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Interesting speculation: Is the new OM-1 nearly entirely made from Sony parts?


OM-1 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. GetOlympus.
OM-1 in EU at Calumet DE. Fotokoch DE. Wex UK. Olympus DE, Olympus UK, Olympus FR, Olympus IT, Olympus ES. Olympus NL. Olympus BE. Olympus AT. Olympus CH.
40-150mm f/4.0 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. GetOlympus. Calumet DE. Wex UK.
12-40mm II at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. GetOlympus. Calumet DE. Wex UK.

A Russian blogger made this interesting speculation. He claims the OM-1 is a Sony camera with the OM System brand imprinted on it. If you look at the tech inside the camera you will notice:

  • The sensor is from Sony
  • Processor and, judging by everything, the entire motherboard (precisely the power system with PD on 27v) – from Sony. They even gave the name to the processor with the traditional Sony letter X.
  • The 5.7g dots EVF is exactly the same as the one from the Sony A7rIV
  • Battery new BLX-1 in dimensions, weight and capacity perfectly matches the current “mirrorless” battery Sony NP-FZ100
  • The operating system and OM-1 menu is nothing but Sony’s new menu – one-on-one, including hints, some icons, placement of elements on the screen and in the browser. Straight from A1, A7S3, A7M4
  • And even the updated branded software for PC from OMDS – now it looks like Sony software before mixing.
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