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Live coverage: Panasonic GH4 officially announced!



GH4 specs, price and preorder notifications:
Panasonic GH4 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here).
DMW-YAGH interface unit at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Panasonic US (Click here).
DMW-FL580L Flash at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here).

Previews, tests and image samples:
Hands-on at EosHD, Quick summary at Dpreview, Hands-on at Pocket Lint, First impressions at Trustedreviews, Hands-on pics at Cnet, First impression at ThePhoBlographer, First impressions at Quesabesde (Spanish), First imrpession at Cmaeras.Reviewed, Hands-on at Hybridcams, First Impression at Imaging Resource.

“Light of the Yucatan” in 4K by Bryan Harvey (youtube), Shooting Impression by Bryan Harvey (youtube), GH4 Shooting Impression by Bence Máté (youtube), GH4 Shooting Impression by Takehito Miyatake (youtube), Panasonic GH4 commercial (youtube), Shooting Impression by Daniel Berehulak (youtube), Gh4 at Videoaktiv (German), First look by Wex (youtube), GH4 hands on by PMA (Italian), Video at Park Cameras (youtube).

Hot Notes:
1) Pricing will be announced in mid March only! (Camera will cost less than $2000 or 2000 Euro).
2) This is the world’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens mount camera recording 4K
3) The external XLR / HD-SDI add-on for this camera allows for uncompressed 10bit 4K output over 3G HD-SDI – the kind of spec Canon currently charges $25,000 fo (EosHD).
4) DFD (Depth-of-Defocus) autofocus works like this: During live view (before a half-press of the shutter button), the camera will occasionally make a tiny adjustment to focus, to check whether subjects in the frame are in front of or behind the current focus point. In addition to this information, the camera judges how far out-of-focus objects in the scene are, based on how blurred they are, assessed using a profile detailing the blur behavior of the lens at its current aperture. Although this combination of data itself doesn’t give the GH4 enough information to achieve precise focus, it does give it a clear idea of where it should start using conventional contrast detection AF process to achieve fine focus. (Dpreview).
5) Recording 4K will crop your image by an ulterior 1,125x (Cinema 4K) or 1,2x (Cinema) factor (Personal View).
6) The new sensor seems to be able to get more detail out of the highlights than the sensor in the Olympus EM1 (ThePhoBlographer).

Press release:
Dpreview, Panasonic, 43rumors, SystemKameraForum (German), Pocket Lint, Engadget, Photographyblog, Photoscala (German), DSLRmagazine (Spanish), Panasonic (Japanese),


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