera.

                  • Vlad

                    Nice try, he has low light shots, so give it a break. But I guess you are one of those who absolutely need ISO 6400 for all of their shots.
                    The guy is doing street photography and posting his work. It doesn’t look to me as he is trying to hide something or screw you into buying Olympus gear.

            • They get stuff first..

              Because they’re Lapdogs.. It’s that simple.

  • SteveO

    $999 body only with no EVF or weathersealing? Saw that and heard a gigantic “thud” in the marketplace.

    Easily $200 more than what it’s worth given the NEX price of $899 with EVF and 16-50mm powerzoom, and Olympus’ own E-M5 at $950 with EVF, weathersealed alloy body and OLED (vs. LCD) display. Even the E-PL5 with identical sensor at $550 and a kit lens thrown in makes this look pretty silly.

  • Flash cannot bounce, no focus peaking in movie mode, no HDR, grip is not interchangeable…

    Playing with our nerves, are you Oly?

    Apart from that, great specs, but why are these little things forgotten?

    • Vlad

      Otherwise it will be too expensive… Oh, wait…

    • true homer

      The screen also doesnt tilt allbtye way like the lower epl5 and the screen is not multi touch

  • Ken666

    Well at £900 in the uk, you are having a laugh.

    The OMD is £839 with weather sealing, viewfinder and same sensor.

    Buy it, no way, far to much money, maybe at £700.

    Olympus will have to do better than that, cant see this selling much.

    • And 1$=1€ policy continues as well.

  • Dukratus

    Having just seen the “deal” price from Olympus on this camera I have to say that I really hope people aren’t buying into this strategy from Olympus because soon enough we’ll have micro four thirds heads on with FF’s in terms of prices at least. Portability and light weight are a very important factor but at these increasingly insane prices???? If this is the price on a PEN camera I wonder what “great deal” Olympus will come with when they introduce the “E-M6” the top of line…..

    • Anonymous

      Well exactly so, price confirms that Oly is playing the personal jewelry strategy, a bit like Apple. So even if the camera is outstanding it is grossly overpriced, ext. EVF being but a means to do additional money.

      My worry, as others have mentioned, is the price of the Pro OM-D. I assume it might easily reach 1500 $, hoping there is no additional mirrored adapter to pay for.

      What such a camera would do is revitalise the 4/3 zooms, which are half priced at the moment.

      So I beg admin to let us know any tiny rumor pertaining it, so that we can buy them in time, before they go back to the old price :)

      • Vlad

        Apple is hardly that overpriced.

  • dau

    ironic, but imo it looks way better in silver!

    • tomas

      yes…silver is definetly nice!

  • Doma

    Looks only concern now is the price and the size of the new flagship from Oly coming in few months.
    Logically it will have a built-in vf, I guess its kit lens will be the 17mm as well..I have another wild guess that tells me it will be made in Japan.
    Should I expect almost 1500$ body only price..something like the X-Pro1.

  • Per K

    Makes the Fuji X-E1 look cheap in comparison! The upcoming iteration of Sony NEX7 will have similar price. Larger sensor and built in VF versus built in image stabilization. m43 turns out to be for the rich………

    • Jørgen

      Someone is preventing you from buyin gthe EPM2. GF6, EPL5, G6 or (even cheaper) G5 or GX1?

      Any camera that is top of the line is mor eexpensive than its less well specified familymembers.

      • Vlad

        You are missing the point. They are selling you a camera that is way too expensive compared to competing models.

        • I would expect it to be similar price or a little bit more than the new G6 (£549 body-only)… the G6 has EVF but the E-P5 has better sensor and 5-axis IBIS

          However it’s more expensive than the E-M5 (£839 body-only) which has same sensor, same IBIS plus EVF and weather-sealing…

          The price just seems way over the top, or designed to drive sales of remaining stock of OM-D rather than the new model…?

          • the g6 runs rings around this camera

            Take away Ibis and the Sensor (which in fact is not a deal breaker) and what does this thing have over the G6? Retro looks?? HAHA!!

            This price will just make the G6 move more units out the gate.

      • true homer

        How is a viewfinderless, non sealed, piece of plastic top of the line? Tue onoy thing here topp of the line is the price

        • Martin K.

          wrong, it is an all metall body.. but you will keep on hating anyway.. we got it.

  • adam.z

    I liked OMD except for that odd triangle on top. Now this is much better. Really really good looking. And it has removable VF if I need it. Thanks Olympus.

    • true homer

      Wow. You actually thanked olympus for this.

      • +1

        Wow.. The Jokes are in abundance today! Very entertaining, this post is…

  • adaptor-or-die

    wow on the initial price, but then, that was true with the OMD, the Fuji pro and the nex7 they all seemed pricey when they were intro’d. I guess since you can only drop the retail, soak those early adopters.

    Every new camera coming out with WiFi has the same kludge, they seem to have to make part of the body non metallic so they can achieve transmission? Which is a nice step backwards. My question for anyone that can tell me, Why does my SD Wifi Card work fine in my cast metal bodied e-P2 as well all the other cameras I have that take an SD? It’s buried into body, metal and is removable, and works on a model that’s a couple years old. Strange.

    I am waiting for the Touchscreen Lens, where you pinch and zoom the aperture and focus on the front of your element, that’s technology! [just to avoid confusion, sarcasm]

    • Vlad

      They might have seemed pricey, but all of the three you mention were flagships and there wasn’t much else available to compete with them. Who would buy this over an E-M5?

    • true homer

      The gh3 is all metal, and does wifi just fine, that is BS

  • Paul

    What about banding issue with Panasonic 20mm, any news?

  • Boy, oh boy, I just hope Olympus adheres to the “photographic” exchange rate of USD x 10 and offers the kit (E-P5 + 17mm + VF-4) here in South Africa.

  • good grief it’s way too expensive…!! why wouldn’t you just buy an OM-D???

    • Anonymous

      EP5 Body + VF $1278
      OMD Body $899

  • Now that the cat is out of the bag, I must say that I don’t regret one sec of having bought the E-M5 couple of weeks ago.

    It is priceless to always have with you the EVF and not having to worry about it, in one solid piece with the body. Besides menus are complicated enough to make me loathe the idea of adding new features – give me a ND filter any time.

    What is missing as a complement to the OM-D line is some sort of no nonsense simplified streetshooter a’ la Ricoh – but one can get Ricoh, instead of some effete fashion statement, like the E-P5 or the X100s.

    • Dannecus

      Having read some more details about the new features in the EP5, I’m impressed. The new switch on the back to change the set up of the control dials looks a small thing, but I think this is a great step forward in usability over the OMD, as is the addition of wifi to focus and take pictures via a smartphone. I think the EP5 has enough additional features to make it a better buy than the OMD.

      The price is currently ludicrous and I can’t disagree Alalric’s decision to get an E-M5. I’m sitting on my money and my E-PL2. I really like the new features of the EP5, would be getting one if it was realistically priced, but I’ll wait until it either drops in price or the next OMD comes out with a built in EVF and the new features from the EP5.

      • ssgreenley

        I also haven’t had the heart to upgrade my EPL2. This is the first camera that has tempted me, but I’ve got sticker shock. We’ll see if the prices come down by my next vacation…

    • In case you mean the Rico GRX, its pretty slow due to the shutter lag.

      • Fish

        What about the new aps-c Ricoh GR. That is a sweet looking camera anyway you look at it and is supposed to be quicker than previous versions. And for only $800.

  • much to expensive, especially if you think what you pay if you also want the viewfinder. and unfortunately still no nice zoom lenses from Olympus…

  • MAS

    Olympus America official image filename is “trad2”
    trad1 = E-P3 or E-M5?

  • fgh

    They’re not going to sell many of these. Way too expensive. Why not just a kit with the 17mm. Poor Oly, they really don’t get it. More huge losses in their future.

    • @fgh
      Slow day at the Nikon office?

      • Anonymous

        Seeing your comments I can only assume you’re an Olympus representative in these forums and you get paid for it!

        • Vlad


        • Anonymous

          nothing so sensible as doing it for cash he does because he is an idiot lol


    Priced way too high.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind premium price for premium camera. This camera has too many weak points that olympus could easily address – if they really wanted to make this a premium camera. Sub standard video, useless grip, lack of HDR, no weather sealing, no silent shutter.

    I’d rather have a view finder in the left corner, than a flash.

    Ah well. Next time hey Olympus?

    Panasonic may have a real opportunity to grab a big slice of the m43 market with the GX-2.


      Panasonic will grab a much bigger slice, and Olympus will sell more EM5’s because of this.

      Then the True successor of the Lumix L1 will come out and silence all.

      Then everything from Olympus will go on sale Until the successor to the EM5 drops.

      Back and forth, back and forth… But I like it.

      • GH2 the best ever

        Go and buy G6 the best camera Panasonic ever recycled. What are you waiting for?



  • OM-4ever

    Wow, the Wi-Fi features are excellent, I have to admit I’m surprised by Oly here….

    • true homer

      Youre surprised by the wifi? The wifi of all things? How bout the price?

  • Anonymous

    This is an incredible little camera. The price will drop in a couple of months….why do so many complain about it?

  • Dukratus

    Major world economics hitting the breaks to some extent and Olympus pushing the prices even further, it seems a perfectly logic strategy to me…. But then again if Apple (as someone mentioned) keeps selling their overpriced “exlusive premium products” why can’t Olympus try and do the same? The sky is the limit I guess. Camera looks quite nice, it’s packing some very appealing features but the package itself doesn’t generate enough value in my eyes to justify the HUGE investment (I mean 1500 US dollars if you consider the whole package is expensive no matter how you look at it unless you have very big pockets). I’ll pass…

    • Vlad

      Because Apple’s products are highly that overpriced compared to their competitors.

  • I don’t like it

    No in-build EVF – no cash from me.

    I’m waiting for new version of OMD – with all EP5 upgrades, in-build VF-4, in-build flash, better movies, and maybe better IQ.

  • Dirty Harry was right.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Are you feeling lucky… punk?
      Go ahead, make my day…

  • Ming Dang

    Ok, i cannot get over no EVF. Not cool shooting with premium camera and looks like you shooting iPhone! No EVF No can do!

    But at least they should make the VF-4 classic looking to compliment the camera. Make it look like changeable finders on Nikon F, F2, F3 maybe and will be stunning!

    No, won’t buy this. Beautiful OMD rocks!

  • Ming Dang

    I don’t know why Admin keep deleting my post. I just said shooting camera with no EVF is same as shooting iPhone and not cool. Freedom of speech not apply here?

    • Ming Dang

      And after I say that, my post magically appear again. Maybe system glitch?

  • Anonymous

    Does this camera have an EVF?

    • Ming Dang

      No EVF. You shoot it same as iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        I was being SARCASTIC….you fool.

        • true homer

          But hes right, hahahahaha

          • Anonymous

            wait..wait…but I read this whole blog and NO ONE even MENTIONS that the EP-5 has no viewfinder?????
            Are you SURE there is no EVF?
            Wait…you mean is shoot like Apple Phone for $999??
            If it doesn’t have a internal VF then I will not buy.
            No waterproofed VF? No Sale!
            How can Olympus offer a premium camera with NO EVF???
            Did anyone mention that there is no EVF in this camera?????????
            Oh…I have to make monkey movements to take pictures with this $1000 camera?????
            If only Olympus had put in a RF-Style EVF I would have bought this camera…..

            • Homer Sapien

              You’re tired. Stop making enemies and go do something smart like sleep. With all that Zzzzzzzz’s you need it. Oh, it’s SARCASM back at you. FOOL!

              • Anonymous


                • Homer Sapien

                  Wow, did not expect you to be so obedient. Now go fetch my slippers!

                  • Anonymous


                • Anonymous


  • kl

    Wonder did anybody really read up on the VF4? It’s huge and 1.48x and almost comparable to the Canon 1D viewfinder size. Looking at the comparison overlay at dpreview, i bet it’ll look bigger than the nex 7 too. That’s quite a feat for their ‘puny’ sensor size :)

    • Anonymous

      Looks pretty good aside the nex pathetic lens selection! :-)

    • true homer

      Sensir size has nothing to do with magnification on an evf

      • Anonymous

        I was being SARCASTIC you bloody fool!

        • Anonymous

          kl…check out ALL of those NEx fast prime lenses….WOWZER!!!!

    • Vlad

      The price is also quite a feat for their ‘puny’ sensor size.
      I certainly hope that the VF4 would be better than the almost two year old NEX-7 one.


      Co-Designed the VF.. I mean, look at it, it’s almost as big as the lens? Really, does it really have to be THAT big?

      I think OLy was cutting corners here, trying to be cheap, yet, screw their fan base at the same time. I love the size of the VF for my GX1, but if it was huge like that, I’d have to reconsider.

      The VF looks like a big mistake. It seems Olympus and Epson(?) wasn’t on the same page. The camera and the VF is not a great match.

      Olympus could be in trouble with this camera.

  • OMDowner

    No EVF – big mistake. NEX7 is smaller, has bigger sensor and has EVF. Fuji X1pro has hybrid EVF/OVF, Fuji XE1 has EVF. EP5 improvement are useful, but there is no EVF!!! VF-4 is huge.

    OK, where is OMD-2 with EVF hump (with VF-4 quality) and EP5 improvments? And better movies (like in Panasonic G6)?

    Micro43 has to be small. Smaller sensor, smaller lenses, small bodies. NEX7 is smaller then EP5 with VF-4. Why?

  • Christian G

    Has it been mentioned anywhere whether the 100 ISO is RAW or just jpegs?

  • Frye

    Olympus seems to think they have a monopoly on style.

    • Anonymous

      You Sir are a FOOL!

      • Frye

        Wow, I’m loving these new Olympus marketing concepts!

  • gs

    Olympus is, I hope, aware that you can still pick up a GX1 body for $250, right?

    • Anonymous

      ….and and EVF 2 for $150!


        Retro look camera, with a Non-Retro looking Viewfinder… Yeah, okay. Good luck with that..

  • Fish

    I agree this is too expensive. What happened to the $700 body-only price, did I just imagine that rumor? I was ready to buy it at that price, or $1000 for the body and 17mm lens, but this is too much. I guess, I will go pull my e-pm2 off of kijiji…

    • You’re Funny, Fish..

      You actually believed the price of $700.00?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good One!!

      $1000.00 for the Body and Lens?? BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      FISH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! He’ll be here all week!!!

      • GH2 the best ever

        Go and buy ecofriendly G6. It’s out now. What are you waiting for? It’s the best.

  • Anonymous

    This is a premium camera you fool! Hence the price.

  • Bob B.

    WOW? $999 and no EVF?

  • roger

    this is DEFINITELY going to be the one I buy 2 years from now for $389! For real.

  • SZRimaging

    I’m really beginning to think I shouldn’t have sold my m43 gear to stick with Nikon. Between this or an E-M5 and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, you have a pretty nice setup to conquer both photo and video needs. All while being very lightweight.

    Why did I stick with Nikon?

    • Photowang

      I just offered to sell my Nikon d5100 and 35 F1.8 lens to KEH. If I get what they’ve quoted me, I’ll only have to pluck another $928 from the money tree growing in my backyard to have enough to buy the E-P5 w/VF-4.

  • How long can it keep these prices with sustained sales, that is the problem.

    I can see that with the entry level being lost to iPhones, and middle classes suffering in the West Oly seems to aim more and more to the top tier.

    Someone remarked that we are now very near to to the FF entry level prices. Is it sustainable?

    I am among those who will wait one or two years before a buy. But a third party could do much better and offer up to scratch technology in real time.

    The only real monopoly Oly has is outstanding IBIS.

  • safaridon

    Does EP5 have ‘digital’ 5 axis IBIS? That is what the DPR and specs seems to indicate. The same shows ‘digital’ for the ISO 100 use not real ISO 100.
    So this is not anywhere the same as the EM5 5 axis IBIS but more likely 3 axis digital simulation added to existing 2 axis IBIS? How is this supposed to be better than the real thing in the EM5 other than takes up less space and cheaper implement? Pany also has a patent for similar 5 axis IBIS to be used in compacts and could add to m4/3 in future?

    Clearly the ‘5 axis IS’ marks are to indicate digital.

  • Four by Six

    Why is time lapse limited to 99 frames? If converting stills to video, that’s not enough.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else thinks a hot shoe is redundant? It takes up a LOT of space too. Sure if you do a lot of flash photog and need something better than the inbuilt I understand. But personally, I’m not interested in an extra flash. I can’t think of anything that I would need to attach.

    Wouldn’t it be GREAT to use that space for an inbuilt EVF?

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