New Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera test!


Vivid Pocket from John Brawley Tests on Vimeo.

John Brawley posted that new video and a new post on his blog (Click here to read): “I shot mainly at ISO 1600, but the first few clips were shot at 800. Lens wise I had the Panasonic 14mm F2.5 (first few shots) and the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 (second lot of shots before the ferry travelling left to right) then I was principally on the Olympus 45mm F1.8 but I also had the 12mm SLR Magic T1.6 and the SLR magic 25mm T0.96

It’s an imrpessive camera for little money. But there is still a long way to go before it starts shipping (End of July according to BHphoto).

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema preorders in USA at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and in Germany at Technikdirekt, in France at pbs-video. In Sweden at macoteket, scandinavianphoto, protel.jetshop, webhallen.

  • mimstyle

    Not impressed …

    • Swested

      Oh, look out everybody! mimstyle wasn’t impressed! Case closed.

      • mimstyle

        Quality is good no problem, but the video too simple on itself for a camera of this gauge.

        probably my next camera …

        • Shooting in motion, in low light, against light sources, with shadowy areas scattered all over the place, we good a good idea already.

          • mimstyle

            yes I am happy with it

    • Tomtom

      Well… I am!

    • Brian202020

      Well mimstyle you obviously have no idea what you are looking at. Up until last year, when the original BMCC was announced, you needed an Arri Alexa to get an image this good.

      • Matteo


    • babbit

      Really? That is actually the most impressive micro four thirds video I’ve seen from a technical standpoint.

      • bousozoku

        Technically, it’s only a micro Four-Thirds mount.

  • Carl

    Love the modern styling. Incumbent competitors can’t escape from copying old analogue styling.

    • Yes realy good contrast, right so we look the.

  • pretty impressive lowlight footage,great selection of lenses used.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Ulli- especially given how small the sensor is. I look forward to some more formal footage from Brawley- but right now he’s in the midst of shooting a tv show.

  • woolhats


  • Joey G

    Looks great. I hope OIS works with Panasonic lenses like the 12-35. A minus–no swivel screen, which I’ve become quite used to.

    • Anonymous

      OIS works with it

  • A little bit disapointed with the Pocket camera, it seems to be a quite soft camera…

    • Anonymous

      If just doesn’t have the fake sharpening that the GH camera’s have. I bet the resolution is the same or better. If you like the GH camera’s over sharpening you can always add it in post.

  • bousozoku

    It should be interesting to see what up-and-coming film makers can do with the body to make independent film projects. Hopefully, it will bring many more sales of micro Four-Thirds lenses and make a bigger market for exceptional lenses.

  • Steven

    This is an awesome camera!! But I was wondering 3x crop factor… It is pretty hard to find a perfect lens for daily use. I like the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8. But it becomes 36-105mm!! Um…

    And I think the video quality is pretty sharp, you can see all the details. Maybe cos of the weather. it feels little bit soft at the beginning. But I don’t think that was the camera problem :)

    • in video, you don’t have to capture everything all on one frame and the viewer doesn’t have the time to examine every detail in a short sequence unless he keeps on pausing and rewinding. Not convenient and not going to happen in a movie theater. As a consequence, what is wide for stills becomes very wide for video.

      Having your 24-70eq becoming a 36-105 might be a lesser evil.

  • The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera is a great concept.

    But it’s missing 1080p 60fps and 720p 120fps.

  • Marcus Wolschon

    impressed with the dynamic range but not with the noise floor in low light.

    then again, it’s a pocket CINEMA camera, not a pocket run and gun, party capturing camera.

  • earl

    I’m also very impressed with the dynamic range and thinking that my compact 9-18 (27-54) might be just the ticket…

  • the dynamic range is undeniable considering its price and abilities. Blackmagic is definitely hitting the sweet spot of affordable with high production value assets.

  • K

    A stage better than iPhone, “maybe” “perhaps”! Great for war correspondents under certain fire conditions and other covert operations, but I can’t see where the market is placed for this camera to be honest. Enthusiasts would want a bit more oomph I should think, and pros will see it as a gadget to come in handy now and then. It’s going in the right direction though and maybe it will excite the people after all.

  • sam

    which camera is best for film Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or D7..

  • Tommy Triples

    Yeah but then again you said why for me to know, therefor two and

  • I’ll probably get this cam to shoot my impressions of cities whenever I travel, and assemble little travel videoclips when I come back :)

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