ImageVision “Z Camera E1” goes on Kickstarter.



Imagevision is collecting funds on Kickstarter (Click here) to produce the “Z Camera E1” Micro Four Thirds camera. The E1 from Z is the smallest 4K ultra-high definition camera with an interchangeable lens system.

Get all the info and specs about the camera at Kickstarter!

  • ryanwoo

    It’s best for drone setup.

  • Atle43

    I think it’s great with more players in the mFT-space, hopefully it will help the system in the long run.

  • Tom Lariot

    11 stops of dynamic range? On a drone? Exposing while you are flying is very hard, so that’s on place where you really need extra dynamic range.

    • Eno

      It has as much DR as much as a Canon DSLR. :)

      • Tom Lariot

        That’s why I would never use a Canon DSLR on a drone. At least for video. Shooting raw on a Canon on the other hand…

        • Eno

          Would still give you 11 DR stops, but a lot of headaches in regard to editing. :)

          • Tom Lariot

            Canon raw photos (sorry, I didn’t mean raw video in the last post) is not 11 stops.

      • Ed Starkey

        I need black magic or greater dynamic range. If not, at least give me great high ISO performance.

    • gl

      Yep that one’s a shame, otherwise I’d be v. interested. Once you go 13+ stops you don’t go back.

  • Bob B.

    Interesting. I am a stills guy and don’t fly drones…but this is very cool and innovative and he is raising plenty of cash-olah!
    Really an ambitious project for a fledgling…Hope it works out!

  • Dannecus

    I’m a stills photographer, but very happy to see the video side of M43 is attracting innovation and investment like this. Also kudos to Panasonic for working with them in the spirit of an open standard.
    This is a crucial time for M43 with traditional camera sales still declining and a battle for survival between all the inter-changeable lens standards. Some will make it, I’m expecting M43 to be one of them. Hopefully this new area of interest will attract more users and cash into the format.

    • Dummy00001

      “Also kudos to Panasonic for working with them in the spirit of an open standard.”

      From the Kickstarter page, they have bought mount/electronics design from the Olympus. The sensor – from the Panasonic. And to top it off, they use Sony remote control protocol VISCA.

      Level of “collaboration” rarely seen among established camera manufacturers.

      • BdV

        More interesting than I first thought then, it might work. Sounds like a rather well prepared project.

  • Aki

    The video bitrate is quite low plus the battery life. Considering the fact that after a some usage the battery life will drop down from 45mins to 30mins. Seems a nice product tho and I wish success for it.

    • Dummy00001

      From Kickstarter page, the E1 has a DC connector. You can simply attach larger external battery to the camera.

    • nzswedespeed

      Whey is the bittrate? I would love panasonic to produce something like this…

  • Exciting camera. Will be interesting to see how this turns out. It’s somewhere in between a GoPro and Blackmagic Micro Cinema/Studio Camera. The first hasn’t got that sensor and lens adaptability. The latter hasn’t got any wireless connectivity built-in… or a screen.

    p.s. it’s ImagineVision, not ImageVision (as well as it’s Chinese and not Japanese, but that atleast you figured out by now)

    • gl

      Actually both BMD Micro cams support remote control (they have to without a screen). With the Micro at least you can go wireless using drone-style remote controllers (but yes you have to supply the receiver). I’m just writing software for Windows devices that turns them into 2D and 3D camera monitors, and it will have (wired) Micro remote control ability.(also for two bodies, synced, for 3D).

  • MyNAme

    Rolling shutter or global shutter?

  • No Money to Burn

    Where are any reviews of the first production run they claim they did?? Would love to see a review from a credible source.

  • MyName

    Built in IS (Olympus like) or not?

  • There’s some footage here: , the one with the two boats and the (>)-play symbol. You get a pop-up and then at the top right there’s a download for the file 4K_UHD.MP4 (473MB).

  • Pixar

    What is this??? A camera for ants?!?

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