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Metabones Speed Booster coming soon. And Mitakon cheap clone too.


The original Speed Booster is cool but pricey. There may be a Mitakon clone soon?

Many 43rumors reader can’t wait to buy the Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster adapter for (preorders here at Metabones). They are coming in April for Nikon, Leica R, Contax C/Y, Contarex, ALPA and Rollei lenses. Those lenses cost something between $399 and $550. If that is too much for you than you may wait for the Mitakon “Speed Booster clone” that are rumored to be released in July. It will be a manual adpater only and priced almost at half of the manual Speed Booster adapters ($200-250 versus the $399 from the Metabones).

This wouldn’t be the first MFT product from Mitakon. They already made a Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 lens (you can find here on eBay).


  • Junius

    July? Damn. Was really hoping it would come March/April.

  • mclarenf3


    Slight typo in the subject line.

  • D

    I hope either Metabones of Mitakon eventually makes an FD mount version.

  • mn

    I want canon adapter..with IS,AF

  • Dan

    preorders where? can’t see anywhere to preorder speedbooster for MFT…

  • Renato S.

    Yeah, but can Mitakon really fulfill the same features and quality as the Speed Booster? Since tests already showed us that, at least for metabones, the quality is there.

    • really curious about that too.

  • Maybe they can make a 0.5x one?

    • +1, exactly what I would ask too.

      • SensorEdge Pixel

        Yes, they can. But don’t ask for the IQ.

        Take a look at front-attached wide adapter. Good quality one is max (min?) at 0.7x-0.8x. Only raynox goes down to 0.66x.

        Those 0.5s and below is next to paperweight.

        • You can’t compare front and back mounted wide converters.

    • Caldwell already mentioned why they didn’t design a 0.5x, i think it was because of space limits.

      • Yes, but that might be the case for NEX-EOS optical unit ( which will probably be used for m4/3 SB as well ). With slightly more depth for older mounts and a bit wider adapter, they can surely go beyond 0.71x. Whether that’s exactly 0.5x or a bit less I don’t know.

        The problem is that most manufacturers don’t want to design different optical elements for APS-C and 4/3 sensors. I’d be satisfied with 0.6x, since corners of most legacy lenses are soft.

        • If used just an inner (sharper) image circle you would gain sharpness at the edge but lose resolution in center.

  • Rufus

    No Canon FD = No Win!

  • Camaman

    Contax C/Y, Contarex, ALPA and Rollei… Talk about the odd selection…

    Canon FD, please!

    • Anonymous

      no, Canon EOS so we can mount nearly any slr lens on it with the right adapter

      • Camaman

        Wrong dude!
        Thats is why we want FD! It has a flange distance of 42mm. Since any other SLR full frame lens has flange bigger you can easily adapt to EOS(44mm), Nikon F (46,5mm), etc
        And keep infinity focus.

        You cant adapt from larger flange to shorter one and keep full usability of the lens.
        (infinity focus and rest.)

        • Zandr

          Sorry, Camaman, it’s not that simple.

          You can’t do an adapter for EF lenses on FD mount, because the flange diameter is so small. One of the reasons EF is such an easy target for adapters is that the diameter is large, so the bayonet or threads of the lens side can fit inside EF bayonet.

          We won’t see EF from metabones without electronic support. Konica seems like a natural choice as a base for other adapters. Curiously, Four-Thirds would be a great choice as well, though it would certainly be confusing that 4/3 lenses would vignette.

          I hear you, though… the glass I want to use is FD and Minolta SR.

  • dweller88

    Canon FD and OM would be great for me or something likean adaptall where we can buy cheap connectors.

  • danish

    Look at the FAQ:

    They say, they will be looking into Canon FD in the future…

  • Andrew

    Just placing my vocal vote that FD owners will buy if made.

  • uberzone

    I’ll buy two if it means they will come out with and FD version

  • goffen

    The version i would consider getting would be Konica AR (Hexanon).


    • Duarte Bruno

      Same here. That would turn my 57mm f1.2 into a 40.5mm F/0.85 monster…
      Or a lot of fast (1.4) 50mms into 35mm F1. :)

  • bipbip

    Canon FD plase

  • gl

    I’m after a fast wide angle, around 12nm native / 24mm equiv. @ f1.4 or faster. Can anyone suggest affordable used lenses like that that will work with the MFT Speedboster (any mount they’re planning to support or can be adapted)?

    • The newly released Olympus 17mm ƒ/1.8 will effectively convert over to a 12mm ƒ/1.4 with the speed booster.

      • gl

        No it won’t. The booster needs a lens for a larger sensor format as it reduces the image circle to get the boost. It will not work with native m43 lenses.

        • JP

          It should work native m43 lenses, but with a huge vignetting, right? It’ll have the magnification of a 12mm but with only the circle area of a 17mm

  • Brynjar

    It will not work with native m43 lenses, it needs the distance difference between legacy lens mounts and m43 to place the reducer. I am not saying it cannot be done, but the present design will not do it.

  • Freeman

    Another vote for fucking Canon FD.

    EOS and Alpa were the wrong choice to begin with. I mean, come on… ALPA? How many ALPA lenses are out there? 200?

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