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Look at what (M-)43 cameras can do. Nice work done by Amos Chapple


Take a look at what Amos Chapple was able to do by using Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras. In 2009 he won the Cathay Pacific Travel Photographer of the Year Award.
You can read an interview with Amos Chapple at More pictures at

As you can see wonderful work can be done with Micro Four Third cameras. Just a reminder: There are also two wonderful m43 stories at Craifmod:
1) The GF1 is a near perfect travel camera
2) Seeing prime: The Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 Lumix lens.

If you find nice professional works done with m43 and 43 cameras drop me a text at! I will be very happy to post it here!

  • Alex H.


    – David Alan Harvey (Magnum/Natgeo, GF1)
    – William Albert Allard (Natgeo, GF1)
    – Jonas Bendiksen (Magnum, EP-2)
    – Stephen Alvarez (Natgeo, GF2)
    – Ira Block (Natgeo, GF2)

    • admin

      As soon as I am back from my vacation I will write a long post about all of them! Thanks for sharing that!

      • Michael Devitt

        Hi, Admin. This is great idea. It would be even better if articles about photographers will have dedicated section on 43rumors. It’s always inspirational to see what these cameras can do in capable hands. Cheers ;).

    • don’t tell Thom Hogan ;-)

  • tutejszy

    Admin, Alex, thanks for sharing! great inspiration!

  • Oliver

    I´m convinced, not the cameras took the pictures – but the photographers did! ;-)

    And having the technical standards and features of todays cameras (even the cheapest) – a talented photographer should be able to outperform every picture taken within the last 100 years! Remember: Amsel Adams & Co. didn´t have the quality delivered by every simple point-and-shoot-cam of today.

    • 2m

      Wait, what? Ansel Adams shot large-format. You give me the name of any digital camera that can produce something even close to the image quality a large format film camera. No scanning backs or multishot systems please, Ansel Adams isn’t exactly famous for his studio photography.
      I agree that the photographers are the ones who takes pictures, but concerning IQ, not much happened in the last 80 years. Lenses got better, sure, but I’ll choose a 1939 Leitz Summitar anyday over any P&S-lens.

      • Oliver

        Okay. And what about resolution, dynamic range and film speed of large format … say in 1942 – when Adams took his famous picture “The Tetons and the Snake River”? Was it really better than a todays camera? And what about lens quality?

        • Nikku

          “Okay. And what about resolution, dynamic range and film speed of large format … say in 1942 – when Adams took his famous picture “The Tetons and the Snake River”? Was it really better than a todays camera? And what about lens quality?”

          Yes. Large format, even in the early 20th century, is still streets ahead of any small sensor digital camera today.

        • cL

          Go visit a museum that has his photo and you’ll be amazed how sharp they are, even by today’s standard.

    • cL

      Ansel Adams shot in 8×10″ large format and shot in f/64 or f/32…. Today you’re lucky if you can even set f/32 on yours. Small format (yes, 35mm FF is called small format) refraction will set in by f/16 so you can’t get photos sharper than Ansel Adams’s.

      Professional landscape photographers still use large or at least, medium format you know. That’s something small format cannot do.

  • Brod1er

    More posts about photos and photographers very welcome. More inspirational than our usual rumourmongering!!!!!

  • alienchow

    Just goes to show, the tech-whores should be worried about operator error, not specs. I checked the meta data. Pany L-1, L-10, GH1, GH2. DxO-Yeah, right.

  • SteveD

    Well, maybe large format film had some advantages over a 1/2.3 sensor ;-)

    I agree with you however. Modern digital cameras have amazing capabilities. In an article by a magazine photographer (it may have even been Nat Geo), he pointed out that digital P&S cameras have enough capability for a two page spread in any magazine. The very idea the mu43 needs defending as a legitimate photographic tool is ludicrous. OTOH, fast AF or high iso sensitivity or more MP for cropping may be features that appeal to particular users. My E-P1 and G2, however, are mostly limited by me.

  • hah… He even visited my country :-)
    nice… ;-)

    • bilgy_no1

      He had a fling with a girl from my country…

      • cL

        LOL! This place has become a gossip column.

      • Æh Æh ; say not more :-D

  • Very nice. The secret of a good photograph is that it’s interesting enough to ignore technicalities.

  • wife

    Nice pics. But I’m fairly sure he could get the same result with just about every current camera in production.

    • Mike

      Romantic thought – but no. Look at the pictures with the 20mm. You can’t get background blur with a small sensor point&shoot. Same with the details in light and shadow.

      • wife

        p&s excepted. but thanks for the nitpicking. and of course it’s ironic that you bring up “small sensor”

        isn’t that what people say about the 43rd sensor? so why would you want to do the same?

        • Small sensor remark was pointless. Reading comments here, I wish some people go and borrow some P&S just to recall what are the problems of P&S. Everybody’s so centered at ISOS and DRS, that they forget about “trivial” things like usability, AF and shutter lag.

      • wife

        Or did you want me to be specific:

        Let’s see:

        But I’m fairly sure he could get the same result with just about every current camera in production (production date no earlier than Feb 2, 2011 at 4:30 PM PST) that has a sensor of 43rd or larger, with similar aspect ratio, either CMOS or CCD or Fovean, that costs more than $450.94 US Dollar, bought in the state of California, with no sales tax, and shipped UPS ground.

        • Mike

          I agree – maybe he could buy it even in Utah :-)

      • Out of Focus

        “You can’t get background blur with a small sensor point&shoot.” – Excuse me for nitpicking, but that’s not entirely true. For small objects, it’s perfectly possible to have nice blur even with a 1/2.3 inch sensor.

        The rule of thumb here is that you can have a nice blur behind an object with the size equal to ten times the focal length divided by the aperture. So, if the object is small enough (flower, bug …), you can have nice blur…

  • great photography!

  • Brod1er

    Sneye – I like your definition!

    • cL

      They’re beautiful photos. I always wonder why people think they can’t use 4/3 cameras to get professional results like yours. Yes, as long as it’s not a P&S size sensor camera, it’s possible to get good result with proper skill (and know how to use lighting to your advantage, which you did a good job).

  • Jack

    This is the kind of post that this forum really need, sometimes a break from the technical nitpick is great, thinking about what M43 open up to us in terms of photographic possibilities.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Impressive! Excellent work! Some wonderful images.
    Who cares what camera he used. (although it’s nice it was M4/3)
    Ultimately, does it matter?

    Yes, YES, let’s see more postings like this instead of test results and pie charts and bickering about sensor tech!

  • Chlau

    It matters, because it is the ultimate antidote to the user who blames the pixels for their own mediocre skills. I love exhibitions shot on the GRDIII or better, the iPhone, because Spartan equipment really separates the genius from the mundane. There’s also Peter Lindberg, GF1.

  • Jevfp

    Darwis Triadi Full-on facebook
    He did a lot of model/ fashion shoot with oly -Pen

  • Jevfp

    Darwis Triadi Full-on facebook
    He did a lot of model/ fashion shoot with oly -Pen..
    You guy better check it

    • Jevfp

      Sorry admin kept failing

  • With the right PP every camera can take exceptional photos. Its all about the moment, the exposure and the Photoshopping.
    So, in the end, buy the camera that you´ll will carry with you all the time. My guess is that it will not be a Nikon D3 ;)

  • stopkidding

    The GF1 does not have a built in EVF or “pro-build” quality, so surely no good can ever come out of these cameras.

    I only shoot large format gigapixel at super high ISO, because I am uber professional

  • Fantastic shots Amos and thanks for stopping by!

  • Oriol

    Wonderful photos, we need more posts like this!

  • i also fall in love with photography after acquiring the very first GF1.

    most of it was taken using gf1/20mm

    • Oriol

      thec, your work is really impressive! Love how you play with composition and out of focus areas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Michael Devitt

      Lovely images, thec, great work.
      Cheers, mate.

      • thanks for your kind compliment <3

  • napalm

    Olympus has a dedicated site for Pro Photographers’ galleries. they shoot both 4/3 and m4/3

    this is what really convinced me to choose Oly in the first place.

  • Nikku

    I meant to say earlier, wonderful photos Amos.

  • Henrik

    This Amos Chapple takes amazing pictures with a fresh style and also talks very interestingly. Thoroughly enjoyed pics and words. Chapeau!

    Yes, i would like to see more hints to photographers here on m43Rumors too. IMO you shouldn’t write at length about them, just provide a link to some introduction (like here, where the interview was excellent).

    Of course you could provide links to their books on Amazon, if they have any.

    I see that Canonrumors does long profiles about photographers, but maybe it’s not necessary, if they have been portrayed somewhere before (and it’s a different crowd, let’s face that).

  • Ranger 9 points to a page of Japanese text about VC100, a Japanese skin lotion. Obviously Chapple’s work is highly conceptual and sophisticated… no wonder he’s famous!

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