New competition from Sony (follow MirrolessRumors)


There is now more new stuff coming from the competition! Sony announced the new NEX-C3, a huge 30mm macro lens and a new NEX flash. You can follow all the news on MirrorlessRumors (Click here).
UDPATE: There is a ISO comparison with the new SOny NEX-C3 versus the Panasonic G3 and Olympus E-PL2 at Dpreview, Focus Numerique (Click here).
UPDATE_2: They also tested the camera for a week and noticed that the anti dust cleaning isn’t as good as the one used by Olympus. And also the OIS system is not as effective as the one used by Olympus. And they do prefer the Panasonic G3 performance over the NEX-C3!

Here is the list of the new stuff:
Sony NEX-C3 BLACK at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-C3 SILVER at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-C3 PINK at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 30mm macro at Amazon (Click here).

P.S.: I bet nobody will buy that macro lens !!!

  • Mr. Reeee

    The NEX-system now has FOUR, count ’em, FOUR lenses!
    Yes, that’s right, 4 whole native NEX lenses!
    Sony’s competitors are doooooomed!

    • Agent00soul

      Yeah, and NO all-round prime, as the 16 mm is too wide for general use. So you’re stuck with the kit zoom which makes the camera decidedly un-pocketable. And with it, you need to crank the ISO, compared to an m4/3 camera with the 20/1.7. So you lose that slight high ISO advantage.

      • admin

        I confess that NEX cameras tempted me but after seeing their current lenses (to big) and their future lens roadmap (no pancakes) I will defintiely stick with m43 for a very long time!

        • Me too… :-)
          And to be honest I was also tempted by NEX, especially when prices have dropped significantly in my country… But I ended up with recommended it to others :)

        • twoomy

          And NO ultra wide angle yet. M43 sold me with the 7-14 AND the 9-18, both fantastic lenses. Sony’s great at making products that are almost cool, but they always seem to miss the target a bit.

    • The lens selection for the NEX system is no doubt awful, and very poor quality to boot. However, the NEX-C3 is very tempting if you like to adapt lenses. The C3 + a Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f/2 would make a very nice street shooter. That aside, the market this camera is aimed at probably has the only lens they’ll ever use with the 18-55mm.

      I still don’t like Sony’s accessory port design though. It’s just too fiddly to screw and unscrew. Why didn’t they just put a USB port on top instead? I don’t have a problem with someone redesigning the hot shoe for the digital age; I just don’t like the design Sony chose.

  • And one, count ’em, one! flash. Which is only slightly better than a pop-up.

    • kukuku

      bigger sensor = autowin, nuff said :)

      • “Bigger sensor == win” – but only if Sony could take advantage of it. In comparison, I’m amazed how Oly manages to get more out of the ancient Pannay sensor.

        Frankly, it looks as if Sony is using the cheaper C3 cameras as a way to flush the remaining stock of prev gen sensors they had laying around.

    • kukuku

      if your sensor is big enough, accessories don’t really matter ;)
      (repost since my other comment lacked innuendo)

      • -1

        I don’t really think so. Most consumers don’t even understand the relation between the sensor size and the image quality.

        And looking the referenced image samples in this rumor post, the NEX images are not really better than the G3 images at higher ISO values.

        The NEX system is limited by its ridiculous design and the lack of suitable lenses that support the form factor of the cameras.

      • fta

        your joking right? I can’t tell it your being sarcastic? hmmm…. nope, can’t tell… you are joking right?

  • Stopkidding

    ISO 128000!!! Whoa…

  • napalm

    on the Focus Nemerique comparison, I prefer the G3 shots at ISO 3200-6400. It’s more detailed. The other 2 has too much NR.

    • It seems that there is not big difference in image quality between MFT and APS-C based sensors now. And from user point of view the technology seems equal. Good for us, MFT users! We can enjoy state of the art technology with no shame ;-)
      BTW what I can see from this tests is that NEX lenses are terrible… And this is still really weak point of the NEX system.

  • AndyOz

    I realise that for its market this will be well received. There are obviously alot of people who like the NEX. The sensor does give nice pics. I personally think the lenses are a bit too big and dont suit the body style.

    I still think that micro 43 is about right in terms of sensor size / lens size trade-off. Hopefully with improvements in sensors (hopefully even in the next Oly models) then the difference in image quality will become less with time.

    As for the ISO 128000 I agree – whoa. Personally I think the ISO wars are getting a bit ridiculous.
    I am happy if I can get I get a nice ISO 1600. Even in the old film days I would sometimes try an ISO1600 roll of film for low light – talk about grainy!! I dont understand why many photographers would need really clean ISO3200 upwards. Sure on occaisions. But i would rather have more compact lenses that fit a M43 system that give me good enough IQ for my needs.

  • Their pricing is right. m43 needs good competition so it stops charging ridiculous pricing for its lenses…

    • Duarte Bruno


    • Agrivar

      Yep.. US $1000 for the Panleica 25mm/f1.4 native m4/3 lens is a no no

    • babbit

      I’ve always thought M43 lens prices were cheap for it’s quality. You could ask for cheaper quality lens at cheaper prices, but most of the current quality M43 lens are priced very competitively (actually they are inexpensive). The 20mm f1.7, 45mm macro, 7-14 and 9-18 UWA, 14-140mm and 14-150mm are all great optics for the price. Then you have the cheap kit zooms and telephoto lens for those looking for low prices. Even the fisheye lens is cheap compared to the competition. The only lens that isn’t worth the money (optics-wise) is the 14mm f2.5, but of course people buy it more for compactness.

      You can find canon and nikon lens for less, but they are much poorer quality. The medium quality non-pro lens are more expensive.

  • joose

    I’ve just sold my nex3 for another Olympus body. I think the nex concept is a dead end really. Massive lens, tiny bodies, stupid really.

  • Hell will freeze over solidly before anybody will see me walking around with a Sony camera.

  • mahler

    So the Sony innovation is ommitting tiltable LCDs (NEX-C3 and SLT 55) and construct useless macro lenses (a 30mm = 50mm) of phenomenal 3.5 max aperture. Shudder.

    The miniaturization race, which Sony drives, is useless, given the E-mounts big lenses and takes m4/3 in a wrong direction as well (see GF3)

  • Andy

    Exposure replaced with “brightness” for those who dont know dslr terminology…
    Sony have lost me…NEX system is a toy…if people want a point and shoot then buy a point and shoot.
    No manual controls with video mode AGAIN!
    Better off getting one of their compacts (like HX9)
    I’ll stick with my M4/3

  • Simon

    I think NEX3/5/C3 are targeted at consumers who don’t have a clue about sensors and lenses. At p&s people who probably never buy more than the kit lens and a…uhm…macro? Or may be they design the lenses bigger so you have something to hold on to when the body gets even smaller?

    Sony’s new E-mount will make sense once they release a GH2-styled NEX7 body – which will probably put more pressure on CaNikon and not on M43.

    So far I’m happy that M43 gains momentum and my small investment in the system seems to be the right decision for now.

    One more thing: I admit I seriously miss gimmicks like sweep panorama and auto hdr in Oly and Pana bodies, as well as a built-in IR remote.

  • Rachnaroch

    Really, why do fanboys have to keep repeating that NEX lenses are SO BIG when in fact they ARE NOT? Please enjoy:

    • Agent00soul

      Well, the kit lens is quite a bit longer than Olympus’ kit lens. But the main problem is that Sony has NO normal pancake lens like the Olympys 17 or Panasonic’s 20. The Sony 16 is way too wide to be used as an all-round lens. So in reality you’re stuck with the kit lens most of the time. That makes the NEX cameras MUCH bulkier than an E-PL2 or GF2/GF3 with the 17 or 20.

    • Karli

      LOL: I love the “mine is smaller than yours” comparisons.

      Size is only one parameter for a lens. I think there are more important parameters to compare (IQ, max. aperature …).
      Everybody can build the smallest and cheapest “lens” for his own by creating a pinhole lens from a body cap. ;-)

      And for me the most important things are not good lenses or a good body but a combination of both which can deliver good IQ and has great flexibility.

    • Andy

      Ive picked up a NEX with the kit lens on…and it aint comfortable to use…get a adapter and use a canon FD lens…even worse. If youre marketing a camera for size & portability then make lenses that are small and portable to go with it.
      I think Sony should of just made these NEX’s like a LX5…fixed lens..small with a large sensor.

  • Fishfishfish

    If I put my feet into the shoes of a point and shoot upgrader, these small bodies are quite appealing. Compact body with better IQ. If Oly comes up with the rumored PEN-mini bundled with collapsable kit zoom lens, together with some interesting art filters….could be a game changer. The problem is Oly has to physically put her cameras on the shelves next to the NEXs in retail stores to impress point and shoot upgraders.

  • MP Burke

    I had a cursory look at the NEX system, before buying my Panasonic G2, and I was put off by the NEX lens range. After selling lots of cameras over the past year, they still have a poor lens range, e.g. there is still no ultra-wide zoom. With the current tendency for longer macro lenses (around 2-3x standard focal length, such as 60mm for APS-C cameras), 30mm is a strange choice for what might be the only macro lens. They may have decided that a bigger lens would look not suit the NEX shape and size. But NEX will continue to do well: it gets a lot of praise from reviewers for the sensor performance and reviews rarely mention the limited lens range.

  • panka

    people … sony with few lenses an few body … sell more than the micro.

    and don’t compare only high iso but, there is somthing more important out there:

    Dnamic Range ..

  • 100% crop between G3 and NEX-3c

  • Kevin

    regardless of odd design/ergonomics of the body or lenses, as well as image quality, Sony still wins with a very important marketing strategy – NUMBERS! higher ISO, higher megapixels, larger sensor size – all within a tiny body! anyone from a complete noob to an enthusiast would be quickly lured away into NEX cameras.

    Sony is getting much more than panoly especially when you think of the minimal R&D they used compared to the nearly complete lens/accessory system & variety of cameras of m4/3

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