New Kodak S1 MFT images!


You haven’t forgotten that Kodak is about to market a new MFT camera…don’t you? DC.fever (google translated) posted new images and some info about the new Kodak S1 MFT camera. First of all Kodak said they will make two MFT zooms. It is not clear form the article if these will be rebadged Olympus zooms or real new lenses. The camera will have built-in WiFi and an own APP for remote control. A tilt LCD, hot shoe, a recording button, FN1 and FN2 customizable buttons. More can be seen on these images (Click on it to see a full size version).

  • Mark

    I predict Kodak will ‘make’ a 14-42 and a 40-150….. Probably just the M.Zuiko’s with the Kodak logo.

    • Bob B.

      Personally I will stick with my Brownie! (See Avatar.)

  • Looks like Oly’s attempt to penetrate the Chinese market using a local subsidiary. The camera probably features the E-PL5 IBIS too.

    • Nsowon


  • Matt jones

    Hope they bring something new and interesting to the micro four thirds table.

    • Anonymous

      Like a low price?

      • Cheaper than a GX1 for $199? Probably not. Better just to keep buying the previous generation Olly or Panny….

        • EEmu

          While a solid camera, the GX1 is certainly getting long in the tooth. This seems to offer WiFi and a tilting screen. If this has the now-ubiquitous Sony sensor and sells for $300 or so it would be a quite competitive offering, especially for a second body.

  • uiti

    I like that design, wonder how the sensor is good.

    • I know its a mock up, but it looks plasticky to me.

      • MJr

        That’s ok if it has a price to match. The design is quite alright imho.

        And it really doesn’t look thàt plasticky. The E-PL3 might even be worse.

        • MJr

          Though that shutter button looks horrid i gotta say.

    • But lets give a honest chance. Might be the best thing to happen to m43, who knows…

  • Pity they’ve gone the addon flash route… It looks like rebadged Olympus all round, not just the lenses.
    And what is that CS on the mode dial?

    • Patrik

      CS = Custom Setting ?

    • China Style?

    • Continuous shooting ?
      Counter strike :D ?

    • Can.wait.longer

      Computer Science?

    • PLI

      CS = Czech language? (ISO 639-1)

      • Anonymous

        I thought it was CZ

        • PLI

          It’s a common mistake. CS is the code for Czech language, and CZ is the code for country of Czech Republic.

    • cumshot mode?

      • caver3d

        Now, THAT is funny.

        • KK

          Really? Are we in grade five?

  • Scott

    we dont need another camera, we need lenses I do not understand why it takes olympus so long to release a lens, its the one thing they do not need to wait on technology for, its simply design and build and they would make money

    • Uberzone

      We set them back a year on new lenses by demanding black versions of all of the primes. No one to blame but ourselves.

      • Fafhrd


      • Scott

        not me I don’t care if the damn things are pink just make them

        • Silver or black doesn’t bother much. Canon L are white and very fine for all I care.
          But pink? that would be an intellectual challenge not to be bothered, I have to admit limits here.

    • caver3d

      Do you use the current lenses from Oly? Have you bought any? If you can’t make decent photos with what is presently available, then there is something wrong with you and your photographic ability.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        I admit I had the same thought!..

  • AMVR

    Looks way more decent than I expected, hopefully this helps M4/3 capture some of that low-end market. The body itself look kinda samsung-ish, at least this will please the retro-haters out there. Now we just need some specs.

    • Specs? Just read the E-PL5 spec sheet (and add Wi-Fi).

      • Fafhrd

        Don’t see accessory port. I guesss it was easy to leave out to save a little money. Lessens appeal to me as second body if I can’t use Olympus viewfinder.

      • Rinaldo

        Let’s see if it shoots 8 fps and has the EM5 sensor…

      • adaptor-or-die

        why would you expect it to match the e-PL5? This is not made by Olympus, if anything it would be older obsolete sensors and hardware, if sourced either from Oly or Pan, neither brand is going to help “kodak: outshine their own models … yet people are adding IBIS to it and all kinds of fantasy specs. The addition of Wifi is not a real surprise seeing the market it’s targeted toward, but cutting edge sensors and IS is going to be a be wish.

      • peevee

        “Just read the E-PL5 spec sheet (and add Wi-Fi).”

        You mean E-PL6 then.

  • andrew

    This is interesting and I think it is good news for the MFT market and competition.

    • Uberzone

      It is not really competition if it is just rebranded cameras and lenses. More exposure to new markets is good though.

      • Fafhrd

        Expect to see in Wal-Mart and Sam’s. The more m43 bodies out there, the better.

  • viewfinder memories

    Good a camera for the extended arms out in front wavers. Now Oly can concentrate on real cameras with internal viewfinders. Left side top please. Pany aced you with the GX2 if the specs are correct. Now do it properly.

  • Pellevin

    Extremely boring with all 14-42 f3.5-5.6 zooms. Doesn’t anyone dare to think out of the box? Well I guess it is just a rebranded Olympus…

    • Anonymous

      Are you confused by the concept of “interchangeable” in interchangeable lens cameras? Obviously they will ship cameras like these with basic kit zooms, but you don’t have to use them, y’know!

      • Crystal Balls

        14-42 is getting a bit boring. As most purchasers will not buy another lens, seems they get 14-42 for ever.
        If you don’t like it don’t buy it is a bit american, suggesting something else or groaning is the rest of the world, it often works. It got Oly out of 14-42 all the time.

  • ChristianG

    Looks better than expected – especially the Black Version that’s actually quite nice looking. If it has the sony sensor I might get one eventually. Nice little flash too, looks tiltable..

  • ArKersaint

    Looks ugly : olympus odd design lacking olympus spirit

    • digifan

      It isn’t Olympus design at all.
      Can’t people read the title, it’s the now chinese brand KODAK!!!!!!!
      And for what it is, it doesn’t look bad at all, the grip seems ok to me.

  • Roy

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but this “Kodak” is really another company just licensing the name, right? This doesn’t give me the Kodak attachment of the past.

    • Kodak is just the generic Chinese name for ‘camera’. Thus photography returns to its ancient cradle. China. I am not sure if they’ll use the word ‘Brownie’ as well, it might not be politcally correct, though. Perhaps they’ll make one for the American market only, to be imported from Shangzou :)

      • Anonymous

        ..Photography returns to its ancient cradle..
        Uhu? Did the Chinese also invented photography now? Methinks not.

        • There were people taking pictures in China when you still wore feathers in your hair, and it still shows. Irony a long forgotten art…

          • You mean that Thomas Wedgwood was Chinese?

          • AmalricSucks

            There’s only one thing worst than Amalric’s photos: his comments.

      • caver3d

        am – what are you smoking today? I didn’t know you were proficient in Chinese. Most impressive.

      • Adam Riese

        “amalric” is generic French for a-hole.

  • david

    It looks a bit like an E-PL2. I wonder if it will have the nice Kodak colours?
    One plus point I can see is that it’s screen is the correct aspect ratio.

  • Yun

    I wonder the class of image quality delivered from this new Kodak mFT camera if match what is currently on market . Kodak processor debut ?
    Dynamic Range wise too , over 10 ELV ?
    Let’s wait & see reviews for this camera .
    My guess it should be not more than EP3 / GF3’s standard .

  • Is there any information available about the type of image stabilisation this new Kodak will use? It’s pictured with an Olympus lens so one would assume it had IBIS but I can’t see any mention of it.

  • someone

    Maybe Kodak will beat Olympus to finally putting 24p video in a MFT body?

  • Ross

    It is obviously using its own flash hotshoe format & not that of Olympus & it seems the power to the attachable flash will come through that hotshoe.

    • true homer

      What do you mean by their own flash hotshoe format?

      • CaverDave

        Yes, it does look like the Kodak m43 camera will have a new non-standard hotshoe pin layout. This might be a big negative thing for people with mft cameras and flashes.

    • peevee

      Yes, the hotshow does not look like Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Sony (old and new), Samsung or Fuji, but it does look like Kodak – P850 for example.

  • Anonymous

    Any news about the 12-40 and 40-xxx?

    • CaverDave

      Yes, a few new rumors about the OLympus 12-40 and the 40-xxx would be really great. The upcoming Kodak S-1 looks like it will be a fine camera. The announced E-P5 looks to be a good camera. The rumored GX2 looks to be a very exciting camera. Still more people seems to be wanting leaks on the possible upcoming Olympus fast 2.8 zooms.

    • Rpm40

      Why would this have a hotshoe (and one without an accessory port no less) instead of a built in flash? That makes even less sense for the target market than on th e-pm2. Dumb.

      Otherwise, I bet it will be a fine cheap alternative. The more brands selling m4/3 the better. If the format wants to become ubiquitous though, it needs an easier name… Maybe people can just start calling them “micro” cameras. Plenty of people probably would have no idea how to pronounce m4/3.

  • Doma

    Could not be less interested, a camera that will add nothing to anyone but some profits for Oly..just a cheaper, low end E-PL5 no more no less.

    • Nsowon

      But the Chinese market, for which there is a *huge* potential for a ‘Chinese’ camera of worth, could put the camera division in the black and give them more money for their own high-end cameras. Smart move, methinks.

  • Wonderful! There are still quite a few Kodak photographic outlets/shop here in South Africa and I just hope that this Kodak camera will (automatically) be sold by and through them. It’ll be a great boost for micro-4/3, because over here we do not have any Panasonic (micro-4/3) products and Olympus is strictly on-demand only.

  • Hmmm… I’m happy with my G5. :D

    • caver3d

      The G5 remains the best kept secret. It is an excellent camera, with many key features (including articulating screen and internal EVF) and very good IQ. And, it is at a bargain price. I have one. As a result, I have put off buying a GH3.

  • caver3d

    Actually, the Kodak entry may be just the type of push that Oly and Pany need in order to get them to do a better job of marketing, leading to greater availability (and timely availability) of their camera products in more stores in the future. They continue to let the Canikon machine run away with it.

  • shelly

    I actually like it better versus other brand that look similar and plastic-y, but I’d probably never buy a kodak(mostly b/c they wont have a great assortment on lenses in the end. ):

  • While it is really good to see another manufacturer making an m43 body

    I wonder if perhaps its made for them by Oly or Pan? If it is then there is no real advantage for us (other than another option). If its a real made by Kodak or their supplier then that might show some extra competition, and that is always a good thing.

    That said – that is one fugly camera. Leave the white to Olympus, only they make it look nice :)

    • Anonymous

      Kodak isn’t involved in this at all. They licensed their brand name to JK Imaging, a small American company with no capability to design and manufacture cameras. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the cameras and lenses are made by Asia Optical, a Taiwanese company.

  • mattphoto

    It’s not a Kodak-made Camera. It’s designed by JK Imaging and to be manufactured by them. They just bought the license to use the KODAK name.

  • Michael Gerrard

    It doesn’t look very exciting. However, it has potential in that if it is cheap enough and users stepping up from compacts enter the mirror-less system camera world by buying this camera – they may later upgrade by buying more m43 kit. This is the best news for all of us who are using m43 because it expands the system.

  • MR.NoFlash

    I like it that “Kodak” sells such a camera.
    1. Quality: If its manufactured in the same factory as Oly, perhaps it has Oly quality, we will see. Seems to be a bit like in the region of E-PL5, but a bit more Plastic.
    2. The Name: Ok we all know the Problems of Kodak, but BUT some of us show Photos to the Non-Photographers, yes we sometimes make photos which are not only for us. Here psychology comes into play, Kodak is a very well known brand. Those people dont know much about the last-few-years Kodak problems, but for those Non-Photographers Kodak may sound more serious than for example Panasonic or Sony, because Kodak and Fuji made film for ages. So a Kodak Exif in the photo may be better for SOME purposes than a Oly or Panny Exif, if the camera works as good as a – say – E-PL5.

    • Simon

      Hypocrites, If this was anything but a m4/3 camera it would be dubbed a big ol’ stanky, wet, stuck in the bottom of a brown bag turd….

  • n3eg

    I am looking forward to it. My only question is what is the sensor, now that it’s likely this will have IBIS using Oly lenses. And I agree, the white version looks more like a bathroom accessory than a camera.

  • peevee

    Also note the SZ41 compact in there. The familiar 28-112 eq f/1.8-2.5 zoom Olympus sold to Ricoh/Pentax is now sold to JK Imaging too.

  • Milt

    One of the interesting things about this camera is how easy it seems to be to manufacture and put a new body on the market. This is not a rebranded Olympus, but a new product – maybe a copy of one or different brands – made in China using the Kodak name.

    Lets see what it is like on the inside. But if it provides a new market for Olympus and Panasonic lenses, maybe their prices will come down. :-)

  • n3eg

    The easy way to confirm this is not a rebranded Oly is to look at the inside behind the lens flange. Oly has a “stadium” round stairstep look to it. Kodak has only one set of stairs.

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