Mirrorless market share in Japan (Panasonic leads)


Image courtesy: Megapixel

Last week Olympus stated that DSRL will become a niche market in 5-10 years. The future is mirrorless or as Olympus says the future are “Pen-type” cameras :)

There are two data that do confirm the increasing mirrorless popularity. Almost a quarter of all interchangeable lens cameras sold in the UK during January are mirrorless (That’s a 160% rise on the same month the previous year). In Germany 80.000 of all 960.000 system cameras sold in Germany during 2010 are mirrorless. And In Japan almost 40% of all sold system cameras are mirrorless.The market is lead by Panasonic 38.7% followed by Sony 32.2% and Olympus 29.1%.

  • If Olympus does the following, they will pass by Panasonic:

    * keep the retro design
    * add a more advanced PEN body with more direct control buttons and dials (like X100)
    * offer some fast, decent prime lenses
    * drastically increase the speed of autofocus
    * eliminate the 7 minute limit on HD video recording
    * introduce full HD

    The E-PL2 is already way more attractive (not necessarily better) than the GF2. I am eagerly awaiting the E-P3.

    • Jules

      Retro design is somewhat trendy right now, but I would not place all my eggs under that basket.

      • Miroslav

        Agree. Kevin’s comment about Sony’s 30% market share with two cameras shows that modern design sells very well. Olympus were pioneers of small/slim/futuristic design when their P&S mju series started couple of years ago, but now have gone the opposite way. And making different body shapes with the same electronics inside is not hard – just look at G2 and GF1 specs.

        On the other hand, it seems to me that Olympus, Panasonic and Sony have done all they can not to endanger each other’s mirrorless cameras shape-wise. All Olympus has released are rangefinder/retro shaped, Sony’s are P&S/futuristic looking, while Panasonic has mostly stuck with DSLR-lookalikes. All the talk of “more serious” NEX-7, rangefinder GP1 and DSLR-shaped PEN have come to nothing so far. Is this maybe a deliberate strategy to grab as much market share as possible from Canon and Nikon DSLRs?

    • > add a more advanced PEN body with more direct control buttons and dials (like X100)

      Retro design IMO isn’t necessary. Several easy to activate “My Mode”s would work much better.

      > offer some fast, decent prime lenses

      **ck the primes.

      Gimme 12-60 for m43 – with the same AF speed as the 43.

    • mahler

      Sorry, but retro design is THE reason than many people don’t buy PENs, because this design is the cause for ergonomic deficiencies.

      Again, Olympus falls in its narrow minded trap, claiming that PEN-type is the future. They don’t realise that with this blind-folded strategy they lay down the base for their next failure as they had with 4/3.

      Olympus needs to get over this PEN-mythos (which has no meaning for the younger generation) and should shift to more functional designs for advanced bodies and more elegant designs for consumer bodies.

      The control layout of the EPL-2 clearly shows the wrong direction the PEN design is heading to.

      • Kevin

        retro design & ergonimics is down to personal taste. personally I think G/GH series are pretty unattractive and I’d choose a canikon over it anyday.

        olympus does need to draw distinction btwn their series though, like a pro PEN (internal EVF, swivel screen) and an entry line like EPL2. and keep the rangefinder look!

        • mahler

          While design is personal taste, ergonomics is by large not. Flimsy, double functional controls, bother usually nearly every user, and there is a quite common opinion that the 4-way-wheel control design isn’t really an achievement. Or look at the complicated Olympus menu system, which urgently needs a big overhaul.

          m4/3 gives the opportunity for different body designs (for different target groups) with the same lens system.

          Olympus completely fails to grab this opportunity, and still claims that PEN is the only way to go.

          • Kevin

            again that is just one’s subjective view. I have no problem with the controls and if it was a failure the PEN series wouldn’t have been around. I agree olympus can improve but same goes for panasonic

          • Kevin

            panasonic wins with the fact that they have both a G/GH series line and a GF series line. olympus should add more options than just a PEN series but a failure it is not – just look at the market share (1 PEN series 29% vs 3 COMBINED G/GH/GF series 38%)

  • Kevin

    gotta take into account that panasonic has made 7 cameras already (w/ 3 different series G, GH, GF), while olympus only has 4 cameras (w/ 2 series EP & EPL), which may contribute to the difference in market share.

    this then makes Sony even more impressive, given that they only use 2 models & 3 lenses to grab hold of 30% market share.

    • Mistral75

      Sony’s achievement is even more impressive when you consider that their NEXs were sold during the second half of 2010 only.

      • Ganec

        high ISO sells .. sad, but true

        • Esa Tuunanen

          It’s not features which sell, in modern world Joe Average Vegetabl… err Consumers have outsourced their thinking to marketroids and big enough brand image sells basically anything.

  • Paulus

    Congratulations to Olympus and Panasonic!
    I am chuffed about the success of the true innovators!
    Sometimes fortune favours the bold!

  • ILO

    I do not care about full HD – 720x30p is good enough. But I would add:
    – Internal EVF
    – Internal flash. It is low quality and better be avoided most of time but in very low light situation there is simply no other option.
    – Better dynamic range, esp highlights. In low light ISO sucks with stock lenses at least. But at sunny days highlights get clipped so you are forced to reduce contrast to squeeze histogram and also there is too much noise in shadows.

  • ty

    Like the X100 except with internal EVF, interchangeable lens and FullHD.
    And keep it under 1K US with a 20mm kit lens :-)

  • WT21

    “All” they have to do? That’s quite a bit! (in response to Tobias first post)

  • tutejszy

    Who knows where to read, could read it over a week ago ;)
    admin, you are sometimes so harsh to 43rumors.com and so nice to mirrorlessrumors.com ;)
    (jelous m43 fan)

  • Ark-kun

    Where is Samsung BTW?

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