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Look at this! Massive Panasonic G Gold Box deals on Amazon!



This definitely sets a new record! Check out the eight new Panasonic Gold Box deals at Amazon (Click here).



  • Bite Me

    FIRE SALE GALORE of crappy PANNY’s!!!!

    I guess there will always be SUCKERS grabbing these junk. Too bad a tripod is not included since stabilization for PRIME LENSES does not exist.

    Not to mention MEDIOCRE jpg engine.

    Oh wait… Panny wants losers to sell these as: Movie recorded devices.

    • JBL

      hu hu hu bullshit

    • caver3d

      Bite Me – You are a MORON. No surprise to any of us. Of course you don’t have any of these cameras. All talk, no camera action. You can bite me.

    • Why would people buying these be suckers? They are perfectly capable cameras of taking significantly better photographs than any point-and-shoot in that price range. I still shoot with an E-P1 and print up to 12×18 and the prints are gorgeous. I haven’t upgraded yet because I want an EVF in the damn PEN, so I’ll wait until then and keep shooting with the E-P1.

      I wonder if half the people who complain about image quality and resolution even PRINT photos larger than 4×6 (which by the way a 2.1 MP camera can do quite well).

    • BM

      I can’t be certain but I’ll take a crack at this. Good photographers…I mean…really good photographers…the ones that value photography as an art form and value it’s history don’t make such statements. Consumers do. Not photographers. You’re a consumer. Could be wrong.

  • wls

    Looks like the final fire sale to clear out GF3’s. Basically they are free if you buy the lens. Average price on the 14-42mm X lens is right around $230 on eBay.
    Great deal if you don’t already have one.

    • EEmu

      And that’s the eBay price; this is new. As of this post, though, looks like it’s gone (unless you get lucky on the waitlist). Expect them on eBay for $280 soon :p.

      Given the price on that, there are certainly some interesting ones coming up… GF5s, GF3 with 14mm… If such deals are the norm, this could be a nice way to pick up a cheap body to use as a beater or IR conversion. (Was thinking about doing the latter with an E-PL3, but between the P5 pricing me out and these deals, the Pannys are lookin’ mighty fine!)

  • jjjjj

    What’s wrong with Bite Me? I can see the G5 selling out almost instantly.

    • wls

      He’s just mad because he paid full price for one last year.

    • caver3d

      The G5 is an excellent camera. I have it, along with the E-M5. If the deal is a good one, buy the G5.

      • I’ve been eyeing the G5 for such a long time. It’s just the form factor that bugs me about it, I find it so bland compared to the E-Px / OM-D / GX1.

        What’s truly amazing his how cheap some of these (really good quality) cameras can be had for. People focus too much on comparing specs between cameras, and not enough on what the camera can actually do (which is often A LOT for very little $$$.)

      • wls

        The deal was for $299 but it came with the crappy old 14-42 zoom. The deal last month for $339 for the GF5 and the 14-42 X zoom was a much better deal.

  • GH2 the best ever

    These are the best cameras money can buy. Get them while you still can. Perfect for retired accountants and ex-government bureaucrats.

  • I’ve just bought a G5 body (like new, no visible signs of wear!) at 350 USD. I should admit that it was a much better choice than buying a new G6 at ~650…700 USD. So now my wife inherits my good condition G3. :)

  • jjjj

    Any guesses on the G5’s price?

  • jjjj

    Any guesses on the G5’s price?

  • wls

    These prices are just stupid, people! who pays $229 for a no lens GF3??? You can get a GF5 body for $160 on eBay!
    $399 for the GF3 and the old lens? I wouldn’t pay $75 for that lens.
    there are some good deals and some real ripoff. Think don’t rush.

  • vodanh1982

    Gold box price of G5 is $399 and the normal price is $498. How come it is 43% off?

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