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MicroFourThirds camera+lens Poll closed: Results


After 1,198 unique votes we closed the MicroFourThirds poll. What have we learned from it?

1) People wants the camera as compact as possible! Only a small percentage of voters preferrs zooms (11%).
2) People wants fast lenses! The is the clear winner of the poll (67% voted for the lens!)!
3) The Olympus and the are on par. Both received more or less the same votes (54% voted for the E-P1 and 46% for the GF1).
4) 9% E-P1/GF1 owners do use Leica lenses on their camera.

What do you think?

Something unexpected? I hope....

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P.S.: The Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Lens will be back in stock on October 24, 2009 (

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