LX100 reviewed by TheCameraStoreTV and says “You will love it”!


The guys from TheCameraStoreTV tested the LX100 and said “you will love it”. Just watch the video on top to hear their detailed thoughts on the LX100!

P.S.: LX100 preorders at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto. Europe at WexUK and Wex Germany.

  • 3456

    a STORE that tells you you will love a product.. what a suprise.
    i don´t know why i should buy this fixed lens compact over a sony a5100 or a6000.
    oh well 4k.. but im doing no videos but i like to be able to change lenses.

    • hereiam

      They talk really bad at the same time about HC-X1000, so your theory that is just a store is wrong

      • 3456

        no my theory is perfect.. but you are to dumb to see how this stuff works.

        • GaryGarth


        • obiwan

          Watch more clips from their channel, in comparison to other reviewers they are really, really objective. They basically killed the sigma. They state every annoying thing on a good camera.

          You are seeming more biased in that they are a biased store.

          • Exactly.
            The video guy had some interesting observations about the LX100 and it’s shortcomings in the video realm.

            What was it he said? Tacked on? Not exactly glowing. ;-)

            • Nicholas Dunning

              But then the clip of him talking about the HC-X1000 that was filmed on the LX100 looked glorious, I got a bit confused after seeing that and hearing his criticisms.

              • You’re right, it was amazing to see how much BETTER the LX100’s video was compared to the big honking camcorder!

              • JordanDrake

                I said that the image quality is wonderful, every bit as good as the GH4 (one of my favourite cameras). It’s the interface that seems slapped together. I agree the LX100 blows away the $4000 X1000 in terms of image quality. Hopefully the production X1000 will have much better image processing.
                Jordan @ TCSTV

                • Tron

                  Thanks for the video review Jordan… you guys do a great job over there at TCS. Will there be a Christmas special this year?


                • Nicholas Dunning

                  Ah ok gotcha. Yeah not seeing a proper preview of what the camera is about to crop to while recording does seems like a bit of a pain, among other things. But do you think it could still be used as a good camera for a non pro compared to the all the other cameras in it’s weight division/size bracket like the a6000, gx7, em1?

        • me dumb too bwana

      • “Bad” is understatement imo :) They demolished it, unless panasonic can fix lots of things before it goes into production.

    • Yun

      Then the a5100 or a6000 is for you since you like to change lens .
      This camera aimed for people who want compact body & one time spending over gadget besides keen to have the best from the current tech world . The LX100 is for them .

    • Bhima

      If you don’t see why you would choose an LX100 over those Sony cams, then don’t worry about it and be happy with your Sony cam of choice.

    • Cameraman

      So you don’t know why, but many others will know. This camera will sell very well.

  • WarmbierHunter

    I love their videos but I can’t recall the last of their “review” videos where Chris doesn’t say that exact line at least once.

    • M43user

      Well, at least he makes fun of that himself, check out their other videos like the mirrorless shootout one, he is conscious about his cliche phrases, at least that makes it more genuine.

  • Sid


  • Yun

    Nice review .
    Another innovative camera from LUMIX again .
    Kudos to Pana .

  • Eno

    Everybody’s loving it. Is a hack of a camera: big sensor, high quality, bright lens, compact, 4K video and above all, it’s decently priced!

    • whensly

      define “decently priced”? :)

      • Eno

        At 899$ you get a small camera with a big sensor, zoom lens with bright aperture and 4K video recording. I think it’s safe to say the price is decent.

        • EnKiu

          … abd for about $500 you can get a realtively small, weather sealed Pentax DSLR with a zoom lens (Pentax K-50 kit), larger and better sensor and better image quality… and it actually has proper auto exposure bracketing. So, the question is how much basic 4K video and small size is worth for you?

          • Eno

            Really? This sensor is as good as most APS-C’s out there, and it has a 3x zoom with f/1,7-2,8. Show me any DSLR, even entry level that can mach those functions under 899$, not to mention that fit’s in you pocket.
            With this money you can’t even buy a Penxax, Sony, Nikon, Canon 17-50 f/2,8 zoom lens.

            So yes, for what it is, Panasonic LX100 is very decently priced!

            • EnKiu

              Look up Pentax K-50 with the 18-55 kit lens. I mention this combination because the kit lens is relatively good and waterproof, while the camera is mid-level DSLR and not just entry. Research the sensor specs and research the lens. It may not fit what you are looking for, but I am quite sure you will get better image quality out of it. I like the LX100 and Panasonic (I own the LX7), but you can get gear that will produce better image quality for less, although the Pentax will not fit in your pocket.

              • Eno

                LOL, you wish the Pentak K50 gives better quality than Panasonic LX 100, but the striking truth is this: The jepeg quality of LX 100 trashes any Pentax to date, the AF is miles ahead in LX 100, the lens is super mega hipper bright and sharp in comparison.

                • EnKiu

                  How does this translate to image quality? Image quality will be better out of the APSC based K-50.

                  JPEG? I shoot RAW, ALWAYS. For the rest I’d say compare what you get out of the camera, i.e. compare ALL the features. Later, when you save up the money, stick the Sigma 18-35mm Art lens on the K-50 and see what you can do with that.

                  If you really want a high speed sports camera, do not point to LX100, but go with the professional Nikon or wait and see how good the Samsung NX1 is.

                  You asked for a cheap above entry level DSLR with a good lense for less than the LX100, I provided a good example.

                  • Eno

                    The samples speak for themselves: http://www.dpreview.com/articles/5826363412/panasonic-lumix-dmc-lx100-real-world-samples-gallery-posted
                    Who has yes to see, will know what I’m talking about!

                    And yes, please buy a Sigma 18-35mm f/1,8 for Pentax. Together, not only they are extremely big, but also much more expensive, slow in focus, etc in comparison to Panasonic LX 100.

                    So if you want a big, bulky, low quality and more expensive sistem, go for Pentax and I forgot to mention, Pentax does crapy video to. :)

                    • EnKiu

                      Yes, LX100 is better than an APSC DSLR… and if you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you too. Are you interested?

                    • Eno

                      Yes, Panasonic LX 100 is better than most APS-C’s out there regarding image quality, as GH4 is too!

                      Pentax cameras are toys with colored LED’s in comparison. :).

                    • EnKiu

                      Right… but no, judging by benchmarks. I guess you also say that there is not enough difference between APSC and Full frame… LOL The final proof will come when resolution and other sensor benchmarks are produced. This discussion is not serious. I finish it. If you still believe that size does not matter and it is only technique that counts… I am not going to hurt your feelings LOL

                    • Eno

                      Yes size do matter, this is why LX100 is so great, it’s small yet very good. ;)

                    • mFT dude

                      The samples on DPreview look dreadful , I really hope it is some screwed up default JPEG issue, if the lens is really that soft its a straight no from me which would be disappointing as on paper the LX100 looks pretty sweet. I will wait on RAW samples before deciding

                      If you ignore size then the likes of the Nikon d5300 with either the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 or the Sigma 17-50 f2.8 only cost about £40 more than the LX100 and will deliver significantly better still image quality

                    • EnKiu

                      Yes, that was my whole point: get an entry to mid-level DSLR and you will get better images for much less money than the LX100 costs (my choice is on the Pentax K-50 with the kit lens as it can be had literally for $500). I do not know the other two lenses, except in passing, so I cannot comment.

                      However, I would not judge LX100 badly on initial jpeg photos. Who knows what has been done.

                    • Eno

                      I think the contrary, the samples from DPR look great, there is nothing wrong with the sharpness or lens or anything. I don’t know hat you expectations were but to my eyes, the LX 100 samples look very good!

                    • Eno

                      If you read correctly I sad Panasonic LX 100 is better than most, not better than any APSC’s out there, there is a difference between “most” and “any”.
                      If you have doubts, just compare GX 7 with whatever you like, sapless do not lie and do not troll:

                      You peeked a sinking ship, Pentax (Ricohhhhh) sorry I choke when pronouncing this word, is the last camera manufacturer out there, almost nobody invests in Pentax because it doesn’t shine at anything. I’m speaking from experience, I had a K20 couple of years ago and it is so bed in comparison to GH3 and 4 which I own that I will never want to go back to Pentax ever!

                      If you are payd by them to troll here continue, I made my point very clearly. If you are just a lost Pentax fan, get a life, or better camera!

                    • EnKiu

                      … I have cameras from Pentax, from Panasonic and from Sigma (the fixed lens Merrills), thinking of getting a Canon, Nikon or Samsung. If they all are sinking ships, we are in deep guano… My point was simple: Pentax K-50 with a kit lens will produce better images than the LX100 for a few hundred dollars less. I am not saying LX100 is bad, just that Pentax K-50 is better. I am sure you can find good images for Pentax too.

                      My point is simple: the LX100 is nice, but overpriced… it’s value to me is around $400, tops.

                      P.S. The tool from imaging resource is a joke: they compare jpegs, do not specify the lens for the camera… and the K-50 images look overexposed with clipped highlights. I’ll wait for dxomark and others.

                    • Eno

                      LOL, tray to read correctly first before buying so many cameras.

                      Pentax K50 is definitely inferior to LX 100, especially with the kit lens, if you add a pro lens to the body, the price is much higher than LX 100 and you know, LX 100 can fit in a pocket, tray that with K50 + a big lens!

                      And if you wand a big pro setup, why buy the crappy entry level Pentax in the first place, Canon 7D or Nikon D7100 are so much better options ;).

                      At 400$, I will buy two LX 100’s just for fun ;)

                    • EnKiu

                      For pockets I have LX7 I am still happy with. From Pentax I have the K5IIs. Yes, I may get the LX100 when it drops to around $400 and when 4K monitors and video cards get better. If you can get past the annoyances, the Sigmas beat them all.

                      I suggest you wait until dxomark tests the LX100.

  • John H.

    Great review by CameraStore. As for LX100 maybe Panasonic should have learned from reviews of GX7 and used an OLED EVF like on GH4 instead of the field sequential system of the EVF on GX7. But according to Panasonic GX7 has sold well, and then I guess LX100 with the other features will also sell well.

    • My biggest problem is the lack of a touch/tilt screen!!!!!

      SERIOUSLY Panasonic ?!?!?!?!

      • Bob B.

        ….but its just a Point & Shoot….

        • +1
          And with a tiny sensor, too! ;-)

          • whensly

            I had a great time with the LX3-5-7’s and they had truly tiny sensors.
            Always dreamed they’d put their M4/3rds in one and now they have,
            and people say the sensor is too small?

            I like FF as much as anyone but the LX100 looks like a really nice camera, especially one you’d throw in your bag and take everywhere.

      • Bhima

        +1000. I could forgive the tilting even though its a great feature. The lack of touchscreen though, is a HUGE oversight as it is one of the features in mirrorless cameras that really enhances the shooting experience (one touch to focus-shoot is amazing compared to the sluggish ye ol’ focus recompose, or spamming a button to move the focus point). Also… the retro, non-context sensitive control dials are VERY inefficient compared to more modern context sensitive dials. Sure, you don’t get that cool retro look with the laser etched numbers on top, but you get way more flexibility as to what the dials actually do. They force you to use both hands if you want change aperture (though I bet you could use that little fiddly wheel on the back in A mode to do it… not sure about Manual mode though).

        • M43user

          HA, how ironic, I remember not so long ago on this site that many, many people were against touch screens and touch AF, saying it was gimmicky and totally unnecessary, that it cluttered the UI or that was just a fad…Maybe Pany read some of those comments and decided to market the camera towards those ¨purists¨

      • Mark Ellsworth

        The touch screen shutter on the OM-D’s is trick! I was very tickled with the way it combined focus selection and shuttering all at once. It works best on a tripod, ugh. Old habits die hard. I don’t use the touch screen often for shooting. I do the settings, more or less session-wise, take my glasses off and shoot through the corrected diopter. I suspect the reason the touch feature did not make it onto the LX100 was price pressure from the expensive lens. When the LX100 is remembered as a classic, the lens will be the first and only story told to non-users. The rest of us will camp at a different fire and argue whether we liked the first or second version better. Any guesses on upgrades? It will depend on what price the market will support. I am inordinately curious about mutterings in the Olympus market research department. Are they gonna answer or sit this one out? Truth is, I have had both a Pen and an OM-D and nothing about the Pen strikes me as cool anymore. The GX7 was the best Pen ever. But they are OM-D’s with a small part missing. The big part is still there. The lens. They aren’t smaller or more convenient. They are the same size, and less convenient.

    • whensly

      I don’t believe the GX7 has sold well in the USA. I am in new york and see gazillions of tourists all with cameras. I have NEVER seen one GX7 being toted. I also find reason to hit the camera stores more than I should and the GX7s seem like orphans the way they sit alone, while thousands (at B&H) go to town on everything and anything.

      • AMVR

        Unfortunately it’s not just the GX7, m43 as a whole is HORRIBLY advertised outside Asia and Europe. The GX7 is technically and practically a classic, there’re very few other cameras so well rounded and with so much bang for the buck out there, there’s literally very few physical things to improve (sensor, EVF) and a simple FW update can take care of the other couple of nitpicks (basically more button customization), the only mistake from Pany was to release the GX7 so late after the Sony and Fuji equivalents. Pany and Oly should slow down on their update cycles and devote those extra resources into a large scale marketing campaign.

      • No sales

        I have the same experience in touristy places across Europe. I am not surprised though: DSLRs from better brands offer more for less. O and P do a lot of marketing (including forums like this) but have silly prices, at least in Europe.

  • Yun

    So what is next , Pana ?
    Hmm.. GX7 successor .
    Better beware , 2015 is the year full of serious stuffs .
    The EM5 successor , NEX 7 successor , X Pro 2 & 5dm4 all likely to feature in 2015 .
    Pana really need something very very special for the GX to triumph here .

    • there is no hurry for a GX7 followup, excpect for keeping the marketing busy and making newest stuff junkies quiet again

      • Yun

        I agree with you , I hope GX7 can last till year end 2015 .
        Money not enough .
        But Pana surely need to come out new stuff for 2015 so which one of not the GX ? Another GH ?

        • they will surely do something either in the gx or gh direction. I dont have the money either. already a few months without gear now. Lucklily my friend borrowed me his camera for a while, so i can be active again. even one model offered me her camera in case i need it. Life is a bit better now somehow.

          • Yun

            How can no gears ?
            You sold it ?
            Mine not much better than you , even got gears but can’t really afford models for shooting , Damn !
            Already few months no working .

            • ah boring story, but i borrowed my friends camera,600d, pretty good for my needs, just the 18-55 was not to my wish, good but bit limited in f/ value but was able to do a nice shooting with Lai Sa. I hear your pain with model fees, thats why its best to marry with a good one ha!

              • Yun

                Good idea .
                I should marry but still I’ll never leave the camera world , models I love to shoot & lens I like to own .
                Btw , Nice work .

        • M43user

          @Yun @Ulli Bürer @jeffharris Indeed, there’s no need to update the GX7just yet, we must remember that along the GH4 the GX7 is considered their other premium camera model, sort of their compact flagship, that means a longer update cycle and considering the qualitative jump between the GX1 and GX7 I wouldn’t expect Pany to announce anything so soon. Besides, the only reason why the GX7 didn’t take the market by storm was precisley because Pany (and m43) came so late with an equivalent to the Nex7 or XE-2, so I’m sure this time around Pany will make a point and really put everything behind the next GX, that means BSI organic sensor tech, DFD, 4K, better EVF, etc…They’ll probably release the GX and GH models at the same time, one focused at video the other at stills.

    • I consider “serious stuff” something that enhances my photography experience.

      • Yun

        Yes .
        We are the judges here .
        Let’s boycott them if they fail to fulfill the criterias a successor should have .

        • Personally, I don’t complain about new gear Companies release each month. In this case there’s little to nothing to complain about this camera: I find it a great little camera, perfect for holidays and travels as a portable overall camera, or a back up.
          Companies are going to release new products, most of them will be some minor upgrade from their precessor, and to me it’s not worth the cost: I don’t believe Em5 successor will surprise me with such a big leap in performance, for example, and I won’t buy it only because it’s the new model.
          I’m just saying that I’m more interested in something new for my own experience of shooting: I bought a Ricoh GR instead of a 15mm PanaLeica, because it’s a different way of shooting.
          Basically, if I don’t need it, I don’t buy it, without complaining.
          And it has nothing to do with boycott.

          • Yun

            Ok , I take back my word , “boycott” .
            Still I have high expectations on GX7 successor ,
            Better hold it if no real breakthrough .

            • Wait until next year!

              There’s no need for Panasonic, or any other camera company, to release yearly incremental upgrades if there’s negligible improvement in sensor image quality.

              A 2-year cycle for premium cameras is perfectly acceptable.

              • Joseph Ferrari


              • Yun

                Yes , 2 years cycle .
                but must with this for the next coming GX .

                Otherwise hold it till the tech is ready .

              • EnKiu

                I’d even accept 3-year cycles with proper firmware updates in between. Case in point: it is still perplexing why Panasonic does not allow automatic exposure bracketing with a timer or Fuji insists on limiting AEB to +-1 (this is the reason I will not be getting a Fuji for a night walk around camera).

                I mostly love the LX100 but it is missing a further 30 to 50mm equivalent of reach (I’d accept a reasonably larger size to get this) for my needs and an inbuilt ND filter. The Canon G1X II has the reach in a reasonable size, but not the sensor quality. The Canon G7 X (what a confusing designation) has the reach and a 1″ sensor that should almost match DR of m43, but depth of field is not quite there, yet this is what I cam currently leaning towards for a backup and walkaround camera (waiting for thorough reviews). In the meantime I am also watching the Samsung NX1 – these are exciting times with so many choices, one just has to remember not to choose too quickly ;)

                For now I stick to my LX7 with custom bracket and a release cable :)

                BTW, the first company that releases a camera with an INBUILT polariser that is automatically rotated for maximum effect, GETS MY MONEY! LOL

              • ronin

                Yes, there is a need. They have found through proliferation of products with minor feature changes but no real image output improvement that many devotees will just buy the latest model, their much awaited model of 14 months ago now no longer desirable because of its advanced age.

                Fashion will trump logic among us fanboys.

    • ronin

      What’s next for Panasonic is yet another 16mp micro 4/3 camera, with image capability every bit as good as that of every other 16mp micro 4/3 camera of three years ago.

  • Joseph Ferrari

    Panasonic: why not a flip screen?

    • M43user

      Because otherwise they would have no other features left to implement into the next LX camera (see GM1 > GM5 example)

      • Joseph Ferrari

        As a product development strategy, that would not be a good move on their part. I would push the development team to come up with new features for the next iteration, not conveniently leave out one as fundamental as the flip out screen.

    • Tyril

      If the add a flip screen, the price might be higher.

      • Joseph Ferrari

        Most likely it would. And I would be willing to pay extra for such an important feature.

        • Ironymous

          Not me. The price is already just a little too high for me. But I may still get one anyway because it is a compelling travel camera.

          • Joseph Ferrari

            It’s a half compelling travel camera.

            • Ironymous

              Compelling to me.

              • Joseph Ferrari

                In the end, that’s all that counts.

      • ronin

        At that price it should already include flip screen plus built in flash plus a spare battery or two.

  • erik

    i would love it if it had interchangeable lenses. otherwise, not interested. which is a shame because it looks like it has everything else I’m looking for (including NO flippy screen).

    • Get a GX7!

      • M43user

        Do people that come here do any research before complaining ? Seriously, every time a new camera comes out there are dozens of comments complaining that said camera is not like some other camera…THEN GET THAT OTHER CAMERA FFS! When the GM1 came out people complained that it was too small, didn’t have enough controls, didn’t have evf, tilt screen, etc…Guess what? You’ve just described a GX7 ! Same happened to the E-PL7, G6, OM10, etc, etc..

        • C. C.

          M43user – I like your style. Right on. I’m with you. (And, BTW, I do indeed have a GX7.)

    • Ironymous

      Um. That’s probably why camera companies have different models for you to choose from? Just a guess.

  • Nic

    Very tempted by this camera. But the gx7 is getting so cheap, can get gx7 and 15mm f1.7 for similar.

    What a breat system we have to enjoy

    • Yun

      Go ahead .
      Trust your sense .
      Don’t forget to add the 45mm F1.8 to it .

    • ronin

      Seeing what happens to GX7 pricing, the takeaway lesson is wait a year to buy the LX100 and save a bundle.

  • steve37

    I love my new FZ1000.

  • Boston C

    At 7:40, RX100III looks having better IQ between the two, the signs above the windows show the difference. LX100 needs either a tilt viewfinder or a flip LCD. Will wait for the full reviews of production models before deciding to get one

    • whensly

      The RX100iii is really nice and the images look amazing (despite the diminutive sensor)
      but having used many Sonys and many Pannys. The User interface on Panasonic is lightyears beyond what Sony puts in their cameras. I’d be “All Sony” if they could find someone with a clue to design a logical to enjoyable menu system. Sometimes you have to look at your weakness’s and go hard at them to improve them. I always wish Sony get enlightened that way but no, more of the same. I love the RX series both the little ones and the RX, but Panasonic’s cameras are very easy and downright fun to use. I hope the LX100 is a winner. I wish it was $500 not $900…ouch!

      • Mark Ellsworth

        I have had lots of both brands, and neither company gets a perfectly respectable score at my house. Both the Panasonic pocket cameras I bought 4 years ago broke, buttons on one, and sensor on the other. I love the Sony sensors, no doubt about that; always a plus! In the old days, I had so much trouble with repair practices on Sony products that I quit the company and bought a bunch of Denon stuff that held up very well. I don’t have any qualms about Minolta/Sony QA on cameras. It is a do or die market. I think it is a life rule. After a good run, brand loyalty eventually and always ends in disappointment. You disrespect or poo on a customer with shaky product, and they won’t come back. Probably not an appropriate rant here. Sorry.

  • gt

    really wish pana can rip that lens out and make it m43 mountable. A pancake zoom lens with that kinda quality would make GX7 perfect to walk around.

    • Ironymous

      If you read how they managed to achieve this fast lens in the LX100, you’d know that’s an impossible wish.

    • Mark Ellsworth

      There are a number of reasons it is NOT feasible to do anything similar to the fixed lens on the mFT mount. I am pretty sure Panasonic thought about it already, long and hard. The principal difficulty is the sensor well. It isn’t designed to provide space for anything behind the lens, let alone for retractable lens barrels. Have a look at the position of the mFT electrical contacts. Why bother? …Just an aside, I think the LX100 is already a perfect walk-around camera. Buy an E-M10 AND an LX100! You get the best of both worlds, no fiddly, awkward compromises, and you will have a ball. I promise. And, if you already have a Pen or a GX7, fate has not been kind. Sorry. Never is with digital toys. Be nice and give it to your sister for Christmas.

      • ronin

        Why buy an EM10, why not just buy a used EM-5 and save hundreds, the same image quality but weatherproofness?

        • Mark Ellsworth

          I am not in disagreement about the E-M5. It’s a great camera, and a fantastic game changer. The current price is very reasonable. The reason I opted for the E-M10 is two-fold. One is a conniving plan, perhaps, someday, if a brick of gold falls on my head, haha, to upgrade to something like the E-M1. The other is the TruePic VII processor the E-M1 and E-M10 has chroma-aberration correction that the TruePic VI processor in the E-M5 lacks. Far less important to me, I like the buttons better. The less tactile weather-sealed versions have a slight rubber feel to them. All of them have the dust vibration feature.

      • The GX7 beats both cameras, hands down!

  • Ironymous

    Quality of the 4K video clip on the cameraman interview looks superb. I like the skin tones and “roundedness” to the image.

  • I laugh at all the complaints that are of course baseless. If people need to change lenses they have the GX7 (great price right now), EM5, EM10 and even the PEN line (if they dont want an EVF).

    I am an EM5 user, I was looking to get a second body just for kicks and I was looking at the GX7. This new baby was announced and I am totally reconsidering getting the GX7 and grab one of these instead.

    It is the perfect match for a second m43 body…in my not so humble opinion, of course.

    • Ironymous

      Agree. They’re either trolls or have tremendous hubris in thinking all cameras must be designed only for their needs.
      The stupid thing is that they things they want in a camera are already available. “Bwahhhhh I want interchangeable lenses!” GX7. “Wahhhhh I want smaller camera!” GM5. “Weeeeeeehhhhh I want pro features.” GH4. “Bwahhhhh the RX100 is better!” So fcken get the RX100. Problem?
      Honestly, How much stupider can humanity get?

  • Peter

    Anyone know if the battery can be charged in-camera through USB?

    I know there is a separate charger included, but for travel I really like the option of leaving that lump of plastic at home. Besides, USB allows me to charge the battery using the dynamo on my bicycle which is nice on extended tours.

  • ronin

    A site that makes money by selling cameras via click-throughs cites another site that makes money selling cameras, and all declare the camera desirable to buy.

    I think I’ll turn on the radio and listen to infomercials for entertainment.

    • Ironymous

      You’re not a very sophisticated viewer. In the SAME video they somewhat diss the LX100’s video features, and wholly diss another video camera that they are testing. Plus, if you have watched this company’s videos before, you know they don’t always like the cameras they test. Eg, Sigma DP series and Canon EOS M.

  • NTM

    Rumors (1): There is a viewfinder!
    Reader: Yes,but there isn’t a tiltable touch-screen.

    Rumors (2): There is tiltable touch-screen.
    Same reader: Yes,but there isn’t a viewfinder.

    Unless you are using the LCD to shoot and the viewfinder for chimping,make up your mind,one or the other.

    • El Caballero que dice Ni

      Actually, having both is quite convenient. They are useful in different situations.

  • Mark Ellsworth

    Here is a dumb question. On these 16-megapixel FourThirds cameras, what happens when you choose half resolution JPEGs? Does it “bin” the pixels and give a bit less noise? Fuji cameras do something like that in low noise mode on EXR sensors.

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