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Mark Baber from Panasonic interviewed at Mirrorlessons.


Mirrorlessons published the content of an interview with Mark Baber from Panasonic UK.

1) 4K acceptance by customers:The reaction has been incredible. Many object by saying they’ve been shooting video for years but they’ve never had this quality.

2) 8k:We have to be very careful as a manufacturer that we don’t confuse the customer by bringing in 8K in tomorrow. I think 8K will be the future a good few years from now but it will target a higher broadcast level.

3) Video and Stills:The culture of consumers is changing and we’re in the marketplace to help them understand that we have a system made up of high-performing stills camera. But because of our heritage and legacy of being predominantly focussed on video, we’re never going to get away from that. I actually think that gives us a platform to shout even more about and Sony have got the same kind of opportunity.

4) About mirrorless “perception”:There isn’t any snobbery when it comes to buying a mirrorless system anymore.

5) About a possible PRO service program:I think that with the changes in our technology and game-changing products like the GH4, there’s a huge overlap between consumer and broadcast. I can’t tell you unfortunately if professional support is happening or not but if we continue to produce these kinds of products, it makes sense that we would do something like that

6) About the GH4 firmware update:I don’t know what the limits are of the GH4 but I suspect our engineers are currently working on something that will enhance our cameras for existing users and new users. But at the same time, we don’t want to release firmware updates just for the sake of it. It may be that the GH4 is at its limit. I don’t think it is, but again that’s my own personal opinion.

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