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Interview with Panasonic Lumix director Yamane


Imaging Resource had a long chat with him and here are a couple of take away:

  • The GH6 is a flagship model equipped with a newly developed image sensor and a newly developed image processor that enables cutting-edge video expression.
  • the GH5M2 is able to get a 25% benefit on the dynamic range compared to the GH5.
  • I believe that the full-frame and Micro Four Thirds markets will continue to coexist. In particular, the video market continues to expand, and the value of full-frame and MFT is increasing. In fact, there are many creators who use both systems, full-frame to pursue expressiveness and MFT with an emphasis on mobility and high speed. By taking advantage of each characteristic, even more creative content is created. Going forward, we will continue to grow our business with these two pillars, full-frame and Micro Four Thirds, as a “Double Driving Force.”
  • The rise of smartphones has had a major impact on the demand for fixed-lens compact cameras. On the other hand, the demand for full-frame and MFT mirrorless cameras is stable.
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