Jackar vs SLR magic lens comparison on video.


The video on top shows a comparison between the newly announced Jackar 34mm f/1.8  lens and the SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 MC. Both are certainly not the best lenses for the MFT system but some of you might found them to be a good cheap alternative to other lenses.

The Jackar lens itself can be bought on eBay (Click here) (found via Slidoo).

  • rUY

    Come on Jackar, u can do better! the below link offer similar stuff with 10% of yours.


  • Henry

    The video was not very informative. 9 minutes could have been compress into 1:30.

    looking forward to someone doing a better review/comparison.

    • MikeH

      @Henry – Isn’t it easy to criticize when you aren’t doing anything yourself? I’ll look forward to your videos buying and comparing lenses for us. Please let us know the moment your awesome videos are released so that we can marvel at them.

      The video was fine, it could have been about half the length and shown some photo or video samples but the focus of the video wasn’t on picture quality.

      • “Be satisfied and shut up as long as you’re not able to do it better immediately”? What a bunch of BS.

        • MikeH

          “Be satisfied and shut up as long as you’re not able to do it better immediately”?

          Where did this quote come from, because it is no quote of mine. Perhaps you need to learn better reading comprehension. I said I looked forward to his, and now perhaps even the great pizza4D’s, astounding upcoming camera tech videos.

          • BdV

            Correct. But also, any feedback from the audience is valuable.

          • NiceMike

            MikeH, I wrote a comment on the internet. Therefore, as your reasoning goes, I can safely to you : your comment sucks Mike. Say you’re sorry.

            • digifan

              Shouldn’t your comment be directed to Henry iso MikeH.
              Read and react carefully.

        • rubut


          No its about being a decent human being.

          This guys made the comparison video and shared it with everyone, and considering that english is not his first language that is quite a brave thing to do.

          As for release something immediately, Henry clearly indicated that he has no intention of doing any such thing himself: “looking forward to someone doing a better review/comparison.”

          If you want to live in a world where bringing down the efforts of others but not making an effort yourself is OK, i pity you.

      • To apply your saying on something else is like saying, if you haven´t been a president before you cannot critize them? Constructive cristism improves.

        • rubut


          If you call this tone of criticism constructive, I would hate to see what you call unconstructive!

          • Es

            Uselessly drawn out review videos are annoying. How much more constructive do you want to be? A review video is not a soap opera that has to fit in a 40 minute time slot. It can be shorter as needed.

    • cicko

      Yes – nothing about photo quality :-(
      And price (useless things with Jackar) is 1:10 !
      Why pay for package? Goes to trash basket.
      I’ve Jackar things, but never would buy this lens!

      • cicko

        My cctv adapters show aperture correct upside, you also can unscrew/screw connection 120°/240° (35mm, 50mm) – price of adapter cctv/NEX or cctv/m43 is less than $5.
        I dislike to buy TWO (expensive) lenses for my NEX/m43 cameras. So I can use my cctv 25/35/50mm for all NEX/m43

  • Bob

    The Tester forgot to mention the SLR Magic cost $60 less than the Jackar and no onr needs to pay $60 for a $6 buck pouch. The SLR Magic also has a 37mm filter thread. I usedthr SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 for two years with a chipped front ring from dropping it once and I managed to send in the lens to SLR Magic for a trade in value of $90 to get the new SLR Magic 35mm T/1.4 and a much better deal in my opinion. If I got the Jackar I would not be able to sell it for 10% of its new price to get another lens. I see many colors on the CCTV lens and I think its just a diffetent multi coating.

  • Admin; what’s with the gigantic advertisement banner at the top of this site? When I open it on my mobile phone I can’t see anything except the banner before I start to scroll (And thats on a Galaxy note 5.3″ screen)..

  • Rutrem

    …and to conclude an Ampex,Fujinon,Meopta,Computar,Cosmicar or a Kern Cine/TV lens are far better options then all of 3 lens on review

  • I think my pet F.Zuiko 1.8/38mm Pen-FT lens is safe for a long time.

  • got the feeling he was pushing for the jackar lens, comparing it to the cctv lens mostly, while the slr magic lens wasn’t even mounted. test footage would have been nice.

  • adaptor-or-die

    It’s fairly obvious even in this video that all three share the same glass element group core. SLR and Jackar are repackaged variations of the cheapo CCTV. Do you get value out of extra boxing and cosmetics? For some people yes. The distinct cost difference through the three, wasn’t compared. For example C-mount often comes free with the CCTV lens, and at ~$30 it is pretty easy to give it a break on it’s cheap fugly nature. I suspect there was no video/stills comparison because you would see very little output difference.

    When your concern is, how cool does my lens look on my camera? Then this just proves there is a market for buyers that want the hood, the case and attention to detail and will pay for that. $300 vs $30? That’s up to the buyer

    The biggest advantage to these three is that you can cheaply buy the CCTV test and use it to test drive and see if you even like the features and character of what is a very soft-edged lens made for smaller, video sensor TV production. The vignette & blur is way over the top. Which is the appeal, of the $30 variation. Is that a $300 feature?

    As to the lens barrel marking. I can’t see the use of hyperfocal markings for the aperture and distance, the lens works far better via EVF or LCD, in real-time, it was designed for video originally.

    Sure the Jackar looks like a much better lens than the common guts imply. No usage comparisons since that would show they all perform the same …

    • woof woof

      It’s strange that the lens markings on the CCTV ended up on the bottom, I’d have thought that the adapter would have sorted that out?

      • adaptor-or-die

        common issue with screw thread adapters. M39 and M42 adapters have the same issue, unless the maker taps the threads exactly the same as the camera body … some larger adapters like M42 & T mounts will have adjustable set screw setups, but I’ve never seen a c-mount with such. C-mount is for film and video lenses and they don’t rely on that kind of precise placement.

        • adaptor-or-die

          btw my C-mount adapter positions the marking on the top, off to centre right, it’s really the mount in question, and has little to do with the lens itself.

      • Bob

        I noticed the Jackar has the same front ring as the CCTV lens.

  • Panny-man

    call me crazy but the only thing i really cared to see was the comparison of the 3 lens on one camera and the images they created. instead we got 9 minutes of unboxing and mounting.


  • rpm40

    Are these really a bunch of manufacturers rebadging old cctv lenses in fancy boxes and selling them for a few hundred bucks each? ….why?

  • kedar

    Saddest content i’ve seen on 43rumors till now..saddest review and saddest conclusions. No respect for the cameramen who could evolve using the lenses and make freaking awesome footage out of even a piece of glass.

    • Future MFT user

      I agree, it’s a sad “review”. Just for a moment, I thought this looks promising: looks are nice, presentation is nice, even Jackar’s website is nice… let’s see if the lens performance is at least decent.

      However, after seeing ePhotozine’s review, it’s clear this is another rebadged CCTV lens with a small central zone of sharpness and extremely blurry edges.

      Anyway, if it were $60 maybe it would be OK as a toy lens for portraits. But, at $190? no way.

  • Anon.

    This is clearly the manufacturer pushing his version of a cheap lens. Granted it has a m4/3 mount, but it’ll still be on par with a CCTV lens. That’s why he shied away from the SLR Magic – liking only to the CCTV lens despite it being better and not having the issues he raised: m/4/3 mount, f-stop markers in the right place etc. – and *no* quality comparison.

    In China the OTT presentation boxes work for their market. I’d like to think most western buyers care about the quality. However, if the Chinese businessmen see a market, they’ll go for it with gusto!

    Here, someone has seen that you can wrap a $30 lens in a remoulded skin, pop it in a nice box and flog it at a great profit. It’s no different to SLR Magic’s – so they add a nice presentation box to suggest quality. Given my experience with Chinese manufacturers, I doubt quality is their priority – even the new and ‘better’ Chinese brands are still unable to get that right.

    • Bob

      I have the SLR magic 35mm f/1.7 before and the mechanics is much smoother than the CCTV. The SLR magic was also much sharper and can focus to infinity. I traded it in for $90 because I was ready for something faster such as the 35mm t/1.4. SLR magic has a trade-in program for their lens and even other manufacturers such as Canon or Olympus doesn’t even have such programs to date. I agree with other readers the reviewer only compared the Jacker to be much better than the CCTV in the video and has a very biased opinion. The reviewer only has one video in his account so most probably done by an internal staff from Jacker to demote the SLR magic and the CCTV lens to try to sell more lenses by sending the footage to 43rumors.

      • Anon.

        Agreed. Western companies who spend time and effort with good design and engineering, quality control, and distribution with aftermarket support will produce a good product. Doing this can be a nightmare in China and people have lost fortunes trying to do business here as much as people have made them. However, all that attention to detail costs money and it’s something people need to realise when they consider buying from China.

        SLR magic do, I assume, pay attention. This video has all the hallmarks of an outfit who don’t; copying another company to make a quick buck. No innovation, other than pretty boxes; and a subtle swipe at SLR Magic to boot.

  • SamshootsAll

    Call me crazy but the host sounds like Lok from digitalRev!!!

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