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More info about the High End Olympus cameras. It is an OMD?


Quesabesde (translation here) modified some of their info. Instead of saying that the High End camera is compatible with MFT and FT lenses they now say “a camera that can take advantage of the full FT lens potential“.

But at the same time DSLRmagazine claims to know more about the camera. These are the main aspects of the new High End camera that is likely going to be a new kind of OMD cameras:
– The camera will have some very advanced new features
– The EVF will be “spectacular”
– It is NOT a modular camera
– It has a native MFT mount and uses a special adapter for the FT lenses
– It will be more expensive than the current [shoplink 29074]Olympus E-M5[/shoplink] – The camera size will be in between the E-M5 and the E-5.

I will let you guess what these new advanced features and viewfinder system are…


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