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Interview reloaded: Olympus Four Thirds strategy

[shoplink 21666][/shoplink]

Last week the chinese website posted a short interview with the ex chief of Olympus Akira Watanabe. ePhotozine (Click here) wanted to be sure that the translation from chinese to english is correct and asked Olympus to confirm the correctness of the text. Olympus confirmed that “We will replace E-XXX by PEN series.” and thatE-X and E-XX DSLRs will continue as long as mirrorless systems can’t fulfill SLR users demand. We don’t know when we will have technologies that will be able to substitute this camera class.” It sounds like the [shoplink 21666]Olympus E-30[/shoplink] could be replaced by a newer model. Anyway we didn’t receive any rumor about a possible E-40 or E-50.
Fact is the E-30 is almost impossible to find in Stock (Check [shopcountry 21666])

P.S.: I found a japanese patent (Click here) showing a new Olympus lens. Some japanese reader can help me to find out the specs of the lens?

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