Metabones Speed Booster adapter for MFT delayed.


The launch of the Speed Booster adapter for Micro Four Thirds has been delayed. Metabones writes: “We apologize but the m4/3 schedule is slipping. Manual focus lenses such as Nikon, Leica R, Contax C/Y, Contarex, ALPA and Rollei will be supported in the second half of 2013. Canon EF lens (but not EF-S) support is planned in the future, but we do not have an estimated date yet.

The reason for the delay is almost certainly the incredible success of the E and X mount Speed Booster orders. And to better understand why that adapter is so special watch the very well made video by TheCameraStoreTV that I embedded on top of that article!

Here are the links to the lenses you can find on eBay and that will be supported by the Speed Booster MFT adapter:
Nikon F lenses Contax C/Y lenses Contarex lenses Alpa lenses Rollei lenses Canon EF lenses

  • Uberzone

    I saw this on their site a few days ago. Still no mention of a Canon FD version. I was under the impression FD was one of, if not the most commonly adapted lenses for MFT.

    • The Other Chris

      They also have the shortest flange distance of any lens mount. Maybe that could impose a design problem?

      • I remember Brian Caldwell saying they will optimize the 0,7x design for MFT so its not just a matter of putting another mount on it.

  • peropia

    I only have Olympus OM, Minolta and M42 manual lens, not adapter for my.

  • Bob B.

    Funny….I think I must be the only person that has no interest in this product. I am very happy with the fast quality AF lenses I have for my FF and MFT formats. I have no desire to put my Canon lenses on my MFT camera, with an extra adapter it would be so unbalanced, slow and awkward? The whole reason I bought into MFT was for a small, versatile camera system with AF…. I guess I am missing something here?
    Maybe its more of a video thing..

    • Brod1er

      You are not alone……
      It is a clever well engineered device but I can only see it appealing to those with lots of orphan glass (FD etc). If you have current Canon/Nikon glass, surely you will use it on your FF camera. If you don’t have the glass it is not really worth buying it plus the expensive adapter for MFT. If you are dead set on FF glass, spend your money on a second hand D700/5dii rather than the adapter.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      I’m curious, obviously, because it’s something related to the medium I love, but I’m not interested either.

    • ph

      Not interested either

      • Bob B.

        Good to see my thinking is not alone…I thought I was going to get trashed for making the comment. I have fast glass and fast AF…the thought of giving that up for anything is not appealing!
        I guess if you are into manually focusing inexpensive legacy glass then this is the item for you!.That can be fun…but.. Seems like the adapter is surprisingly well made and that the optics are solid. that’s a plus.

    • It could have been interesting IF EF-S or DX lenses were supported, so we could put APS-C F2.8 zooms and use them as F2 zooms at their native focal length. And IF we had some kind of PDAF on sensor, AF of those lenses could be acceptable. BUT there are too many IFs and one already turned out to be NOT, so there’s at least one more in the “not interested” camp.

    • I really hope they make the mft version without AF contacts, just the ability to control aperture would be nice. If it makes a difference in price that is. I see the practical use of using FF lenses without the need for a FF body. 1kg lenses are very well managable if you use the proper handpositions. I admit ,depending on the mft body, it can look weird.

  • Jørgen

    I see all kinds of lenses mentioned but I just want this for one mount: for the current mFT lenses. So my current mFT lenses get faster, not that I can put some other (large!) lenses on it. Am I correct when I assume they are not going to make it? My thought: let Pana or Oly make it for their lenses. Just one adapter to benefit all instead of the need for faster lenses that all will be bigger and more expensive…

    • its designed for use of 24×36 lenses on smaller format sensor camera.

    • Anonymous

      The adapters only works on full-frame lenses reduced to crop or MFT sensors. It does no re-adapt a lens in its native format.

      • Boooe

        No quite so. It will work with any lens with backfocus greater than approx 37 mm, they don’t need to cover FF, only 1.4x crop will be used by Speed Booster to project into 2.0x crop frame. So Canon EF-S and Nikon DX lenses (it when will mount) will work with Speed Booster too.

        • JimD

          You missed the words “It does no re-adapt a lens in its native format.” in your reply. Irrespective of focal length or flange distance it will not have any effect on a native lens. So 4/3 to 4/3 or m43 to m43 will not work (except to give a small lens vignetted image, albeit of high quality so it will never be made.
          These metabones adapters will only work (read, be effective) if the image circle of the adapted lens is larger than sensor it is directed towards, then there is also the flange distance to be considered, but this would be variations on the adapter and the fitted optics. Optimally the optics should fit into a standard adapter for the 2 formats concerned. But changes could be made optically to allow longer or shorter physical adapters, however cost is an issue, as is the effect benefit.

  • dweller88

    Oh well, none of the adapted 35mm lenses I have match those mounts,
    I have FD and OM

    • Boooe

      Alpa mount was designed with purposed with borrowing from others, so you can buy Alpa version and use e.g. FD-Alpa adapter :))

      • dweller88

        thanks for that,
        could alternatively get an FD and OM to EF adaptor I guess.
        Not looking so bad if that is possible.

  • For the videomaker I am, the question is: does good FF Lens + MFT Speedbooster will cost more than a Panasonic 43mm f1.2
    Answer is: proably, and the pana will have fast AF, incredible sharpness and moreover OIS !

    • Jørgen

      Hmmm….it seems difficult to get OIS for such lenses. I think the Leica does not have it either….

  • Bad news after bad news.

    “Canon EF lens (but not EF-S) support is planned in the future.”

    No EF-S? Than you don’t need to make the EF version either… EF lenses are almost all too big for m4/3.

    If there is no electronic version for Nikon DX lenses, then I won’t bother.

  • OM-4ever

    I’ve used an Alpa body with some beautiful Anginieux, Kinoptic, Switar and Schneider optics, back in the early 80’s, but its strange to see that mount on the list, instead of OM and or FD. The Micro Four Third mount is the mirrorless standard among advanced photographers. Whoever is running that Metabones operation seems to unfortunately suffer from poor judgement….

  • Damn it all to hell. M/4 always gets screwed.

  • Clint

    Please make a Canon FD version… Pretty please :)

  • Charlie Doom

    The real excitement of this adaptor comes from the cinema crowds. The MFT format is somewhat becoming the budget filmmaker’s path to Josiah, whatever that means. Especially with the new Blackmagic Cinema Cameras — the tiny pocket cam with MFT mount (but a 3x crop factor), and the GH3. The speedboost would definitely help open up cameras like that — not to mention, a lot of cinema people are coming from the Canon DSLR world, have all these amazing Canon lenses and would rather buy an adaptor than try to sell their stock or pour cash into building a new collection. This thing would provide a wider FOV and more light/DOF. It’s a dream come true if it works and is powered.

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