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New 43rumors layout and hopefully more rumors soon :)


I just switched to the new layout design. it is just a first step of the work I have to do. It is very likely that every day you will see small updates. On Friday 43rumors will have the new server and there will be no more blackouts.

And if all works well we will have new rumors to post. Panasonic and Olympus still have to show us new stuff!

  • Rob

    nice work! much easier on the eye

    real pity you kept the awful “new stuff” ad at the top of the page even though the poll results were against it :(

    aside from that, I think the google ads at the side aren’t that bad…


    • admin

      Hi Rob! over 80% voted for the layout with the deal bar!

  • dr.mysterious

    You gave us the choice between the “new stuff” and a banner… least of two evils.

    • admin

      Mysterious! Your preferred option would be a blank space between header and content?

  • Nice design…. thanks for your efforts….!!!!

  • Rob

    Hi Admin,

    Err… I dont think that poll really counts; the only other layout had a really tacky banner ad on it – I think people simply chose the lesser of two evils.

    The earlier poll proved that people were against ads at the top of the page but supported side-ad. (before the results were removed)

    If you gave them the option to have no ad at the top, i think that would have been more popular.

    • admin

      Hi Rob! If I could I would live without ads or whatever. But I can’t. I have 150 Euro per month to pay for traffic only. And everyone tells me I have to put my advertising on top becuase the rest deosn’t work (Almost nobody clicks on ADS on sidebar). That’s why I thought I can mak a camera database which collects shop links, news and review (which are not online now) so that you can easily have every information you need about every single camera or lens. I still have to work it out better but after that I hope people will find it useful.

  • uruz

    Me like it!

  • Rob

    not a blank space! just move the content up so its next to the black top menu (with ‘home etc on it’)

    basically, just delete the #nav and #slider div.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Have you tried a white font against the dark blur blackgrounds on the titles?
    The way it is with a normal type font and text being black is not an easy read.

    • admin

      Hi Duarte! I will try it. Thanks for your suggestion! Cheers

  • Sandro

    I think the new layout is a good work, really better than before and really more easy and pleasant to read!

    For the top bar I don’t really care, I think that we have a free service always updated (and this is the best feature of 43rumors ) so we have to accept some compromise.

    Good job! And please push your sources to give us more news about the E-3 successor! ^_^

  • Great new look!
    (And thanks for keeping us so updated!)

  • YeahYeah

    Very nice, great job!!

  • Alfons

    Neat! I really like it.

    Just one thing. I’m using Opera on OS X. My iMac has a large screen and I tend to use just a half of it for internet browsing. I don’t know if it’s the Opera or the site but the site shows some blank space on the right side of the page. Page is fitted for my screen, not for my browser window’s size.

  • dr.mysterious

    Hi admin! Make no mistake, I totally understand your need to pay the bill and appreciate your efforts. But like Rob, I wanted to point out that there is nothing like 80% of people liking the top “new stuff” but rather 80% preferring it to a banner if given this choice. Just nitpicking actually, but poll results are often misused like this in far more important matters (e.g. politics).

    Keep up the good work, and forget about this poll stuff! (the new design is nice, btw)

  • Duarte Bruno

    When I said “Have you tried a white font against the dark blur blackgrounds on the titles?”
    I meant: ” “Have you tried a white font against the dark BLUE blackgrounds on the titles?”

  • Robbie

    I totally agree with Duarte Bruno. White Font on the dark blue titles would make it easier to read and look a bit better also, IMHO.

  • Clicking on the 4/3 icon or 43rumors banner, does not take you to the main page. It would be nice if it did :-)

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