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(FT3) UPDATED -> Letsgodigital says it: “Ricoh mirrorless camera by early November”


I received this rumor 2 months ago and now Letsgodigital confirms our rumor. The Ricoh mirrorless camera will probably be unveiled early November. No MicroFourThirds mount, it will have a K-mount (Pentax).

UPDATE: We just received this text: “Good morning all,
and first congratulations for the nice work (was impressed by your exclusive hint on the Fuji forthcoming µ43 camera; as a S5 Pro user, it is little to say I was interested in these news…).
This message is motivated by the fact that I am aware of the «Ricoh solution» to appear by early November – I am not aware of the precise date of the announcement. It won’t indeed rest upon a µ43 mount but your subsequent assertion is just plain wrong; neither will it build upon any K-mount filiation. First remember that Ricoh is making cameras because they love pictures but that this remains a hobby; as you can feel from the GR series, they just feel free of having their own proper way of feeling photography, that at times leads to true innovations – as a matter of comparison, just look at the evolution of the G series cameras from Canon. They have just no incentives of any kind to re-package old-fashioned solutions. The Ricoh system to appear by early November is a breakthrough in digital photography; you want to hear about true innovations and not mere commercial increments, believe me: with the Ricoh approach, you will have a picture of nothing less than another understanding of photography for the digital age.

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