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New E-M5 firmware now officially released!


Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-19 um 07.08.23

Olympus Japan officially announced the new E-M5 firmware update! Please let me know if you see some improvements beside the two mentioned on their page. Thanks!

P.S.: Use your Digital Camera Updater to install the new firmware And thanks to the new (anonymous) source that shared the correct info!

UPDATE: And Olympus Japan reports that the screw on the E-M5 LCD screen may cause a crack. Only a certain range of cameras with specific serial numbers are affected by the issue and Olympus may repair them. Here are the affected camera serial numbers:

Black : Part of the BEH501001 ~ BEH517447
Silver : Part of the BF2501001 ~ BF2510258

UPDATE: The serials on top are for the cameras sold in Japan. here are the serials for Europe: “BEK501001 – BEK508887 (black) BF4501001 – BF4503865 (silver) Should your camera be listed in one of the above serial number batches, please call the free-of-charge hotline 00800 67 10 83 00 to receive support for a free check and repair of your product.

  • mooboy

    Does anyone know what the issue the prevented long exposures was? I think I had my OM-D lock up once and go super slow when using Live Bulb mode.. but I thought it was possibly because I had changed over from Sandisk to a Eye-Fi card…

  • Fail?

    soo no video improvements? shame an just lazy!.

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a hoot about video, as long as it takes great stills. Going by the plethora of video clips we see produced by the super duper GH2, I’m even more persuaded by the lack of video, nothing I’ve seen to date realy looks that wonderful. Though I guess for those who shoot 15 seconds of a train going over a bridge or a car driving down the road, thinks it fantastic but more often than not a good still of the scene is much better and certainly far more visualy appealing.

      • MGuarini

        Right, +1

        • jim


          Where would fail videos be without a video function!

          And since the cheep small pocket cams now pack 1080 60p video why is the OMD not packing the same if not 120fps 1080p…. its a joke for such an obviously capable camera to not have all video modes avalible.

          • Anonymous

            …maybe because the cheaper models are newer? It is one thing to install improved software in the factory, on fresh cameras under controlled conditions. It s a different thing to have the user update software on a one year old camera. If there is the slighest chance that the user screws up the updating, he will. And think of the trouble Olympus would be in then. There is a reason why updating of cameras is a slower process than improving the functionality of new cameras.

  • Sqweezy

    Not exactly ground breaking changes it seems.

  • As I said earlier.
    “Olympus usually only has up dates for compatibility and the very occasional bug fix. They do not issue revisions much beyond 1.2 and if they do then its normally for a compatibility with a later lens/body. Something new is very unlikely.”
    Seems very unlikely is about it. As usual.

    • Robbie

      Agreed. That’s how Olympus has always worked.

    • Ross

      I’ve updated mine, but I wish the final computer screen wasn’t so small in print & that it reflected what was on the camera, because it shows the start screen again with the [NEXT] button appearing to be highlighted (that’s how I saw it anyhow) & I pressed it (without reading the fine print first) with the resulting “Unable to detect camera”, but meanwhile the camera was updating with its symbols on it (trying to tell me to not touch anything) & thankfully it still finalised to the OK screen.

      When I first switched it on, it had an out of focus indicator on it & it didn’t seem to clear, so I removed the grip & the battery from the body & put that battery back to try it again. All was well, so I put the grip back on (with battery in it) & after doing some successful trialling it seemed to happen again. Then I realised my hand was pressing the portrait button. :o :rolleyes: I switch to disabled setting & all was well. I guess I should just do things with more caution.

      • All these jobs are like cooking with wine. Just make sure none goes in the food!!

        • Ross

          Sounds like you begrudge cooking with it. I did keep the good bottle for drinking the last time I cooked with wine & used (the better) cask wine instead for the beef. It did turn out rather nice. :) And the (bottled drinking) wine was very nice too. ;)

          • Anonymous

            If ever I have any red left in a bottle, it goes in my next batch or Bolognaise sauce.

            • I always have several bottles of red and white that I use in cooking. Its a real big problem that I have to finish off the bottle as some one told me it wont keep once opened. and I refuse to listen to anyone else.

              • Ross

                Any excuse is better than none! ;) :D

  • Yun

    Does this mean the camera is not in perfect condition when it was launched . Looking in the firmware specs is more on correction than improvement .

    • Robbie

      That’s what firmware is all about.
      There’s no such thing as perfect condition.

  • Uberzone

    There is no reason for Olympus to add new features to this camera. They will save those features for the next iteration of the OM-D so they can sell you another one.

    • Burnhard

      either this, or they are simply unable to improve. AND after all they are Asians.. if they would listen to their clients they would have to commit Harakiri afterwards.

      • Robbie

        Harakiri is for the Japanese, please do not simply use the word ASIAN for convenience sake.

        • Burnhard

          sorry, but the mentality not to listen seems to be widespread in Asia, it is considered as a weakness. That’s what I’m talking about…

          • anon

            Considered a weakness by whom and already proven?

          • MAFAv8r

            The American car industry failed to listen to its consumer base, therefore all Americans are like that. The Europeans failed to listen to the economists, therefore all Europeans are like that. The Russian government failed to listen to its people, therefore all Russians are like that. The Australians won by using underarm bowling, therefore all Australians have underarm problems. The Asians do not listen to you, does not mean that Asians do not listen.

            • Just put the deodorant on the ball. But it would take a Kiwi to remember that T.Chapel shot.

              For the rest of the world Greg Chapel was Captain of the Australian cricket team. Trevor his brother was instructed to bowl an under arm ball to prevent the Kiwi Batsman from winning the game by scoring off the last ball of the game.
              The rules of cricket at the time did not prohibit such a ball. But Cricket is a game of understanding that transcends the rules. Under hand bowling was just not done.
              There is a famous expression “It’s just not cricket” this proceeds the incident but indicates that cricket should be played with the right spirit. In fact everything should be.

              • the even more true homer v2.0.2

                No one cares about your stupid stories from some unknown country.

                • wrong. don’t act as you’ve got everyone behind you, please.

                • When you follow cricket all other sports shrink into insignificance. No other game can swing from glorious boredom to majestic actions in the blink of a eye. And no other game has such a pursuit of principle and doing the right thing. None. Yes, I look at you when I say none.

                  • Anonymous

                    No other game has more match fixing either.

            • Lol! must be a kiwi!

              • Ross

                Yeah, but he’s probably in Australia. ;)

              • No, Australian, all papers, tan and slab of Extra Dry in order.
                I was just saying that only a kiwi would bring it up. The rest was explanation for those who do not know of the day the Kwis nearly declared war.

          • J Shin

            Oh, yes, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil are wildly successful companies because they listen to their customers. If only my people would send Samsung executives to a reeducation camp, and drill into their selfish, profit-blinded brains that being harmonious with my wishes would ensure that their upcoming full-frame camera will be one for history, especially if they faithfully copy everything Sony is doing. And if Koreans would only switch to Japanese-style swords, which are lighter and shorter than traditional Korean swords, so that they can actually stab themselves with it, in cases of failure, instead of fleeing to America and becoming “job creators” with grocery stores and laundromats, or dabbling in rap music. May the thousand blossoms of Gangnam be enchanted with joy as the customer-first ideology of the Park Administration (that’s the military dictatorship that tried very hard to get companies to listen to their customers) is finally heralded as Gospel from lotus-encrusted heaven.

      • Dave

        You’re a racist idiot. A moronic, racist idiot. I could go on…

      • Steve

        Wow. That’s the most racist thing I’ve read in a while.

    • Richard

      Modularity is an alien concept for Japanese designers for the most part. Planned obsolescence and all the waste it entails will never change. I’d love a camera that had swappable sensors (no, not that Ricoh abomination) for monochrome, colour, etc. How about a low pixel count low-light pack and an ultra high pixel count pack?

  • Anonymous

    I had my OMD sent in for repair at the end of January at Oly America. The online status last week stated that firmware was upgraded. I alreasy had 1.5 before sending it in so I assumed it was a reinsttall. Still waiting for it to be shipped back. I wonder if 1.6 was loaded.

  • Agent00soul

    Still not the small focus points from the latest Pens? What the f…

  • Luda

    So much about the “surprise” with the new firmware. Not unexpected, that is how the things work on internet.
    A bit surprised and that old news were used to stir the interest for this site. This means that no real info was leaked in a bit.

    • admin

      Luda. We leaked exactly what has been announced today. Read please:
      You may be confused?

      • Luda

        Hi admin!

        I was thinking about older FT4 and FT2 news were “surprise” was mentioned.
        Not the one you linked to.

    • The info given here was as correct as anything could have been without the official notification. Any additional wants, desires, additions and changes are the product of the collective imaginations and desires of the followers of the blog.
      Admin does a great job of digging info. We make a great job of making it whatever we want it to be.
      Then it really happens, but it’s never what everybody wants and we, undeterred but grumbling, start all over again. Such is life.

  • fl00d

    Well that sucks.

    Clearly Olympus spend near 0 resources refining their products – just fixing bugs. Which don’t get me wrong, is appreciated, but not even remotely cool. Strictly speaking we are owed bug fixes anyway, so to this firmware I say ‘woopty-doo’.

  • Anonymous

    Yay they added pal Video modes.


    • cuius

      When was the last time any of your consumer products were updated with new features, rather than bug fixes, after purchase?

      • Anonymous

        Have you heard of the “iPhone”?

        • Mr. Reeee

          … 0r the iPad… or Mac OS X?

          • Reggie

            You’re now comparing FIRMWARE updates to OPERATING SYSTEM updates. They are not the same thing. Firmware updates are like patches to an OS, not a separate release. And patches are for fixing bugs.

            • chang

              This is an OPERATING SYSTEM update to uITRON and a FIRMWARE update, so your point is moot.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Nope. Maybe I should have specified the model Mac, like MacBook Pro. I just installed one on my old MBP the other day. iPads have gotten firmware updates, too.

        • That was to stop users suing them because of faults and design flaws.

      • Tim

        ever heard of Ricoh-the even did firmware updates AFTER the next generation hit the market…

      • true homer

        Uuuum…the sony nex 5, alpha 55, panasonic GH2, canon, nikon… I could go on for days

  • Anonymous

    So now they own up on the cracked LCD bezel problem. What about the fake leather grip that comes off on the silver body, the top dials and mode dial that come loose, the eyepiece cup that falls off. Who knows what else is wrong with this so called “pro” camera. Olympus really underdone the build quality on this one. The successor or higher “pro” hybrid 4/3 & m4/3 rumored camera must improve build quality and QC drastically to warrant the higher price, which may be close to $1500 body only. Stop making excuses for these multi-million/billion dollar corporations and demand improved build quality commensurate for the price paid.

    • Sören

      Does your camera has all these problems or
      have you just read of cases at dpreview?
      My heavy used silver E-M5 has none of these problems, the only thing being
      loss of some painting…

      • G.

        Yes…tha OMD is a tank…is very well build. I used in very harsh condition and never had a problems.
        Before I had a sony nex5n and after a week the display and the case were full of scratches…Also my old epl1 is better build then sony 5n

        • momo

          wrt the OM-D, you’re right it is a damn tough camera, and the sealed kit lens works well with it. Im a soldier and I take mine out with me on patrols. You’d be amazed how much crap it will put up with. Dust, rain, mud, knocks…I just clean it up when i get the chance and have not had any issues.

      • a!

        I had one of the wheels falling off without touching. Luckily in my last days of my asia-trip, not before. Not sure if the warm-wet clima and our sweaty backpack-tour played a role. Anyways, was fixed by Olympus Europe pretty quick, but still… (and still: great camera!)

        • true homer

          just checked mine, its cracked. After dealing with under exposure, a grip shutter button that ceases to work when its detached and reattached, no small af points, a battery that says its empty after 50 shots and now this; well, goodbye olympus, the OM D will be my last you see of my money.
          After a quick google search it seems not one of my problems is just mine, apparently theres a lot of us.

          • Anon.

            Really? All those faults? AF points aside, which you should have known before buying it, you gave been one unlucky customer. If I didn’t believe everything I read on internet forums, I might think you’re a paid troll from a rival manufacturer. However, as you’re not, I’m sure Olympus will honour the guarantee; they have a pretty good history in this respect. Make sure your next purchase is from a company that has never, ever, released a product with faults; user abuse and exaggeration aside, of course.

            • true homer

              One fault is something, but all of that? No one needs to pay me, what happened happened, is someone paying you to defend olympus? This is a 1000$ camera, and it seems like their still fixing it.
              My two year old plastic GH2 has even taken a couple of falls and still works perfectly no problems. And I didnt even mention the fact that sometimes it crashes and stays on after flipping the off switch, something that was gonna be fixed in the firmware that, what? yes, they had to remove because it locked cameras. And calling oly US was even worse, the turn around time was approximately 4-6 weeks!!! When the mirror fell off my ancient 5D classic they had the camera back in my hands in 4 days. Im not making the stuff up, google it, I found an overwhelming amount of people with the cracked bezel, the “stay on mode”, the bipolar battery, and a few with the grip shutter issue and frustrating under exposure.

    • MAFAv8r

      No problem with mine. Well built, look what happens to a phone or any other high tech device, if you handle it roughly.

    • Pjotr

      Stop spreading that nonsense about E-M5 being a pro camera. It is not called a pro camera by anybody. Olympus itself has stated several times clearly that it is not their pro model… yet. The pro specs model will come later maybe late this year maybe net yer. But E-M5 is as far from being a pro as is Fuji´s X-Pro1. Both are advanced prosumer models. By the way – I have had E-M5 for 8 months now and eveything has worked fine ans still works fine almost I use it almost daily.

      • momo

        Who cares what they market the cam as, if its suits you as a pro then use it. The label isn’t important

    • I think you have a vivid imagination. With seemingly, the entire supply of Em5s. having problems. By the way. If you are so good it picking up these bits of information, how come you missed the one where Olympus clearly stated on several occasions they do not consider the em5 to be a pro camera.
      Seems scuttlebutt sticks to you but truth slides off.

    • As good as it may be, it’s not a pro body and has never been advertised as such.

  • Agent00soul

    My E-M5 has a serial number that starts with BF450 and it has the crack. So the affected cameras are not just in the serial number range that Olympus mentions.

    • ikasy

      My om-d also has a crack and serialnumber starts with bf 450

      • Ross

        That would most likly because your in a different country. Mine starts with 650 (silver) because I’m in Australia (& it’s cracked).

        • Don’t forget Ross, that Australian law says a product has to be fit for purpose. If it falls to pieces it is evidently not fit for purpose. If it has a design flaw it is also not fit for purpose.
          Send it to North Ryde and get it fixed. If they don’t then a letter to the authorities should see action.

          • Ross

            Shane has already offered (for service) to check & repair it, but that was last year while I was having too much fun to part with it for any length of time (especially as that was when I was getting the macro lens). At least it is only an hours drive to get there for me. I’d hate to have to send it overseas like many others have to do. Before it does get done (eventially), I’d want to be sure the replacement bezels were in stock first.

            • A million years ago I was managing the services of a large desktop computer company. We sold NEC printers for a while (among lots of brands). They were good printers for their time but had a habit of getting the platen knob (Paper feed) broken by users. Yes there were lots of users, well purchasers. I had a whole room with shelves full of them as NEC would not supply the knobs, as they “could not break!” We stopped selling them (as did our competition and NEC wanted to know why)? Seems Japanese companies still have a problem accepting things can be short of perfect.

              • Ross

                That must have been when Araldite (epoxy glue) fixed everything. :D

                I can’t remember if I serviced them myself, but I do remember installing a pinwheel printer on one occasion & one of the staff there asked if it squirted the ink onto the paper. How things have changed since then!

                • Actually araldite is part of the big trick
                  If you have a plastic knob with a “flat” inside that enables it to be used to turn something and it splits. We all know that it can be glued a million times and it will never work, it just keeps splitting again.
                  But if one puts a thin coat of araldite on the outside of the plastic all around the shaft where its split and then wind a thin wire around and round the plastic as tight as possible, in a single or even a double layer and then add more araldite. The refurbished knob can be taken off as and when required, work as intended and will last for ever.

                  • Ross

                    I have done something similar to that before. When a part isn’t easily available, resourcefulness is needed.

    • These numbers are for Japan only.

  • matteo

    there is an error the serial number code is from BEK… and not BEH… my camera start with BEK50.. and has the crack

  • LF

    > a crack that makes the camera no more splash and dust proof
    Admin, that’s totally opposite of what they are saying. You should correct your text.

  • i have same problem on my PL3 LCD screen frame. I don’t send service yet. I contact with service, in this week i will send Olympus service & we will see… My PL3 have another problem, when battery removed after second plug again camera reset date settings !..

    This is my pl3 cracked area photo

    • Wow…that looks worse than the em5 crack…this one is in 2 different places. Clearly the issue here is all of them are being tighten too tight.

      • incorrect torque setting on the screw driver. Not checked before each batch, maybe the same setting as its last use. Hand use of a screwdriver causes less problems than a torque driver when its wrongly set.

  • Nick

    My omd serial number is in the bf45xxx range and i also have a crack at the middle screw!

    • Kevin K.

      I also have found a crack at the middle screw with a serial number in the BF45XXXXX range!

      • GreyOwl

        Centre screw crack on my E-M5, serial number BEK501***.

        • GreyOwl

          Oppps! Eyeball mark 1 error. Close examination with 10x mag. shows no crack, thankfully.

  • Fail?

    The continued patronage of exceptional products from our patronage, Thank you.

    This time, as part of the digital SLR camera E-M5, fine cracks (cracks, cracking), we have found that can occur.
    Although there is no defect in the safety or functional aspects, including in connection with this matter, the dust-proof and drip-proof, in order to be used with confidence, to customers with the product, I would like to respond as follows: , I apologize and I would like to guide you.

    I apologize to you, that the inconvenience and worry a great deal.
    So that there is no such thing in the future, because the party intends that we committed to quality control efforts further, I would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation as much.

    The following part of the serial number of the target.
    Black : Part of the BEH501001 ~ BEH517447
    Silver : Part of the BF2501001 ~ BF2510258

    Though there is trouble, the following serial number from the search page, please check whether the target product.
    It should be noted that in the following serial number search page, we only included the products that are sold in Japan.

    Periphery of the screw that secures the (plastic cover around the monitor) Monitor cover on the back of the camera (see below), fine cracks (cracks, cracking) may occur.

    In addition, the crack, which occurs on the periphery of the screws on the monitor cover, does not affect the function and performance, including safety and dust-proof and drip-proof in a small state.

    From Tuesday to begin the acceptance inspection and repair free of charge on February 26, 2013.

    Customers with products in the target, if the crack has occurred, but the inconvenience, whether you order the following pickup repair service, please send a cash on delivery fee to the repair center.

    In addition, machine repair issue regarding this subject, we carried out inspections and repairs to extend the warranty period.

    • digifan

      Yeah crappy google translation.
      In Dutch (my language) it’s much more clear.
      There’s no danger with regards to dust and splashproof functionality.
      They will repair for free (warranty) but you must take care of the fee for shipping.
      They are ready for inspection and repairs from tuesday 26th of feb.

    • Bilbow

      BEJ…cracked also from the middle screw.

  • Bob B.

    Hey…I think my OMD is GREAT just the way it is! :-)

  • Ming Dang

    Firmware upgrade fail! After about 45 minutes, the Olympus digital camera updater utility says connection with camera has been lost and update has failed. Olympus updating method is stupid. Why not just allow download the file and save to SD card to update. Stupid!

    • Beautemps

      That would make it easier to hack it. And as you learned, new features are foreseen for new models!! There is not only an improvement in hardware, but also in software/firmware. You will have to pay both as a customer in a new model.

      But you are right – online update method is crazy unstabel

  • blohum

    Has anyone found an official translation into English? Are they saying affected cameras ARE still dust/splash-proof?

    • digifan


      • blohum

        Thanks Digifan… there is some rather ambiguous language being generated by Google translate!

  • Ming Dang

    Any sucess of updating to firmware 1.6 anybodies? I have attempted 6 tries and all is fail! I think the EM5 have some kind of timeout when connected to USB storage mode and will interrupted the updating process. Maybe others with fast internet connektion will have sucess. I am in third world country and only having 1Mbps.

    Anybodies with success/failure/solution please share…

    • Albert

      Ming Dang, I’ve managed to update the firmware without any problem. It’s maybe your internet connection.

      • Ming Dang

        I am thinking also it is my internet connection or Olympus server being very busy. I think also there is a timeout period before EM-5 disconnect the USB connection and leading to unsuccessful update.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Updated, it took 7 minutes, maybe some hour ago servers were too busy.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Contrary to public opinion in this forum, Olympus did add new features by firmware updates a couple of times before, two of which come to my mind at once.

    The E-300 got mirror lockup, vignetting correction and shutter release priority modes for AF through firmware updates.

    The E-510 got manual lens support for IS through a firmware update.

    If they really don’t want to add focus peaking in the E-M5, they should have at least included the small AF point settings the E-PL5 has…

    • Anon.

      +1 on E-PL5 features for a higher-spec camera. I know we bought it as-is, but there is an expectation in consumer electronics today that certain improvements will be made, as well as bug fixes. Not everything should be left to the next model; especially as a lower-priced model was released within 6 months referring to the OM-D E-M5 as it’s ‘flagship model’.

    • Agent00soul

      And the E-3 got IS for legacy lenses in a firmware update.

  • Don Pope

    No mention of a fix for the Panasonic 20mm banding problem. :(

  • acahaya

    Dear Admin,
    could you please double check your statement that the crack does affect the sealing, i.e. that a cam with a crack in the bezel is not splashproof anymore?

    I heard the opposite from Oly Europe, Google translate of the japanese article says “it does NOT affect” and from what i’ve seen on m43 where a usér removed the bezel, it is purely cosmetic.

    I’m sure you don’t want to spread false rumors ;-)


  • Are there any official message for US customers with crack. With all the people reporting cracks…doesn’t seem right to only offer fix in Japan. Even if they offer, maybe a lot of people wouldn’t even send it in. Just knowing they own up to the problem would be reassuring enough. My serial is BF350xxxx.

  • Salty

    I think the cracks people have in Japan are quite small compared to some of the huge cracks americans have.

    • :D

    • Which is the more reason to fix cracks in US. Japanese crack are so small, there’s no need to fix it :)

  • Javier

    Applied the upgrade without problems. First thing I noticed is that when using only the EVF, before the upgrade, photo previews were shown in the main screen, now, they are shown on the EVF. Nice change!

    • Don Pope

      Photo previews have always been shown on the EVF.

  • acahaya

    Here is the text from Oly Europe regarding the european serial numbers. The serial numbers listed on top of the page are for Japan only.:


    Important Information for OM-D
    Olympus has discovered that a very small number of E-M5 cameras might possess a slight crack in the monitor cover. For all customers with a camera in the potentially affected serial number batches listed below, Olympus would like to offer a free check or repair, if required.

    The affected range of serial numbers is: BEK501001 – BEK508887 (black) BF4501001 – BF4503865 (silver)

    Should your camera be listed in one of the above serial number batches, please call the free-of-charge hotline 00800 67 10 83 00 to receive support for a free check and repair of your product.”

    • admin


    • musify

      Bought mine in Norway, with a higher serial no: BF45059xx, and mine also has the crack..

      • inkasy

        Mine was also boutght in Norway and has a higher serialnumber, still has a crakc

  • Suntorytime

    As much as I did not mind “the crack” on my OM-D (it was still at hairline stage), I chose to send my OM-D back to Cameta for exchange. Cameta’s stance is that “Olympus warranties do not cover “cracks” to the unit in any way”.

    • acahaya

      Cameta is wrong.

  • Damn, no crack on mine…

  • Robert

    Admin, you might want to update the text of the crack related message. The official statement reads like this:


    Important Information for OM-D
    Olympus has discovered that a very small number of E-M5 cameras might possess a slight crack in the monitor cover. For all customers with a camera in the potentially affected serial number batches listed below, Olympus would like to offer a free check or repair, if required.

    The affected range of serial numbers is: BEK501001 – BEK508887 (black) BF4501001 – BF4503865 (silver)

    Should your camera be listed in one of the above serial number batches, please call the free-of-charge hotline 00800 67 10 83 00 to receive support for a free check and repair of your product.

    Here’s the link:

    Cheers, Robert

  • einsnull

    I have that small crack in the middle of my display. And my serial-number fits too :-(.
    Thanks for the link! @Robert

  • Dan

    Just checked and my EM-5 has the crack as shown but my sn number is BEJ507xxx its a USA model.

  • I read the specs and read the complete on line manual before I bought. I knew what I was buying before I bought it. There were compromises, I wanted flip screen like my e30, I got tilt screen, but my e330 was tilt so I could live with that.
    I must be blind or missed something. Nowhere in the specs, manual or shops I visited for pricing and feel, did I see anything about updating soon to give FP (not that I think it IS an update). Or changes coming to video specs, or size of focus area or changes to this or promises to do that.

  • Jim Felt


    Every one I’ve seen in America has. So what’s Olympus USA’S response????? Or do they not care?

    Just curious.

  • shep

    Is the crack worth bothering to fix?
    I have this tiny “crack” in my OM-D but it’s hard to see why it would cause a significant problem if I never bothered to fix it. What do you think?

    I was more upset when the plastic end of the camera strap on my EP-2 soon wore off a lot of “silver” color on the camera body. That clearly was not at all durable.

    • What color is under the silver?

      • shep

        Actually the color is metallic-grey, not silver. Where it rubbed off it shows a shiny aluminum/silver metallic substrate.

  • mng

    where is the peaking?

    • You lift the curtain a little way from the window and you take a little peek, but be careful THEY might see you. And once THEY see you THEY will be watching to make sure you don’t peak again.

      • Ross

        The words of experience? ;0 :D

  • Brian

    mine does have the crack as well and yet haven’t had any problems outside in the rain or by any similar influences.
    In fact till today I never have realized the crack.

  • For those of you who are so disappointed that the crack in your bezel remains waterproof and yes it seems there are lots and lots of you. I have a solution. For only $150 I will fix it so it is no longer waterproof or even water resistant. Please supply a suitable prepaid package for the return of the camera along with cash of $150. Also enclose a waterproof plastic bag to ensure the water left in the camera does not damage anyone else’s mail.
    I offer this service as a community service and the $150 is only to cover costs such as a hose, water injector, bmw, screwdriver, Royal Salute Whisky, towels, rubber gloves etc.

  • rrr_hhh

    My black E-M5 has the serial number BEK512058 and it has the crack on the LCD bezel even if it is outside of the range indicated ! (I bought it in Switzerland) not sure wat I will do : I bought it from an online dealer and it is a pain to send back. So if it won’t worsen with time and create problems I’d rather not send it.

    • Frank

      My cam has the crack, and I bought it also online … but isn’t it so that every shop who you are a customer from and sells Olympus, is going to give you the warranty? And send it for repair for you? I’m going to ask my local shop.

  • Am I the only one who still uses the original firmware? I should probably upgrade :P

    I bought my (black) OMD in Japan close to release date and have a really low serial number BEH504xxx which is in the affected range. I do have the hairline crack. Not sure if I want to send it in to repair as I can’t bear to be without it for too long and I am using it for a job at the moment too.

  • Thanks for ignoring your customers Olympus. #PAL #25FPS

    • Did they promise you this when you bought it? Did you look at it before you bought it. Did you know it was not pal 25, I bet you did.
      So why all the angst now?

      • I don’t own the E-M5, I was holding off until it got PAL video. But now the latest firmware still doesn’t have it, I’m thinking of buying a Blackmagic Cinema Camera instead. I would prefer to buy the E-M5 because of the 5-axis stabilized sensor, but lack of PAL is a showstopper. So just wondering why Oly ignores current and future customer wishes.

        • Oly has a record of only making compatibility upgrades and fixes for bugs. If you looked at their upgrade page you will see most at version 1.1 or 1.2 a few at version 1.3 and very few above that. I think they did add some functionality to one camera several years ago, (some 4/3 lenses to improve cdaf compatibility spring to mind) but to expect any functionality upgrade is going against precedent. With Oly what you buy is what you get.
          Same with car makers, no engine management upgrades let alone a bigger or more efficient engine, or any thing else. What you buy is what you get, until you get rid of it. All the owners in the world might want a bigger or more efficient engine. The company will give it to them, in the next model, maybe.

          Manufactured products are not an endless cup of coffee.

  • Igor

    Mine has the serial #BEJ506XXX and has the crack (I didn’t notice until today).

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