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More Nocticron image samples via CameraLabs and Dpreview.


Image courtesy: ePhotozine.

Just try to forget the high price tag of the lens and watch these image samples posted at CameraLabs (Click here) and Dpreview (Click here). Great lens…no doubt! And now back to the price talk: UK readers can preorder the lens at Wexphotographic (Click here) and US readers at BHphoto (Click here). Damn, if it would be $500 less Panasonic would sell 3-4 times more of them and make more money….don’t you think so?

P.S.: Dpreview also posted a set of images from the Panasonic stand. You can see the next new lenses, the 35-100mm and 15mm Leica.


UPDATE: More Noctocron images at Megapixel and Optyczne.

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