New E-M5 user guide from Dpreview (shipping at Amazon/E-M5 accessories)


Video on top: I don’t know if that is a common thing under new E-M5 owners but a 43rumors reader tested the E-M5 weather sealed feature by taking  shower with the camera :)

Now it’s time for a short E-M5 news update:
First I have to report that many USA readers are now receiving their E-M5 body only preorders at Amazon (good!). Dpreview (Click here) posted an interesting article about “Getting the most out of the Olympus E-M5“. Definitely worth to read it! Review at Cecilsphotos (Click here), Image samples by Outbackphoto (Click here), Le bal des Martines, Paris, Belleville on vimeo (Click here), Low-light AF speed test youtube (Click here), Primero contacto by Ramon Clemente (Click here).

New E-M5 accessories on eBay:
Original CS-36FBC leather case for the E-M5 on eBay (Click here).
The super original Gariz E-M5 case are available on eBay in Black (Click here) and Brown (Click here).
Three E-M5 batteries with charger for $39,99 (Click here to see the auction).
Two E-M5 batteries with charger for $30,99 (Click here to see the auction).
One E-M5 battery with charger for $18,99 (Click here to see the auction).
A single E-M5 battery without(!) charger for $12,99 (Click here to see the auction).

E-M5 (Pre)order links (Click on store name): Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

Bestseller list. Check the list (changes hourly!):
USA: E-M5 on position 7/19 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is not a top seller today (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 2/12 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 1/16 (Click here).

  • Cal

    Let’s see if the $2000 Fuji X Pro can handle a droplet of water!!!!

    • Your average X Pro customer knows what he is buying, he knows the limits as well as pros and cons. At least in my imagination, your average “how-many-megapix?” customer will buy a compact, entry level canikon dslr on sale, bridge, etc. But certainly not a Fuji X-anything.
      For his own reasons and appreciation, he values it high enough to outweigh the price tag. For that matter, he knows its not weather sealed, its not a deal breaker.

      Don’t get me wrong, E-M5 is currently *the* m43 body and it is a wicked cool piece of camera no matter how you look at it. Kudos to Olympus! In many respect, it is at least as good as the X Pro, it is more affordable, there are more cool native lenses to choose from, etc : to the X Pro customer, E-M5 is simply not an alternative product.

      • babbit

        I’m not saying these are the majority of Fuji X-Pro1 buyers, but everyone I personally know that has the X-Pro 1 right now are non camera people that bought it for the looks. It’s the first “real” camera for all 3 of them. As for the price tag, their rationale is that it is cheaper and better than a Leica. They did not consider the cons (slow focus, size, non weatherproofing, etc…) when they bought it, so all of us were surprised at how big the camera is. 1 of them already returned it because he was expecting to take action shots on the beach, which is the exact opposite of the X-Pro 1’s strengths.

        • Ross

          Action shots on the beach sounds a bit sus. ;)

          • Yes, he got caught and has no need of a camera for some time, her boyfriend adjusted the FOV on his right eye. He now has mirror lock up, and camera hang up!!!!

  • Bruce B

    I checked B&H the other day to see the status of my EM5 (black) order made in February with the 12-50mm lens, and was surprised to learn that it should be delivered today! So B&H must have some…

    • Matt

      Still waiting on amazon =(

      Would love to go elsewhere, but need to cash out my amazon gift card balance. Unfortunately that cant happen.

  • Ross

    I thought you might like the user guide, as it looks to be helpful. I now have my own edited (to proper English ;)) & printed copy for some bedtime reading. :)

    • Doug

      Define, “proper English”?

      • Ross

        Not American English. :) (Our Aussie spelling is the same as British)

        • mooboy

          You went and edited it all yourself? Or used some software to correct? But maybe a problem when you can’t find ‘Colour’ on the menus.

          • Ross

            Ha ha! Thankfully the Australian edition of Spell Check does do it correctly (now), unlike older versions that thought we spelt it the American way.

  • DingieM

    I contacted a photo shop in Amsterdam today about availability of the silver body E-M5 only, and he answered with “ofcourse we have it in stock”.

    They are official pro-olympus dealer and in that way they receive priority stock over other shops, for the first two months after release.
    I guess other shops will have the silver body in stock somewhere in june…

    So…maybe…just maybe I get one this weekend already (before 25 of may)…hard to keep myself from not buying…..aaaargh!

    • Jesper

      All shops in Sweden are saying mid- end of May, and they all seems pretty sure about that date.

  • observer

    Where is the soap? No soap equals no shower or not valid test!

    • frenchie

      he must be French

    • Christian

      I would be careful when using soap, as it might soften the water and therefore permitting it to bypass the protective rings of the camera. I remember having heard of an accident from a guy giving this kind of treatment to a Zuiko 12-60 (which under normal conditions can stand quite a lot of water).

  • Bronica

    Thanks, Admin! I bought the silver OM-D EM-5 one eBay! Saved 300 Euro. What can I do for you?

    • admin

      A beer next time I am in Germany? :)

      • Bronica

        Yes!!! + Restaurant! I’m here in the center of Berlin. Just call me!

  • Kaspar

    The EM5 manual is a cheek! They could have done better and included a search function or shortcuts via linking the table of contents in the .pdf… This doesn´t take long and doesn´t cost a lot.

  • A classic test for Olympus’ wheathersealed body :-)

    • Geoff

      I know of one guy who put his E-1 plus lens into a bucket of water for 30 mins to test it, foolish if you ask me but after pulling it out used it immediately with complete success.

  • furb

    I think Olympus shouldn’t have announced a release date until they had plenty of inventory to meet the demands. Apple has products to deliver on day 1 of a new release. They may run out, but they eventually catch up to demand in a few weeks.

    • david

      No camera company does that, and it makes little financial sense for them to do it. Their options are either to build up huge factory capacity to crank out cameras out at a high rate (= waste of capital except during initial introduction periods), or to just sit on cameras while building up inventory (= bogging down their cash flow and risking badly over-estimating demand), or to do what all the companies do (finalize the camera, start building up a small to moderate initial stock as fast as possible while simultaneously announcing, and then listen to the grumbling from those who want one but didn’t manage to get in on the first batch).

      Apple sells huge volumes compared to the camera companies, and pretty much every product is guaranteed to be a big seller; for them the huge factory capacity model is more workable.

      • +1. Very well done reply. While it would be wonderful to get everything we want, as soon as we want it, that’s just not practical for 99% of companies. And if/when Apple puts out a dud, the financial hit will be very high. They can handle it, Olympus cannot.

  • The Master

    They should add to the user guide, that the camera is pretty much usless without the 300$ grip, which takes it out of the coat pocketable realm. Apparently you can’t wear it on the neck strap, without tearing the rubber eye piece off and you can’t wear in on a wrist strap, without the strap lug rubbing your finger raw, so you have to spend more money, to make it a bigger camera that no longer has the small M4/3 size advantage. I don’t see what everyone is so slap happy about.Olympus appears to have pulled another EP1 trick on everyone, as in charging full price, for another half baked idea.

    However, the funniest part of all this, is the half blind Olympus zealots that are so drunk on five axis IS and weather sealing, that they don’t even notice that
    they can’t carry camera comfortably, without the grip.

    • BLI

      Yes, alleged falling off eye piece and sore thumb + impossibility of using without grip nullifies IBIS, weather sealing, close to NEX-7 sensor quality, fast AF and continuous shooting, decent video quality, quiet shutter, an increasing number of high quality/small lenses, … What have we forgotten?

      I love such ironic mocking of desparate arguments against the E-M5! :-)
      (I seem to recall someone with a fallng off eye piece, who considered glueing it, though.)

    • southbymidwest

      I carry and shoot with my Pen all day long and it has A) less of a grip than the E-M5 and B) lugs are in the same location. If it doesn’t work for you (have you even tried it?) it doesn’t work for you. But don’t assume it won’t work comfortably for others…

    • Nikku

      I’ve had no problems with carrying the camera comfortably. I just slide the strap between my index and middle finger on my right hand and cradle the lens with my left. I find it more comfortable to hold than my old OM-4T.

      • Ross

        I don’t see why the Black Rapid RS-4 strap system (& copies) wouldn’t work quite well with this outfit. It has the triangular ring on the left side that the latching connector (of the RS-4) can be connected through.

    • someone who can’t use the om-d without the grip is not worthy of calling himself a master lol.

      • The Master

        That sounds about right.>)I should have used a name like Steve Huff, or something, but that was aleady taken.Didn’t he say something about the grip.

        • M

          Hark you, Guildenstern- and you too- at each ear a hearer!
          That great baby you see there is not yet out of his swaddling clouts.

        • BLI

          Yes, Steve Huff had two comments about the grip in his summary section. Then his overall conclusion was “BRAVO OLYMPUS! I highly recommend this one guys as I can not imagine anyone not liking it “.

          Quite a different conclusion than saying “another half baked idea”.

          Somehow I have a feeling that it wouldn’t help you much to call yourself “Steve Huff”.

      • marilyn


        • He is still struggling to come to terms with his box brownie, he had it since new and just started his third roll of film. I don’t think it has been repaired after he hit it in a pique trying to fit a roll of 135 film.

    • Geoff

      You are talking a whole heap of garbage, the camera handles perfectly well without the grip, I see no problem with eye cup apart from with some clumsy guy who realy shouldn’t be using such a tool, and as regards holding with one hand, what can I say Master Goliath.

    • @Master. You don’t own the camera. Therefore I conclude you have no idea what you’re talking about.
      I spent all afternoon today carrying mine around with no grip fitted without losing the camera, a finger or rubbing anything raw. Which means you’re completely wrong. I also managed to take quite a lot of photos, which to me makes the camera the opposite of “pretty much useless”, which means, you’re completely wrong.
      Furthermore, since the grip doesn’t protrude as far as my 20mm F1.7, it doesn’t change the effective pocketing size at all unless you add the portrait section too, which means, wait for it, that you are completely wrong.

      I can’t comment on the rubber eye-piece because I don’t use a neck strap, (I use a wrist strap, which is impossible remember?) however thus far, it is conspicuously still attached and shows no signs of becoming otherwise, which implies heavily, that you are completely wrong.

      Next time I want to hear made-up faults about a camera that a person doesn’t even own, I’ll ask a passing gypsy fortune teller. They’ll have more useful insights and I’ll get a free sprig of lucky heather thrown in.

      • The Master

        Another Zealot or Oly employee. Gets your facts straight.

        • Fish

          It sounds like he actually owns the camera and has his facts pretty straight already.

          There’s only one person sounding like a zealot in this thread…

        • M

          Make mad the guilty, and apale the free,
          Confound the ignorant, and amaze indeed,
          The very faculty of Eyes and Eares.

          • Ross

            Oh how poetically true. ;)

        • I am a voice actor. The clue is in the name. Based on your name I can only assume that you are a) a 19th century school teacher, b) a Dutch painter, or c) an insecure twit who thinks that The Master is a name people will respect.

          I do not work for Olympus. I have never worked for Olympus. I have never received money from Olympus. Of course, I may be a half-blind zealot, but that’s why I got a silver EM-5. It’s SO much easier to find in the coat pocket it doesn’t fit into.

          I own an EM-5. You obviously do not. I paid the full price at Jacobs on New Oxford Street, London. I have had it since April the 18th and used it almost every day since. I have no holes in my fingers. They are not raw. Get over it.

          I’ve pointed out that several of your “facts” make no sense. The reason they make no sense is because they are not facts. They are opinions you have come to without owning the camera. In other words, worthless.

          Which “fact” do I not have straight exactly?

          Now go take a long look in the mirror and wish you had some facial hair.

        • You fixed the box brownie yet. Next time you change film buy the correct one and don’t hit it so much. I keep telling you push the button to take a shot, hitting it does not work. Yes, I know others take better shots than you but keep practising and you can graduate to a holga when you have finished your second roll of film.

    • Fan

      I am fully determined to learn how to carry and use the E-M5 without the grip. I’m sure I can make it work!

      • You can. Just pick it up.

        • Ross

          I like that. :D When I finally receive my silver model, I hope to get the grip later, because I like the portrait grip part as well, but for me, I have arthritis in my thumb joints (not noticed when playing my fiddle, but did when playing a Low D Celtic whistle) & it helps to have a secure grip for my fingers to hold together with a grip strap. I will experiment with the E-M5 to see what works best for me while I wait to later buy the grip (when money & wife allow). Perhaps one of these ( might help.

          • I intend getting a grip but having used the ep2 along with the e30 for a long time I am sure the em5 will be usable without the grip. I to have a bit of the arthur and lose my thumb and forefinger every now and then.
            But the hand strap you show, I don’t think I could ever use one of those.
            Back to real options.
            What about a pistol grip with 2 stage trigger and fn buttons and wheels that plug into the cameras bottom connectors as theHLD-6 does. It could have a forward backward adjustment to compensate for longer lens balance.

            • Ross

              Nice one Jim. ;) I think I’ll just take Voiceoverman’s advice & “just pick it up”. All I’ve got to do is get my camera from digiDirect (when they get them). I hope they’re not on the lowest priority with Olympus supply & that their service is as good as their price.

              • They have the black, I rang Sydney 2 weeks ago and they said 5 to 10 days for the silver. (Miranda had no idea what I was talking about). Their web site shows silver in stock now (looked today). At $1071 inc tax that’s a great price, $1160 or there abouts for the 14-42. maybe some of you other guys might be interested. I might have to stumble into the shop on Saturday as I will be with the wife, I will then just stand and drule, I will get the “but you have a drawer full of cameras and another of lenses what do you want another for” I reckon about a week of drulings and I will get a “OK go on then”

                • Ross

                  I know all about the drooling, but thankfully my wife didn’t hit me with a rolling pin when I told her I had ordered (& paid for) the new camera. She said, WHAT ANOTHER CAMERA? & I replied, yeah, the one I’ve been telling you all about. Thankfully she settled down pretty quickly. She went & bought herself some clothes & we’re getting her a nice pendant for mother’s day, so I’m sitting pretty for now.

                  I’ve ordered the silver one with the 12-50 lens & Shane at Olympus (Aust) has said more stock is expected to come in on the 18th & 24th of May & Tony at digiDirect (Sydney) has told me they will receive more stock at the end of the month, but I didn’t ask if there was an equivalent black kit available sooner. I’d probably always wish I had got the silver one if I did that (perhaps). Patience is something I’m not real good at. :(

    • napalm

      haha people have been using PENs for quite some time which has less grip than the E-M5 and yes it’s “impossible” to take pictures with those :D

      • napalm

        Seriously, m4/3 bodies dont require the same grip area because of the lighter bodies+lens compared to heavier DSLR+lens. It’s about adjusting to the size, not expecting it to have the same feel of a big DSLR.

  • Cem PAYZIN


    Can you please make a poll over pre-orders

    I wonder who got what model and when.


  • Cem PAYZIN

    Does anybody have an idea why nobody got Silver one yet?
    Do you think it is sheaper to produce and sell black vs Silver?
    I have been looking for all the dealers and none of them received (significant amount of) Silver yet.

    • Bronica

      The answer is very simpel: silver is sold out. In Japan everybody wants silver – so the rest of the world gets black.

      • Doug

        I have silver, which is all my local store had 2 weeks ago… Now I am waiting for black!

        • Ross

          Perhaps I should have been looking at my local store instead of looking for the cheapest deal online. Knowing my luck, I might have picked one of the lowest priority stores & be lucky to get mine by the end of June. :(

          • mooboy

            Can’t hurt.. you’re in Australia? Not sure which city – but I know a week before I got my pre-ordered kit from DCW, I wandered into Michael’s where they had two black bodies only just sitting there waiting for some lucky people to wander in and collect. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted…

    • Fan

      My silver one shipped today (in Germany). Other silves ones shipped about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t get one of those early ones.

  • olivier

    Plenty of black e-m5 here in HK, but just impossible to find a silver one…

  • Its water resistant not waterproof. Cars are waterproof but will possibly still leak if a hose is directed to windows or door seals. (check your warranty fine print). If water is in the cameras ears, it has probably caused an internal problem that will show up later, not during the ‘test’.
    Don’t buy a second hand slightly used, as new, mint e-m5 if you live near this guy.

    But its nice to know it did not just stop and let the smoke escape.

    For the uneducated, all electronics work on/by smoke. This is proven by the fact that once the smoke escapes from any electronic component, chip, resistor, capacitor, anything at all, that component becomes history.
    So now you all know the secret. Your camera and computer among many other items are all run by smoke.

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