Mirrorless rumors from others (Samsung cool prototypes and Sony NEX-C3)


A bit of advertising for my second website MirrorlessRumors.com. The new Sony NEX-C3 will be announced on June the 3rd. Now it’s coming in pink too (Click here ot see the pink NEX on MirrorlessRumors). I also posted the full NEX-C3 and new macro lens specs (Click here)

But the really cool thing is that Samsung showed some of the prototype NX cameras they are working on (Click here to see the cameras on MirrorlessRumors.com). I wish Panasonic and Olympus would show us some prototypes too. And let us readers decide which one goes into mass production :)

P.S.: I am trying to unify the user accounts on both websites. t will be easier for you to comment on both wbesites with the same member account.

  • Whether samsung sucssed or not, one thing is certain
    They are doing it right! and im not talking about gear, im talking about their special care for the costumer needs, it really looks like their going out-of their way to make sure that their customers are happy with the cameras and getting what they want

    Panasonic and olympus should pay more attention to samsung then canonikon

  • Are you not running a multisite install of wordpress?

    • admin

      No! Those are separate websites with separate databases. That happened because I didn’t plan to run more than one website. But I am looking for a good buddypress guy that can merge the members account.

  • calxn

    Samsung is a company to watch. Sony had better not take their eyes off the ball. They entered the market trying to beat m43, and they succeeded. However, the NEX has so many compromises, with only one saving grace — excellent still photo IQ. Right now, Samsung’s sensor is nowhere as good as Sony’s. What Samsung is doing right is lens selection and camera bodies. Imagine if they came out with that camera body with the 3 manual controls and a better sensor? They would practically own the mirrorless market. What’s holding Samsung back is engineering, which will improve over time. What’s holding Sony back is miniacal obsession over miniaturization. What’s holding m43 back is physics (it’s a bitch) and poor marketing.

    If these trends continues, Samsung will be tops, followed by Sony. m43 will be a footnote in history. The only thing that can stop this trend is if Canikon steps into the game with an APS-C mirrorless. One of them will likely do this. Although, I’m a Nikon user, I’m betting Canon will eventually do this and take the entire market since the rumors are that Nikon is about to do an Oly by introducing an even smaller sensor mirrorless. Nikon, if you’re going to do that, be prepared for years of pain.

    • KL32

      Very well put calxn! Your thinking mirrors my own. If Samsung releases that camera with the dials on top a lot of people will sit up and take note.

      • Calxn: Could not have said it better myself. When I first held the NX10 in my hands my first impression was “Wow, its so small, WITHOUT the m43 compromizes.. I to believe in Samsung. Especially as their lens-mount also fits a FF sensor just as the Nex. AND, their released lenses are just in my taste – 28mm equivalent and 45mm equivalent. Perfect!
        Now, lets get the Global shutter working on FF Cmos sensors to so we can have a quiet, fast, small FF camera from Samsung! The only reason that I´ve not gone the samsung route is because of the extremely bad sensor. The image quality is really horrible – I once had an old eos 350D (rebel) and that old camera could render highlights better then the NEW sensor in the Samsung.. So no thanks Samsung, I´ll stick to M43 untill you give image-quality thats acceptable, but then.. OMG..

        • Agree with you, Danonino. The outdated sensor is reason why not to buy first generation of NX system, although i like the NX 10 concept and all the technology and development behind it (And fine pancake lenses too)! Very well for first attempt. Now i am very curious for second generation with new sensor and other improvements (there are a lot of to improve in many areas). I think that Samsung is such a black horse in mirrorles segment. NX20 and NX200 would be a big suprise – if they succeed (great IQ, fast AF, options on a par with semipro DSLR…) that will be bad news for m43.

    • Nick Clark

      I think Samsung’s biggest problem is Samsung itself. In Australia anyway, there is still a general consumer belief that Koreans do cheap, Japanese do quality…

      In this sense I think Samsung will have the most trouble of all the mirrorless players (except perhaps Ricoh) in convincing people to invest in the *system* as a whole, regardless of how good the offerings are…

      Out of interest I wonder why they’re planning to release an 85/f1.4 (the classic 135 format portrait lens) when they’re a APS company?

      • pdc

        This conversation is out in left field.
        My money is still on MFT, and Panasonic is learning from their mistakes.
        Samsung will certainly do well in Korea, but doubt they can match
        Panasonic and Sony’s grip on the Japanese market. APS-C based systems
        will always have to be physically bigger than MFT based ones, and we
        will see that the G3 will be a more compelling choice than NEX or NX.

        • Digi

          micro4/3 will have to work VERY hard to maintain enough size advantage to justify smaller, lower MP sensor, in eyes of shoppers.

          Of course Samsung won’t make much inroads in Japan, nor the Japanese in Korea. No one wants to put their Dad/Mom/uncle out of a job!

          But in the huge markets of Europe and USA, and emerging China, Samsung will do well. Many Americans only want “cheapest”, other factors be darned. Look at success of Walmart, despite destructive side-effects, (depressed wages and benefits, jobs exported, centralization of corporate wealth and power) but look! low prices! oops, veered off topic.
          Samsung has been known to make huge leaps quickly with product redesigns. Sony and micro4/3 better stay awake.

          ps-NX and NEX aren’t FF. Unless APS-C is the new FF and old FF is now MF.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            US is surely all around cheap disposable consumerism but Europe isn’t US.
            And for big emerging markets in Asian countries with huge population (China/India) it’s harder to say how their markets will develop. Might go for cheap way or then might go like after collapse of Soviet Union in Russia where those people with enough money for consuming want better products.

            But what is there so hard to understand that if you’re buying system then its size/weight is total of body and lenses and not about who makes the most unergonomic body?
            Unergonomic soap box bodies and entry level mediocrities are surely easy to shrink around sensor the but sensor size dictates size of image circle which in turn dictates size of optics when optical quality is kept same.

    • Mike

      It’s the return of calxn, full of an everlasting cup of m43 hate.

      • pdc

        Good one!!!

  • Eric

    I like what Samsung is doing, and their iFunction idea was brilliant, but I do think they made one giant flaw in designing their lens mount. They made the registration distance too deep to allow Leica lenses to be adapted. As an enthusiast one of the major bonuses of CSC’s is adapting lenses; and rangefinder lenses can’t be adapted to the NX mount. That probably doesn’t matter to most users, but it is something to think about before choosing Samsung over Sony. If you can afford it; a Leica, Voigtlander, or Zeiss M-Mount 28mm lens makes an excellent standard prime on the NEX system.

    • > … giant flaw … doesn’t matter to most users …

      That is a definition of a “minor flaw.” ;)

      But it’s good to know: smaller registration distance means that future NX lenses can be even smaller than today.

      • mochapaulo

        I have experience on NX system, the color is good but it misses the most charming part of using Leica M lenses is really a flaw, in the sense of marketing strategy. As I know, some users mod the NX mount directly into Leica M mount in purpose. Other users have both system for m43 and NEX but leave NX behind just because this reason. This minor flaw really makes a big mistake of losing the potential user from the market.

        If samsung could make a relative thicker body, she should implant the sensor shift image stablizer however, she didn’t do it. That’s another failure.

  • Digi

    Most people don’t know/care about Leica and Voigtlander lenses.
    Samsung said they will be #1 in CSC and they will certainly try. Olympus, while better for enthusiasts, is missing the boat and could learn from Sony and Samsung.
    Yes the portrait lens is a bit puzzling. Still waiting to hear rumor on Olympus portrait lens focal length and aperture!
    You can bet generation 2 NX bodies will be very small. Olympus should offer small, cheap 30-70 equiv. kit zoom (collapsing) to maintain size advantage, with smaller, cheaper E-PL3.

  • Mattersburger

    Unfortunately, acc. to Popular Photography, these are early prototypes (prior to the NX that we have today), and are sadly not the next generation. They are designs that were rejected in favor of what we actually got. Sad.


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