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Imaging Resource Interview: Yoshiyuki Inoue, Panasonic


Imaging Resource had a chance to talk with Yoshiyuki Inoue (senior camera planner from Panasonic Corporation).

Key points of the interviews:

– The main people buying the GH1 are enthusiasts and some pro movie editors.
– When asked if  the future GH1 successor will have a strong video focus Yoshiyuki says that “maybe our video cameras will be improving in this direction.” (in the direction of higher-end videographers) because “Our G-series is aimed at more the average customer.
– Panasonic wants to focus on the production of new lenses.
– He also says the GH3 or a GF3 may having different AF in movies.
– “I want to make an absolutely “mechanical-less” camera” -> No more mechanical-shutters

Very interesting!

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