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More Olympus micro four thirds rumors!


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This are excepts from an article from

More or less they confirm our rumors and add some details (the bold part in the text):

The other zoom lens that could come in together is the M43 variant of the 40-150mm. We use the word ‘variant’ because there may be modifications here.

Both the model for June 16 and the one for end-of-year will sport the now-familiar 12.3-megapixel LiveMOS sensor. TruePic will remain at generation III+ but there will be additional capabilities of which the most eagerly awaited is their video capabilities.

It’s more likely that you will see a more serious chrome-black model instead, almost reminiscent of Olympus’ RD/RC rangefinders or the Pen-series. December will see a full-black model and more serious features including lenses.

Olympus understands the strong appeal of a real rangefinder. It’s been there and done that and the revival of something very similar in the digital era is an important growth area for digital camera sales.

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