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Message to sources and readers. Very hot rumor time coming!


First a message to my sources:

Thanks for all the rumors you send me almost daily. As usual please keep in mind that I will always try to double check the info. Don’t worry, I receive ALL your info :)
For people who never sent me rumors but want to do it in future. Please use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar. It would be nice if you can send me some kind of fake name you can use in future too. It will be easier for me to recognize if you are already a trusted source that gave me correct rumors in the past. You can also create a fake gmail account if you want to know my feedback. Thanks!

Hot rumor time coming!

I am taking some time off because I need a lot of time to investigate about the future Panasonic and Olympus products. There will be two announcements in June, one from Panasonic and one from Olympus. And we can expect a lot of nice products! I postponed my vacation to France in July to have more time on 43rumors.

Hot rumor time coming….reloaded!

And you should follow too! Sony and Samsung will both announce new products in June and July! And some of the products they are going to announce are really intriguing. Like the Zeiss 24mm f/1.7 for NEX for example.

New server and your support.

There are still many issues on that website (like for example the impossibility to edit your own avatar). I now have an online ticket system where my designer can see the issues and work on them. SO feel free to suggest me your improvement ideas! One more thing: I will buy a $2000 server to move 43rumors and Mirrorlessrumors on a much faster platform. The website loading time should become 3x-4x time faster! And in times like this where there are many rumors and announcements it should avoid crashes too.
Thanks to tour support I am able to cover almost all costs of the new server + designer and technician work. I want to thank you for that! Amazing how we can make this website growth!

For those who don’t know how to support me here is how it works: I am not going to use 43rumors as a advertising banner wall. As you know I have only two banners on my website (where other photography websites do have much more of them as you know!). Instead, to support the costs of this website feel free to use our links if you plan to purchase in some of our linked affiliate stores. Once clicked on the link you can buy whatever products you want (Books, Cd’s, cameras or lenses….) and I will earn a small commission for it. You still pay the normal price for every product of course! But the online store will send me some penny for the linking. This is the best way to support 43rumors without to donate any single penny. Thanks!

So now back to rumors because after yesterdays GF rumor you can expect an explosive news coming even today ;)

UPDATE: Some readers asked me to add the donate button to support the server costs. So for that occasion only I am going to post one (Click on the button, you chose the amount you want to donate):


P.S.: This is the list of stores I am affiliated with (alphabetical order). It contains the links to the Panasonic GH2 (just an example). If you have some other store you want me to add let me know!

[shoplist 16254]
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