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More info about the High End Olympus cameras. It is an OMD?


Quesabesde (translation here) modified some of their info. Instead of saying that the High End camera is compatible with MFT and FT lenses they now say “a camera that can take advantage of the full FT lens potential“.

But at the same time DSLRmagazine claims to know more about the camera. These are the main aspects of the new High End camera that is likely going to be a new kind of OMD cameras:
– The camera will have some very advanced new features
– The EVF will be “spectacular”
– It is NOT a modular camera
– It has a native MFT mount and uses a special adapter for the FT lenses
– It will be more expensive than the current Olympus E-M5 – The camera size will be in between the E-M5 and the E-5.

I will let you guess what these new advanced features and viewfinder system are…


  • @admin
    Have you seen camera of the year poll 2012 on dpreview the E-M5 is in second place just 0.9% behind the D800

    • Duarte Bruno

      Not anymore. :)

      • camaman

        Wow that is really something.

        With all the Nikon fanbois out there and wannabe D800 owners this result is even more surprising.
        I mean just when you consider the sheer volume of Nikon users vs. m43 Olympus users…

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Maybe voters are more fans of actual technological improvement and new innovations than brand.

          When you look at it from tech level only thing D800 brough was more pixels.
          And while good as such product I wouldn’t call that anywhere worthy of some camera of the year award.

          • One would think that people who vote in silly polls like that are the most rabid fanboys.

        • El Aura

          So, what does this make me, an owner of a D800 and a E-M5? A Nikon wannabe or a m43 fanboy?

          • Duarte Bruno

            Nothing serious, it just makes you a schizo! ;)

        • Anonymous

          @ camaman ,maybe the fact that there are begging people to vote for the em5 posts in dpreview and even here might have something to do with

    • yt57

      that is because fanboys like you vote it up lol , the mFT forum is the only one on DPreview with a begging people to vote thread , what a pathetic group of jerks

  • Well, that’s what I was advising. I expect them to double yet the the processing speed, and even that will help CDAF compatible 4/3 lenses.

    Now for those who are not CDAF compatible the adapter might have a tiny mirror, or some other kind of phase analyser? There are various Patents Egami showed, even recently.

    ‘Spectacular EVF’ with ultrafast framerate will finally convince OVF diehards that they are not losing anything.

    I can imagine an OM-D with fixed grip allowing for a bigger battery to power up such a monster.

    I really love dSLR Magazine, They are serious but they also have a lot of creative imagination, which allows them to ask the right questions.

    • Duarte Bruno

      I’m for an EVF all the way.
      I hate OVFs since the days I found they seriously misrepresent the DOF on very fast lenses and thus being useless for MF. And I’m not even a video dye hard.

  • pffffttt easy for olympus to make claims of an amazing camera when they know the worlds going to end today and they won’t have to actually build it.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow when olympus realises the world didn’t end and they’re going to have to actually build this thing. :)



    • digifan

      It’s allready tomorrow:

      It’s lördag den 22 december 2012, 00:37:09 NZDT in Auckland

      “The Mayan Calendar finishes one of its great circles in December 2012. Some believe this is a sign of the End of the World.

      In Auckland this happens on lördag den 22 december 2012, 00:11:00.”

      Beware the world didn’t end

      • Lördag i Auckland? Jag visste inte, att vi talar svenska ditt! :p

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Don’t worry, I’m sure there are loonies who shouldn’t be let out of locked rooms predicting lot more end of the worlds for next year.

  • jocky scot

    The viewfibder will be HD. I think the adapter will contain a second sensor and mirror.

  • Where is the Edit, Admin? Thank you for dedicating a whole night to the new camera.

    Let me just add that the ‘4/3 dSLR’ forum ar DPR is now taking a bad hit. My post there suggesting that they change again their name was erased by a mean, little MOD.

    They are now split in two. Those for the new OM-D and those who will never give up their Jurassic mirrors/OVF – clank, clank!

    It’s interesting to see a paradigm going out ‘not with a bang but with a wimper’ R.I.P. to that politically correct band of lynchers :)

    • admin

      We are working on it. There is an issue on the javascript that rpevents us to enable the caching plugin which we abolsutely need to speed up the website. I hope we can figure out a solution :(

    • Marq


      I recently posted a few photos on the m43 and 43 forums at dpreview. The m43 forum was like brats bickering whilsted the 43 forum rejected my em-5 photos because, they were m43, like an old whiner is bound to.

      I often try to compare my e-5 experience with that of my em-5.

      I would hope that the emergence of this new camera will close the gap.

      Maybe not.

      • Well, I am not surprised. That was exactly my problem too.

        DPR has seriously blundered by renaming the 1041 Forum just when Oly dSLR cameras were going extinct. If it doesn’t fix it people will go elsewhere, like here.

        if you want to post images there are the flickr groups, the Mu4/3 forum, better avoid places with dSLR fanatics.

        I also expect news of a new site here dedicated to mirrorless not to rumors only as announced by Admin.

      • you can post your images on Sunday Scapes in 1022
        any camera + user is welcome there

  • jlelelr

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY :nuffsaid:

  • Drazick

    You really need a Google+ page.
    It’s the biggest photographers community.

    • admin

      Will do that!

  • too funny still laughing

    An adaptor on a larger camera is no differnt than the distance allowed for the mirror however the Canon and Nikon folks will still chime in with the negative – let their games begin !

  • JF

    Sounds like a great camera but not for me…too expensive, too much high end, I’m not a pro !! or not rich enough…
    I’m very curious about this new EVF…it needs too be much bigger than E-M5 one to convince the OVF fans, the E-M5 one is a bit tiny…

  • It seems like Olympus is taking its time with the “pro” m4/3, which is good. That camera should really be something special. Mirrorless technology is slowly accepted as a valid replacement of the SLR. The OM-D is perhaps the first camera to demonstrate this and many others will follow, no doubt. However, the ergonomics of those cameras, whatever the mount, will be less than ideal for extended, heavy use. It makes some sense to create larger mirrorless bodies (like the GH3), but giving up some of the size advantage they need to be truly advanced to compete with large-sensor “pro” offerings. In fact I am a bit doubtful of the prospective commercial success of such cameras. Whatever “new features” are incorporated in that high end Oly (most of them will surely have to do with PDAF), they will not be unique for more than one year. No EVF, environmental sealing, stabilization system, small lenses or AF compatibility can compete with a larger sensor in the eyes of those who may be interested. It’s an uphill battle which Olympus has a poor chance of winning. IMHO mirrorless systems will be more successful among amateur photographers who consider price a high priority. Olympus better keep its aspirations in control.

    • 4/3 even mirrorless will still have it own set of advantages: sharp across the frame for wides, teles not massive – in comparison to FF.

      Miniaturisation of FF by mirrorless is the next stage and Sony has already begun it with the RX1 – does Oly have a stake in it? As an excellent Optics maker, with the longest experience of mirrorless it is well placed to bargain with Sony. It could yet start its own line of FF 135 cameras

      I cannot but repeat that FF and m4/3 are not mutually exclusive, they are complementary. The problem is how to price the new OM-D. I suspect that with the 5D Mk2 at 1500 $ it cannot really go at 1700 like the old E-5. So margins are decreasing.

      • Sony’s ideas of a full frame sensor in a NEX mount camera are ridiculous, I’m afraid. That mount is based on a greedily small focal flange distance which results in soft corners even with an APS-C sensor. FF lenses made for it will be utterly enormous in respect to the size of the bodies and even Olympus optical engineering can’t change that.

        I agree with the pricing issue of the “pro” Oly, but it is likely to get a hard to swallow $1700 tag just like the E-3 and E-5 before it. If it’s priced at say $1200 (like the GH3) its acceptance may be much wider, but Olympus probably doesn’t see it as mass seller anyway. It’s an unfortunate situation. If you plant hubris you are destined to reap tragedy.

        • Elf

          Pricing is easy.
          Body only $1350.00
          Kludge adapter to focus 4/3 lenses $650.00
          Battery accesorie grip to balance kludge fucusing adapter and heavy oversized 4/3 lens $350.
          Total cost to loyal 4/3 customer to aquire this special adapter and camera $2350.00 you heard it here first

          I can here the screams over in 1022 now.
          Oh and any lens hoods they might need will be $75 dollars each.

          • LOL, that might well happen.

            Genius is expensive after all, according to Marketing :)

          • Anonymous

            Don’t forget it’ll be silver only

            • Elf

              The really clever bit of marketing is that this fancy new and expensive adapter is not backward compatible…… It only works on this …..must have camera!!!

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > 4/3 even mirrorless will still have it own set of advantages: sharp across the frame for wides, teles not massive – in comparison to FF.
        And sharp from full open.
        Something which can’t be said in overall from retro format lenses because of strong underdesigning being common for keeping size down.

        > So margins are decreasing.
        On the other hand design of mirrorless camera without mirror chamber and prism viewfinder is lot more simpler which lowers manufacturing costs both in parts and assembly costs.

    • Mymaco on Instagram

      Well, last week I simply shut some mouths out. This summer I was on the red carpet in Venice, at Venice Film Festival. Pros kept looking and smiling at me and at my em-5 + 75mm combo.
      My portrait of Willem Defoe is now hanged in Rome, at the Casa del Cinema (Movie House), next to 20 other pictures chosen from more or less 1000 others.
      It ranked second in the best portait category, judged by internet people on a famous italian newspaper. If I only knew it I would have spread the word, but even like this a second place is something to be proud of.
      Thos pro photographers had to clap their hands, and they were not smiling anymore.
      IMO in most aspects of photography the gap between DSLRs and mirrorless m4/3 has already been filled.

      • Glad to read this. Congratulations!

        We know the gap is mostly filled, but the discussion is not only about facts. There is a burden of perception and misconception to clear before a system like m4/3 is widely accepted as adequate in professional circles. Some of my best friends who are looking for a mirrorless system will never touch m4/3 because of its “small” sensor.

        • indeed, like you can only give a woman pleasure with a John Holmes sized tool…..

          • Mymaco on Instagram

            Lol +100

  • Anonymous

    Why isnt panasonic reasearching for a adapter solution to get 4/3 lenses focus?
    I would like to use the GH3 with my 4/3 lenses. This remote control app is simply great but I cant get high qualitiy zooms for it which is a deal breaker …

    • tom

      Pansonic’s strategy appears to be to make micro43 substitutes for the high quality 43 lenses.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      First of all Panasonic made bare handfull of 4/3 lenses (most decently CDAF compatible) so good support for them would only mean more Olympus lens sales.

      And with company base in consumer electronics they surely want to sell you new lens as often as possible like todays disposable electronics.

  • rrr_hhh

    How can I get the usual desktop look of fourthirds rumors when surfing on an iPad ?
    I hate the mobile look, but I can’t find any link allowing me to return to the desktop layout !

    I want to be the one choosing whether to look at the website in a desktop like layout or in a mobile layout. The mobile layout is a dumbed down layout absolutely unsuited to the wide displays of the iPad. Why being forced to view that ? All we need is a link to change that and get back to the regular website.

  • @rrr_hhh
    you should have a browser setting say “request desktop version” at least t does on dolphin, opera and android default browsers….

  • Anonymous

    how about forget 4/3 and work on making better m43 lenses.

    • Ross

      You obviously didn’t spend thousands of dollars on lenses like some photogtagrapher have then. You may not be saying that then.

      • Anyway, if I would be an owner of expensive pro lenses from Olympus I would be very frustrated what happended the last few years.

        But I also want better Oly zooms for mFT… And that soon!

    • Another Guy Named Bob

      I have spent thousands of dollars on 4/3 lenses and agree that we need some fast zooms for M4/3. I love my 35-100 f2 for it’s photos and low light ability not because it is heavy as a car. Give me fast zooms and I will not be able to dump 4/3 fast enough.

  • ruan

    E-M5 almost camera of year in dpreview for users,
    vote for this please to win the D800:

    • Paullyu

      You Olympus fans are a bizarre bunch did you notice that the “only” forum with posts begging folk to vote is the mFT one.

  • OMd owner

    – The camera will have some very advanced new features
    Superb !!!

    – The EVF will be “spectacular”
    Amazing, but we will see.

    – It is NOT a modular camera

    – It has a native MFT mount and uses a special adapter for the FT lenses
    MFT is future, therefore it is good decision.

    – It will be more expensive than the current Olympus E-M5
    But what will be the advantage over ther E-M5?

    – The camera size will be in between the E-M5 and the E-5.
    E-5 is far too big. I hope, it will be smaller then Pentax K5. Micro43 should be small (MFT mount), if someone whats bigger – there is a grip option.

  • Pierre

    Sounds interesting, however, I am disappointed if this new camera is bigger than the OM-D.
    Let the new camera be modular like the OM-D. Those who want a big grip may add one, and the others are happy with a small very competent body!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Modularity is always compromise kludge not giving full benefits from size.
      Small compacts and bigger high end body do their jobs better with less compromises as separate products.

      If you have the camera you want in E-M5 why do you need to limit choises of others to same?
      Or is it the old feeling of inadequency if there’s real ergonomical high end body?
      Mirrorless 4/3 needs high end products with more visiblity because it’s seeing those high end products which makes average consumers buy Canon and Nikon DSLRs whose sales exceed sales of all mirrorless cameras many times.

  • I want small body in MFT

    GH3 is too big, I don’t want MFT with big body.
    It can be a little bigger then OMD, but smaller then GH3.

    There is some wonderful, small primes in MFT. Don’t spoil it with big body. A grip, like HLD-6, is good solution if you want bigger body. Something like HDL-6, but better fitted.

    Don’t make the same error like with E-3 and E-5. E-3 was the same size like FF cameras, but with 4 times smaller sensor. It have to be smaller then smallest DSLR, and smaller then Pansonic GH3 (which is too big). Maybe only a little bigger then OM-D, but only a little.

    • rrr_hhh

      Absolutely !

      • Control

        Definitely. But how are they going to arrange the dials and buttons photographers need on a small body? They cannot. So either they stick to computer photographers or they need a larger sensor to make sense of the larger body.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about preferring smaller bodies, but I think it can be *slightly* larger than the E-M5 for two reasons:
      * improved size/layout of buttons
      * more battery power

      Hopefully, they can also reduce the sise of the IBIS somewhat to gain more space for a battery.

      • peevee

        The biggest opportunity to improve over E-M5 body is to reduce margins around screen. With OLED they could have been and should have been practically nothing, 1 mm strip of alloy on the perimeter. That would free up a lot of space for bigger buttons and more sure grip.

    • Dave Lively

      I agree. If I wanted a camera the size of an SLR I would just buy and SLR.

      But this could be just the thing for people with a lot of regular 43 lenses that want a body with a plenty of controls and a heavy but long lasting battery. What I like about m43 is that is a pretty complete system with lots of different body styles to choose from. For those of us that do not want a big body there are plenty of smaller ones to choose from. Adding a big body does not hurt me in any way

      If the OMD is no longer the high end camera from Olympus its price may come down. And if full support for 43 lenses comes in the form of an adapter with PDAF it would probably work on the OMD and other cameras too. So even though I am not going to buy the rumored camera I will still consider its announcement good news.

    • peevee

      “There is some wonderful, small primes in MFT. Don’t spoil it with big body.”

      True! Cannot agree more.

      • Oh – like there’s not a plethora of smaller bodies, should you want one!?
        This one won’t spoil anything. On the contrary, it complements and widens the total m4/3 lineup, and adds (finally!) an adequate body for the native Zuiko HG/SHGs, and also an upgrade path from the E-5. So stop whining, and go buy the E-M2! What you’re asking is already there.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > GH3 is too big
      You mean too big for your tiny narrow mind.
      Probably you haven’t even handled it.

      There’s nothing too big in GH3, except rear display could be smaller for wasting less space.
      I fetched my GH3 from post today and sure feels heavenly to again have camera with ergonomical grip and without too cramped controls in too small space.
      Should make winter photography lot more fun now that there’s chance for operating camera with gloves instead of freezing fingers in half minute.

      And while it might be 100 some grams heavier than GH2 (still 200 grams lighter than same class DSLR) in hand it feels surprisingly light because most of the weight being close to hand (better balance than any DSLR) and vastly improved ergonomics of proper grip.
      Which is actually more petite than top perspective images of camera make it look because topmost part of the grip extends ~½cm from the grip’s contoured shape to fit both front dial and shutter button.

      > E-3 was the same size like FF cameras, but with 4 times smaller sensor
      Now why is it that Canon and Nikon both make lot more money with sales of DSLRs being many times bigger than m4/3’s while huge majority of them having the sensor one third the area of 35mm retro format?
      When those average consumers go to shop or some camera enthusiast to ask advice for camera with better controls and ergonomics they get answered Canon/Nikon DSLR because that’s what those salesmen/enthusiasts use.
      GH3 is long missed mirrorless whose ergonomics can fully attract those enthusiasts away from DSLRs and make more visiblity and recognization for mirrorless 4/3.
      Instead of whining about offering better choises for others you should be happy about it!

    • Pierre

      Well, actually i haven’t bought a OM-D although I think it is the best mirrorless camera for now because I want an Olympus rangefinder style Mirrorless. I just think the EVF on the left side is just the right ergonomy for the mirrorlesssystem which is not bound by the position of an optical prism. I want it to be at least as small as OM-D and lightweight. If Olympus does not show up with this longawaited camera, I might resign myself and go for the successor of the OM-D providing it will be enough light and small!

    • iANDobSon

      The primes except the 75mm { my fav lens I have ever owned} are over hyped overpriced mediocre bits of glass. Have a look behind the processing and see what the results from them look like in a truly RAW state, though the same could be said about the cameras have you ever looked at an E-M5 high ISO image in a RAW convertor that turns off all high ISO NR not such a pretty site.

    • I think the size of the E-M5 is perfect for me and was hoping the next version would be similar in size. Maybe they’ll come out with an updated version of the E-M5 that is not bigger. That would be nice. I already sold off most of my FT lenses so I’m not too interested in that feature.

  • OM-4

    Now if only Olympus will join the video bandwagon and at least implement PAL support in future offerings then it will have something for awesome stills and quality video potential.

    Now all sales go to Pana and Canon.
    Art filters are getting old, we need better video options. By that I don’t mean extra blurry slomo FX and other cheasy frills. Proper PAL and higher bitrates, please.

  • Sören

    Sony will just give them the SLT-Adapter to use FT-lenses with PD-AF.

    • adventsam

      SLT adapter ala nex must be the tech! easy.

    • nobody

      That will not do because it would work with classic 43 lenses only.

      It takes on sensor PD AF to get fast continuous AF for m43 lenses. And that will work with classic 43 lenses as well.

  • Yun

    Yes , this is the camera I wish to have .
    Olympus , please speed up the process .
    Don’t forget to resurrect ISO 100 , this is important .
    By the way , how is the status of the L style camera from Pana ?

  • Anonymous

    Therefore is necessary to give:
    – better video option
    – better AF during recording movies
    – better AF-C
    – better AF-S in low light
    – better and bigger EVF
    – better sensor (continous improvement)
    – HDR options
    – GPS, Wi-Fi, radio remote control of flashes and body (compatible with smartphones)
    – it is still MFT, not DSLR, therefore set should be small, and body smaller then all DSLR on the market

    • Anonymous

      Pro features?

      Video? – no
      GPS? – no
      HDR? – no
      small size? – no but low weight!

  • Anonymous

    of course ISO 100, ISO 50 (or dark filter), smaller AF points then in OMD

  • I trust Olympus will do it in the right way every few years; E-1, E-3,EP-2,EM-5

  • Bollox

    High-end M43 is like a 1 litre engine on a high-end car: it is marketing bullshit. How many suckers will buy it? I mean real suckers, not marketing ppl abusing “photography” forums. Time will tell.

    • nobody

      Objection, your honor! With an on sensor PD AF system it can seriously improve AF with m43 lenses. Just what Oly claimed they want to achieve.

    • bart

      Funny that you should bring that up…

      Smaller much more efficient engine, almost same power output at a much lower weight, makes for a faster car.

      I suppose you are American, and didn’t yet get the note that bigger isn’t always better.

  • phrog

    So do people think it is worth getting a OM-D now, or should I buy an EPL-5 and save my pennies for the new model?

    (Going on a trip to Yellowstone in feb :))

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t own HG or SHG 4/3 lenses that camera won’t be very interesting to you. It’s an old debt Oly owes its users which is not likely to offer much added value to m4/3-only folk. The E-M5 is a well rounded, capable camera. I would buy it if I were you.

      • you think wrong, Its prob very likely if having such camera, one’s interest in 43 lenses might start spontaneously.

    • Bob B.

      Phrog…don’t listen to anonymous …who talks about a camera none of us has seen as if he has? He also has his facts wrong…Two reports state that the new Oly body will be a MFT Pro camera. You will need to purchase a special adapter for Four Thirds lenses.
      The camera will be costly..I am going to “guess” at least $1500 for body only at introduction…maybe more…but that will be at least a year from now.
      You sound new to the tribe…if so..I think you cannot go wrong buying either an OMD or an EPL-5 with a kit zoom to get your feet wet….and not worry too much about the rumor mill. They are both very valid cameras that you can shoot with NOW!
      The new pro camera sounds very intriguing and should push the overall validity of MFT to a new level…
      Even though I own an OMD and about 9 MFT AF lenses…I do not think the new pro is something for me…(unless the sensor has mega improvement)…I will just have to wait to see how that unfolds….
      The whole point MFT for me is to have a full system that is SMALL. The OMD and the EPL-5 fit that bill. Everyone has different needs and sometimes the hardest thing is to figure out your own! LOL!

      • Phrog

        Thanks bob and reto.

        Yes, I am new to the tribe :). Just getting myself into it.

        That’s what attracted me to MFT – the size. I wanted something that would allow me to grow by both assisting me and inspiring me to progress and practice skills and techniques.

        I have been following a lot of forums and rumour sites and reviews and it is difficult to find the gold sometimes.

        I know I may get a whole heap of different thoughts but I have been debating with myself as to whether I get just the body and select lenses, or get the kit 12-50 and a single lens.

        I think for a starter kit, the OM-D with the 12-50 sounds like a reasonable setup, with the possibility of buying a 45mm and maybe a 12 or 17mm.

        Thanks for the advice.

    • Reto

      I would advise to wait till middle of January. Get the E-PL5 when you want to go for long hikes and don’t need the EVF. It’s an excellent camera.

      Depending on your expectations you should get good glass with it.
      My recommendations for a travel set:
      – E-PL5 (or OM-D)
      – 9-18mm lens from Olympus
      – 20mm lens from Panasonic
      – 45mm lens from Olympus
      – 75mm lens from Olympus (if you need a tele lens).

  • IF Olympus is increasing the size of the body in order to accommodate the FT lenses, then what is the point of going mirrorless?

    Size has always been at the center of FT and m4/3—Olympus failed with size on FT and that’s why they went mirrorless. Are they now following in the footsteps of Panasonic with the GH3?

    Size advantage is the only advantage m4/3 has. If this new system is bigger than the current E-M5, it will only appeal to the holders of FT glass. I can see it now, attaching the current 14-42mm to a large body.

    I think the best road that satisfies all issues is to produce a modular system.

    • OllieS

      FT lenses are better quality, bigger lenses and better quality requires bigger body – for me anyway.
      I agree that the main appeal would be for 43 users however I think this could also appeal to u43 users looking for an upgrade to better glass as there are currently no optically outstanding zooms in the u43 range (and unlikely to be in a size to beat the existing 43 mount offerings).

      I prefer ovfs at present as they give a more real feel to the photography. I go to nice places to take nice photos, In these places I prefer optics to electronics as the electronics result in a detatchment from the scene. EVF needs to improve dramatically (fool my eyes) before I’m prepared to swap, hope this one truly is a breakthrough.

      • bart

        An EVF is inherently more attached to photography. Note that that is not a statement about preference, but a simple observation, EVF shows what the sensor sees, OVF shows what will hit the sensor without giving an idea of how the camera actually sees that. If you prefer the first or the later is however a matter of opinion.

        An EVF that would be able to fool you into believing it is an OVF should technically be possible, but involves throwing away the advantages that an EVF has.

        • OllieS

          We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. With EVF’s what seems to divorce me from the scene is the different focal point for the eye, the lag and the visibility of the pixels.
          I find the view through an OVF more realistic which is what I usually aim for in my photos, I want to see colour and contrast in my photos as it is in the viewfinder. I know my camera and settings well enough to trust that its output will be how I want it and if I get it a bit off I can adjust the raw image. I guess that takes practice though and a lot of people these days do not have the patience to develop this approach.

        • Michael

          An EVF has numerous advantages over OVFs.
          – It can accurately display what the _picture_ will look like, including WB, exposure and colors (if its a good EVF)
          – display a useable picture in very dark conditions, when a ovf would be just black.
          – And: The OVF of the FT system really is quite small and tunnel-like, because of the small mirror. An EVF could be made as large as a “full frame” OVF.

          • Anonymous

            An EVF has several advantages and several disadvantages , a good optical finder is like looking out of a window , even the better EVF { I have the E-M5 and the Sony Nex 6 } are still like watching TV .The EVF display looks electronic and lacks the subtle nuances of a good OVF.The folk with the most enthusiasm for EVF seem to typically come from either a P&S or low end DSLR with dreadful tiny OVF. The EVF is not yet at the level of the better OVF

  • Anonymous

    A new adapter? So also older cameras can use it? Like the EM-5?

    • Zeus

      The EVF still must get Better, and as importantly (to win the Pro approval), Bigger. There’s no good reason why an EVF in a premium priced m43 body -that does Not have a design premium placed on small overall dimensions- shouldn’t be as Least as roomy, w/as high magni, + as long eye relief, as the best FF DSLR. If they’re smart, it will spec better than any DSLR OVF on the market. A true Quality optic in the eyepiece wouldn’t hurt,

      Oly has no mega-bucks video camera line to protect (unlike Pana, Sony. One sure-fire dividing line btw the semi-pro and upper eschelon video cams is Always the quality of the finder), and yes, Much better video is now a requirement for any new ambitious offering to succeed in the marketplace.

      If this is really meant as a serious contender, then there should be a lot less uncertainty about what’s in focus in that viewfinder, still Or video.
      Accomplish that, and all the old 4/3 owners will feel like they’ve been given an upgrade, Olympus will attract many new users to their system and really make waves on the camera landscape (as did the original OM system) and they’ll get my money, too.

  • Olympan

    Can I pre-order it now.

  • OldAlaskan

    I’m not sure I like this news. I’ve been waiting for Olympus to recreate for the micro4/3s format some of their fantastic 4/3s lenses (like the 12-60 and 150 f/2). That seems less likely now.

    What we have:
    4/3s system: Great lenses, older body.
    m4/3s system: OK lenses, great body.

    What we want:
    Great lenses, great body.

    There are two paths to this.
    1) Update the E-5 and retool the great 4/3s lenses to be m4/3s native.
    2) Create a “hybrid” body that allows use of both lens systems.

    Olympus seems to be choosing path #2. If so, then they are unlikely to retool the 4/3s lenses because if they did, there would be fewer buyers for the new “hybrid” body.

    Maybe they have found it impossible to create lenses of the quality of the best 4/3s lenses in the m4/3s format?

    • OldAlaskan

      P.s. Not to imply that there are NO great m4/3s lenses. There are some very nice primes.

  • Mikey

    I think we should be wondering what Olympus’s lens strategy is.

    Is Olympus creating a four thirds adapter expecting micro four thirds users to use that adapter if they want high quality zooms?

    Or is Olympus doing this as a way to show their loyalty to four thirds users?

    Olympus did say they were almost done with zooms which was a bit strange considering the lack of native high quality micro four thirds zooms.

    I’m wondering if now they believe they are almost done with zooms because they do have a consumer line of micro four thirds lenses and if they fully integrate four thirds lenses, they’ll have a full line of pro zooms, albliet very large ones.

    • There’s probably no way of making as fast but smaller tele zooms than 4/3 ones. It is generally accepted that the distance to flange in mirrorless plays to advantage for wides, but not to teles.

      I am personally happy with the advantage, and tend to see m4/3 as a Leica range of lenses, but you will always find people clamouring for fast long teles. It must be some sort of addiction to birding or schools sports. :)

      These people now have an answer since they will be able to make use of lenses that were designed for that. Perhaps in due time Oly could design lighter lenses with linear motors, but will they be smaller and guarantee small form factor?

      As a stopgap a hybrid makes sense. Third party makers could also provide some alternatives. However Tokina’s 300 mm was hardly a success, although it was v. small. I am not sure that everybody needs that sort of range.

  • peevee

    I think they have left a lot of money on the table by not simply putting E-M5 insides (sensor/processor/IBIS) into E-5 body and pricing the result reasonably. Should have been very cheap for them to design.

    • Anonymous

      FT was always a niche player never getting above 10% at its peak now it is just a ghost, with the user base being in the market being fractions of one percent. Olympus imaging is still managing to lose money hand over fist as it has been for a decade, Olympus need mass market high volume sales if they are to survive.

  • Reto

    Please keep it smaller than the GH3. m4/3 has the advantage of smaller lenses and bodies, as a poster above already mentioned.

    If we wanted big we would get a Nikon or Canon for roughly half the price with image quality better or at least as good as m4/3.

    Just design a decent grip and a fully articulated display on the next OM-D. It’s that easy.

  • Paul Haggety

    It had to be an mFT with a better adapter , it would have been commercial suicide to design and manufacture an FT only body for a a tiny group of FT users.This way the FT guys get access to the best tech , the EVF will need to be quite a jump to satisfy the nature shooters

    • In the end, and I say it sadly. look at what is happening at DPR’s 1022 forum. If some will be happy with the new camera, the mere idiots who renamed the forum to dSLR only, will change ship.

      Showing that they never cared about Oly, only about their ingrained old men habits: an OVF a Mirror a long heavy zoom and shooting deer from the car’s window. Those people are misers. They hate Oly for m4/3 and don’t want to touch it even with a bargepole.

      OTH in the Soccer Mom’s site, DPR’s 1041 nobody took even notice of the new hybrid camera. Why would they care to get a 1500 $ camera to mount a 2000 $ lens that defeats the ‘always with you’ paradigm?

      I am considering the 12-60 but is it really worth all the Babel tower when you have such good performing primes? I don’t believe for an instant that they have less resolution. That’s mere old women wishful thinking gossip.

      • Anonymous

        2 days ago | Reply

        Showing that they never cared about Oly, only about their ingrained old men habits: an OVF a Mirror a long heavy zoom and shooting deer from the car’s window. Those people are misers. They hate Oly for m4/3 and don’t want to touch it even with a bargepole…………………………..

        That forum was always filled with venomous old men nothing new. I wouldn’t call them misers some of the FT gear costs an arm and a leg

        OTH in the Soccer Mom’s site, DPR’s 1041 nobody took even notice of the new hybrid camera. Why would they care to get a 1500 $ camera to mount a 2000 $ lens that defeats the ‘always with you’ paradigm?…………………

        For a tiny group of potential users composed of FT owners who have already coughed up the cash for the lenses and maybe a few high end video guys, I can see the appeal . From my viewpoint and probably that of quite a high number of mFT users I would never consider mounting the huge FT lenses on mFT bodies. Look at the 14-35 FT lens it costs £1800 and starts at 28mm sure it’s a very good lens, but let’s compare to the Panasonic 12-35 { which starts at 14mm } it may not be just as good as the 14-35 [ though especially on a Panasonic body it is no slouch}. But the facts that matter are the 14-35 costs double, is 2.5x heavier and 50% longer. If I was seriously going to consider that kind of expense and weight I would be buying a D800 and getting considerably better image quality all round.

        I am considering the 12-60 but is it really worth all the Babel tower when you have such good performing primes? I don’t believe for an instant that they have less resolution. That’s mere old women wishful thinking gossip………..

        I think for most non test chart shots, at the level of these cameras and lenses the biggest differentiators will be the individual skill of the users. The 12-60 covers a very good range but it is still petty heavy and if bought new not exactly cheap. I love primes , so mFT ticks a lot of boxes for me, a small body with a couple of primes in your jacket pocket make for a truly compact yet reasonably high performing kit. Street candid are my photographic joy , heavy zooms are not for me

    • stephen

      i agree with you.. i’m tired of lugging my d7000/18-200 vr.. and i’m willing to give up a few things to have like an om-d around my neck.. if the m4/3 will be edging close to mid range dSlr’s, then whats the point to switching over..
      i would love something a little bigger than the mod and a little smaller than gh3

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