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List of new Panasonic and Olympus compact cameras.


So here we are with the full list of compact cameras to be announced on Monday by Panasonic and Olympus:


  • SH-50MR: 16MP, 24x zoom
  • SZ-16: 14MP, 24x zoom
  • SZ-15: 16MP, 24x zoom
  • TG-2: rugged, 12MP, 4x zoom
  • TG-630: rugged, 12MP, 5x zoom
  • TG-830: rugged, 16MP, 5x zoom


  • DMC-TS25 (FT series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 4x zoom
  • DMC-TS5 (FT series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 4.6x zoom
  • DMC-XS1, 16.1MP sensor, 5x zoom
  • DMC-ZS25 (TZ series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 20x zoom
  • DMC-ZS30 (TZ series in Japan), 18.2MP sensor, 20x zoom
  • DMC-LZ30, 16.1MP sensor, 35x zoom
  • DMC-SZ3, 16.1MP sensor, 10x zoom
  • DMC-SZ9, 16.1MP sensor, 10x zoom
  • DMC-F5, 14.1MP sensor, 5x zoom
  • DMC-FH10, 16.1MP sensor, 5x zoom

via digicame-info and via Photorumors.


Personal note: Again, I am currently very busy in my private life (baby coming very soon) and I may not answer your mails now. I will use my spare time to work on MFT rumors as new stuff is going to be announced for February! Thanks for your understanding!

  • Ash

    I feel that the Olympus line could be chopped down to only one 24x superzoom camera and one rugged camera.

    Panasonic’s list seems very bloated.

    • timtim

      I wont pretend to know the ins and outs of Olympus’ product strategy from a business perspective but I tell you what, from where I stand as a consumer it is so confusing.

      For example:-
      TG830 – wtf is that, what is it good for, will I remember that name.

      Keep it simple!
      Have one Tough camera and iterate it in a simple way. i.e. Tough v1, next one Tough v2, and so on.

      What is it with the marketing guys at Olympus?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the difference between SZ-15 and SH-50MR

    • Anonymous

      Not even Panasonic knows

    • Le frog

      The SH-25 was a slim 12.5 mp superzoom (slimmer than the SZ series). Could be that the SH-50 is an upgrade of it. Whether it will be positioned and priced above or below the SZ-15/16, god knows!

      On a different mood: there is an FT5 rumor that our gracious site administrator is going to announce very soon some very happy personal news ( :- P ) and cannot really bother with our blabbering, right now. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on the soon-coming junior photographer. Your baby can start with the TG-2, I think.

    • offtheback

      Your baby deserves an D800.

  • 16 cameras I won’t be buying!

    • peevee

      What better would you buy instead of TG-2 (or even earlier TG-1) for a beach vacation?

  • Ross

    Thanks for the update, but take good care of your partner & baby to come. It can be desirable to get photos of the birth but even nicer for the wife/partner to have the support at the top end too (someone to hang onto & swear at too ;) ).

    Hope all goes well for the birth.

  • Anonymous

    congratulation ADmin haha

  • Anonymous

    congratulation admin

    • Pavlo

      Joining the congratulations! Waiting for details in news section… :)

  • I hope we will get to see a photo of the new Mini-Admin. ;-)

  • Rutrem

    Congratulations for the baby!
    You will be soon a much more serious photographer ;)
    What kind of lens u plan to use to take photos of ur baby.. just to know in case it happens to some other member :)

  • Edwin

    Congrats admin. Wishing you all the best for the coming baby born :-D

  • Boooo!

    Congratulations! You could name it E-B1, if it’s your first baby ;)

  • Anonymous

    what to see ts5 vs tg-2 match!

  • Mike

    i don’t understand why resources continue to be wasted on a declining point and shoot market especially so many overlapping models. For simple snaps most are satisfied with their phones. Instead of these ridiculous point and shoots Oly and Panny should focus on getting built-in EFVs into all m4/3 bodies including entry level and supply a decent, fast 25mm pancake kit lens (instead of the crummy slow zooms) to make the whole thing truly pocketable and useful at eye level and in low light. That’s a camera that would find a place alongside my phone every day.

  • Justin

    Very happy for you admin. Soon to be sleepy enough to actually be yawning instead of the sardonic yawn I’m giving these cameras.

  • Rasmus

    Wish list: Rugged camera with raw support. Hopefully we’ll know in a few hours if the TG-2 will have it.

  • aqasem

    Just Imagine … let’s dream a bit :)

    FF sensor + OIS similar to lumia 920 with very compact body + Rugged specs for adventure and water sports :) hhh

  • Toby

    Well this is interesting the new SH-50 iHS model supposedly have the 5-axis stabilization that the OM-D had. Makes you wonder if the rumored new m43 from Oly will have the same 5-axis stabilization in a PEN like body.

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