It happens in UK: Free 45mm lens when buying the E-M5!


UK readers can buy the E-M5 and than get an Olympus 45mm f/1.8 for free! What the heck, such a great deal should be extended to the whole world! The promotion will go live on October 15th and you will see it soon here at

P.S.: US deal reminder:
$80 Visa gift card on Olympus cameras at Amazon (Click here).
You save $150 on the Silver E-m5 body at Cametaauctions (Click here) and Camera store (Click here).
You save $150 on the Black E-m5 with 14-42mm lens at Cametaauctions (Click here) and Camera store (Click here).
You save $150 on the Silver E-m5 with 16-50mm kit lens at Cametaauctions (Click here) and Camera store (Click here).

  • Fish

    Great move Olympus, that is a smart combination for sure. Too bad I already have the 45mm.

    Edit: The link is only showing me the $50 voucher though

    • Brod1er

      Sony NEX6 plus pancake zoom for £800 looks like a better option – and I hate Sony, but they have a great camera for once here and a few good lenses are now emerging.

  • mapleflot

    And yet the listed UK price of the 15mm lens body-cap is nearly 2x the cost in the US.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, I have been informed by two main dealerships that Olympus UK are charging them more than US dealers are selling it for, that is one major ripoff that deserves Oly UK to fold over. That kind of pricing makes the 45mm lens offer worthless in reality.

  • I hope you mean 12-50, not 16-50.

  • The Real Stig

    Damn! all I got was the free grip.

    • Richard

      In Sweden we didn´t get anything and we probably have the highets price in Europe for the EM-5.

      • Digifan

        In the Netherlands there was NO promotion when I bought the E-M5 in April.

  • Well I’ll be on eBay every day looking for a cheap 45mm ;)

  • GS1

    the weather sealed 60mm macro would fit better :-)

  • Llamaman

    Awesome! I was just about to buy a 45mm and was trying to decide between an E-M5 and the G5. This will probably make my decision easier as it effectively halves the price difference between them.

    Nice that for once the UK buyers are getting a good deal!

    • Brod1er

      WAKE UP! It’s an old trick. The UK price of the camera is £200 overpriced. You have either been suckered or DO YOU WORK FOR OLYMPUS UK? Of course not………..

      • The Real Stig

        Quite right. In the UK and Ireland there was a pre-order deal for the E-M5 where they ‘generously’ gave you a free grip. But when you worked out the cost of an E-M5 + grip in the US the price was almost exactly the same. People in the UK/IR who bought the E-M5 without the deal got shafted.

        I am not into the pre-order mentality normally but in this instance it made sense.

        • Ab

          Hold your horses, the cost of a product is not only dictated by the cost of production, but also of delivery, import duties, sales taxes and local profit margins (needed due to local wages, utilities etc)

          I love the way people think that Olympus UK is ripping them off, Japanese electronics have ALWAYS been more expensive in the UK than the US, I remember my mates getting hand fulls of Nintendo games from the US because they were so much cheaper than the UK.


          • The Real Stig

            Nice theory, except that the top of the line B&W speakers, which are made in the UK, are cheaper in the US.

            • Ab

              So deduct import duties and add volume pricing to the list. The rest stands.

      • Digifan

        I don’t get it, UK inhabitants can buy from the European mainland without import duty fees. I’d never buy anything from UK shops anymore if the price were that high. Heck including shipping costs it’s even a lot cheaper to buy from the mainland !!

  • andy

    Frankly, if they threw the battery grip in with the body-only option I would buy one today.

  • Thats a really good deal!

  • hullyjr

    I tried to buy an EM-5 when it was first launched for a much anticipated vacation but no luck and so my trusty E-PL1 sufficed. Without the urgency I can afford wait and it seems that there is always a deal on offer for this model. Why buy it for list price when there are extra goodies to be had for free? Unfortunately none of the deals address my needs or wants.

    Olympus if you monitor these sites, instead of linking the deal to certain lenses or accessories (I cannot image they have a problem selling the excellent 45/1.8) why not give a buyer of the camera 400 pounds/dollar/euro credit at the Olympus store? I already have the 45/1.8, the viewfinder, the flash, and have no interest in the grip so you need to come up with something better to get my dollars.

    The irony is that if there were no deals at all I would have probably just accepted the list price and ponyed up the money for the E-M5. Now I’m prepared to wait for the right deal.

    • Mike

      Only problem is that perfect deal may not come before the E-M5 successor.

  • Jens

    Mhm, the price decrease makes a lot sense, since the PL5 and PM2 are coming. But what to buy now?! I so don’t like the OMD design with the central viewfinder, it makes the camera so bulky. I guess I’ll buy the PL5…

  • I already have 45/1.8, I want a bonus 42.5/1.2, no matter which M43 body should be buyed for having it. :D

  • Fobeeguy

    Hopefully US will get the same deal. Cross my fingers. Wonder if the deal would work with refurbished E-M5.

  • Rj

    I hope such a deal comes in the
    US during black friday, or cyber monday….*fingers crossed*

  • The Master

    Looks like Olympus has figured out a way to get rid of the surplus chrome 45’s since no one wants them. Ataboy Olympus! Now, if they can just figure out a way to sell the Black ones at normal prices, without looking like fools, then maybe no one will notice how stupid their “chrome first, then more expensive black later” sales tactic was.

    After watching Olympus over the past few gangster years, I would have to say that they still have few stupid money loosing schemes up there sleeve. Beauty is only skin deep, but stupid goes all the way to the bone. :)

    • theDA

      tell it like it is

    • ph

      Right on!

    • Mr. Reeee


  • mister_roboto

    AH MAN… The UK gets the best deals. You know minus VAT and the non-US markup ;)

    When the E-M5 came out they got the rebate for 1/2 off the grip, while the US got either a free flash, OM adapter, or the weather sealed adapter.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all relative guys. Australia gets no deals and the mark up.

    Olympus is managed like a drunk sailor.

    • Ross

      No, but at least we were getting some decent discount prices ($162 off RR with mine) from some suppliers right from the begining (& the free MMF-3 while it was offered).

    • rer

      I am sure I read in a forum that there is no import duty at all on items under a certain amount in Australia

  • Anonymous

    Olympus rip you off when you purchase, then undercut the value of your gear once you’ve bought it. You can buy a $1000 Olympus lens and they won’t even through in 70 cents worth of lens hood or 40 cents worth of lens pouch, and then they give away a $400 lens for free.

    • Fish

      I cant argue with that. I would like to see a change to the no-hood policy, along with an apology to the customers.

    • mister_roboto

      I can argue with that: it’s call “first adopters” You buy a $3000 USD computer today, how much is that computer going to be in 5 years? Not $3000. Cameras have entered the “electronic gadget age” and for better and for worse, that’s just the way it is.

      • nicwalmsley

        Oh no, I think you’ve got that wrong. There’s a big difference between natural price reductions as new and better tech is released, and suddenly giving away a top line product for free a year after it was released. Resale value of the 45mm has just dropped significantly in one short day. There’s no “5 years” involved in this case.

        And I think the point was more about the crazy difference between charging $70 for a lens hood (after paying $1000 for the lens) and not even having a lens pouch (which Panasonic do include bundled with the lens) vs giving away the 45mm for free with an E-M5.

        • Mike

          @nicwalmsley – Wow,quite dramatic blubber. The example mister_roboto used is
          only flawed in the given timeline of 5 years.
          That $3000 computer is only worth the purchase price
          for the length of the return period. Once that passes it has depreciated considerably and value
          takes a second and larger hit once the next processor chip rolls out within 6 months.

          Electronic cameras of today are no different assuming you need to buy the latest all the time. If so you’ll always spend more. The equipment is simply tools, not investments. It’s almost comical how some can
          condemn a company for offering a decent discount on some excellent products
          Quality and discount seems like a win/win to me.

          And just because the UK gets this limited time offer the 45 has not lost all value. Last I checked one would still cost me over 300 on eBay here in the US.

      • Fish

        Yup, you missed the point. The cost of the lens itself hasn’t changed at all from the early adopter price. How much has the Panasonic 20mm dropped in value since it was released?? You cant compare lenses to computers.

    • Yes, and Panny does the same. They can’t keep the introduction prices for more than a few months.

      That should alert customers on the real cost of what they purchase. What will be their resale cost?

      This is not to say that lenses are not good, it’s only that it costs much less to make them than what gullible consumers believe.

      • Fish

        Wrong. This has nothing to do with the lens’ value. This offer is actually a reflection of a decrease in the value of the body – because it is an electronic device and because of upcoming competition announced at photokina. Camera lenses don’t drop in value nearly as much. Look at the three year old Panasonic 7-14mm or even the Olympus 12-60mm (and despite the fact that there isnt even a current 4/3 body to use it on). Not much of a price drop.

        I was one of the first to get the 45mm and its price has not dropped one cent compared to my early adopter, preorder price.

        • LOL we are seeing discounts all the time on expensive lenses like the 12-35.

          That at least tells that they are not so expensive to make. Of course there are some exceptions like the 7-14.

          I don’t have anything against early adopters, they foot part of the bill after all :)

          • Fish

            “we are seeing discounts all the time on expensive lenses”

            All the time huh? Now it’s my turn to LOL. Of the other “expensive lenses” what other examples are there? Of the 30+ m4/3 lenses out, what other examples are there, the 12.5mm f12 3D lens?

            • Yes Mr. Fish. I was surprised to see the 12/2 going down from 800 EU to present 600.

              But there are also cameras, like the pretentious X Pro 1 now having a discount of 300 credits.

              So pick your ticket for the circus. Its managers are laughing all the way to the bank :)

          • Panasonic UK offered the 12-35mm f2.8 lens for £799 for a limited number of people when it was new, so there definitely will be a price drop, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it settles around that figure as it seems quite reasonable. I don’t expect it will drop much more after that though.

            The problem is if they keep doing this, people will keep expecting price drops and no-one with a bit of patience will buy until the price has dropped.

        • The E-5 is still listed on both the Olympus UK and the Olympus US sites as being in stock from the company stores. Many online retailers appear to have it, though there do seem to fewer with it in stock in the UK than in the US or in Germany.

  • Sandhurst

    For all those interested in this latest Olympus offer it is displayed on the Olympus Twitter page (you’ll have to scroll down a little). The offer goes active in the UK from the 15th October from selected Olympus dealers only.

  • nicwalmsley

    Maybe it is a sign the black 45mm 1.8 is coming.

    • Incessant Troll

      the black 45mm is going to be free but the hood will cost $500 sorry folks

  • Yun

    If true , this really a formidable combination , best m4/3 & top lens combination .
    But I already got the lens so should leave this alone .

    • Anonymous

      You could get it and sell the lens and you’d have an EM-5 for cheap. Or sell both for close to retail and make a profit. lol

  • Olympus UK tends to go with more free promotions, I think in part because of the overall higher prices they charge in the UK. Very often the prices in the UK versus the US are 1:1 pounds/dollars, which is a horrifically bad exchange rate, particularly with VAT added on top of that.

    • Brod1er

      So Oly UK “generously” offer a free £200 lens/grip when the camera costs £200 more than other markets. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!! I suggest just buying from other European retailers who have a more reasonable price. This is perfectly legal and should not affect the international Olympus warranty. OLY UK ARE GREEDY – GO ELSEWHERE!

  • Anonymous

    very Nice collection!
    thanks for provide nowledge about
    It happens in UK: Free 45mm lens when buying the E-M5!

  • very Nice collection!
    thanks for provide nowledge about
    It happens in UK: Free 45mm lens when buying the E-M5!

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