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m43 versus Nikon V1 versus NEX-7


Today let’s check how well (or bad) the new NEX-7 and Nikon V1 are competing against our m43 cameras:

Dpreview added the Nikon V1 comparison shots to the dpreview database. m43 still has a visible advantage over the Nikon sensor but I have to admit that the Nikon processor engine does really a good job in both JPEG and RAW. If they would have used a sensor as large as the m43 sensor than they would have probably beaten the current Oly-Panasonic quality.

There is also a new NEX-7, E-P3 and X100 high ISO examples and crops comparison made by Steve Huff (Click here). The difference is easily visible. The Olympus E-P3 has more noise but also a higher per pixel sharpness.

So, what do you think about these tests? M43 has still a huge advantage when you take into consideration the full overall sensor quality + lens size + lens system quantity factors. But a new improved sensors would really bring us a step forward.

P.S.: The NEX-7 is the only non Canon/Nikon camera in Amazon’s top 20 (Click here to see the ranking). I guess I am not the only one waiting for a m43 camera with built-in viewfinder!



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