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New E-M5 firmware now officially released!


Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-19 um 07.08.23

Olympus Japan officially announced the new E-M5 firmware update! Please let me know if you see some improvements beside the two mentioned on their page. Thanks!

P.S.: Use your Digital Camera Updater to install the new firmware And thanks to the new (anonymous) source that shared the correct info!

UPDATE: And Olympus Japan reports that the screw on the E-M5 LCD screen may cause a crack. Only a certain range of cameras with specific serial numbers are affected by the issue and Olympus may repair them. Here are the affected camera serial numbers:

Black : Part of the BEH501001 ~ BEH517447
Silver : Part of the BF2501001 ~ BF2510258

UPDATE: The serials on top are for the cameras sold in Japan. here are the serials for Europe: “BEK501001 – BEK508887 (black) BF4501001 – BF4503865 (silver) Should your camera be listed in one of the above serial number batches, please call the free-of-charge hotline 00800 67 10 83 00 to receive support for a free check and repair of your product.

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