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New E-M1 test roundup (D600 vs E-M1)….and Robin Wong got more outgoing clicks than Dpreview :)


E-M1 unboxing video by Damian McGilliCuddy.

Let’s catch up with some new E-M1 tests:

Mig Thein (Click here) posted the second part of his ongoing E-M1 review and made a JPEG comaprison between the E-M1, D600 and E-M5:

What I do notice though is the highlight rolloff of the E-M1 seems to be the best of the three, though it shares the densest shadows with the E-M5; the E-M5′s highlights are a bit dull, and the D600 seems to clip abruptly. Differences in native tonal response? Probably. Though the two M4/3 cameras are pretty close on resolution, I’d give the E-M1 a hair in acuity and microcontrast; it must be a mix of the lack of AA filter and new image processing engine; fine detail just doens’t seem as coarse as the E-M5. The D600 is clearly resolving a little bit more than the other two – look at all of the number plates – but it’s really surprisingly quite close.

Also DSLRmagazine (google translation here) posted an E-M1 and E-M5 ISO comparison. And they write that the difference is noticeable

More new E-M1 tests:
Full size image samples can be downloaded at
DCfever (google translation here) posted an E-M1 test.
Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital 40-150mm f/2.8 Hands-on Photos at Photographyblog.
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Photos at Photographyblog.

Yesterdays most clicked links by 43rumors readers. Stats via GetClicky

I just checked my stats to see what link to E-M1 (p)reviews got more clicked. And to my surprise Robin Wong’s E-M1 preview got more clicks than the preview at Dpreview. (Stats via GetClicky). And also Ming Thein and Pekka Potka did quite well. Amazing to see how one man blog can beat a huge website owned by Amazon :) Well done Robin!


Preorders in US and Europe (Click on the store name to read price and specs):
Dedicated page at Amazon.
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphotoAmazon DE (via DL), Amazon UK (via DL), WexUK, Topshot FI, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL).
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.

  • M

    hm, only 2 prototypes of the 40-150 in the world? that means to wait a long time until it will be available…

    • MJr

      Yes, i would call end of 2014 a long time indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Massively produced prototypes aren’t prototypes anymore :)

      • MJr

        I wonder how much quality difference there is between prototypes, as they’re probably basically hand made ?

        • If at all, difference is minimal. They know what they want to do. Setting up a production chain with adequate quality control takes up months and we are already in September. Early 2014 is not unreasonable at this point.

          • Phred

            ……but it takes a few extra months to set up the supply chain for the auxhillary lens hood distribution and pricing structure for the unprepared public…;-)

          • MJr

            Not early 2014, END of 2014 !

          • MJr
          • MJr

            Apparently they are already confident enough to officially announce it, so it’s not like they just started. These things take years not months, and there’s even a product image that looks pretty solid already (unlike that 150mm from Panasonic). Thanks for the thoughts about prototype difference, but clearly, your guess is a good as mine. ;) Really, aside from the differences between production or manually machined parts, i think they would want to test more than one design in the field.

            Anyway, announcements for a release so far away is incredibly annoying. I do realize however that it does give the E-M1 the much needed credibility as a future-proof professional system. Which obviously worked, seeing how well it’s been selling. :) But more than a year’s wait is still annoying. :(

            • Guess I did not have my coffee early this morning.. somewhere at 5h20 am local time ;)

              Thats a point, the EM-1 is not exactly designed with the 17/2.8 pancake in mind, nor any slow zooms for that matter.

  • “Amazing to see how one man blog can beat a huge website owned by Amazon” one man bands are more nimble and in tune with their audience, but they still need to keep trolls under control.

  • M

    and if a take a look at the iso comparison at photographyblog, then they should switch off the noise reduction. it seems that the noise reduction looks so bad as the nr of the e-m5, no wonder I always switch it off ;-)

  • Captain Curious

    I fell asleep at the 30 second mark, I think. How did the video end? And did the Big Dog polish off a bowl of oatmeal?

    • MJr

      The cameralabs one is better.

      • MJr

        That is of the photographer behind a desk kind of video’s.
        TheCameraStoreTV is best of course. :)

      • Anonymous

        Nice call mJr! The Camera Labs video is actually informative and useful….and you are not sitting there wondering when the box of cereal is going to be opened.

  • kevin

    The 40-150 f/2.8 looks great, quite small !

    • MJr

      If i was a birder or plane spotter, i’d be so excited. But so very annoyed by the expected release date.

      • M

        For me, 150 (300)mm isn’t enough for birds and planes ;-)

        • MJr

          Yeah, you’re probably right. Those things are tiny from a distance. :P

          • Phred

            That stuff calls for the 300mm f/2.8!

            • Leendert

              300mm f4

              300mm f2.8 is too big and too expensive (around 6000 euro)

              • Phred

                I stand corrected. The Oly roadmap post mentions a 300mm f/4.0. In the last couple of days I had read a number of posts referencing a 300mm f/2.8…but off course now that you point it out…that is not going to happen!..we can fantasize though!

                • jf

                  Dpreview is saying 300 f2.8, don’t know if the information is directly from olympus or a rumor

                  • Phred

                    Thanks jf…I thought that I read that at a decent source..but that has to be an error….

                • peevee

                  300/2.8 already exists. In 4/3 mount. $7,000. Does not make much sense compared to 90-250/2.8 for $6,000.

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      I wonder if the tripod stand is detachable.

    • jf

      Maybe small for a 40-150 f2.8 but in absolute it’s quite a big beast !! it gives me GAS :D I won’t see my 35-100 the same anymore…

  • The Real Stig

    Robin is a real photographer, the rest are just tech geeks.

    • true homer

      That works for olympus

    • Shenkie

      You mean that Robin is a real employer of Olympus.

      • Anonymous

        Yup and he doesn’t hide that fact. But Olympus employee or not,
        * he shows “real life” pics
        * his >1s handeld shots with E-M1 are really impressive!

        • fredG

          No offense but those “real life” pictures are fully controlled and passed by Olympus with god only knows what done to them. Now if they gave access to the original RAW files that would be different .

          Put it this way you are going to buy a car do you

          A. Assume the sales dude with a vested financial interest in you buying the car will be 100% honest
          B.You wait for respected independent test reports from unbiased sources

          I know which option I will opt for

          • Bobafett

            There’s no such thing as an unbiased review as long as it comes from a person. Cause no one is bias-free. We all got different tastes and preferences. BTW let me know if you happen to know a bias-free review-site :)

            Robin has done great real life testings with different cams. Eventhough he’s now employed by oly (congrats Robin!) his way of reporting and writing a subject remains the same.

          • Anonymous

            Without facts to back your affirmations, those are only allegations. No offense either.
            Would you trust an automotive magazine as an unbiased review? Who pays the mag for the ads?
            Since tjen I don’t see why Robin would have to lie and show only pp pictures. We may have a reserve and think he’ll insist more on the positive points of the camera for sure, but suggesting he’s a lyer is bit too much imho.
            So agree to say that wealways have to be a bit “critical” and never take anything as gospell, but not agree to have negative prejudgement.

          • Ash

            Robin always identifies how his photos are processed.

            The ones in hi E-M1 review were JPEG files straight from the camera.

            • Anonymous

              Have any of you downloaded the slow shutter speed shots of the towers he waxes lyrical about I don’t think there is one single sharp thing in the picture . I have a lovely bridge to sell you guys honest its beautiful ,trust me !

              • The Real Stig

                I predict that if I do so, i will find Robin was telling the truth and that you are a lying Troll.

                Just downloading now…………..

                Yep, just as I predicted, you are a lying Troll.

                • Vlad

                  Haha +1

                • true homer

                  Then you didnt really look at them. on the very first “2 second” shot; First theyre taken at 7mm, a focal length where movement is hardly shown. Do that at 14mm and then come back. Even then when you look at the closest parts of the building there movement hell. The ceiling of the lobby, the beginning of the flag and all that area in general is useless. But I guess for your kind of photography “its amazing” and your facebook friends (who dont know what shutter speed is anyway) will be amazed.

          • Vlad

            Robin was shooting real life pictures even before he became an Olympus employee. Given that everyone is biased, would you prefer a biased review with crappy pictures or a biased review with nice ones?

        • Mattphoto

          His pics aren’t “real life” — they are edited. He could be shooting hundreds over weeks and picking the cream of the crop so all Oly output smells like roses. At least DPReview’s samples are consistently akin to a “a day out shooting around the neighborhood”

          But really even an Oly fan can see that his writing is by no means impartial, or even fair. Every Oly camera is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s getting pretty pathetic.

          Great photos of bugs though.

          • Vlad

            DPreview and “consistency” in one sentence?

            What do you expect him to write? These are actually all great cameras. Who makes crappy ones nowadays?

          • BLI

            Robin has always been enthusiastic, and an Olympus enthusiast. He never hid this. This is one reason why it is of interest to read his blog.

            >> His pics aren’t “real life” — they are edited. He could be shooting hundreds over weeks and picking the cream of the crop so all Oly output smells like roses.

            This is pure speculation. I tend to believe him when he writes that he has been out shooting. I tend to believe him when he writes that 10 out of 10 are sharp when he shoots at 1 s handheld. If you prefer to think that he took 10 000 pictures and that Olympus employees edited his pictures and told him to state 10 out of 10 are sharp, that is up to you. But that is pure speculation.

            Is it naive to believe in what Robin claims now that he is paid by Olympus Malaysia? Perhaps. But what he writes and the pictures he presents are very much consistent with what he has written and pictures he has taken for several years.

  • Jankoff

    Not much different from D600? Serious? If so, I may reconsider. When the price drops. :-) And when it turns out that it doesn’t do that bad with 43 glass. :-) Having in mind that epm2 is the same IQ as em5 and probably em1, why should I pay four times more for some more stabilization and an electronic viewer? And epm2 does well with 11-22 and 70-300. That’s what I want strong-sensor mirrorless for.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    What’s the weight of that 40-150mm?

    • MJr

      The 75-300mm II is 423g, i’m guessing double, with all that glass and proper built quality.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Sorry, but JPEG comparisons are just plain stupid, especially in the semi-pro/pro field. While there continue to be valid reasons to use out-of-camera JPEGs in practice, they don’t show what a camera can deliver, and they aren’t comparable either, because settings have always to be tweaked in one or the other direction to produce a comparable look, and different cameras always have different JPEG defaults.

    Ming Thein’s, Robin Wong’s and Reinhard Wagner’s claims of PDAF being similarly fast or faster than the E-5 are, by the way, not only disputed by dpreview’s first tests, but also by a thorough report in German Systemkamera-Forum. According to the author, PDAF is good in good light, but deteriorates even more than the E-5 in dim light (and the E-3/30/5 cameras were, regarding AF, bad low-light performers to begin with).

    • I would take anything that dpreview, bythom or amateur photographer says about Olympus or micro four thirds with a pinch of salt, they all prioritise their DSLR interests.

      • fredG

        Come on dude these guys are paid employees I wouldn’t trust a paid employee to give an honest appraisal anymore than I would trust a rampant fanboy.Download the RAW files and convert with RAW Therpee and anyone not blinded by fanaticism can clearly see that there is little maybe no change in image quality from the E-M5/E-P5. Which is not that unexpected.

        I am not too bothered by that as even if image quality is identical the camera itself is an excellent step up in performance and build quality compared to what has come before. Companies lie all the time how many times have we heard unrealistic claims from all the big boys. Olympus is probably worse look at all the world’s fastest AF claims over the years from the E-3 onward or all the “new” 12mp sensors we heard about let’s not talk about the scandal. RAW files taken in the sort of situations we shoot in processed by ourselves is the only way to get a clear picture of image quality.

        It is a bit funny that you delete your profile yet still post in the forum using the same photo.Some sort of protest ?

        • BLI

          So Ming Thein is a paid employer of Olympus? That is new to me. Thanks for your information; I take it you have it directly from himself? Or are you just inferring this because he has had early access to the E-M1 (just like many in the press), and because you don’t like his conclusions?

          • BLI


          • Raist

            Robin is and to his credit, he disclosed it which I applud him for to do.
            Min Thein is not infallible- he claimed that an E-7 is coming when it’s not. I am not saying this to say he’s a bad guy, he seems pretty good, but we need to look more carefully at the AF- and in particular what happens in lower light (E-3/E-5 were rated to focus up to -2 EV).

          • Anonymous

            Ming Thein may not be a direct company employee but he is a favorite son seriously do you honestly think that Olympus is handing out these cameras to random bloggers.That is how it started with Wong.

    • JPEGs are very relevant to me. The final output is either 8 bit or a sheet of paper. I would always prefer a camera can shorten the way there.

      As to PDAF, I’m not expecting miracles. Contrast detection is much more suitable to low light situations.

  • kavat

    Nice pictures at photography blog. Great dynamic range ( +13ev?), and superb colors up to 12800!! There is very nice pictures here :
    check it out !

    • Frank

      +1! impressive dynamic range at least 1 stop better than EM5!

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Great images, thank you for the link!

    • The Real Stig

      Lovely shots. Thanks.

      Oh look, a professional photographer using Art filters, must have been an accident …. multiple times.

      • Anonymous

        Shhhh! Trolls will come if you speak that loud! ;)

    • jf

      The 12-40 f2.8 looks great. From the few I saw, low flare and sharp wide open ! so far so good, the panny 12-35 (I have) could have some big difficulties ! big price drop soon ?? :D

  • Dec

    Any more rumors on the GX7s? :)
    (“s” for “small”, since I expect it to be a less packed version, e.g. with non-tilting EVF, non-tilting LCD, no hotshoe, …)

  • Frank

    I love the new Em-1 straps !

    • Zune

      Yes E-M1 need all advrtising. :-D

  • dCartier

    JPEG comparison…

    Would anyone actually consider getting a d600 (or M1, for that matter) to shoot predominantly JPEG???

    • Anonymous

      Of course not. Any real photographer don’t shoot RAW or JPEG, but PICTURES.

    • dCartier

      Sorry Ming – I hadn’t clicked the link to see your your full testing parameters and limitations. Nice review, as usual.

    • The Real Stig

      I shoot JPG with my E-M5.

      Perhaps it is just I don’t have the right tools or know what I am doing, but I have experimented with RAW images and tried to get better results out of them than the JPG version of the same file and haven’t really managed to so I stick to JPG mostly.

      All I do to my images is adjust the RGB channel levels. I don’t understand why people seem to feel the need to sharpen, either.

      • dCartier

        JPEGs, of course, have many uses in this day and age – I just don’t trust a camera to do it. Everyone has their own approach to workflow. For me, it is essential to maximise tonal range, before anything else, while you have as much info as possible in the file (I don’t sharpen either).

      • ivo

        the jpegs are one of the reasons i like olympus, usually they are great straight out of the box. ok and when needed you can use raw to get some more out of them, but i only use that when i expect trouble up front, or when i have some artsy fling in my head.

  • soooo. I will be testing the camera this Saturday in London and if I like it, 35-100 f2 will be sold and I will buy this camera since 40-150 f2.8 is coming soon I will just buy that one because it will be with a faster AF (hope) and f2.8 instead of f2 is not that bad. The size is also smaller as it shows in the photos

  • Olympus sponsored simple the camera still noisy at high iso

    • Olaf

      The only extra noice I can see are your and mine post here…. :-)

    • The Real Stig

      The only noise associated with Olympus images is the shill like sounds emanating from you.

      IBIS defeats noise, you don’t seem to have got the memo. Actually I don’t think you take any photos and so simply don’t understand the implications.

    • BLI

      ? Of course there is noise. Ming Thein says that he could use the E-M1 up to ISO 6400, but not above. Incidentally, he says the same about the FF D600.

  • Nikohak

    I’m getting quite confused with the Truepic VII enhancements to CA and other lens specific quirks. Do they affect RAW files also and in a way that benefits me if I’m using Lightroom instead of Olympus RAW software?

    If I have understood correctly, the Panasonics method works this way, but some reviews say that on EM1, it works only for JPGs and some say it works also for RAW, but you have to use Olympus software?

    • Generally speaking, you want your RAW files to be unmodified. So enhancements are applied to JPEG images only. However, you can use the Olympus software (included) to apply enhancements to your RAW file in post processing. One of the things I like about Olympus is that if you select JPEG+RAW you can do all kinds of in camera enhancements and special effects, but save both modified JPEG and an unmodified RAW. Many other cameras will save only the modified JPEG. I haven’t verified it yet, but in one review (don’t remember which one) they specifically stated that even with the in-camera HDR, it could also save an unmodified RAW file (unclear if that is of all exposures or only the median exposure.)

      • The Real Stig

        If it saves a RAW file when shooting HDR – you’ve got your silent shutter mode right there. ;-)

    • Anonymous

      good question! I’d like to know that too..

  • cameraman

    E-M1 traditional style looks good, but body is too big compared to small sensor.. not for me. I’m waiting for Sony nex-ff with small body and superior image quality.

    • New m4/3 user

      Small body may lead to small grip. Plus with the larger FF glass it could lead to unbalanced setups with lens that are too large. I’ll take larger body (but still small) with a proper grip and balanced sized glass over a small body with large glass in front of it.

    • The Real Stig

      Bravo. Now how are you going to shrink the lenses – Hary Potter stylie?

      • Anonymous

        Shrinking the lenses is easy if you want the same results as FF i reckon a 24-70 F5.6 could be made pretty small and cheap only problem most people do not want such limited options. Oh wait you are one of the “believers” that the Panasonic FZ200 25-600mm F2.8 is the same as the $7000 300mm F2.8 from Olympus or does your mantra F2.8 is F2.8 only apply to sensors larger than mFT

        • Anonymous

          How do you shrink the length of the lens if:
          * you keep FF sensor size
          * don’t use mirror in the lens

          That’s a real noob question, not a trick.

          Thanx :)

          • ivo

            shrinking the length is possible, most super-zooms do that by colapsing in one or two stages, but somehow that F2.8 for a 600mm lens will translate in a relative very large diameter. Not to mention weight of a saucer of glass has its impacts on the construction itselve.
            And if you want great optics there are multiple elements and that will limit the shortest size also.
            Multi stage lenses are usually soso mechanical which translates in probably less stable wobly problems and more prone to mechanical issues.
            Most likely the reasons why you never see this for a prime lens afaik.
            Using a Mirror is actually folding that long lens inside, but translates in not so great optics and relative slow in respect to its diameter.

        • BLI

          Your arguments do, as always, show an astonishing lack of insight.
          * “…is the Pana 25-600 F2.8 the same as the $7000 300mm f2.8?”

          The answer is: of course not. What does this have to do with whether the Panasonic 12-35 is 2.8 or 5.6???

          Even I can make a 300 mm f2.8 lens. It is going to be horribly bad, and not at all usable. Having f2.8 doesn’t necessarily say anything about the quality or cost. So why on earth ask such a silly question?

          From my perspective, the Pana 25-600 f2.8 is an f2.8 lens as long as the sensor gain is calibrated in such a way that the same triple of (iso number, shutter speed, aperture) in the Pana gives the same exposure as in an E-M1 or in a D600. And then I (and everybody else, except you?) know that the DOF *increases* with reduced sensor size, and that the S/N and DR is poorer for a smaller sensor.

          • Anonymous

            Your arguments do, as always, show an astonishing lack of insight.
            * “…is the Pana 25-600 F2.8 the same as the $7000 300mm f2.8?”

            “The answer is: of course not. What does this have to do with whether the Panasonic 12-35 is 2.8 or 5.6???”

            well if you by some odd happenstance want to actually compare across formats where you are looking at the same end result { DOF/AOV/total light,noise{ if you need to up the ISO on FF to get a usable shutter speed] then the results from a FF 24-70 @f5.6 Will be absolutely identical to that of an image taken with a Mft 12-35mm @ F2.8 if you decide to exclude any of the variables that make up the final image then you are not comparing like for like thus why bother !

            This is absolutely fundamental and about as basic as it gets a five year old could understand in about five minutes.Yet we still get folk like you who after years still cannot grasp this.If the final image is not the same it does not matter what the nominal aperture is you are simply ignoring physics and reality to defend a chunk of silicon

            • Mr.Chainsaw

              Okay, than I have another question. Why would you have a new format developed and have to buy a new system, that only gives you the same pictures you can have with equipment already available?!

    • Anonymous

      Pray to your sony god that they will do better with lenses than aps-c nex. Though no amount of praying will help for lens size and price. Nex FF epm2 feature like for ~2000-2500 usd?

      Btw, why even bother speaking about a system, that doesn’t even exists yet, expect wishful rumors?

  • mr Nikon D600 Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 vc

    d600 VS EM-1???
    You can’t compare a Ferrari to a skoda!
    a full frame masterpiece to a puny four thirds embarrassment!
    There’s no comparison and don’t even get me started on the lenses!
    (though I guess they are both similar in cost, which itself is utterly incomprehensible!)

    • admin

      Thanks for the useful comment :)

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        +1 LOL Admin, can you tell something about the fixed lens camera from Olympus?

        • admin

          I only got the name of the camera now. I am sking sources for more info :)

          • Phred

            A little early in the season for skiing, no? :-)

            • MJr

              Must be some kind of torture. The source’s gonna talk for sure, everybody breaks.

              • Anonymous

                There’s a typo. Admin was SKINNING his sources.. LOL

    • Cyril

      You’re so boring…everybody here don’t care anymore about FF.

      FF was good to stone age,now with technologie Micro 4/3 is a better choice and have a better futur…

      It’s over ,please cry alone and let us savor the triumph of E-M1.

      • Yes in two years you will not get 100uds for. Any of your lenses m43 have the same destiny as 43 forgotten soon

      • Hegel

        I understand why you would not want to carry a FF DSLR, but how about mirrorless FF with new, smaller (than DSLR) lenses? A FF OMD would not have to be that much bigger…

        • Anonymous

          How could that be? Mirrorless or not, 300mm is 300mm!?

          • Hegel

            Sorry, I was referring to the size of the body.

            • Anonymous

              Ok. But then the cam may be really unbalanced with teles and long range zooms. We’ll see how Sony handles that, I’m really curious :)

              • Hegel

                I really don’t understand this balancing issue. Are you not supposed to have your left hand under the lens for large teles, anyway? And what camera would I need to balance something like the Olympus Zuiko Digital 300mm 1:2.8?

                • Anonymous

                  300mm in m43 is a 600mm FF (and probably heavier). Even with your left hand under the lens, you will need a strong grip. And you have to carry the cam+lens when not shooting (holding the lens only? the body only? both?). Long term shooting with such a lens and a small body/grip will be hard I think (hopefully this isn’t the average setup ;) ).
                  But once again, we’ll see how Sony (and other) will address this point, I’m sure they’ll come up with interesting ideas.

                  • Anonymous

                    A 2 X TC on a FF 300mm will do the EXACT same job as a 300mm telephoto on mFT assuming you can find a mFT lens fast enough to compete our only native 300mm glass has an F5.6 max or god forbid F6.7 if you want the Olympus zoom.

                    Wait I hear you cry there is an Olympus $7000 F2.8 [ which weighs as much as a FF 300mm with 2Xtc mounted} A ff 300mm F2.8 with 2xTC gives you the same AOV, same DOF and same total noise { only if you need to up the ISO to get a usable shutter speed}The reach advantage is a myth especially as our sensors seem stuck at 16mp. The D7100 can already match our 2xcrop factor. The problem is that there are few slow long lenses for FF

                    • Anonymous

                      I don’t get your aggressive point here. Maybe you thought you were attacked somehow? Did we touch a sensible subject like sensor size or IQ? Don’t think so: we were talking about the difficulty of miniaturizing a mirrorless FF body and handling long and heavy lenses. That point was already valid for mft cameras btw.

                      DPreviews talks about an upcomming mft 300/2.8. Somme ppl here think it’ll rather be a 300/4. Nobody knows if there’ll be TC for that lens yet.

                    • BLI

                      > A 2 X TC on a FF 300mm will do the EXACT same job as a 300mm telephoto on mFT assuming you can find a mFT lens fast enough to compete our only native 300mm glass has an F5.6 max or god forbid F6.7 if you want the Olympus zoom.

                      It is not quite clear what you try to say. But let me try to clarify:
                      A 300 mm/2.8 lens with 2xTC used on a camera with an FF sensor will do the *exact* same job as a 300mm/2.8 lens with a 2 steps grey filter applied to an m43 sensor.

                      If you remove the grey filter, you have to reduce the sensor gain by 2 steps and recalibrate the iso curve to have a correct comparison.

                  • The Real Stig

                    Hegel is right. I have a really big heavy lens I stick my E-M5 on the end of instead of the OM film camera it was intended for. Both cameras are dwarfed by the lens, neither is ‘balanced’, they don’t need to be because you put your hand under whatever is the balance point.

                    It’s also got a nice big handle for you to carry the thing about with. Anyone who supports any of the weight of a large lens through their camera is a fool and deserves the snapped off lens mount they are likely to get.

                    • Tom

                      Concur. I never get these “unbalanced” comments. I was taught to support the weight of the lens with my left hand under it. Are there really people shooting with both hands on the camera body?

        • BLI

          @Hegel: using normal optics, an FF lens *must* be bigger and heavier than an m43 lens, whether you use mirror or not. This is given by the size of the sensor — the light coming in from the lens must cover the entire sensor.

      • jf

        You’re right ! I really don’t care about full frame ! I will never take a FF when climbing, hickking, skiing, traveling, going to concerts or just going out for walking, it’s just to big !

    • ernest

      Mr Nikon D600 – and tamron 24 bla bla bla
      I guess I dont have any idea of nothing !!!!!
      But u r right in one point!!!!
      U can never compare Scoda to ferrari, of course knowing that Scoda
      Is the Nikon D600 and the Olympus Em1 are ferrari!!!
      Unlike you im a professional teacher of photography, and i’ve seen a lot of people having trobles with the nikon D600, sensor problems, oil problems,focus problems , etc etc etc, I was a traditional Nikon shooter, until the digital era, but I use canon, Olympus and
      Pentax, for all my work, nikon is losing ground in digital photography, but brands like olympus is continually innovating, the em5 is a good cheap camera with weather sealing, is there
      any nikon for a good
      Price with thatt sealing mmmm NOOOOOOOOOO
      Is there any nikon cam with an IBIS mmm mm mm NOOOOOOO
      Is there any body of magnesium in nikon from less than 3000 mmm mm NOOOOO ALL those cameras are plastic – policarbonate & aluminium
      And please please dont let me start with the optics, I can never ever compare ZUIKO GLASS to nikon!!!
      Or tamton ^^

    • Anonymous

      Nono, your comparison is wrong, it’s like comparing large cheapest truck to a ferrari. Only good thing about D600 is sensor size and price, if someone is really desperate to get into FF world

  • Peter Del
    • stu5

      Well done. Will have read. Have you found anything interesting yet in there?

      • Confused

        About HDR:

        “Also, the slowest available shutter speed is 1 second and the longest available exposure is 4 seconds.”


      • Peter Del

        No, I didn’t read it as I will not buy it. It is heavier than my EM5 (I do not need or want the grip), it has no cordless shutter release and the shutter release cable socket is still behind the rear screen! However, it does have an improved viewfinder and more customizable buttons, so when these two improvements migrate to an even lighter EM5 I shall become interested. The image quality of my A3 prints are excellent.
        I am sure that the EM1 will be very successful.

        • The Real Stig


          • Peter Del

            Don’t need it.

  • true homer

    Any good reviews by anyone not working for oly? Ming thein, robin wong and damien are all on the pay.

    • Anonymous
    • fredG

      @True Homer, as you well know the Olympus fan-boys that plague here and elsewhere want affirmation that their choice is right they do not want to hear any criticism. Look at the bitching about DPreview who commented negatively about some aspects of the AF. Despite the fact that they handle and review hundreds of cameras of all types they are obviously wrong while as you say paid shills word is read as gospel.It is pretty pathetic but no surprise really lol

      • Anonymous

        There’s ppl that concentrate on the pros and others that concentrate on the cons.
        DPreview doesn’t say that PDAF is wonderful but doesn’t say it is awful either. It’s up to you to only retain the “best” or the “worst” of a review.
        I’m afraid there’s no “perfect” camera and there won’t be. It’s always a question of balance between what is technically feasible, what you need, what you care of, and what you can afford.

      • Anonymous

        Shure there will be Oly and Pana fanboys here. The site is called 4/3 rumors, you know. Those who “plague” this site are fanboys for other camera brands. These guys don’t bring anything to this site except m4/3 bashing, over and over and over again.


          The disease of most forums.. Olympus Fanboys that can’t handle the truth.

          • Cyril

            You should educate yourself before thinking for others.


              I simply said what I see here, as well as other MFT forums…

              It’s called making a Comment.

              • Dec

                So you claim “the truth” for yourself. If that ain’t humble.

          • BLI

            The decease of many forums:
            * fanboys
            * bullcraps

        • fredG

          I am an exclusively a mFT shooter with a nice mix of Olympus and Panasonic gear that I enjoy very much. This does not change the fact that basing opinions on what shills and paid employees say is downright silly.For sure there are PITA FF trolls here but man the defensive often abusive position taken by “some” Olympus fanbabies really is beyond a joke.

          I am not much of a forum fan and only post occasionally when something catches my eye the E-M1 looks to be a superb camera I am yet to be convinced of any worthwhile improvement in image quality over my E-M5.As mentioned I will wait on proper RAW support as so far I have tried RAW therapy and not convinced about any gains though I do not like using RAW therapy much and it may not be getting the best from the files.

          Anyhow enough of my bitching things here could be a lot worse have you ever seen the lunacy at DPreview

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t check but there’s maybe a new version of Olympus Viewer with E-M1 raw support available on the net? That would be a good start to compare E-M5 to E-M1 RAW files.

    • “Any good reviews by anyone not working for oly? Ming thein, robin wong and damien are all on the pay.”

      Then don’t read what they write – just look at the pictures. Robin Wong isn’t known for his flawless writing style – he’s known for his shutter therapy sessions.

      On one side. On the other side, Oly hiring people like Robin Wong tells me that they finally try to do something right. Or simply learning tricks from the Sony.

  • CGL

    Maybe Robin got more clicks because he’s a very humble, nice guy with honest, solid reviews. Plus he’s know as a loyal Olympus photographer–we love Robin! DPReview are a bunch of camera drones without personality or flair regurgitating the facts in a plain, dull way. I love DPReview for their consistency and accuracy thought. But they are just don’t excite when a new camera is launched. ;)

    • Anonymous

      Or more likely he is an employee of Olympus and a blatant shill which fits perfectly with the mindset of the Oly faithful


        I may also add most of those clicks are from asia, where MFT is alive and well.

        • dCartier


          Actually, they are competent and successful pro photographers that Olympus was smart enough to bring on as consultants.

      • Shills don’t have pictures to show.

        I don’t care for whom the people are working.

        I’m only interested in the images they post.


          “I don’t care for whom the people are working.”

          Yeah… We know.

  • M43 fanboys accept this system is mediocre i

    • Cyril

      Why are you here serioulsy? Jalousy??? You work for Nikon?

      I dont’like big FF SLR but i will never go to say that on Nikon’s or Canon’s forum…

      • Jealousy, mixed with fear of unknown.

        From psychology perspective, mocking is typically used to cover one’s own fear and insecurity.

        • Anonymous

          First they ignore you,
          Then they ridicule you,
          Then they fight you,
          Then you win.

  • Hendrick

    MY nex FF will crack you crappy m45 sensor LOL!!

    • jf

      Hahahahaha ! wonderful

  • MarioZ

    The big dog & the big O, a very nice introduction to the amazing E-M1 and the packaging looks nice too. I hope Olympus is up to speed this time in making the accessories available in time, especially the camera bag CBG-10.

  • Nex ff is the beginning of the end of m43 :)

    • Why does it make you happy?

      The more I think of it, you are either:
      a) payed by someone to troll here,
      b) a sad geezer with a complex personality disorder, or
      c) an insecure teenager seeking attention.

      If I owned a full frame camera I would be ashamed to have anything in common with you. Your behavior is insufferable.

      • Anonymous

        a) payed by someone to troll here,

        Paying someone from one of the big companies to troll on a tiny forum with the vast majority of readers are blindly fanatical about mFT and tolerate no criticism.The trolls here are simply having a rather sick laugh at the expense of the fanboys here. It is pretty sad though akin to mocking someone with a disability for having a disability.

        • tbunny

          You’re right, laughing at the trolls here is like laughing at someone with a disability. Because they are close to being the most pathetic and useless people on the internet.

          • Anonymous

            “Because they are close to being the most pathetic and useless people on the internet.”

            yep they are worse than racists or Nazis and pedophiles rolled into one get a grip you sad little man

          • Anonymous

            wow you judged “( +13ev?)” from small post processed JPEG files lol

            • Phred


      • Yes, it is a complex personality dissorder caused by a sexual driven problem. in other words, they ned a larger sensor to compensate for their tiny weenie.

    • Cupid Stunt

      Why do you/we keep responding to these FF bed-wetters? Just f*cking ignore them, do not respond in any way and they will simply go bad to jerking off in front of FF glossy images. They come here to bate and are successful. One lame comment and every fantard has to make a response. Ignore the f*ckers…

  • Shenkie

    Sorry, but comparing d600 with em1 is just so sad. M43 never never gonna get the results of a FF. People who are saying that they are on par just lying or got payd by oly. Sure em1 had desent output but no match for apsc/FF printsize, DOF, ISO etcetera etcetera etcetera wise. Keep it real.

    • Anitbiotics

      Qualify your rant please.

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean by “result”? You know, there’re incredible photos that were shot 50 years ago and they are way way way beyond the result of YOUR shots taken with ANY camera…
      See that blurry black and white photo. Pixel peepers will cry out, but if your just really look at it with your feelings, you’ll see that sensor size his really irrelevant.

      • Very well said. You deserve not to be Anonymous :)

      • The Real Stig

        I second that.

        Use google images and look at portraits taken by Jane Bown. All she used was an OM-1, a Zuiko 85mm f2, a 50mm f1.4 and carried a 200W light bulb with her. She is that absolute quintessential proof that yabbering on about high ISO noise and such is just so much wasted breath. Just look.

        last night I dug out my fathers old Canonflex and a metal case with near 60 year old glass mount slides taken with it and used the 12-50 in macro mode to digitise a couple of those old Kodachromes. Don’t talk to me about high ISO noise. I wonder how many of our precious high res low noise images are going to be around in 60 years time?

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. I didn’t know her. I’m speechless.
          (from same Anonymous as above, and I’ll stay so ;) )

        • Bollox

          Maybe. But there are no Jane Browns here, only some nerds and some marketing liars. And overpriced toys of course.

    • stu5

      Shenkie try using one first of all before passing comment. When comparing it to FF you have to weight up the whole system.

      Not everyone shoots wide open with primes and if you care about quality you won’t do it with FF lenses as the lenses are not up to it. The majority of pros would laugh at the idea of it as they know the problems it causes. m43 primes lenses can be used wide open. Take a Canon 85mm f1.8, useless wide open so you have to stop it down a couple of stops. Now on the E-M1 or E-M5 you could get away with 1600iso but with the Canon 5D MKII after you stop down the extra 2 stops you have to adjust the ISO to 6400 iso. Now compare the DR and the Olympus has it and nothing much in it on noise. Plus the DOF is the same.

      Ok you could upgrade to the Canon 85mm f1.2 but you need to stop this down at least a couple of stops as well. If you are using it outside for a portrait photo any pro photographer would tell say you would be mad to shoot wide open as the end results won’t be good enough and the DOF will be too shallow. It will need closing down 3 stops. With the Zuiko 45mm f1.8 wide open it is just about perfect for a headshot regarding DOF. Yes the 85mm f1.8 will be handy on the Canon FF as it has a OVF so will still be bright.

      • Anonymous

        “Not everyone shoots wide open with primes and if you care about quality you won’t do it with FF lenses as the lenses are not up to it.”

        Repeating BS does not make it true sure you can cherry pick poor FF lenses especially amongst the older lens generations.There are plenty of FF lenses with excellent performance from wide open.The issue is that if need bee the FF user can stop down and do everything an mFT user can, we cannot do the same. Though even for the weaker FF lenses I would love to see a FF shot at F1.4 in which the extreme corners mattered to the image.

        Bottom line you are arguing that FF lenses are not as good as mFT lenses at a DOF mFT lenses cannot match or compete at lol

        • stu5

          CA does not just happen in the corners.

  • Anonymous

    @admin: the E-M1 wikipedia page got updated –

  • cameraman

    Small sensor can produce quite good pictures but you can’t handle dof like with FF. Many times I’m more than happy with the pictures aps-c sensor produces and sensor crop is good for tele point of view.. but sometimes narrow dof is needed to make picture look good. FF low noise is also one good thing to mention. But.. you can’t never get everything in one package.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. If you need narrow DOF, you have to go to FF or better MF. Can’t get it all as you said :)

      As for the high ISO noise (I think that’s what you mean), I think the problem is nicely addressed with 5-axis IBIS: you don’t need to push the ISO that high, and unless you need to “freeze” movement in low light, it’s really a smart way to go.

      • Anonymous

        There are native full AF lenses with IS covering from 16mm to 1800mm {DX crop}for DSLR’s .Pentax ans Sony also have IS in body. IS to me is probably the single most hyped tech ever.

        To gain anything over FF where you can go from 24mm to 400mm at F2.8 with IS lenses.You need to be shooting using a fast prime , of which there are no shortage for FF.You then need to be shooting in very low light { as Ff has a better selection of fast primes combined with better high ISO}then your subject needs to be static otherwise IS does nothing useful.Oh yes you need to add the clause that no form of camera support is allowed .

    • Phred

      That is why MFT is an incredible “complementary” system to FF for me. Ya gotta have both. …I love MFT…but FF can still put it to shame in many situations for narrow DOF, high ISO and action AF situations…It’s a fact…but MFT is no slouch and getting better every day!

    • stu5

      Only if the FF primes are good enough wide open and most are not. They need stopping down a couple of stops. and then you are back to M43 DOF as those primes can be used wide open.

  • Horaciux

    Just in time for soccer’s world cup in Brazil next year.



      Really? What, Parties, Street shots? I know you’re not talking about shooting sports! Even IBIS won’t help you with that!!

      • Horaciux

        Show me pics from YOUR portfolio you think I wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

  • Cyril

    With E-M1 best IBIS and fast prime you can take beautiful picture without use High iso…

    For the same with FF you need small aperture and really Hi iso…
    and LOSE only benefit of big sensor.

    Remember OLYMPUS was the first to include a dust reduction system on a DSLR.
    This company is visionary ,4/3 are always be the goal of mirrorless micro 4/3…

    In fact more advance technology more Micro 4/3’s sensor is a better choice than FF’s sensor.

  • M

    so I can’t wait to see some really serious tests fo the new lens :-)

  • Ted

    Organize a signatures Platform for new olympus firmware for video (OMD EM1)

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean online petition?

      • Ted

        I do no have any idea, how to do, but it is a good way to say what we want?, maybe the admin, can help us?! ;)

        • Anonymous

          Amalric’s friends on DPReview (he has many on that site *winks*) tried that once ( )… I don’t know if it worked (it was in 2003, asking firmware upgrade for E-20!!!) :(

  • I am astonished at this constant stream of technical comparisons. Do you ever take a picture? If you did you’d know that you forget the camera and concentrate on CONTENT, the situation, the place, and most of anything the LIGHT.

    If you CHOOSE good LIGHT, even a Toy camera can do at times. Yes I like to have the latest technology under my fingers, but I try to be honest, often it is for the fun of it. It won’t solve my composition, it won’t even suggest what I try to achieve.

    That is also the strength of m4/3, you can forget the camera and concentrate on the real job. IQ as said above is going to be miles above an old B&W film by HCB, Doisneau or Kertesz, but not CONTENT. You’ll have to seriously know your old tool and have a brain squash if you only want to get close to them.

    So PLEASE PLEASE let go of comparisons and tell us instead of the PROJECTS you have for the new gear. Then you’ll enter the right frame of mind and STOP COMPARING (your dick to another) :)

    • Anonymous

      Same with smartphone: everybody wants the last model, but if you judge by boring conversations you can “spy” in buses or subway, any old model would do ;)

      @admin: we need more “user experience” articles here. You sould promote it on the front page ;)

      • IThe first serious use for my E-M5 will be about running water around a very old island of the Tiber, as old, older than J.C, which probably saw the first exile of the Jews. Time and water, far from easy to convey the simile, without being conventional.

        In this sense the camera doesn’t help me one bit, nor would a new one. In fact the opposite happened to me years ago. I had an Oly E-410 which had grown on me, and then stupidly I bought an E-620 which was a wonderful camera full of gizmos. But it was noisier, and it destroyed the feeling of being carried smoothly to my photographic aims by my E-410, even if it had 10 instead of 12 Mpx.

        That’s a lesson I am not going to forget. All the time one spends in getting used to a new camera is time wasted for photography. So don’t give away your old camera. If you need a new one, let it grow slowly on you.

        Go to a fair and handle it, do some tests, take it easy, and don’t be carried away. Instant buying on the Internet can be destructive of good habits. I have no doubts that the E-M1 is excellent, but to build a rapport with it it will take me months, not days IF I decide to get it.

        • Very well said. I’ve kept several now “obsolete” cameras, probably as reminders of the wonderful experiences of using them, and the images made with the cameras are those I have the deepest feelings about.

          There may be, in my case, a few valid technical reasons to spend the money to get the E-M1, but I don’t fool myself into thinking it’s necessarily going to make my vision (in the esthetic sense) even a bit better.

          In the history of art, introduction of ground-breaking tools have often inspired new artistic directions. But I’m not sure the E-M1’s contributions, e.g., renewed ability to use 4/3 lenses is in that class of “new tool”.

          The E-M1 may enable me to do a bit more, but it’s still my artistic vision that will be the important factor in this context.

  • kavat

    Blunty review part 2 :
    Very nice !

  • John

    Regarding the 40-150/2.8 – I certainly hope the tripod collar on the production version is removable as the foot appears to stick out quite a bit and will really make packing it much more problematic and take away from it’s otherwise compact size.

    The DR comparison of the D600 to the EM-1 and EM-5 really needs to be done via RAW as that’s where the differences will really become apparent. Take those dark shadows and lift them appreciably or take those apparently clipped highlights and pull them back and you’ll really see the DR of the D600 shine (not to take anything away from the two Olympus cameras which appear to be quite good for DR for their sensor size). Also you need to downsample the D600 to the equivalent resolution of the other sensors before comparing DR.

    • stu5

      DR does not improve if you down sample.

  • Charles

    I am just coming back from a trip to sweden and I only brought my Oly e-PL1 with the two kit lenses and the 25mm Pana/Leica with me and am very pleased with the images. Most of the images are shot at iso 100 and the only thing I missed was a viewfinder, better af, direct controls, better iso performance (100-3200), better dr and a better normal zoom lens. All of these problems are well adressed by the new em1.

    Taking the Canon 6d with 14mm 2,8 35mm 2,0 and 85mm 1,8 would have been way more cumbersome. Wanting to use zooms like 24-70 Tamron and 70-300 and it would get heavy and unpleasent for carrying all day.

  • Just to show that I can troll as a gearhead too, about FF and m4/3 ,I found this puzzling tidbit about Olympus and FF in the Phoblographer:

    Does it? Or are m4/3 optics excellent enough to take the brunt of Sony’s FF mirrorless entering the arena, and levelling all like like an Abrahams tank? I could imagine having a FF body and two primes myself, especially if they were of Oly make – and keep all the rest m4/3.

    But that would take me in the vicinity of 5000 €. Probably a bad idea :) What is your take?

    • Charles

      Your pictures would be much better with a nice 5000€ FF system, believe me.

      (enough repartee?)

      • I try to make use even of the trash here, so allow me.

        Christ Gampat pushed an interesting idea: that videographers are the most interested in the half frame format, that is 16mm, which was a traditional one in film.

        Accordingly it suggest Oly to upgrade urgently its video capabilities. That could be one way to resist attack against FF mirrorless (coming v. soon).

        • Charles

          Does it really matter? FF mirrorless will be too expansive for most people in the near future. It´s not FF vs m4/3 – it´s APS-C and smartphones. Oly survived long enough in the business so that I have some faith in them. Even if they would leave the photography business – I am sure that I could survive that too. Who cares?

    • RomaLadrona

      Your pictures would not look worse if you used a compact.

  • Daryl

    Does anyone know when will the EM-1 with the 12-40mm kit lens combo coming out at $2199 for the U.S? If we pre-order it separately it we be $2400.

  • facetime

    Robin Wong is a real photographer. Ming Thein is just another tech geek like Steve Huff and the rest of those boring ass, pay for-my-workshop BS shysters!

    • stu5

      Ming Thein is actually a professional photographer. You will see some of his work in his portfolio section. Also on his website it list his client base:

      Jaeger Le-Coultre, Van Cleef & Arpels, Maitres du Temps, Richemont, the Swatch Group, Nissan Malaysia/ ETCM, Hijjas Kasturi Architects, Tange Associates Architects, Sunway Group, Maybank, Eastern & Oriental, The Boston Consulting Group, several Michelin star chefs including Fergus Henderson and Bruno Menard, The City of London and Moon Travel Guides.

  • Fab

    What about shutter shock compared to E-M5?? Shutter is now faster (and has higher pitch it is said); probably still no FCES? -> Naive thinking would suggest an increased shutter shock – is this the case? Still the 1/8 second delay necessary for optimal sharpness at certain shutter speeds?

    //OT on

    I’m a bit disappointed by all the unprofessional reviews (not just relating to the E-M1). Maybe a consequence of the combination of the Internet and the “consumerization” of cameras?

    E.g. uninformed about physics/electronics/optics basics (e.g. about the relation of AA-filter to image quality), image comparisons where statisticians/physicist start to despair… But because it is done by (good) photographers many people don’t seem to realize the technical/scientific flaws of all those pseudo-objective tests.

    On the other hand: Really interesting technical questions are often COMPLETELY overlooked. Like the shutter shock question – nobody doesn’t even think to look into this.

    Now kill me ;)
    // OT off

    • Bob de Vries

      Shutter shock is even worse with the E-M1. Really disappointing and the only reason I returned it and bought a Nikon D610.

  • peevee

    admin: “I just checked my stats to see what link to E-M1 (p)reviews got more clicked. And to my surprise Robin Wong’s E-M1 preview got more clicks than the preview at Dpreview. (Stats via GetClicky). And also Ming Thein and Pekka Potka did quite well. Amazing to see how one man blog can beat a huge website owned by Amazon :) Well done Robin!”

    It is just links from your site. Newsflash – most people check DPR BEFORE 43rumors, so do not need your link to get there. On the contrary, Robin Wong’s site is more obscure than yours, so you serve as a source of clicks for him.

  • Hendrik

    Are there any informations, if the e-m1 will work with mmf-2 as good as with mmf-3?

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