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Impressjapan predicts: E-5 successor, Premium MFT and large sensor cameras coming from Olympus.


ImrpessJapan interviewed Mr.Ogawa from Olympus. He confirmed that partnership between Sony and Olympus will focus on compact cameras, on the medical area and lens technology. There is definitely no plan to merge Olympus and Sony systems in one.

The magazine also made a prediction for the year to come:
– E-5 successor is coming
– A premium compact MFT
– large sensor camera from Olympus

I am pretty sure the first two points are correct. But really don’t think Olympus will make a larger sensor camera. It would mean go APS-C (Nex?) or even Full Frame. What may be possible is that Olympus makes some lenses for the NEX system (which is highly needed  more than cameras).

What are your thought about a “larger sensor camera”?

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