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Incredible Panasonic GF1 price drop (and yes GF2 within few months coming)


Oh yes guys, the GF2 will come within few months (very early 2011!) and that’s why we are continually having new price drops on the Panasonic GF1.

Just look at Amazon US: The Panasonic GF1+20mm lens is now in Stock for $599 (Click here to get the camera!). One month ago the price was over $800!

And there are also many price drops in Europe. As usual I can’t check every shop in every european country so I give you only a few links to my affiliate shops. Pixmania usually is one of the stores that has very good prices (Click on country name): Pixmania Deutschland, Pixmania Belgium, Pixmania France, Pixmania Austria, Pixmania UK, Pixmania Nederland, Pixmania Poland, Pixmania España,Pixmania Italia.

And here you have the links to european Amazon stores: Amazon Deutschland, Amazon UK and Amazon France

We told you that Panasonic would lower the price but I don’t believe it will become cheaper as it already is. So if you want the camera buy it ;)

  • sam

    Its around £550 here in the UK with the 20mm f1.7, the US price of $599 works out to be £448.78 including UK VAT at 17.5%. Any enlightenment on why the UK price is still £100 more than the US even after factoring in 17.5% UK VAT would be useful.

    I have a GF1 and 20mm on order and it’s been delayed in shipping I might cancel it and wait to see if the GF2 materialises especially if these price drops will propagate to the UK in the next few weeks.

  • Akey

    Its already like $499 in Japanese, the down size is GF1 in Japan only has Japanese menu.

    • Paco

      Everything is more expensive in the UK. Panasonic, the store and all other intermediary have to pay more for the employees, facilicities and services. That adds up.

  • Miroslav

    The lowest price of GF1 with 20mm lens anywhere in Europe is a bit under 700 EUR. If they priced it around US price, they’d sell twice as much … I just don’t see any logic. At 599 USD = 430 EUR, I’d buy one just because of the lens. The 270 EUR price difference is staggering. I suppose US shops are going to bundle plane tickets with Panasonic cameras for European buyers soon.

    • Jesper

      Cheapest here in Sweden is ca. 573 euro with 14-45… still 140 euro to much! By the way, the US prices we are talking about here, are they tax included?

      • They just don’t have to many in stock here to sell twice as much… I think the US price is tax included.

      • Keith

        No. Prices advertised in the U.S. are always before tax. Sales tax (if applicable) is added at the time of purchase.

  • bcn
  • MK

    i kinda feel bad b/c i bought a gf1 two weeks ago as an open box for 599. then i think about the people who paid $900 for it and i smile. everything you hear is true and all the complaints about the camera have been overstated.

    • hd72

      I paid $900 for my GF1 a year ago, with no regrets. I’ve definitely gotten that extra $300 worth of use out of it the past 12 months. Congrats on your recent purchase.

  • Lucas

    Very tempting at this price! I’m wondering what will be the obvious advantage of GF2 over GF1, and how much it will be priced when it first becomes available.

    • steve

      It will likely be a similar update to the G2. Expect a touch screen, slightly better JPEG and video. We may also see a cheaper version like the G10 (non-touch LCD and cheaper body).

      • Lucas

        Thanks for the reply. Touch screen is useless for me. I would rather to have better high ISO and video performance. Probably I will just jump onto this GF1 deal and choose to sell the body if GF2 turns out to be much better.

      • Greg

        I have to disagree on that. I think the GF2 will be a rangefinder style wicked piece of solid photographic stuff…

  • Any more info Admin? I am torn between this cheap GF1 (after selling the lens), the body only GH2, or the GF2 it if has some video features that approach the GH1/GH2, like 60fps even if only 720p because of looks alone.

    • hd72

      I’m curious why you plan to sell the 20mm lens…
      Do you already own one?
      Do you not like fixed focal lengths?
      Or do you hate things that are awesome? ;)

      • I already have one. Love the lens, just don’t want two and that makes the deal even sweeter. Now if it came with the other tiny pankcake prime, I would most certainly keep the lens. I have both the Olympus 17 and the Panasonic 20, and a bunch of Pentax primes, so yes all about the primes. Same reason I would buy GH2 body only, because I never used the zoom lens on my EP1.

        I love things that are awesome! That is why I want the GH2 in a GF1 or cooler body. I love my EP1, but am selling it to a family member that is having a baby soon and I have a higher priority for video than for stills, but do both a lot. I need manual control for video and that is something the EP1 lacks. So, you see my original dilema of cheap GF1 (after selling the duplicate lens), body only GH2, or GF2 if it is a nice improvement over the EP1.

    • 2 Option:
      1.If have another cam>wait GF2
      2.No have current cam>buy GF1

  • safaridon

    Good News Indeed

    I only hope this GF2 allows use of high res Epson EVF and has the new better processing engine enabling extremely fast AF found in GH2 with better high ISO IQ. With the aggressive pricing Pany will no doubt grow their market share in US and elsewhere and advance the m4/3 cause as will Olympus.

    I do not expect this is the rangefinder model with inbody EVF which will be a high end model previously discussed. Rather it may be the mini GF1 Pany has promised. If so wonder if they have still included a flash like the new small LED flash models they have developed? Alternatively Pany will continue the GF1 with minor changes while producing two brand new m4/3 models.

    Exciting times

    Finally Pany is starting to aggressively market their m4/3 models and lenses and none to soon. The strategy seems to be working as have increased their sales regaining the initiative from EPL1 and the NEXs in US, Britan and now Japan.

  • Arkersaint

    Just bought white GF1 + 14 45 at € 459 at Paris Images : quite a bargain…
    and 20 at Prichoc for € 267 (not new, same price for 4 months)

    With best regards

    • moray

      “Paris Image” where?? can you provide a link or an address of the shop (it is in Paris right?)

  • Jonathan

    The prices are not tax included but that is not much of an issue because if you buy from a store than is in another state and have it delivered you do not have to pay tax (and delivery is more often than not ‘free’).

    Even if you do have to pay tax, it is around 7% or so (depending on the state) and nowhere as high as Europe.

  • Yikes! feel kinda bad about who bought GF1 last week, oh well, i payed 1500$ for my GH1 a year ago, one of the best purchases i’ve ever maid

  • Henrik

    “Incredible price drop” – what kind of wording is that? Always good sales!

  • ggweci

    I’m in Canada and the cheapest price here is about $800 for the kit. MSRP is $900 and was just lowered from $1K about a month or so ago. Wonder if they’ll be dropping it further shortly?

    I’d consider order from Amazon/J&R, but Panny doesn’t honour the US warranty up here from what I’ve read. Can anyone confirm that?

  • Mike

    The ‘incredible’ thing about the price is that the body only is still selling on Amazon for $524.99. That means you’re paying only $75 extra for the 20mm pancake – one of the greatest lens deals ever.

  • DFIngan-eng

    I just write to say I wish the coming GF2 to have a HIV (Hinged Image Viewer) that I can seemingly toy in a corner, AIDS (As If Doing Something) when in reality I am taking candid pictures in ASAP (All Shooting Angle Possible). This is the joy of photography I want digital shutterbugs to realize the angles of shot they never had in their fixed lcd cameras and shooting for money can be fun too.

    • safaridon

      A couple months ago a commentor showed a sketch of what he hoped the GF2 would be and it was a small rangefinder style only with swivel screen. Interestingly the photo was withdrawn within a day or two maybe too close to the real thing?

      I agree that a swivel screen like that in the Samsung 500 ot EX1 would be very useful especially for video use or to avoid LCD glare and lesson the need for an inbody EVF. Hope Pany provides a higher resolution optional EVF. With this swivel screen model and a higher end compact with inbody EVF like that shown in their patent Pany would we giving us some excellent new choices for m4/3.

  • felvit

    It’s a nice reduction in price but at this point even this is not so competitive. A year ago I’d have happily bought it at this price … but now there is NEX3/5 at similar price/size but higher picture and video quality.
    Also both Canon and Nikon have very aggressive discounts and rebates (e.g. for $870 you can get a Canon T2i kit with a great 55-250mm IS lens and a Pro9000 printer after rebate). Finally knowing that the camera will be updated soon does not help with the sales either.

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