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Interview with OM Germany manager: “8-25mm f/4.0 lens is coming soon”


The German OM Digital manager Olaf Kreuter gave this interview. Activate the youtube auto translation caption if you do not understand German. A couple of highlights:

  • OM Digital has a long term plan with forecasts for products and revenue goals
  • Many Olympus managers and technicians moved from Olympus to OM Digital. An example is AKi Murata.
  • We will focus on macro and wildlife
  • They confirms there will be many products this year
  • they confirm there is a camera with “WOW” potential coming in 12 months.
  • The minimum commitment is to release at least 1 new camera and 2 new lenses per year
  • we will design our own sensors and than Sony builds them for us
  • for now we will continue all camera lines (Tough-PEN-OMD)
  • 8-25mm f/4.0 lens is coming soon
  • We are developing new telephoto lenses (but none with Fresnel tech)
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