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Must read! New GH3 review by Adam Wilt!


Moire Aliasing Lumix GH2 vs GH3 test from Excuse Cie on Vimeo.

Adam Wilt posted the first part of his GH3 review at Provideocoalition. He really got into the very deep video quality analysis and this is definitely a must read article! In very short, the difference between the GH2 and Gh3 in terms of video quality isn’t that big. While certainly the features offered by the GH3 are reason enough to step up to the GH3. For Adam the real surprise was that: “The real selling point on the GH3 is its electronic shutter, which allows completely silent stills capture in hush-hush situations where even leaf-shutter cameras fear to tread.”

Also Noam Kroll compared the GH3 and the GH2 cameras. He mroe or less comes to the same conclusion: “All in all the GH3 is an incredible successor to the GH2 and a better camera in most ways – even when compared to a hacked GH2. With that said it does potentially suffer from more moire than the GH2 and the jump in image quality isn’t drastically different.

And finally also Discovermirrorless shared his thoughts about the GH3 vs GH2 comparison.


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  • PEN

    How will Olympus answer?

  • matt

    yes admin, any info about omd pro?

  • WSG123

    I’m not sure that Olympus needs to “answer”, as it’s not really a challenge to the OM-D. That’s not to say that the OM-D is superior, just that they fill different niches.

    That said, I hope they do “answer”!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Even though we have to thank Adam for the test, it’s pretty much useless for moiré conclusions because a 720p version can’t tell you anything unless he made 100% crops from 1080p or until e made a 1080p original downloadable.

  • Andrew

    As someone who doesn’t hack, just curious why I’ve been reading more than a couple times why they think a 4k hack is possible with the GH3 but hasn’t been possible with the GH2 thus far.

    • Tron

      You heard wrong… the closest you’ll get is the 4.5K raw stills that can be taken with the electronic shutter in timelapse mode. Still a great feature, but not real time 4K video.

      • Duarte Bruno

        And not even close where it regards to IQ. This mode isn’t binned down like the rest of the video (at least on GH2) so it doesn’t bring much of an advantage over FullHD.

  • OK, so here we go. Real world unsponsored GH2/3 video comparisons. Both reviews say marginal improvement in video quality. It seems Panny put a lot of effort into getting the marginal quality, e.g., bitrate, OLED, etc., but the end results are relatively similar. Perhaps it says more about how good the GH2 is. Has video threshold been attained for the m43 format? Is it time to move on?

    • WSG123

      So wait, you think that the video quality “threshold” has been attained for a the sensor size of MFT? I can’t imagine why that would be true, perhaps the video quality threshold has been attained for the current generation of MFT sensors and the current bandwidth available in the internals of “prosumer” grade MFT cameras, but I’m almost certain that it will continue to improve as sensor and computing power continues to increase.

      • You’re correct.

        “perhaps the video quality threshold has been attained for the current generation of MFT sensors”

        Also, as another commenter states, maybe these reviewers didn’t shoot at maximum resolution, e.g., A-I 72mbps. Still more to see. It’s very possible that the extended bitrate can kickbutt.

        • Anonymous

          You know raccoons aren’t marsupials?

        • Stu

          There is also another video camera that can take micro 43 lenses and that is the Blackmagic which is miles better than both the Panasonics mentioned when it comes to image quality. So Panasonic and Olympus have a way to go before reaching the potential of what the format is capable of on video.

    • Arnoud van Houwelingen

      To be fair .. in the review of Noam Kroll he compaired the video quality between a hacked GH2 and the GH3 (thus not the GH2 that comes out of the box). You have to take that into account.

      For stills this camera is a major improvement. Especially the improvement of noise with high ISO ,the improved Dynamic Range and faster AF.

  • m43happy

    Do people ever review these cameras for picture quality anymore? Every review is about video quality it seems like.

    • Twofeet

      GH2 and GH3 are sold as hybrid cameras. Huge interest in the GH2 and it’s successor among video shooters, so naturally a lot of the early adopters are interested in this. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for pixel peeping and the endless debates about “picture quality,” GH3 vs OM-D, NEX-7, etc., etc. It’s coming, trust me. :)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s the reason why I’m going with a 6D. I’ll stick with my GX1 for every day carry. Most reviews so far say the stills are on par with the EM5, so it’s improved from the GH2.

  • Andrew

    Also to be fair, (the link is down at the moment), I believe he stated that he had the GH3 in AVCHD mode at 24 mbps. I’m glad this comparison was made though as I was curious about it, but now time to see the other bit rate modes vs. the GH2 hacked, and unhacked.

  • Anonymous

    Number one thing I’d fix on Pens. Super loud shutter.

  • Why is it that most the video tests are shot horribly? From Driftwood’s to this. Way to much sloppy shooting to objectively judge what’s being tested. Tripods and focus is a good place to start. Also, how about a slate that lists all the relevant specs as well? Sorry if I come across a bit bitching, but I’ve done hundreds of tests since my film days and as always, you have a control and your variables. Keep one consistent and log all the changes on the other and you can make some sound judgements.

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