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New bunch of rumors coming. Will answer your mails soon.


Good Morning!

I woke up and found 285 unread messages in my mailbox (See image on top)! Some of them are rumors and I hope to be able to post some of them today. Many emails are messages related to my personal post (Click here) I wrote yesterday. I am surprised you liked it, I had a lot of troubles if it would be right to post a personal message or not. But I guess you are really interested in my potatoes and wine project :) I will try to answer every single mail but first I will work on the rumor front.

Rumors: I was worried that with all that hype we might would be disappointed once the REAL camera is out. My “feeling” now is that there is really an imrpovement or evolution coming along the OM release.

Stay tuned!
Your Admin :)


  • Bob B.

    This is getting interesting. Who makes the the OM sensor??????? :-)
    Also…what is Panasonic up too? If the G3 is out (and the GH2)…something new has to be coming in during this same timeframe as the OM. No? Maybe they will announce a pro body to go with the two new Zooms being released.

    • admin

      I think made by Panasonic, designed by Olympus. Sounds like it’s new. But I am still not 100% sure. What I knwo is that tehr eis a visible improvement. I am going to post soemthing about the video quality soon….

      • Bobafett

        Info about video quality? Yes, pleeaase! I want to take my filming onto the next level, but with my pl2 I’ve encountered some limitations. And I just don’t like the gh-2 dslr design! C’mon Oly give us dem video features!

      • nobody

        Admin, “a visible improvement” as compared to which sensor? The old 12mp? The G3/GX1? The GH2? Or, all of them???

        • admin

          Compared to everything :)

          • nobody

            Wow! If that turns out true, my GH2 might get a companion :)

            • really the audio on the OM-D should be awesome as audio recorders are another strong area for Olympus

          • For me the high ISO performance of the G3 sensor is good enough (with the fast lenses now available it can compete with bigger sensor cameras).

            I wish they could improve the low ISO performance, though. There it is clearly behind APS and FF sensors. Starting at ISO 200 is not a good sign, but who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

            Curious about the EVF too…

            • SF

              I share your opinion. I would prefer excellent Iso 100 to clean Iso 1600.

              • Exactly my feelings. Personally I could care less about a noisy 1Mill ISO capability sensor….Give me a solid 100-1600 & I’ll be happy!

              • Bob B.


          • pipa / sopa

            Can you switch your domain(s) away from the Godaddy since if those laws passed your site could be taken down very quickly because of your posted leaks?

      • io

        Cool. Please ask if the new IBIS works in video mode or like the E-P3 it uses a “digital” fake-IBIS.

        Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Mjjkobkypjyclhnhg m f

    • Wow! I can’t believe you run this site in your spare time, fair play that’s some achievement.
      I always love visiting here as i am a self confessed olympus fanboy!
      When the news hit about the Om d i couldn’t believe it, i know olympus are having a bit of a time of things lately and i wasn’t expecting anything new from them at all. But i guess this camera has been in r and d for some time now.
      I wonder if the E system will be getting anything new in 2012? Im running the E3 at the moment and i love it, just wish they didn’t go down the four thirds route for these cameras, maybe full frame would have been a better choice for the top end cameras, and with the wonderful Om legacy lenses this would have made perfect sense.

  • Yun

    Olympus make super camera ?
    Does this mean it will beat my current GX1 in image quality ?
    I’ll only consider to buy Oly’s OM if it beat GX1 by huge margin in image quality not minor as X Pro currently top of my list .

    • admin


    • I don´t think Olympus will make any ultimate camera, because after that pens would be only penultimate.

  • Hi Admin,
    any information about the presence or absence of a tiltable or articulated screen? For my street shooting it would really really help… :)$-

    • admin

      it’s titlable!

      • Sweet… This is the camera that I’ll upgrade for from my GF1 it seems :)

        • Bimbo


        • Kaspar


      • I was hoping for a fully articulated screen with a leatherette back. Then when it is closed with the screen inward and protected, it would look like a classic OM.

        That’s just a design thing, but I also think fully articulated screens are more useful :)

        • @ bean5y
          making and selling add-on leatherette backs is a business opportunity for you ;-)

      • Miroslav

        Not articulated? Any OM-D6 rumors ;) ?

      • damn it…
        I hate tiltable displays with a vengance!

      • SF

        Only tilt, not articulated?
        Damn it!

  • Steve

    It will be the same game we witnessed with the e-p3. The sensor is tweaked it termes of speed and better color rendering in highlights. just look at pictures taken with G2 oder GF2 – the pictures coming out of the E-p3 look much better even developed in Lightroom. I dare to say that pictures out of E-p3 are looking much better compared to the Gh2 (i own both).

    So be prepared for an optimized G3 / GX1 sensor with even higher read-out speed and a jped engine giving you creamiest highlights. Maybe they even managed to push the noise performance. I expect iso3200 to be as good as iso1600 in the e-p3, iso6400 for emergency and everything above as useless.

    Now we will see for sure, that olympus offers much better image quality in jpeg and raw, much better resolution and noise performance compared to Panasonic cameras using the same megapixel resolution. Just take a look at the E5 – it beats the GH2 in terms of image quality all the way down and up and reverse despite having only 12MPIX.

    A OM-D with 16MPIX and that thin AA-filter found in E-p3 and E5 will surely knock off all aps-c cameras in terms of resolution at least at low iso. A friend of mine uses the 5D MKII with 24-105 L zoom and my E5 with 12-60 knocks his cam off the feet at iso200 under studio conditions.


    • rrr_hhh

      You are exagerating, my E-P3 is not even able to beat my old 5DMk1, neither is my G3 !

      • Steve

        Maybe you read before you answer. I wrote: E5 with 12-60 beats 5D MKII with 24-105 at iso 200 and studio (good light).

        In every aspect: detail, color rendition, micro contrast.

        I didnt mention G3 and point and shoot situations in dim rooms. But even than: an mft will focus instantly and get that 1.8 lens right on an eyelid. A 5D (MKI or II) will struggle.

      • EOS 5D MkII has a 32% better linear resolution than E-5/E-P3. But Zuiko 12-60mm is a lot better lens than Canon 24-105mm and 5D MkII has a relatively thick AA filter. I have had all these pieces of equipment but never tested them directly against another. Still I would say that at ISO 200 it should be a close call between E-5 and 5D Mk II for apparent sharpness.

        • Resolution to E-5 on ISO 200 is over 2800 linear but not more so 2500 linear on ISO 100, on E-P3 is only ca 2350 linear on ISO 200.

  • juanko

    is very rare that you have not put any rumors about the GH3,
    not new GH3 in February?

    • admin

      I asked some sources yesterday. Hope to get an answer. But I have no clue when it’s coming.

  • Pingflood

    Anything on phase detect ala the V1?

  • Boooo!

    Any news about the E-7? If the sensor is as good as the rumours say, I’d like to have it in my next camera :)

  • Mau

    Hey Boooooo! Wouldn’t this new baby be the end of the E-x line, don’t you think? By all practical means I mean.

    • Boooo!

      Hopefully not, because it’s too small to be comfortable when using 4/3 lenses.

      Take a look at Kai bitching about the Nikkor 35 f1.4 on a D3100:


      * The D3100 is bigger than m4/3 cameras and has an actual grip
      * The 35mm f1.4 weighs roughly as much as the Zuiko 12-60 but has a centre of mass more towards the body

      So, in conclusion, even a “standard” 12-60 on the OM-D would probably inflict heavy damage on your right hand after a certain period of time. It’s comfortable on an E-30/E-3/E-5, especially with a battery grip to add to the camera weight.

      • LOL Kai say camera and lens combination is like Dolly Parten. :-) Kai is COOL.

      • flash

        The OM-D will have a battery grip option, IMO.

        This is why I believe it is so. The Grip option is rumored to cover part of the bottom of the camera. The reason for this is to have electrical connections in to the grip. Hopefully, it includes some type of tethering.

  • Jorginho

    I have seen too much hype from Olympus to take admins word for it. I expect G3 performance with better looking JPEGS in a very nice case.
    Olympus designed Panasonic sensors…like the one in the “3” series of Oly…didn’t do anything better.

    Now of course I hope it will be spectacular, don’t get me wrong as I use a m43 cam exlcusively (Gh2) and as a weatherbuff I like weathersealing even more and on top of that a RF next to my faux DSLR Gh2 EVEN MORE…..(oke: here it comes) BUT I am not holding my breath.

    In fact: I am more interested in this much more silent sort of rumour: G3 and Gh2 seem to be discontinued…why? More so because the most logical thing is this scenario, in my view, is: Oly gets the 16 MPix G3 sensor, Panny has a new and better one to remain competitive. One mutliaspect, and another one being the same but lackign the multiaspect….Because with the same sensors in them, if you do not shoot video, the IBIS in the Oly will make it the better choice I think.
    What makes this all less likely is that coming up with two DSLR like bodies with slightly different sensors seems to be something new….

  • marilyn


    • Yeah I’m addicted too… I’m constantly checking this site and reading everyone’s responses. My GFs are getting pissed. I think they’re worried I’m not giving them enough attention.

      By “GF” I mean my GF-1 and my girlfriend ;)

      • You got me there. While reading I was thinking.. “My wife doesn’t allow me any girlfriends.” ;)

        Pretty addictive indeed. This seems like it might be the camera I have been looking for to replace my 7D. More compact, yet still a serious camera.

      • Hell yeah guys… I’m dying here… I’m already anticipating the whole Selling of the E-P3 to get this Bad Boy…

    • And I still want to see some serious tests of the new cam as soon as posible, before I buy it… :)

  • SF

    The weather here in northern Germany is disgusting. It is noon and it is dark and grey, so rumor-entertainment is very welcome :)

    • P

      Hahaha! +1 But I guess the weather is same everywhere in Germany right now.

      • flash

        Same here in New England, waiting for it to stop snowing to clean-up. Getting to old for this.

  • Haha… you are a Mac user… I knew it :D

  • Camajan

    This is like private marketing! Lol!:-)
    Seriously, already 40 comments! Do people have this blog on refresh script or what?

    • Ross

      No, it just updates each time we write a comment. ;)

  • Peter

    What about shutter? I hate the G2/GH2 shutter sound, and would like to have a silent shutter for some situations. Will the OMD have a shutter that has noise sounds that can be turned off?

    • Will

      The shutter sound is not an mp3 sound file, it’s the actual sound of the shutter working.

      Try earmuffs

  • P


    Admin, this guy is copying your posts word to word.

    • Miroslav

      Wow! Now I see the purpose of that new legislation about to be passed by US Congress :). Maybe our admin copies his website and divides it into two separate ;) ?

    • avds

      And he’s even got several bot-generated comments in his “posts”.

    • admin

      Will write him. And I removed the link. No free advertising :)

  • acahaya

    although i can live very well with the IQ of EP3 and E5, improvements regarding image quality are always welcome – as long as they don’t come with visible descrease in low iso or sharpness.

    • IQ is the most important thing for me if it comes to the question should I upgrade from my E-PL2 (I’m still satisfied with it and it’s IQ), but there is also the thing about the new IS and and AF…

  • P

    Zuiko 17mm f1.4 and 25mm f1.2!!

  • avds

    I hope their reference to the OM series turns out to be purely “spiritual” rather than aesthetic. I will have a very, very hard time swallowing a faux SLR retro-cool design with a useless and ugly pyramidal hump on top of it for a mirrorless body. That’s just too much of a kitsch for my aesthetic senses – to the extent of being incompatible with potential essential improvements inside the body.

    • I can pass on ugly (it’s a matter of personal taste) but useless? They will put a viewfinder inside of it, or do you prefer a bulky external EVF like in e-pen series? In that case just wait the future next e-p4

      • Bob B.

        I have a G3 and a GX1/LVF2. I have to say that I prefer the form factor of the GX1/LVF2. It is smaller lighter and way more customizable…it feels like the sports-car version of the former…which is a very capable camera. Don’t know the similar comparison in Olyland.

      • avds

        Useless as in “technically redundant excess” since both built-in EVF and flash can be packaged without the bulky hump.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    1. If video performance is improved, I guess the new OM-D sensor is digitally output, such as in Panasonic GH series (or the Sony with their column-parallel A/D conversion technique).

    2. Will the OM-D take BLS-5 or BLM-5 batteries? If the smaller BLS-5, I hope for an auxiliary power battery holder taking either a dedicated battery, or 1-2x of BLS-5. Necessary for video performance to have additional power capacity integrated.

    3. Wish for GPS access or GPS integrated into the battery holder.

    4. Wish for WiFi access into the battery holder.

    5. The return of IR remote control like earlier found on the Olympus DSLR cameras.

    6. If video is important, image stabilization will be required. IBIS doesn’t work with video, digital EIS is an postprocessing feature, but OIS in lenses is preferable for video. Fully support of Panasonic OIS lenses is the easiest route. Bright primes is for best still image performance, in combination with IBIS.

    7. The bright OM-Zuiko Auto-T prime lenses for telephoto were:
    180mm F/2 (2.8)
    250mm F/2 (2.8)
    350mm F/2.8 (4)
    Would love to see a reincarnation of those, but can accept a one step slower aperture, in order to reduce size and weight.

  • O

    “The only thing I can say now is that now I am sure that Olympus made a super camera. I was worried that with all that hype we might would be disappointed once the REAL camera is out. My “feeling” now is that the camera will bring the full Micro Four Thirds system in a new dimension. Don’t expect revolutions, but a visible improvement in terms of body and image quality.”

    Not super per se… It will definitely bring m4/3 to a new dimension. In your words, there is a visible improvement in terms of…

    • admin

      video quality, and than image quality

  • Raist

    Adming, you realize this paragraph:

    “The only thing I can say now is that now I am sure that Olympus made a super camera. I was worried that with all that hype we might would be disappointed once the REAL camera is out. My “feeling” now is that the camera will bring the full Micro Four Thirds system in a new dimension. Don’t expect revolutions, but a visible improvement in terms of body and image quality.”

    Is a contradiction right? :-) You can’t have it both ways (see last sentence vs rest).

    – Raist

    • admin

      Yes, I confess, shit text. I removed it.

  • Charlie

    So this is a rumor of more rumors post? :D

    • admin

      the rumors, das Vorspiel :)

  • “My “feeling” now is that the camera will bring the full Micro Four Thirds system in a new dimension. Don’t expect revolutions, but a visible improvement in terms of body and image quality.”

    I think your feelings are right Admin. What m4/3 needs is a serious camera like this. It would really make the system an option for people who are looking for a smaller, but still high end camera. The sensor size is plenty for most enthusiasts and the lens choice is getting very good. I could see myself using this body with a few primes and a single tele zoom instead of my Canon 7D. Much more portable and still very good allround.

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