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More info about JIP plans: Lens production factory in Nagano will stop


Newswitch unveiled JIP’s plan with the camera business. In short:

  • JIP expects annual sales of 25-30 billion yen (last years sales were 43.6 billion yen)
  • In the medium term cameras will still be produced at the Olympus factory in Vietnam
  • The production of high quality lenses in Nagano will stop and be outsourced
  • JIP will continue to develop new MFT products and focus on the Micro Four Thirds system
  • IC recorder and binoculars businesses included in the video business will continue
  • JIP will also seek new businesses that utilize technology for the growth of the new company. In addition to external companies, JIP is also considering collaboration with areas with high affinity among the investment destinations that JIP has worked on.

It’s clear they want to focus on the MFT system development. But it’s sad to read that the lenses will be no more produced in Nagano.

via Digicame-info

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