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Mr. Terada (Olympus) answers your 43rumors questions!


Ten days ago we collected your questions to Olympus. And Emanuele from nexthardware brought your list to Amsterdam and interviewed MR. Terada from Olympus with…your questions! The video on top shows the full interview (the audi quality isn’t that good). Enjoy! And Thanks Emanuele!

UPDATE: I really noticed how “hungry” you are to get in contact with Olympus with your questions. If you want I can try to ask Olympus if they are interested to make a special session Q&A with you readers. Don’t know if they will do it, but I can ask :)

P.S.: One more article about the E-M5 at Tv.Smith (Click here). And “cameraporn” pictures at (Click here).

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  • Ernest

    1er yuhuuuu

    • I think Terada would make a good new CEO :D

      • Riley

        if that happens he is lost from Olympus Camera. Still I get the sense that he is popular with Olympus users.

        • @Riley
          nah, I think he would/could still be useful to the imaging division even as CEO

      • Vivek

        +1 :-)

  • nobody

    Nexthardware badly needs some new hardware, for audio that is :)

    • Vivek


  • Rob of OZ

    Hmm lets hope the video wasnt sh with the OM-D :|

    • Ross

      Maybe it was, but then there was a lot of background noise & only a directional or shot gun mic would do better.

      • SZRimaging

        Or a lapel mic or handheld. Seriously, if you are going to interview someone, come prepared with a proper setup and backup batteries.

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    The poor guy looks a little bit stressed out. Maybe they should have ordered strong drink instead of coffee. Anyway, I appreciate the company reaches out to do interviews such as these.

    • @fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang
      he looks more like he is tired and suffering jet lag, which is kinda a good thing …means he is working hard.

      • PS

        looks so…he was in malaysia after the launch in Amsterdam and then back to Amsterdam again.

        I think Coffee will be more helpful than a srtong drink!!!

        • napalm

          i think he was in malaysia, singapore, hk, CP+ (Japan) and amsterdam in a span of a few days. very hardworking man, no doubt

          • jim

            how – hes always on the bloody plane :)

  • molikmolik

    hey admin ,

    I do not have audio at work , can note the importants points

    thanks !

    • Vivek


      Would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

      • peroni

        The questions are shown on screen, the answers are just the usual standard stuff:
        – if a feature is there Mr. Terada will talk about it.
        – If the feature is currently not implemented Olympus will look into that.

        Add the horrible audio, lighting and spoken english and you have the full picture (or video)

        • no question about timelapse but I guess that is coming…

        • Give us a break dude. Your language – if it is your language – or more precisely a version of it – has become a commodity tool for international communication. The guy is perfectly understandable. It is your problem if you don’t dig international English. Got that?

          • Leu

            I have lived out of the US for 8 years (in the middle east, so no, not someplace were they speak a germanic language) and gotten by understanding international english all along, however I do not understand what mr. terada is saying when they’re talking about 24p/25p, could someone enlighten?

            • Charlie

              Can’t understand most of his replies,

              Interviewer needs to transcribe it.

            • napalm

              terada was saying from their consumer point of view, they are not looking for professional video at this moment, only seeing the video thru the TV is enough, for now at least.

              • Miroslav

                =they leave Panasonic (semi)pro video side of market, which is perfectly OK AFAIC.

                • Andrew

                  Sure, but it’d be nice to get some of the perks offered with this camera along with a decent video mode. Oh well, still a nice camera.

          • Steve

            His English is just fine. The audio is a bit muffled but the problem is the recording, not Mr Terada.

    • Bob B.

      An interview with no audio. um…basics.. LOL!
      Thank you all…you saved me from suffering! :-)

  • Hifinut

    BTY Panny Leica 25mm/F1.4 gets a rating from DxOMark. Highest m43 score so far.


    • Kinda strange that distortion for the lens differs between the E-PL2 and the GH2, 1.6% and 1.5% respectively. One would think that for the same format and ratio (4/3), distortion measured from the same lens would be the same on both cameras, as distortion is an optical property of the lens, regardless of what camera used. I wonder why. Maybe just tiny variations, and then rounding off numbers..? Or maybe in-body sw-corrections in the Panny? Or does the Panny bodies correct just Panny lenses?

      • Andrew Howes

        Sensors are a bit different in size.

        • I know they have different sensor sizes, but as long as the distortion is measured within the 4/3 format and ratio, the rendered picture from the lens should be the same, regardless of the over-sized GH2 sensor. The surplus area of that sensor (multi-aspect capable) will not affect the actual 4:3 picture rendered *within* the larger sensor area. I mean, any sensor area lying *outside* the actual picture, will not affect distortion inside the picture.

    • Jorginho

      Wrong thread.

    • Jorginho

      My english is very good, both spoken and written and I have trouble understanding him. I thought even the interviewer had trouble in the begin when he quoted the guy saying “it is a matter of science” and then terada replies “design”. Indeed, the English spoken by him with the bad audio makes it difficult to understand. At least for me too.

    • MGuarini

      I just got one, it is excellent, highly recommend guys.

  • Marck

    Nothing extraordinary or unexpected of course. He cannot tell who made the sensor, the one axis tilting LCD and the external flash are due to the small size of the body, they are studying which is the best way to make the 43 lens focus better than they do today, you can do 720 shots with the two batteries inside the BG (360 shots with a single battery), they are thinking about new fast aperture lenses but are not thinking about shift lenses or an open Android OS. That’s it for what I can remember.

    • Only 360 shots with a single battery? That’s not so much… So I have to buy 2 additional batteries. But I think I have read that it’s possible to make about 650 pics with one battery?

      • @Matthias
        maybe try getting the shot right first time (the E-M5 gives you all the tools to), would mean taking less dud shots. Why would you need to take 1080 shots on one outing away from electricity?

        • Vlad

          Because some of us go hiking. 300 shots are nothing.

          • @Vlad
            If I’m going hiking for the day I prefer to spend the time hiking and taking a few shots, taking 1080 shots sounds like hard work and no enjoyment.

            • Vlad

              Depends on the hike :) You go somewhere for a few days and 1000 shots are nothing. Or making a few panoramas. Generally, taking 300 shots in a day is really nothing special for me and hardly affects my activities.
              But, sure, you can always take spare batteries… As I see it, nowadays we have fast computers, good cameras and whatnot, but the battery life sucks.

              • Considering what the camera is doing and the physical size of the battery, I’d say its not so bad. Obviously battery technology will improve over time, giving battery energy density. 5 years ago its unlikely that even 360 shots would have been possible in a battery the size of the E-5M’s.

                • Vlad

                  Very true.

        • Boooo!

          360 shots is nothing if you’re gone hiking or camping with the kids for the weekend. 360 shots is especially nothing if you also shoot some video or said kids want to look at your photos. Then the battery life goes down to 200. Over two or three days, expect the battery to be gone by the first night. I carry no less than four batteries for the weekend, and they’re not only each good for 500-600 shots, but they also aren’t the new E-M5 batteries, which you won’t find cheaply on eBay.

          • @Boooo!
            I think your kids would prefer you to play with them for the weekend and just take a few shots instead of torturing them with your camera and taking 1,380+ shots with your four batteries over a day or two…

            Just my thoughts…….

            • Digifan

              Priceless answer… , Hammer and nail come to mind.

              • Oilymouse

                And a cross, too :-)

            • Leu

              yes the value of the above can’t be quantified with “+ #”

              • Oilymouse

                -10000 feels about right, though.

            • Oilymouse

              You actually gave him parenting advice and I had to read it, freak.

              Please stop wasting space here: “just my thoughts” is no excuse for your verbal turds.

              • @Oilymouse
                I wouldn’t normally as it’s not my place BUT taking 1,400-2,400 (depending on which batteries he uses ) photos of your kids over 2 days is a bit extreme.

                • Oilymouse

                  If he and his kids have great time watching their videos (twice? more?) while on a trip he should be encouraged to do so, not ridiculed.

            • Boooo!

              “I think your kids would prefer you to play with them for the weekend and just take a few shots instead of torturing them with your camera and taking 1,380+ shots with your four batteries over a day or two…”

              I never said I take “1380+ shots”. What I said is that battery life goes DOWN when you start looking at the photos. Kids also take photos themselves (I give them my E-510 for that), using the live view mode (it’s how their compacts work, so it’s familiar), which is another serious drain on the battery. I don’t have the E-5 so I can’t shoot video, but if I could, I would need six or seven batteries for the weekend – not four.

              Borrow some small kids for the weekend (you obviously don’t have any of your own) and let them have access to your camera. Let me know how long it takes until your *FIRST* battery is done. Here’s a hint: it might even happen in the car.

              Please stop giving advice about things you have no idea about.

              • @Boooo!
                I’ve got 5 kids,and if I take more than a 10-20 photos of them on an given day they would quickly tell me to get a life!
                btw I’ve been using live view exclusively for 5 years.

                • Boooo!

                  You have 5 kids at a tender age of 30 (give or take a couple of years) and you’re single as well?

                  GTFO, troll.

                  • @Boooo!
                    where does it say I’m 30 give or take a couple of years and single?
                    Family pics are on my flickr (obviously only viewable by family and friends) or on

                    so no not the troll.

          • flash

            You need plug a charger in your backpack. :)

            I always felt this was a problem of automatic and especially digital cameras, when you are away form it all for a week. I do not know what I would of done when I was away from power source for weeks when I was travelling to take pictures if I had to use a Digital Camera. I got the best shoots of my life then, with slow film.

            Seriously, I have seen charger that were powered by boots and sandals for cell phones. I have used flexible Solar cells to charge lithium ion cells. Not sure what a really workable solution is, as batteries are heavy to take, and airport security will not like seeing to many of them if you need to take a plane.

            The only good thing is by summer someone will be sell inexpensive batteries for the M5.

            • According to Wired, the best current charger is the the Joos:


              Sounds like it should be able to charge a battery a day (or so), given decent light.

          • Well, face the facts. This is a result of camera miniaturization, and at the same time packing them w/ high-rate EVFs, 3.2″ high-res screens, CAF, 9 fps, liveview, playback and video features. Which is what everybody is screaming for! So please, just face the consequences, will you? Moreover, carrying a couple of 40gr batteries surely shouldn’t be a problem!

            • Vlad

              Lol, and that coming from the guy wondering about the 0.1% difference in lens distortion measurement.
              Face the facts, better battery life is better. Go hiking in the winter and see how many batteries you need to actually carry and then fiddle with them while wearing gloves. It is hardly a huge problem, but it’s definitely something that I would like to see improved soon.

              • Huh?
                What on earth has a question about distortion anything remotely to do with battery capacity? Actually, I find that question rather justified, as distortion within a lens is not affected by the camera behind it! Hence those values should be the same. A distorting lens will do so, even w/ no camera mounted! Go figure.

                Back to the batteries –
                Being a Norwegian mountaineer, I believe I know more than most about climbing/scrambling/skiing/hiking in wintertime, let alone about gloves and battery change! Add to that how to conserve batteries in the cold, how to shoot “battery friendly”, how to handle/transport/store cameras and lenses in cold hostile environments, w/ biting cold, frost, snowdrift, ice, sleet, humidity, condense etc. etc… If you have something to contribute regarding this, please chime in. I can simply assure you – I’ve been there, done that!

                But I will stand my ground here – low battery capcity in the micro cams of today is simply logical, as every aspect of their operation relies on power, and lots of it to boot, all run from a mini battery… The fact that the number of pictures pr. charge will decline, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Thus complaining is sort of moot. Again, face the facts.

                • Vlad

                  I thought it was pretty obvious. You are wondering about something totally insignificant such as 0.1% distortion, yet you tell me that I shouldn’t be wondering about battery life, which is actually a much more relevant issue. I certainly don’t see how your question is “more justified”.
                  Now that you explained how amazingly experienced you are in mountaineering and taking care of your camera in the cold – what was the point of that? Actually, in that case I would expect you to agree with my original point that 300 shots battery life is actually nothing in these conditions.
                  “low battery capacity in the micro cams of today is simply logical” – finally, you make a counter-argument. I disagree, though. The E-M5 is tiny. Make it a bit bigger and put a larger battery inside. It won’t be that big, you know. I see a rugged, lightweight camera – perfect for hiking. But a battery life of 360 shots is low and you know that. You also know how annoying it can be to keep tiny batteries warm and then swap them while wearing gloves. So, yes, I am complaining. Same like you are wondering about the 0,1% difference.

              • The E-M5 battery life may exceed expectations anyway:
                Quote from Ephotozine preview:
                “The camera’s battery life is rated at 330 shots…
                We took nearly 1000 photos before the battery went flat…”

                Enjoy! :)

                • Vlad

                  That’s with the battery grip though.

        • Berneck

          I was guilty of this myself. When I went digital, it was not uncommon to take several thousand pics when I went on a trip. I finally realized that I was just mindlessly snapping away and not thinking of my shots. I started to restict myself to the number of photos per day, to say 50. The quality of my photos increased dramatically! I really gave a lot more thought into my settings, composition, etc. Not only was I more pleased with my shots, I wasn’t inundated with a ton of crap, and more importantly, I didn’t miss the shots I would have taken in addition.

          • Mauro

            That’s a nice idea Berneck!
            I have the same problem, and after a trip I can easily have take some 10’000s of pictures. Totally insane, for multiple reasons (the people around you during the vacation, the time you’ll spend afterwards etc.)but this is a nice discipline to have.

          • Ross

            That would have saved a lot of time afterwards on the computer too.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            > started to restict myself to the number of photos per day, to say 50. The quality of my photos increased dramatically! I really gave a lot more thought into my settings, composition, etc.
            Works when you have plenty of time and control of the situation and target.

            But when you don’t have time to waste for searching if you could find even better angle or don’t even know if you can later get better picture from target situation is entirely different. And then there are situations when you’re not photographing something static (like object in landscape) but changing situation/process (thunderstorm, sunset etc) where you can’t be sure how long it lasts.
            And especially that goes with moving targets like animals and birds. Of course if you have say decade long relationship with particular bird then you can start to predict its behaviour. (I know one such nature photographer)

        • In 1 day in holidays it’s not a problem to make 500 or 600 pics, and maybe also a few short videos ;-) I don’t make so much pics every day, but somedays…

    • Jorginho

      When I click on Elniorgs part and reply, the message ends up here??? Sorry than…

      • Easily done – just make sure you click the “Reply” link ABOVE the answer you’re replying to, and not the more intuitive link at the bottom of the answer, which belongs to the next entry…

  • Farrukh

    How about a dedicated wireless ring flash unit for MFT?

    • Vivek

      The Metz 15MS-1 fits that requirement. Moreover, this flash can be used with other system cameras and with TTL!

      Only downside I find with this is the size. If it is a bit smaller (with only a 49mm attachment), it would be great on EM-5 and NEX-7 and such small mirrorless cams.

      As it is, the dual macro LED from olympus can be used on the EM-5.

    • There’s a cheap LED ringlight out there that Kirk Tuck swears by.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Got a link?

  • Also interesting he pointing a tele lens in M43 need be compact, maybe size so around 75-300mm i think.

  • My English is still not good enough to understand fluent speech in such a noisy environment. Would somebody tell me about the answer for the focus peaking question? (As I can see the answer was a simple “Yes, it’s possible” after a relatively long session of explaining what the focus peaking actually means, but I’m not sure.)

    • @kesztio
      unfortunately they might add focus peaking as an option in the future, Terada understands the need to see the whole composition

      • That could be solved by a smaller magnified frame *within* the whole frame, instead of having the magnification for MF covering the whole EVF. That way you would have control of the MF, whilst retaining the overview for the composition. If the magnified frame could also be moved with the keypad/arrows, it would be the greatest MF system ever! And the accuracy will beat focus peaking big time…

        • Vlad


        • This come by firmware 1.3 on E-P1, and i think this is on all Pen so come after.

        • @Erik Aaseth
          OMG haven’t they implemented it that way yet, it’s been like that on Pannys since the Four Thirds L10!

          • Dunno, I just presumed it was not, derived from the entry I replied to, which in my interpretation sort of indicates that you’d lose the EVF overview during MF magnification.

            Is it implemented like that in the E-P* already?
            I mean, you get a moveable magnified frame for MF within the total EVF overview? If so, that must surly be implemented in the E-M5 also. In that case, it’s VERY good!

            Add to that the fact that magnified MF is far more accurate than focus peaking, and that the 5-axis IBIS will also stabilize the magnified wiew, it will work like a charm! Imagine such a stabilized MF for tele- and macro use… Swell! :)

            • MP

              I dont think that is still available in Oly cameras. It would be great if they could add it to E-M5. That thing works better that focus peaking.

            • Yes you need move frame to there so you will have in focus and when you move focus dial will camera zoom in to x7 or x10 and when you stop move dial go camera back to full frame.

        • Digifan

          That’s what Panasonic does.
          I hoped the Magnified view would be like the G2.
          but hey it’s not a showstopper for me.

        • Mr. Reeee

          +10 The G3 has picture in picture focus assist.

          I manual focus most of the time with my GH2 and simply shift the focus point while composing. This is especially important shooting macro and critical focus, where expose, focus and recompose will change the focus of my subject.

          My work around is to compose, see what I want to focus, then shift the focus point.
          Sure it takes a few extra seconds, but it helps me get what I want in proper focus.

          • Bart

            The problem is that the Pana bodies do not have as good an interface for setting the focus point as say the Olympus E-3/5 where you can use the 2 wheels.

            If you already set the focus point while thinking up the composition, and can do so without having to move your right hand to press buttons, it is very quick and becomes a help in composing the picture, and actually speeds things up.

      • Nasar

        Thank you. I tried to catch up what they said too.

        In fact, what we expect is a feature which helps identify whether a subject is actually in focus. It is not essential to be Sony’s focus peaking. Oly may come up with anything better and more practical than peaking.

        • Digifan

          Peaking is not suitable for critical focus.
          I’ve used it and magnified view is absolutely better.
          Peaking shows the zone of focus, DoF, but it can happen that certain parts are enough in focus (for the system) to be highlighted but when reviewed later, it turns out the focus was not correct.
          I’t very annoying in portraits or “lanscape” shots where some item should be in focus rather than others.
          Peaking is fine for quick zone focussing where it’s not necessay to have one specific item better in focus than another, magnified view is too slow for that.

          • PS

            This is one feature that is not the best solution.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Maybe not, but it gives added flexibility, when magnified focus assist may not be appropriate in the moment.

              • ulli

                indeed , peaking is good for fast focus moments when using mf lenses

                • Wallbeck

                  Yeah. Peaking feature in my NEX5n is really helpful when fast-focus is required. It helps me get lots of great action shots.

          • Steve

            Yes, agreed!

    • I think this come on a firmware update.

  • 75mmf/1.8

    Guys, please help me understand what Mr Terada is saying about when 75/1.8 gonna hit the shelves.
    BTW. It’s 5m 35sec

  • Did I catch that right? 75mm f/1.8 coming earlier than 60mm f/2.8 macro? And around summertime?

    • 75mmf/1.8

      Can’t wait the lens. Thanx!

      • Bob B.

        Thanks for the translation about the 75mm f/1.8! That is the only MFT product that has me excited in the last few months. Can’t wait.

    • david

      I understood summertime, but I couldn’t tell for sure what he said about the timing of 75 vs 60, despite listening to it several times. My vague impression was that he indicated the 75 had higher priority (fingers crossed).

      • Bob B.

        isn’t is great ….puzzle-piece photos released of camera…now scratchy audio bits about a lens.
        Too funny. Let me know when the 75mm hits the shelves!

  • Riley

    I think I need to improve my lipreading skills
    still, thanks to Emanuele and Mr Terada (TT?) for the effort

  • Dear @admin,

    I think it would be a brighter idea to make such an interview with the Panasonic DSLR development head MUCH BEFORE the GH3 gets anounced.

    I say ‘much before’ to let them enough time for reflecting about the desired options/changes to be implemented, not AFTER the releasing – when the proposals could be taken into account just for the next releases. (“Lock the stable door BEFORE the horse is stolen”)

    • 75mmf/1.8

      First Qs for Panny:

      – how will you response to latest Olympus offerings, I mean Zuiko 60/2.8 macro and Zuiko75/1.8? Can we expect (even) longer macro lens like 100/2.8 POIS (sharp at 1/30; 1:1).
      – do you have any plans for UWA pancake 9-10mm as a kit for next GF (new GF not old) camera.

      • karay

        +1 for the compact 10mm prime (something like a slowish Biogon). Could even been made by Oly with weather sealing.

    • Leu

      Yes! <- to making the list ahead of time. No to how will pana respond to Oly's new lenses. Panasonic already announced the 2 constant aperture zooms, and they will probably be released with or before the GH3 and any other cameras they're releasing this year. Also, Pana and Oly have the same lens mount so competition for lenses, I believe is more coordinated than haphazard.

  • I wish Oly and Pana made public a lens roadmap like Fuji, Pentax, Sony. Terada says the OM-D is targeting new groups of users that require different lenses. If you think of investing in an OM-D, a lens roadmap would help.
    Interesting also that swivel/rotate monitor and built in flash was not implemented as the design was higher priority. Small and light cameras cannot have anything.
    Good that bthey are thinking of focus peaking! This is a software development that can be implemented any time. Very strange that som above don’t want focus peaking – you do not have to use it if you don’t like it!
    At TOP there was input from several people, the majority being very positive. Peaking does not always help, but used the right way and in optimal situations it is very useful. They mentioned that you have to spend some time with to learn “when and how”. Those who thinks focus peaking is no good, probably jumped the learning thing.

    • Digifan

      Sorry but I have used focus peaking (FP) extensively, see comments a little higher up.
      I don’t dismiss FP at all. But most think it’s better than magnified view (MV) so FP should replace MV according to them.
      I’m all for having FP but MV should be the last step in the manual focussing process. FP to get to the zone fast and MV by a button press to zoom in on a specific point. That way both technologies complement each other!
      If I have to choose between either of the technologies than MV gets my vote.

      • that sounds sensible!

        the magnified view is a pain to use unless you’re shooting something static with camera mounted on a tripod

        but it should still be there as an option to confirm focus is 100% right

  • I have to say, mr. Terada-san does not look all that comfortable. I guess he must be tired and a bit stressed out, even fed up, by all the commotion these days, surrounding the E-M5 launch. That said, I can understand him…

    Anyway, we should be grateful for his engagement and courtesy towards the media. I just hope he does not wear out due to this. It surely is important that Oly has a human (inter)face towards the customers and the market in this turmoil. So, should anyone have the opportunity, please bring him my regards!

    • BLI

      Tired… jet-lag + same questions all the time? :-)

      • The big problem is that some need same answer many time. :-D :-P

        • BLI

          Yes :-). And with the inaccuracy of journalists (not all, but many), we need to “average” the reported answers to get a better idea of the true answers :-).

          • Charlie

            He was sh!tfaced. :D

  • Riley

    “still studying which is the best way to make the 4/3rs lens focus better’

    well for some this is the $64mill question, I think what they need to do is accept that they need to examine more closely how to implement phasing of CDAF. For Sony this has meant 2 variants of mirrorless, the Nex series akin to our Pen, and the SLT which took over from the SLRs. I think we need to camera configurations too.

    For us the SLT might not be the best way forward, it costs light to the sensor increasing noise in the least noise competitive format, and has optical hazards in specular highlights. However the SLT can be modified to avoid these ills.

    In place of the half mirror a clear glass can be fitted, that is only silvered at the AF points, in this way it has 100% full time liveview via an EVF, but also phased AF to a regular SLR AF sensor at the time of actioning the shutter. On firing the shutter the glass is retracted out of the way for an unrestricted shot of the scene.

    Since the mirror surface is only there for the AF group it really only needs to be of that size, which means it can be more easily retracted into the tight confines of the shorter register of mFT mount.

    This means this ‘SLR like’ camera can use either 4/3rds lenses or mFT lenses with PDAF as in ‘one beautiful system’. AF speed is restored to 4/3rds lenses and increased for mFT lenses. It has full time liveview support from the sensor yet it doesnt give up 30% of the light like the Sony does.

    There are few choices here, they either renig on the possibility of one beautiful system… and plan production of Exxx SLRs again, or keep to their word and their honour by developing a hybrid type as explained above. It isnt going to work any other way.

    • Sound like a good and plausible solution, Riley.
      The big question is; is there physical space for such a contraption within the m4/3 flange back?
      If ever possible, it would be just great!

      • Riley

        a full size retractable glass surface would require 13mm+, considering the micro mount has the electrical connectors at the bottom, and a shutter with filter stack, you couldnt fold it as we do with SLRs, so that way wouldnt work.

        But unlike OVF cameras it doesnt need to blank out the focussing screen so it could be retracted sideways, add to that the glass only need cover the AF point group which is less than half the sensor height.

        The one question I havent examined in detail to be certain, is if there is enough scope left for a PDAF sensor in front of the mirror, but from early reckoning it seems plausible.

    • BLI

      What if they change the location/number of the AF sensors? Would that require a new adapter?

      • Yes, in case of an external adapter, such a solution is dependent on a full match w/ the AF frame positioning within the camera. Unless the the adapter contains both the mirror and the AF frame array itself, but I guess not, because then the adapter array has to override/disable the AF frames within the camera body, which will probably be too complex, I think. Best thing would be to have it all within the camera body, but then again, it’s not much room there… :/

      • Riley

        the number wont, the location does.

        Ideally you need 3 sensels (group of pixels) at each AF point location, each at a slightly different distance. In this way you can get more focus information from each AF point and the focus can be adjusted by moving the lens focussing mechanism to the strongest contrast as that denotes the closest focus.

        But you cant stack focussing sensels like this at the sensor, so you need some way of redirecting some of the light(even temporarily)to a stack of sensels off the sensor, which is how SLR systems work.

        The issue with Sony’s solution for us, is that they have more space to play with in the adapter, as their mount to sensor is less, and the lens register to mount is more. Im not sure we could do the same thing in micro as our limits are around 18mm, and we have to fit the thickness of 2 mounts and electrical connections within. Doesnt seem like it would work. We have no choice but to fit it in the camera, probably nicer that way anyway

        the Sony looks dam ugly anyway :)

    • Tropical Yeti

      @Riley: “a clear glass can be fitted, that is only silvered at the AF points”

      AF points become points in focal plane. Light destined to single point in focal plane is scattered all around in mirror plane, so no “silvering” of points in mirror plane is possible.

      • Riley

        silvering is the process that makes a mirror

        with the ‘mirror/s’ on the glass at an angle it will reflect light at the AF points to the AF sensor positioned out of frame beyond

    • Agent00soul

      I think what they’re studying is if they can find a way to provide good enough AF with the 4/3 lenses without adding PDAF hardware. Adding extra hardware will mean extra costs that might be difficult to recoup by increasing the price of the camera (due to the competition). If they can find a software solution, it will not increase the production costs.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        You can’t do something in software when hardware isn’t physically capable to it.

        • Agent00soul

          Well, what isn’t the hardware physically capable of? The lens is the same. They just need to figure out a way to make the camera control the lens in a proper way. Who says phase detect sensors is the only way to do this?

          • Riley

            depends on whether you think you can create software to replace air in tyres

            Not really a matter of ‘phase detect sensors’, more a matter of multiple sources of information, so that focussing ‘knows’ which way to move a lens when focussing begins, and ‘knows’ when to stop. One source cant do that with 4/3rds lenses

            • Suppose the camera follows the subject even before you press the shutter button. Then the camera will know in which way it moves and at what speed. Then it should be possible to calculate in which direction and how much to focus the lens.
              Remember, a few years ago no one thought CDAF could ever rival PDAF for S-AF. Now it not only rivals but even outperforms it in some cases.

              • Riley

                yeah I see where you are coming from, but it has to be able to measure that (in a sense) to know whether the subject is closer or further away. It cant really follow without that data, and that data can only come from additional sensing. In this case that means extra AF sensors that are /phased/ so that 1 or 2 are always OOF, thats the meaning of phased.

  • matt

    thank you for the interview.. but next time use a proper recorder.. or spend some time in audio editing program , because the audio was horrible :(

  • Vlad

    I am probably in the minority, but it would be nice hear about the whole design process of the OM-D, same like Fuji did for the X100. It would certainly be an interesting read.

    • Olympus doing this when E-3 come in 2007.

      • indeed the E-3 story was a very interesting read

  • fh

    Who made the sensor?
    No comment.

    Does adjustments like tone curve affect RAWs too?
    No, RAW remains unprocessed.

    Why tilt-only and no built-in flash?
    To maintain small body size.

    HDR, panorama; External GPS; Focus peaking?
    In consideration as demand increases.

    Wireless support?
    Supports Eye-Fi.

    No 24p/25p?
    Olympus expects most OM-D consumers will prefer compatability with their 30p/60p HDTVs. Professionals can look for higher end models.

    Low ISO?
    Higher priority to improve high ISO performance first.

    Shots with vertical grip?
    By CIPA standard, 360 without; around double that with.

    75mm and 60mm macro availability and pricing?
    Both by end of summer. 75mm early summer, 60mm macro after that. No answer about pricing.

    Constant-aperture zooms?
    Since the OM-D has a new customer group, they have different needs for lenses. Olympus will consider those options.

    Shift lenses?
    Demand is not very high. Possible, but not a priority.

    Fast long prime?
    Yes, it’s important.

    Support for 4/3 on m4/3?
    Still studying the best way to implement “comfortable” AF speeds.

    5-axis IBIS for PEN?
    Yes, why not. Depend on the product range.

    EVF, OVF, or Hybrid?
    Benefit of EVF is seeing live adjustments before taking the shot.

    Android-like open development?
    Seems interesting. But not anytime soon.

    Also to admin, another reminder that Japan will not be selling the 14-42 kit! Only 12-50 and body-only (each in black or silver). The 14-42 Amazon Japan pre-order link just points to the 12-50 pre-order page!

    • BLI

      Thanks! Previously, Olympus has said that the 75/1.8 comes in “late summer”. It is very interesting that he now says “early summer”. Apart from that — wireless…: they also have a bluetooth transfer solution for reduced size pics, which is fine with me: I don’t need to upload the full picture to Facebook/the iPad/tablet anyway.

      Wish for new product:
      A small combo hotshoe clamp-on with
      * GPS
      * bluetooth communication for external control of the camera (is bluetooth fast enough for control of flashes?) and some iOS/Android/Win8 app?
      * bluetooth for transferring pictures (with user choice of resolution – should be “low” due to speed of transfer), and some iOS/Android/Win8 app?
      * possibly a low power “flash” — basically sufficient to control external flashes and not for illumination

      In the future, build in these things into the camera body. With GPS, the camera should store a reference time (GMT?) and the location. Later, the software (Lightroom, etc) should infer the date/time from map data. This way, I won’t have to remember changing the time when traveling through time zones (Lightroom doesn’t even support all time zones today, making it inconvienient to change the time zone upon import!!).

      • fh

        Well, by “early summer”, Mr. Terada could simply mean “earlier than the 60mm”, not necessarily at the start of summer.

      • I understood that they will make fast glass once the OMD pro-model becomes available. So the pro model is coming and with it pro glass. I would say this is good news for you guys and I take the OMD5 to schoot anywhere and anytime to develop my photography skills.

    • Thank you for the transcription.

      And kudos to nexthardware,, and Terada-san.

    • Charlie

      Props for the interpretation!!!

    • Miroslav

      Thanks fh!

    • Alexander

      thanks for writing it down!!! :-)

    • jim

      Nice work…. cheers

    • Dear fh,

      thank you very much for your “acoustical transmission”!

  • Nawaf

    Great interview guys! Arigato!

    Terada-San is doing a good job with PR. He’s the best thing that has happened to Olympus lately.

    On a personal note, I can’t decide to get the E-M5 or the Nex 7. I need to see some RAW files before I decide. It’s that good!!

    • The Real Stig

      I have some of the RAW files Focus Numerique posted, which I downloaded before they deleted them. If anyone wants, I could upload them so you can download them.

    • PS

      Keep the lens range in mind.

  • BLI on the Zuiko 14-35/2 + E-M5: “I had also the 14-35 here and also an opportunity to use it. The AF at the short focal lengths is ready fast – the E-5 can it faster, but sometimes the E-5 finds absolutely nothing and then the E-M5 is again faster.” (Google translation from German seems to be relatively correct.)

    • Miroslav

      Very interesting. Two more Google translated quotes about E-M5 AF with 14-35 F2: “the AF is fast enough that something is afloat.” “trying to catch the motorcyclist with AF-S from the front. It worked in any case, before I had to jump out of the way.”

      So this means AF is quite usable. Am I wrong or this lens did not focus at all on previous m4/3 bodies?

      • Digifan

        Correct focus was really slow, on the older Pens, I’d say unusable.

        • Ru Elpser

          Pen and tell = non objective fanboys beware

    • He says more likely that the AF speed is usable – seems that google translate is the fanboy! The E-5 is faster but only if it doesn’t hunt, something he did not experience with the E-M5.

      Noticed that the blogger put a lot of stuff online. I’m going to pick the noteworthy stuff out for you guys.

      • The E-M5 and E-5 focus 4/3 glass almost at the same speed. 35-100 takes less than 1s and focus is absolutely acurate, even with the old 50-200, which did’t focus on the PEN models.
        IS works even in video moe by sensor shift and therefore stops wobble mostly.
        The new 3D tracking predicts movements towards and away from the camera an improves thereby the C-AF of the phase detect AF
        AF-speed is improved by 20% compared to the E-P3.
        (pen and tell: oh my goodness)

        When changing the EVF to 240Hz the resolution is slightly reduced but not really noticable. This allows to pan almost like with an OVF. The lag is so short that pictures can be framed as with en OVF DSLR. Even with 9 frames/s there is no blackout and the image gets constantly refreshed. Olympus works on increasing the C-AF rate upt to 9 frames/s, too. 4/3 lenses will not work on C-AF.
        (pen and tell: E-M5 in Amsterdam)

        The leather on the silver E-M5 has much better grip and allows to handle even SHG 4/3 lenses well without the battery grip. The sensor resolves so well that there is a visual difference between the absolutely sharp 4/3 12-35 and the m4/3 12-50. Olympus is working hard in in-camera HDR, which will cover 8 EV.
        (pen and tell: terrada a hell of features)

        The new sensor has about 1 EV less noise in RAW.
        (pen and tell: E-M5 und das alte 50-200)

        AF with short focal length is fast enough and close to the E-5. Where the E-5 might hund the M-E5 will always move straight to the target and absolutely acurate.
        (pen and tell: E-M5 and 4/3 14-35 f2)

        Live-Bulb is actually Live-Time, as the shutter does not need to be depressed for the entire exposure but at the start and at the end. The feature takes the guesswork out of the exposure and allows to compose the 4th dimension (time). A fantastic feature and the first real change to photography for decades. Unfortunately there is no Histogram available for Live-Bulb.
        (pen and tell: E-M5 and Livebulb)

        • Miroslav

          Thanks for the translation. If half of those things turn out to be true, it’ll be great.

  • @ Kylberg:
    “Small and light cameras cannot have anything.”
    I guess you mean “Small and light cameras cannot have everything.” ?
    If not anything, I surely won’t buy one! ;)

    • BLI

      It depends on what he means by “small and light” :-).

    • Critics well taken! :-)
      But think of how small, light and cheap a camera without anything could be.

  • Gabi

    fh, thanks for the summary (“translation” ;-))and thanks also to Emanuele and Mr Terada! It seems that Oly micht plan to release fast long primes… That is good news for me.

    • Gabi

      ooops, typo, change “might” to “might”


    Hi guys&gals, I’m glad you’re enjoying our interview. Unfortunately, the hall in wich we had the interview was VERY crowded with people and it was difficult to find even the right place. Moreover, consider that we’ve met Terada-san at the end of the day, after the shooting so we were all a little worn. :-) I’m adding sub-heading to the clip. :)



    • Thank you and Terada-san so much!

    • flash

      Thank you.

      It was a good interview, despite the less then ideal setting.

    • Miroslav

      Thanks Emanuele!

    • PS

      Commendable effort and well taken…keep up the good work!

    • Vivek

      Thanks, Emanuele!

      If you plan to do this sort of video interviews often, perhaps you should think about investing in an external mic or a separate sound recorder.

  • LarsPeterJucht

    you compare the m43 crap to 3 year old dslr like the 5D MK2.

    wait a few weeks and compare the quality to a 5D MK3…..

    m43 will always be for the medicore…

    • So about few weeks is also 5D MKII crap. :-P

      • PS

        Actually he meant 5D MKII will be Crappier!

    • Go away. Plain and simple.
      We needn’t you puking senseless crap like this in here.
      Different systems – cons & pros. Get it? (guess not :/).

    • The Real Stig

      And full size DSLR’s will ALWAYS be too big for some people and some purposes.

      Do you have anything else to say, apart from stating the blinding obvious?

    • flash

      What? I nor anyone mentioned the 5D MK2.

      A 5D MK3 and 6 lens will cost how much? weight how much? will it let you take better pictures? will even the quality of the image be any better when viewed on a display panel or even a 8 x 10 prints or less?

      When you use it will it say I’m a Canon photo nerd?

      Sorry if you bought one, you should of bought a Nikon or Leica DSLR,if you wanted a larger format DSLR, they are so much better. But a m43 is a better system to own for most and me (you can take it places), IMHO.

    • Andrew Howes

      Medicore? Is that like a Manticore? Scary!

    • Digifan

      Well then, I’m very happy making a living with my less then mediocre (m)43rds stuff ;-)

    • Pedro del Río

      Anyway, Jucht, what a crapy photographer would you be if you could not shoot good pictures with a 3 years old technical standard? If this was the case, even the most advanced today’s gear would not make a good phtographer out of you.

    • Steve

      Why do you people come on a site called “43rumors” to bitch about 43 cameras???? Is your life that boring, sad, and pathetic that you feel the need to troll forums you are not interested in?

      I feel sorry for you.

      • PS

        Actually Leaf is the quality Lars needs to visit.

        After that 5D MK IV will also not catch up!!

    • Oilymouse

      I think he’s saying the last three years his pictures were crap, but he had an excuse as cameras were crap too. This makes sense.

      However, he’s also telling us m43 users are “mediocre”, which smells like a contradiction: given the crappy cameras we have to put up with, we should be considered fine photographers! Yay!

      • Vlad

        Nicely put.

    • bitmatt

      I own a 5D mkII. It’s my work camera, and it is just that… WORK. Takes amazing photos, but is huge in my hands and cumbersome to lug around. The Canon will remain my work camera when I finally get my shiny new EM-5 for everything else. Can’t wait- photography will be fun again!

    • bubba

      Amen to that. Sound was terrible.

  • tysonhodges

    Interested to see what 4/3 plans they have.

  • Tropical Yeti

    Ugh, seeing video, Mr. Terada is obviously dead tired of same questions all the time, during his European tour.

    Don’t you think he is step by step becoming Maitani of Olympus digital era?

    • MP


    • flash

      Maybe, Olympus is doing a good job in mFTs this last year. It seems what we think are the short comings of the last camera offering the next one will fix that and even do better then we expect. The 5 axis stability seems to be a major improvement, if it works half as good as advertised, the only question for me is Silver or Black :) ; as this will fulfill a specific shooting requirement for me.

      In the last year the mFT system has really started to grow in many areas. On the lower end you can get a new P-M1 with lens for $425 dollars US, and a G3 with lens for $450 US. The upper end we have a soon to be released OM-G, with nice add on grips. Panasonic gave us the GX1, and talk about a new upper end camera. With many new prime lens at different price points, more coming by the end of this calendar year. Some compact zoom lens from Panasonic with more to come. The video performance is just starting to be exploited, I hope to see more this year. The bodies are so small and cute one can’t stop on one.

      Lets see what we want, in camera GPS, WIFI or Bluetooth (not sure which one), more manual focusing options, some different video options. Tethered support. Of course the usual improved DR, faster shutter, and broader ISO. and better support for the PDAF 43 glass. Maybe a lower cost mFT dedicated video camera.

      Lens Primes 10mm, a new weather sealed 17, and a weather sealed 25, 100mm and 200 mm. Two or three fixed aperture zoom lens, plus a telephoto sealed zoom lens.

      Compared to what happen in the last year, I expect a majority of my wish list will be meet by the mFT group sometime in the next two years.

    • trevor

      Maybe if he wasn’t so cloak & dagger and actually gave a flat out honest answer once in a while it wouldn’t feel like such a chore…

      • Mr. Reeee

        It wasn’t cloak and dagger, but a perfect display of corporate non-committalism.

        “Yes, we’re looking at that”
        “Yes, in the future we may consider it.”
        “Yes, we are researching that.”

        He did his song and dance rather well, jet lagged or whatever. At least Olympus sees fit to have some sort of spokesperson address the photo enthusiast community. Oly gets high marks from me for that alone!

  • WT21

    Please, no more “who makes the sensor” It’s like a joke now.

    • flash

      I always wanted to know who provided the Glass to make the lens, this is going back since the OM days. I never found out, I suspected mostly Hoya, it would be a funny if it was Nikon. Nikon use to advertise the fact that they mined their own glass, and so they had an advantage.

      As Olympus is in the camera business they are selling cameras not sensors, we will have to wait. At least we will eventually find out who made the sensor, not like who is the glass supplier which will be a mystery. They are trying to make the point the Camera is greater then a sensor.

      • Charlie

        Who made the Panasonic sensor???

        • Fan


        • flash

          Panasonic is in the Electronics Business. That is why they emphasize that. It took us awhile to find who made the Nikon 1 sensor, not so long for the Sony cameras. See my point.

      • PS

        Oly is a glass maker and good glass is its strength.

        • flash

          Olympus is a great lens maker, even in their early history they wanted to be like Zeiss, and make lens for different companies. I know in the they have made lens for other camera companies, in the recent past, maybe still do.

          I do not think I was as clear as I wanted to be. I literary meant “glass”. The raw ingredients needs to be gotten, stripped of impurities, blended for consistency, and mixed with some special stuff. I was not talking about forming, grinding and polishing.

      • Hoya. Maybe Schott, too, but definitely Hoya.

  • andy

    On EP3 Successor
    – OMD sensor
    – 5 axis stabilization
    – same body as the EP3
    – higher battery life
    – higher flash sync

    On lenses
    – 12-42 f4 (small as possible to compliment the PEN cameras)

    • Miroslav

      -articulated screen
      -focus peaking
      -ISO 100
      -EVF in the top left corner

      • Jekins


      • Steve

        -Absolutely not.

        See how different people want different things?

        • Miroslav

          -you don’t have to use if you don’t want to
          -you don’t have to use if you don’t want to
          -we agree
          -only because the top of the camera remains flat

          “See how different people want different things?”

          That’s why several different models should be made. If the inner parts are the same ( sensor, processor, IBIS, screen, EVF, flash, battery ) it doesn’t cost a manufacturer much more to produce camera bodies that differ in shape a bit. Take G3 and GX1 as perfect example with the latter being more expensive only because of metal body and product positioning.

  • Jekins

    And when HDMI-out support in realtime to shot and record video? (not only for playback)
    All others brand cameras support it.
    Is very very very very ridiculous this limitation. :-(
    Is possible fix this in new firmwares?
    if not i wait for GH3

    • Steve

      What percentage of shooters would ever use this small camera in such a way? I’d say way, way, way less than 1%.

  • WT21

    I love how he laughs at the comment “this would be more useful for professionals” at 3:35ff.

    One of the singular most useless ideas in online Photo forums are the discussions around “professional photographer” needs. There is no one group of “pros”


    Added the english subtitles to the interview. Thanks for your patience, it was a quite long work. :)



    • PS

      Sorry but this doesnt seem to be updated to the link above!

  • nxp3

    Who makes the sensor…who asks that still. If you like the picture does it matter? If sony will you not buy it, or panasonic?

    After having a couple of mft, I liked it, but always thought that something was missing. With the em-5 fast focus and this IBIS, and some other improvements, this is the closest to the camera I had in mind.

    I’ve read all the manual, I mean some things could improve on. Touch screen input is not good enough. Having to go back between touchscreen and buttons and dials is awkward, but that is not a show stopper. Things such as HDR, that can be updated with firmware right? why not have it? And I hope that olympus will improve it with firmware. They tend to not and only add new features in the next camera. But this is a big investment, I won’t be buying another camera for a long time after this.

    I’ve already got the funds approve by the “bank of wife”, but I have to cut some spending in other department. So long video games, so long ps vita, so long new computer.

    • Vlad

      I think people are asking about the sensor now, precisely because there aren’t many decent samples.

  • Mojojones

    I have been very impressed with Mr. Terada throughout this release. He always gives thorough, well considered responses (even if they are sometimes non-answers) and shows a significant depth of knowledge of the product and industry. I wish there were more like him in the industry.

    • T-L

      It was quite funny to watch the interview with him when E-M5 was presented. While every other m4/3 fan or reviewer would be excited by the new features, trying to tell the crowd how fantastic camera it is, he just talk about it like there is nothing much to talk about, cause he saw that thing thousand times before in many stages of production and development, so he wasn’t excited by it anymore. Just a regular everyday stuff.. :)

  • 43shot

    Most consumers prefer 30p? I suppose if they knew what 30p was because most consumers have no clue. That’s a bit of a BS answer IMO to dodge the question.

  • 43shot

    The correct question should be “does the camera have the capability to support 24P?”

    • Unless they totally screwed the pooch on the processor, of course it can.

      • trevor

        Myself and another guy really dug in with the video questions in a tech chat on their facebook page and the Olympus rep seemed to get a little defensive saying they are a “stills company” and I had to ask, why even bother with the video then?

        Nobody has been able to say “here’s the hardware failure, this is why the camera can’t support other native video formats or higher bitrates”. It’s plain old half baked R&D. Open the camera up like android and let us do it for you, or fully commit to a feature and improve upon existing tech offered by competitors. I don’t understand all the resistance, m43 is a couple years old as a system. I get the feeling there’s this entrenched concept of what m43 can and can not be despite it’s newness. They should be saying “here’s a feature set that’s being asked for, lets add that to the m43 ideal”.

  • st3v4nt

    I can’t find anything new about 4/3, OM-D, and m4/3 bits that not already covered by previous news in 4/3 rumors….so what’s the point of posting this video records?

    • Oilymouse

      Entertainment value. Gives us something to chat about. This in turn provides us with possible new insights.

      Also, with this video the spotlight reaches “real” people like Terada and Emanuele that actually contribute in meaningful ways, as opposed to the trolling and off-topic blabber that tends to happen every now and then on forums like these.

  • frelwa

    Many journalists ask about the E-M5 image sensor, but nobody asks about the shutter! Photos from CP+2012 show that it has a single curtain that opens and closes from one side only. But how does it operate? What is the curtain material? Please ask Mr. Terada or someone else from Olympus about that.



    • Shutter is not many so have talk about, it i know is as hear very more soft.
      But i know Olympus have partent on use singel curtain.

  • krugorg

    you cut off the first part of the video where Mr. Terada says “hey, you said you were just going to buy me a coffee… where did that camera come from?!”

    • mmmHh,…. no i think this is tea, not coffee. :-P

  • OK…
    who is going to tell me what he said?
    And where is the critical question about 4/3 lenses and smooth, flawless cooperation with OM-D series?

    • PS

      read the threads above!!!

  • Alexander

    1) THANKS to ask the questions :-)

    2) HDR = yes, :-) Panorama & internal Flash = no :-(

    come on Olympus pls do it for us !!!….
    (also remote control-> Sony could do it as well…)

  • 4B12BRO

    -articulated screen
    -EVF in the top left corner
    -knowing who made the sensor
    -battery life
    -internal flash

    If you complain about any of these subjects, then your an idiot

    -sorry I want my E-M5 small, no space for swivel + we’d lose the 3″ screen
    -buy a Sony or Fuji, you’ll have your EVF where you want it
    -will knowing who made the sensor help you take better pictures?
    -buy a second battery, or a third one, hell get 4 of them
    -seriously?? there is a flash bundled…who uses internal flash anyway??

    Now for the things you can complain about:
    -Minimum ISO 200
    -Max shutter speed of 1/4000

    • mooboy

      Thanks for taking the time to tell us what we’re allowed to complain about, and that if we want anything different to you, we’re idiots.

    • Miroslav

      “-articulated screen
      -EVF in the top left corner
      -knowing who made the sensor
      -battery life
      -internal flash

      If you complain about any of these subjects, then your an idiot

      -sorry I want my E-M5 small, no space for swivel + we’d lose the 3″ screen
      -buy a Sony or Fuji, you’ll have your EVF where you want it
      -will knowing who made the sensor help you take better pictures?
      -buy a second battery, or a third one, hell get 4 of them
      -seriously?? there is a flash bundled…who uses internal flash anyway??”

      I complain about:
      -articulated screen
      -internal flash
      and would prefer EVF in the top left corner, only because the top of the camera would be flat, which is better for attaching and carrying addons – camera is less clumsy. Am I only half idiot then?

      There would be almost no size penalty if the screen was articulated as well. It’s making it movable in any way that makes camera larger and not the type of mechanism. Go to a shop and compare G3 and E-PL3.

      I’ll buy Sony or Fuji when they start making mirrorless cameras with IBIS and have decent lens selection and small zoom lenses, until then, I’ll stick with m4/3.

      Internal flash is used when:
      -the conditions are not good, so you need a bit more light, whether for fill, directional lightning or for increasing overall amount of light in the scene


      -you don’t have external flash with you


      -you don’t have enough time to search for external flash, take it out of the bag and put it on the camera

      As for internal flash making the body larger, NEX-7 has internal flash, yet has a bit smaller body than E-M5. Yes, it doesn’t have IBIS and weather sealing, but it has larger sensor and has no hump ( which is used for IBIS – or so they say ).

      Any other thing you want to know?

      Oh, and about hating to lose the 3″ screen – tell Esa Tuunanen about that ;) .

  • DrDave

    Shorter 24p/25p:
    We are stupid, and we think you are stupid, too.

  • misu

    so that is it. I’ll never buy it. I need a 25p camera as costumers ask video and photos.
    I can’t imagine anything other than an agreement with pana, sony and the others to leave out 25p.

    • Steve

      Or their market research shows very few people care about this. Which is what I am voting for. I don’t know anyone IRL who wants/cares about advanced video options.

      • trevor

        Um I live in real life and I’m with misu. Maybe existing m43 owners aren’t interested, but the market will not grow unless Olympus can lure users away from DSLR’s. I’ll use the shit out of full featured video. I’ll take tons of pictures. In the rain. Walking around. I’d use apps. I’d use time lapse. Maybe my friends and I will want to go take photo’s for our band and then shoot some footage to be used later in a music video for youtube. Lets shoot that cinema quality with my OM Zuiko 40mm f/2, using peaking so my completely camera illiterate friend can keep us in focus while we play our instruments.

        Can you relate to that? It may just be generational gap thing, if none of that sounds like a scenerio for your shooting style then you should consider that you do not understand a segment of camera consumers. DSLR’s are sexy; all the dumb hipster kids my age buy them. I think m43 should be sexy too and sell camera’s to those kids. If Oly is going to take a defensive stance when confronted with ideas for features m43 will remain a niche thing, which it is. I’m the only person I know personally considering m43. I wasn’t able to convice my buddy who just went with Nikon to get into m43 because the lure of smaller and lighter wasn’t enough to dissuade him from all the flash of an attention grabbing DSLR.

        • Steve

          trevor, I am not sure how old you think I am but I am most definitely not that old!

          But I honestly don’t understand your concerns. You want high end video features yet you want to upload live music to YouTube? You certainly don’t need high end video features for that.

          If your friends are so concerned about the “flash” of a DSLR then they are likely going to be concerned about higher Megapixel counts (which Canikon will always win) or sensor size (DSLR wins, again). If they were interested in high quality video in a smaller size then that’s where the GH2’s (and presumably 3) niche is. Oly is differentiating itself, it doesn’t make economic sense to have the same exact features as all their competitors – then you are just commoditized.

          I also seriously doubt Oly/Panasonic are that concerned about market penetration in the US as mirrorless has been shown to be niche only so far. Here in Japan it’s much more mainstream – in the past year or two you see far, far more mirrorless cameras than DSLRs, mostly Panasonic/Oly. Most of the users are younger, many (if not most) of the Pen users especially are women. So clearly they are doing something very right in their feature set and marketing here. I’ve seen professionals using m4/3 gear, even.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            > or sensor size (DSLR wins, again).
            Do you think those who go after fashion have any idea about sensor sizes?

            > Oly is differentiating itself, it doesn’t make economic sense to have the same exact features as all their competitors
            Having good video modes isn’t anymore question about extra hardware.
            With very fast sensor read out speed for contrast AF and live view (also need processing power) it becomes more just question of programming camera to do also good video.

            > doubt Oly/Panasonic are that concerned about market penetration in the US as mirrorless has been shown to be niche only so far
            And there in the niche they’ll stay (also in Europe) untill they realize that these small gripless bodies with oversize travel TV eating space from controls which are small and in cramped space are unergonomic to bigger hand of western people and hence immediately loose to DSLRs if person looking for serious tool compares them in the shop.

            • “Having good video modes isn’t anymore question about extra hardware.”

              Yes it is!
              You need both shutter and aperture mechanisms coping w/ streaming video, you need silent focusing motors in the lenses, you need powerzooms, mechanisms to reduce jello- and lag-effects for both the EVF and screen, implementation of microphones and audio hardware, you need chips and processors capable of processing the protocols/codecs/increased bit-rate, you need more connectors for the body/lens communication for higher data throughput, and so forth… Video isn’t created just out of the blue, is it?

              …”untill they realize that these small gripless bodies with oversize travel TV eating space from controls which are small and in cramped space are unergonomic to bigger hand of western people and hence immediately loose to DSLRs if person looking for serious tool compares them in the shop.”

              That is the inevitable compromise for micro cams.
              Hence the need for another series of cams, for enthusiasts and pros, for the native 4/3 glass. Hence the need for an E-7 (be it OVF or EVF).

              • Riley

                far more likely to be about other models in stream with 25 fps video, which Im sure they already know id the requirement in commercial circumstances

            • Steve

              >Do you think those who go after fashion have any idea about sensor sizes?

              Apparently trevor’s friends do. Why would you go for a much bigger camera than a smaller camera if you didn’t care about sensor size?

              >With very fast sensor read out speed for contrast AF and live view (also need processing power) it becomes more just question of programming camera to do also good video.

              It most certainly does not. It’s far more complicated than just “add a video mode”.

              > controls which are small and in cramped space are unergonomic to bigger hand of western people and hence immediately loose to DSLRs if person looking for serious tool compares them in the shop.

              Excuse me??? The controls are just fine in my large western hands. Maybe you don’t find them ergonomic but I do. I also find m4/3 to be serious tools and have used them for published work. You?

              Just because YOU don’t find m4/3 to satisfy your needs doesn’t mean the rest of us agree. The explosively growing market in Japan suggests quite the opposite, in fact.

      • misu

        I also use a panasonic m4/3 video camera. it would be nice if I could integrate a stills camera with the rest of the system and have it as a back-up camera. sony is doing this with their nex system.

  • Why do people care about who made the sensor?!

    I bet if the whole fraud debacle didn’t surface itself late last year people wouldn’t be questioning it…

    • TheEye

      Since Oly has for years limited themselves to grabbing and desperately holding on to Panasonic sensors, the question regarding the manufacturer is not unreasonable. What is unreasonable is the dismissive arrogance Oly displays when asked about the sensor. “Maybe it is, maybe not.” Are we 5-year olds? Just tell us loud and clearly WHY you won’t tell, even if it’s “NOYFB.” Show some balls, T-san.

  • Test

    @ Admin

    I have a special request :
    When you give links to a web page in a foreign language, why on earth are you always providing the google translate links ? This is a pain in the butt when you understand the foreign language and want to reach the original page in the original language. Even if you click on the go to original, you are still in google translate and many of the pages links don’t work as intended. You can try to copy part of the original link in the urlbox, but it is often a pain too with an iPad and I’m often getting errors.

    From what I see, there are a lot of international readers here and please provide the original links too. I hate the google translate links when I don’t need them. I understand five languages and I prefer original web pages to the google rudimentary translations

    For instance I wanted to thank that Italian guy at Nextware for relaying my question, but after I filled the form I couldn’t send it, I got an error, I hadn’t noticed that I was still in the google translate page. Google is really hijacking the pages of others which is not fair.

    • admin

      ok. Will dot hat in future :)

      • Google translate links

        Thank you so much ! I appreciate !

  • Carlos

    From what I understood (The background noise is high), Mr. Terada gave us the response on the 1080p24/25 issue.
    Even though the E-M5 has many of the features found in high end DSLRs and is capable of holding it’s own against low-end DSLRs, Olympus does not consider it a ‘pro’ camera, Olympus considers the E-M5 a consumer model.
    Olympus believes that the fact that a consumer model is able to replay HD video directly to your TV via the micro HDMI connector is enough (for now). This leads me to believe two things:

    1) Olympus will not bother to put 1080p24/25 in either the Digital PEN or the OM-D series until many more manufacturers start including advanced video modes in their consumer (P&S) models.

    2) Olympus is willing to implement advanced video features in their ‘pro’ models… 1080p24/25 in the E-7?

    The closest thing that Panasonic has to a ‘pro’DSLR model is the GH camera line, therefore, they throw all of the advanced features they can at it. Notice the G and GF lines are inferior to the GH and lack the advanced video recording modes available to the GH. With the same token, Panasonic does offer a professional video camera (using the m43 mount) which has video options not available to any other of their m43 cameras.

    Olympus, has a ‘pro’ line of cameras already, the E-series. Olympus will throw any advanced features they can at those cameras until they can finally make a m43 camera capable of outperforming their E-series… at which point, they’ll start considering the high end m43 camera a ‘pro’ model and not a consumer model. Imagine how many new features their next pro-model camera will have, features borrowed and perfected from the PENs and OM-Ds (which get released ever 6-9 months) and the new features that their pro-line will introduce. I think, advanced video capabilities will be one of those features!

    • “2) Olympus is willing to implement advanced video features in their ‘pro’ models… 1080p24/25 in the E-7? ”

      Not in the E-7. Advanced video belongs to the m4/3 models.
      An E-7 will be geared towards stills photo, and developed for compatibility w/ PDAF and native 4/3 lenses. And as those lenses are not made for CDAF, and do not feature MSC, so the need for state of the art video in the E-7 body is a bit off the mark.
      The upcoming m4/3 Pro (E-M?) on the other hand…

      • Riley

        Yes Im sure they are looking at 2 models in OMD, one up and one down from EM5. Im not fond of this game of limiting spec to allow for one more ‘better’ thing.

  • Ruhayat

    I listened to the video on headphones with both Mac and video volumes turned to max, and I still can’t hear what the hell he was saying. Might as well not have done the interview?

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