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IMPORTANT! Step back! One known source made a mistake (LX4-MFT). New Panasonic rumor summary!


One month ago a new sources sent me the specs of the LX4(5). I choose to wait for some confirmation from trusted sources. Then a very known sources said that a LX4 camera could be unveiled very soon. For us this has been a good reason to post the LX4(5) rumor with FT4 value (from known source).

Yesterday another very reliable source told us that he do not believe the LX4(5) could be released soon. We discussed this with the other known LX4 rumor source and he admitted that may he made a mistake making an interpretation of some “signs” (Sorry I can’t tell you what exactly this signs are). Now he believes the camera released in August could be the LX4-5 OR the MFT!

The good thing is that this rumor created a reaction from other sources and now we have some more infos ;)

Anyway that doesn’t mean that the LX4-5 isn’t coming! The specs we gave you are still a valid rumor but simply not confirmed or denied by our trusted sources. So the LX4 rumor value has changed from FT4 (known source) to FT2 (new source).

Now the good news. This is the only thing we have to change because 2 BIG sources do confirm that Panasonic will soon announce new products. 3 BIG source know that Panasonic is working on a compact MFT model. They do not know when Panasonic will announce the camera but the IFA in Berlin could be a very good chance for it (may for a MFT pre-announce?).

Errare humanem est!

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