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Need your help to fix an advertising bug on mobile version.


Dear readers!

Recently I got some mails from you saying there is an annoying pop up ad on the 43rumors mobile version. I discovered this kind of unauthorized ad is running through google Adsense banner. I contacted google and they asked me to help them to find out who is running that non approved ad on their system. So if you happen to see that ad you would help us to solve the problem by

1) take a screenshot from the popup ad

2) take a screenshot of the page where it redirects you and screenshot of the ads that are available on the 43rumors page after you close this pop-up.

3) send it to me at

I will send the material to Google and they will take down that advertiser.


Note: Google Adsense is usually a highly trustworthy advertising network. But they have to know who are the advertisers who break their rule in order to remove them. I currently don’t see that kind of advertising on my mobile version because the specific annoying ad only shows up in some countries and for certain specific target of people.

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