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Kodaks new camera is not MFT!



Kodak…no wait JK Imaging (LOL) displayed that new “PixPro” camera on the P&E show in China. I say JK Imaging because the Chinese company acquired the brand rights from Kodak. And as you may remember they also announced a Micro Four Thirds camera back in January (article here).

Some websites  and some 43rumors readers speculated that this may be another interchangeable MFT camera but I think it is not. This looks more like a fixed lens camera with tiny sensor. Why do I believe this? Easy, look at the lens specs. Can you do 2cm thick  28-112mm f/1.7-2.4 lens that covers the image circle of a FT sensor? Nope :)

The camera itself takes some inspiration from the Kodak pony 135 film camera (here on eBay).


Source: Zol (via PhotoRumors).

  • anon

    No lens button, compact camera. And such marketing: KODAK PixPro = KODAK PP = (koh dak pee pee)

  • Mister_Roboto

    any chance of getting the specs on that Kodak µ4/3 camera coming out later in the year? If it’s cheap enough, it might make a good intro camera/experiment camera.

  • Nelson

    WTF is this then on the P&E show?

    14-42mm F3.7 to F5.3

    • Anonymous

      interesting ergonomics on that S-1

    • Mister_Roboto

      f3.7? That’s… weird. I would actually want to play around with this camera- if it’s cheap. And by cheap I mean CHEAP.

    • Looks good with that addon flash!

    • digifan

      That S1 doesn’t look bad it seems to have a grip, a mode dial the reast can only be guessed, that zoom looks like a copy of the one from Olympus.

  • I think it’s fitting that kodak make entry level m43 cameras. Back in the day the idea was to get as many cameras out there so that those people bought their film. I hope jk do the kodak name justice. As for kodak itself, I hear film sales have stabilised – I wish they’d bring out a new e6 Kodachrome and bring back ektachrome. Anyone else hear still use film? Admin, still use the mamiya 7?

    • 120 in my Dear Friend’s late uncle’s Zeiss Ikonta.
      35mm in my Dear Friend’s XPan.
      35mm in my Holga 135Pan (the very poor relation, but fun).
      35mm in my Rollei 35S – my favourite film camera. Google Fu Sawatari.
      110 in my Pentax 110s
      Such fun and I really like the discipline of having to wait until the roll is finished before I can process the film (B&W). As well as having to think about shutter speeds and apertures then adjusting them with my own hands.
      Then I go electronic and scan the negatives and Photoshop from there.
      I’d never give it up although I have my Pen as well for certain projects like walking in the footpaths of M Cartier-Bresson.
      And yes, I’d like a Leica but it looks unlikely.

  • J Shin

    I think it’s kinda cute, actually. Looks a bit like a Retina.


  • tomas

    I like the style of this p&s…
    they should do fix m4/3 … to have cheap alternative against fuji x100

  • Observer

    Wonder if they do their own sensors or source them from Sony or Aptina? A refreshing difference from panny and oly, if nothing else look forward to more “affordable m43 lens” from them?

  • Look good, i think this camera is only a XZ-x or LX-x type camera from Kodak (JK), but M43 camera will be look like the too.

  • Fish

    I think it is a great looking camera, shame that it is not a m4/3 sized sensor.
    Does JK Imaging get the name Kodak only, or will their products still have those Kodak colours that I remember from one of my early p&s cameras and then later from my E-500?

  • JimD

    Admin. What can we get on the S1 besides its obligatory 14-42 lens? and a options mount?

  • Sqweezy

    Yes, but what if it were possible? Let’s not discount the power of technology and what the future may hold. Some of the things available today were but mere dreams 20 years ago. Perhaps innovations will pave the way for such a lens design in the future!

  • admin, any news on

    CV 42mm f/.95?


  • Jouko

    Not an mFT body this time, but if that lens was made for mFT, I would be very interested… But not likely, not likely at all,or they have some miracle makers in their design team.

  • Bob B.

    Will never replace the camera in my avatar. :-)

  • ILO

    It looks better than original Kodak cameras! I owned few Kodak cameras and besides color there is nothing was good about Kodak cameras including low quality HD video they came up with HD first but then were quickly left behind by Canon and others. It felt almost like they gave up competing as soon as competition show up. And cameras were actually made by Funai that says something about quality. But Kodak made great sensors for Leica – expensive though. I like Olympus PEN though despite noisy sensor (I still own E-P1 – see no reason to upgrade, even to E-P5) – only if they added EVF and made menus less arcane and more clear.

  • Johan

    Kodak moment approaching

  • peevee

    “Can you do 2cm thick 28-112mm f/1.7-2.4 lens that covers the image circle of a FT sensor?”

    I cannot. But Sony, in RX100, made the similar thing on 3:2 1″, and the diameter of the image circle there is not that much smaller. If you don’t specify corner-to-corner sharpness wide open and ready to make some compromises for the sake of low light performance, and allow the lens to be extended (either by power zoom or manually) before actually being able to work, it could be done by a good optics engineer.

    Of course, it is not done in this case.

    • Chatokun

      RX100 can’t be used as comparison, because it stops down dramatically in the far end: 4.9. This camera only goes to 2.4, so it’s likely to not be as large a lens. I’d say 1:1.7 or so… possibly 2/3″, but I kinda doubt that one.

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