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LX7 gets DxOmarked (and price down to $299).


The LX7 just got DxOmarked (Click here). The performance is way better than the “older” LX5 but still far behind the best in class the Sony RX100 (66 points). But witht he recent huge LX7 price drops the Panaosnic is also $350 cheaper than the Sony RX100! Now let’s see how the new Olympus high end compact camera will be (coming second half of the year).

Panasonic LX7 now sells for $299 only at Amazon (via third party), Adorama, BHphoto and Samys!

And all Older PEN cameras got a price drop of up to $100:
E-PM1 with kit lens from $399 down to $299 at Adorama, Amazon and at BHphoto.
E-PL3 with kit lens now $399 at Adorama, Amazon and at BHphoto.
E-P3 with kit lens for $449 at Adorama and Amazon.

  • Ranger9

    A camera with a DxO score of 50 may not be very impressive, but a $299 camera with a DxO score of 50 is a pretty screamin’ deal, especially considering the handling and feature set.

    • Raist3d

      Don’t go by the verge score. Look at the individual scores and match with needs accordingly

      • Raist3d

        By the average score I meant. Match with needs the individual score accordingly.

  • The LX7 has a rocken lens and that goes a long way.

  • LOT

    Is LX7 due for a replacement? Why the drastic price reduction?

    • Narretz

      I thought it was because the RX100 has made a huge impact on the high-end compact market, more than the fuji x100. Bigger sensor, vastly improved iq, and small. Panasonic actually reduced the sensor size in the LX-7, and the camera hasn’t decreased in size. This probably maybe overshadows the quite good performance, so Pana has to sell them much lower to sell them at all. If Sony keeps going, they will dominate the high-end compact market. They have the sensors, and they have the advantage in minituriazation.

  • jack sprat

    The first thing I noticed after getting mine was how much better it handled highlights compared to my LX5. Good to see it wasn’t all in my head. Same dynamic range score as the Leica M9 and Canon 7D, slightly better than the Canon S100 and not as far behind the RX100 (12.4) as I would have thought. One of the most enjoyable to use cameras I’ve owned, what a value at $300.

    • I have an LX3, and while I’m not looking at upgrading to the LX7, at that price I probably would. But in Spain the cheapest I find it is 420 eur (560 USD). Such a big difference in price! (ok, a good part is because of VAT, but stil…)

      • sile

        hello do you speak spanish? i live in spain im selling a new lx7 for 380 are you interested?

        • Hi, thanks. I am Spanish, yes, but I’m not in Spain right now. Besides, I’m not looking to buy that camera, only was saying that at 298 USD it really is tempting (that’s 224 eur).

          380 is still quite higher than that. Thanks anyway.

          • sile

            no problem

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Admin, do you have any rumor at all concerning this new high end compact camera? (Fixed lens à la x100? M43 sensor?)

    • admin

      nope :(

  • Phil

    The dynamic range improvement over the Lx5 is impressive, better than most m4/3 cameras, and with the fast lens super good, low ISO performance isnt an absolute must. Shame it’s still bulkier than an rx100 though.

  • Guy McLoughlin

    The LX7 is a nice upgrade from the LX5. I noticed right away that the new 1 stop faster zoom lens has better performance in the wide-angle range, and the overall color reproduction is significantly better than the LX5.

    The cameras that you should be comparing the LX7 with are the Canon Powershot S110 ( which costs more, but performs worse on the DXO tests ) and the Canon Powershot G15. ( which also costs more and performs worse on the DXO tests )

    Panasonic has no answer to the RX100 at the moment, but this will change with the next round of GF/GX compact cameras. ( just like the Olympus PEN EPL-5 and Olympus PEN E-PM2 cameras easily outperform the RX100 on the DXO tests )

  • Raist3d

    Surprised that the Pentax Q still pulls ahead in iso though the dr difference here is more important than the iso difference. I was also expecting notably better color sensitivity

  • miroslav

    Sechuan food always tastes better with DXO sauce.

  • ISO 1638400

    Panasonic cameras are so retro. Always stuck in the 50s and 60s.

  • Yun

    I thinking too to get a compact camera for my daily works & initially I have huge desire to get RX100 or LX7 . Now I change my plan , why not turn my current GX1 to secondary camera while I hunt for more advance camera .To me , the GX1 just nice to fit my compact sense .

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